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Alexandra Gustafson Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture - June 2016 Master’s of Architecture 2017 - December 2017 Roger Williams University Bristol, Rhode Island

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A Fluent Procession ...................................................


Fall 2017

Matters of the Spirit ....................................................


Fall 2016

Mount Hope Farm Master Plan & Conference Center Design .............................. Spring 2017

An Auditory Connection .........................................



Spring 2016

Luxury Condominium High- Rise ........................


Fall 2015

The River ........................................................................


Fall 2014

Supplementary Studies ..........................................


Fall 2015-Summer 2017 2


A Fluent Procession A Thesis Investigation

Downtown & South Side Pittsburgh, PA Spring 2017 & Fall 2018


Creating a Circuit A ma jor spatial goal for this thesis is to address the issue of accessibility along Pittsburgh’s waterfront edges and connectivity across the confluence as the city develops and expands geographically. At both ends of this proposed pedestrian bridge, public spaces will extend the commercial side of Southside Pittsburgh while providing a connection over the dense highway infrastructure on the North shores. Community inspired program, such as farmer’s markets and food trucks along the bridge itself will promote the space as a destination as well as a source of pedestrian use and recreation. A proposed elevated dock along Monongahela Wharf protects the ecology of the flood- prone shores while a bike path running parallel to Station Square encourages bicycle commuting and pedestrian use along an otherwise dangerous rail line. Alltogether, this continuous circuit connects existing amenities along the water while encouraging growth to a currently underutilized waterfront site within Pittsburgh.

pedestrian & bike lanes

proposed market space

highway bridge to performance amphitheater


site connections

vehicular circulation

commuter circulation

pedestrian circulation

proposed use of highway ramps

public boardwalk & market



connection of pedestrian bridge to water edge & performance amphitheater


public boardwalk & market


performance amphitheater: market street elevation

performance amphitheater : first avenue elevation



Matters of the Spirit

Exploring the Role of a Religious & Cultural Center Teglholmen, Copenhagen, DK Completed Fall 2016


A Comprehensive Investigation This Design Studio focused on the technical aspects of design as well as the conceptual explorations that are more standard to a design studio course. Part of a revitalization master plan, this area of Copenhagen is redeveloping to become a residential neighborhood with community focused buildings for an all inclusive, walkable neighborhood. The design for this building began with a rigid precinct, divided by use into religious space and cultural space. In the middle of the building, an open courtyard provided both separation between the functions as well as the possibility for collaboration of these two functions. The intent behind the design was to allow opportunities for multiple functions by the neighborhood, with the potential to adapt as the needs of the inhabitants of the area change over time. This design problem aimed to find the identity of an old architectural typology, the church, and re-assess its role in a modern community. In addition to being a design driven studio, large emphasis was put on the development of structural, envelope, and the mechanical aspects of the project. 13

conceptual collage

site investigations: proximity to ma jor roadways, parks, and waterways

main floor plan



wall detail

mechanical axon

mechanical plan: basement

structural axon: primary & secondary members

framing plan: typ



Mount Hope Farm Masterplan & Conference Center Design Metacom Avenue, Bristol, RI Completed Spring 2017


Mount Hope Farm has a piece of everything to offer to the community of Bristol, from its diverse landscapes over 80 acres of land to its historic relevance as a ma jor player in the economic growth of the community’s settlement back in the 1700’s. With it quickly growing in public popularity through hosting local farmer’s markets, Mount Hope Farm faces pressures to develop to enhance the visitor experience. This design problem challenged the programmatic needs of a functioning yet highly visited agricultural landscape within a growing community. In addition to the restructuring of the organization of the farm as a masterplan, a new program of dorm housing for students and campers as well as a conference building and restaurant called for an individual building design on a smaller parcel of waterfront site on the edge of Mount Hope Farm. The resulting design was response to the natural sloping topography, with the concept of a stepping procession to follow the site and capture views over the bay. The separation of the two building programs down the edges of the site also created a natural central courtyard, encouraging use by students and staff using the conference center and cafe. 19

