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Social Media Platforms Anyone these days can run a page even a toddler but what makes you stand out from the rest? An eye for detail, taste, relevance, continuity and did I mention taste? To keep your users engaged we devise cutting edge marketing strategies and have cross platform initiation techniques that keeps you on target and gives your marketing the real face of your company. With our unique position of being locals, geo-centric advertising is key with posts which the client will relate to. In this modern day and age we don’t punctuate or capitalize, the old ways of writing etiquette are gone for more efficient wording, with fewer letters to fit the 140 character limit. With hashtagging #thingsarechanging grouping interests has never been so easier and yet sometimes it’s easy to fall behind, that’s why we are here. With an established database of clients such as; artists designers, movers and shakers we are the best placed answer you are looking for. So you have a brand? People know you? You have a foundation but you feel you are missing out on all the platforms the internet has to offer; and its too much to handle, we specialize in that. We run your Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Blog, LinkedIn you name it.

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With detailed deliverables and weekly updates on user statistics and engagement reports assembled and sent to you, all you need to do is check your email once a week.

Before we get started we take a look at your existing marketing tools and we streamline your brand identity

Website: if you do not have a working website we will oversee and consult with your/ or our recommended web designer to create a tailor made site with all the strengths, service and style you require

Facebook: manage page – all aspects main target is continuity o Engaging adverts o Paid adverts (we set a budget tailor made for you) o Photos of products o Photos of interest o Updating cover photo o Competition (cross platform) o Events

Instagram: o Upload pictures o Make/edit 15sec videos o Hashtag performance based advertising

Pinterest: o Creating boards and pins related to your industry, style and vocation

Twitter o Realtime release updates o News and interests o Cross marketing integration with above platforms o Active conversational advertising*

MailCampaigns – compiled from our mailing lists – and yours o Unique newsletter o Collection launches o Adverts o Events LinkedIn o We manage your professional profile to help you expand and grow your business

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Past Projects: Set up of the Eklego Instagram account and ran it until 25th December 2012 All pictures and mini shoots done by xander with relevant and capturing images that best embodies Eklego’s design methodology

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Most Importantly your brand identity, theme, personality is unique. It’s yours and we enhance and streamline your brand to meet your clients expectations.