masterplan concept: streetfront activity stemming off a central circuit

conference center & cafe plans



breakout spaces between dorms

site plan: conference & dorms


dorms section 1

dorms section 2

dorms section 3

dorms section 4




An Auditory Connection Spring 2016


4 sound channel axis


This design studio investigated the relationship of an individual with a space through all five senses. This concept guided the design of a single family home, with the design intention to utilize sound as a tool to aid a family with a child with Down’s syndrome. The architectural solution explored in this design created spaces connected through sound channels, which allow audial communication from floor to floor. Main living spaces such as living areas, the kitchen and playroom are connected using sound channels, while private spaces such as bedrooms and office have the option to be closed off from the audial channel. Using an open organizational strategy in plan and connecting specific areas of the home in section, this design seeks to achieve a safe and comfortable environment for all members of the family to grow together.








Luxury Condo High Rise 533 Washington Street, South Boston Fall 2015 This design utilizes its ebbing and flowing form by staggering 22 floors of residential units to capture unique views over South Boston’s Theatre District and the Boston Common. A dynamic, ribboning facade dips and envelopes each level to distinguish public and private interior spaces, and varying floor layouts create several types of units: lofts, single bedroom and two bedrooms. By breaking up the form into two segments, opportunity arose to give views to more units, and allowed the form to compliment and interact with itself as two individual pieces. A largely formal exploration, this design was guided through the section and addressed the challenges posed by a high- rise design, such as cores, egress challenges, and structural design.

organic form development


typical large floor plan


The River

Fall River Public Library Fall 2014


Fall River is a post- Industrial waterfront city located along the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Similar to other Industrial cities all across the U.S, Fall River at its height of Industry brought in multitudes of people looking for work, giving the area a rich cultural history that is imperative to the current identity of the city today. The need for a library would benefit the citizens of Fall River, as well as symbolize the rich and celebrated history of the city through public resources. This library design aimed to commemorate the historical nature of the city of Fall River, as well as serve the modern day community as an inviting public learning and gathering space. In addition to text sections for children, young adults, and adults, this library program includes an auditorium, several free- form classrooms, computer labs, and a cafe. An open entrance atrium with breakout reading and work spaces is the guiding element in this project, acting as a connective artery to bring people together.

ground floor plan

second floor plan atrium level

third floor plan atrium level

second floor atrium level

third floor cafe

free reading space


Supplementary Studies Structural Studies + Media Studies + Internship Portfolio

Exhibition Center: a Structural Exploration Design of Structures II - Fall 2016 29


Media Studies 2012-2016

oil paint portrait study 24 x 36


still life study 24 x 36

chalk pastel studies 30 x 24

charcoal study 30 x 42

colored pencil study 12 x 14


Internship Portfolio

Kirby Perkins Construction - Summer 2016 David Sisson Architecture PC - Summer 2017 Two summers of full time internship brought very different experiences that individually contributed to strong beginnings of a professional design career. Kirby Perkins Construction, based out of Newport, RI, is a design - build firm that brought opportunities for a student intern to see the relationship between designers and project managers and contractors. Designers maintained a close relationship with those on site, and gave me the opportunity to visit project sites. Additionally, working at Kirby Perkins greatly developed my skillset in programs such as Autocad and Sketchup.


David Sisson Architecture has not only led to a full time position post graduation, but has given provided insight on the business aspects of being a practicing architectural designer, a skill that tends to be overlooked in a classroom setting. Projects ranged from small residential additions to large scale civic and educational projects, giving exposure to a range of project typologies. Utilizing the capabilities of Revit in this firm produced accurate and detailed construction documents, and taught me as a young professional how complete architectural sets are produced from schematic design all the way through project completion.



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Alexandra Gustafson: Design Portfolio (archive)  
Alexandra Gustafson: Design Portfolio (archive)