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Simonsig Estate Vic Watson – Brand Ambassador Vic Watsonhas been involved with Simonsig Wines for 14 years, with the last 4 as UK Brand Ambassador. The Simonsig Wine Estate lies at the foothills of the Simonsbergmountain in the prime wine region of Stellenbosch. With more than 40 years experienceSimonsig have made a real difference in the South African wine industry, and the first Method Cap Classique was born here. In many countries,Simonsig wines are admired for their innovative style, and are renowned for the range of award winning wines. Advanced vineyard techniques are used to support their belief that the best wines are made with a unique synergy between vineyard and cellar.

Simonsig Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa

table 1

visiting supplier – Vic Watson Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Chenin Blanc 2012


6. Pinotage(unoaked) 2009

2. ‘Sunbird’Sauvignon Blanc 2012


7. Tiara 2008 (Cabernet/Merlot)



8. ‘Redhill’ Pinotage 2009 (oak-aged single vineyard cuvee)


3. Chenin Avec Chêne 2010


4. Cabernet/Shiraz 2011


9. KaapseVonkel Brut 2011


5. ‘The SMV’ 2010 (Shiraz/Mouvèdre/Viognier)


10. KaapseVonkel Brut Rosé 2010


Finca Las Moras Pablo Bergada – Area Manager Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Pablo has been withFinca Las Moras for the last three harvests. Las Moras follows a philosophy of ‘wines in harmony with the earth’ driving them to respect their Argentinian roots while using modern technology. The vines enjoy a dry, fine climate with very few pests, allowing the wines to be produced organically. Las Moras is named after a blackberry tree which can be found on the winery’s estates. The fruits of these trees, the blackberries are called Moras in Spanish.

Finca Las Moras, San Juan, Argentina

table 2

visiting supplier – Pablo Bergada& Ken Brown Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Pacha Mama Organic Torrontes 2011


8. Dada 1 Malbec/Bonarda 2012 *new* American Oak


2. Marianne Chardonnay 2012 *new*


9. Dada 2 Merlot 2012 *new* French and American Oak


3. Alma Mora Malbec 2012


10. Dada 3 Cabernet/Shiraz 2012 *new* French Oak


4. Pacha Mama Organic Malbec 2012


11. Paz Cabernet Sauv/Cabernet Franc 2010 *new*


5. Marianne Malbec 2012 *new*


12. Paz Syrah 2012 *new*


6. Las Moras Reserve Malbec 2010


13. ‘Three Valleys’ Shiraz 2006 *new* 16.00 Best Argentine Shiraz, at Wines of Argentina Awards

7. Las Moras ‘Black Label’ Malbec 2010


Exhibited by Alexander Wines

table 3

Price ex vat

Price ex vat

South Africa - Jordan Estate, Stellenbosch 1. Barrel Reserve Chenin 2012


3. ‘9 Yards’ Chardonnay2011

2.’Real McCoy’ Riesling 2011


4. Bradgate Syrah 2011


3. Campbells of Rutherglen Muscat, half Victoria Gold, Decanter 2012



1. Simon Hackett Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 McLaren Vale 2. Rosedale Shiraz 2009 Barossa Valley




New Zealand 1. Ribbonwood Riesling 2011 *new* Marlborough



2. Trinity Hill ‘Gimlett Road’ Syrah 2010 Hawkes Bay


1. Chablis Le Verger 2010, Domaine Alain Geoffroy


12. Coteaux de Languedoc Blanc 2011 *new Château Condamine Bertrand

2. Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2010 Domaine Alain Geoffroy Gold, IWC 2012


13. Crozes Hermitage Rouge 2010 15.00 ‘Le Rouvre’ Tête de Cuvée, DomaineYannChave

3. Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2011 *new* DomaineBescancenot, Beaune 4.Rully Rouge 2011 ‘La Bergerie’ Roland Sounit



14. Colombard/Sauvignon 2011*new* DomaineHorgelus, Côtes de Gascogne



15. Merlot/Tannat 2012 *new* DomaineHorgelus, Côtes de Gascogne


5. Rosé d’Anjou 2012 *new Château de la Roulerie


16. d’A Chardonnay 2012, Dom.Astruc, d’Oc Blanquette


6. Anjou Blanc 2012 Château de la Roulerie


17.d’A Merlot 2011, Dom. Astruc, d’Oc Blanquette


7. Saumur Champigny 2011(biodynamic) Domaine des RochesNeuves, TierryGermain


18. Picpoul de Pinet 2011,Dom. Du Roc Blanc Gerard Bertrand


8. Viognier 2012 Château d’Eau, d’Oc (organic)


19. Château Le Roc 2010, AOC Bordeaux 5.89 *new*from May 20. Bordeaux Superieur 2010, 7.70 ChâteauParenchère

9. Pinot Noir 2011,Château d’Eau, d’Oc (organic)6.90 10. Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon 2012 Château des Eyssards


11. Fronton Rosé 2012, ChâteauBaudare Medaille d’Or


21. Bordeaux Superieur ‘Cuvèe Raphael’ 2010, ChâteauParenchère


3. Gewürtztraminer 2011, Bodegas Pirineos D.O Somantano



4. Sangiovese ‘I Colombi 2012’, Castello Di Querceto, Toscana Centrale



5. Chianti ClassicoRiserva 2007 Castello Di Querceto, Gold, IWC 2011


Spain 1.Fuente Verde Macabeo 2012 Bodegas Monfil, D.O Carinena


2. Fuente Verde Garnacha 2012 Bodegas Monfil, DO. Carinena


Italy 1.Valpolicella ClassicoSuperiore 2010 Campolieti, Luigi Righetti(ripasso) 2. AmaronedellaValpolicellaClassico 2009 ‘Capitel del Roari’, Luigi Righetti 3. Querceto Chianti 2012, Castello Di QuercetoDOCG


Germany Hocheimer Riesling ‘Classic’ 2009 Domdechant Werner, Rheingau


Anakena Wines Nicolas Saelzer – Commercial Director Nicolas joined Anakena Wines in January 2012 as Commercial Director. He has also conducted wine seminars on the terroir and viticulture of Chile, in addition to hosting blind tastings for prestigious producers. Anakena was founded in the late 1990’s in Alto Cachapoal, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains with the goal of crafting elegant, innovative, and distinctly New World wines that reflected their origin and Chile’s potential as a producer of world-class fine wines. Today, Anakena wines are consumed inmore than 50 countries around the world and are consistently recognised bythe most demanding international wine critics.

Anakena Wines, Chile

table 4

visiting supplier – Nicolas Saelzer Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1.Sauvignon Blanc 2012


9. ‘Enco’ Reserve Pinot Noir 2012 *new Cacahapoal Valley


2. ‘Enco’ Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2012 *new Leyda Valley


10. ‘Enco’ Reserve Merlot 2011 *new Cachapoal Valley


3. Chardonnay 2012


11. ‘Enco’ Reserve Carmenere 2011*new Cachapoal Valley


4. ‘Enco’ Reserve Chardonnay 2012 *newLeyda Valley


12. ‘Tama’ Single Vineyard Syrah 2011*new Cachapoal Valley


5. ‘Tama’ Single Vineyard Viognier 2011 *newCachapoal Valley


13. ‘Tama’ Single Vineyard Carmenere 2011 *newCachapoal Valley, Peumo


6. Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


14. ‘Tama’ Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2010Cachapoal Valley *new


7. Carmenere 2012


15. ‘Tama’ Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011 *newLeyda Valley


8. Merlot 2012


16. ‘Ona’ Special Reserve Pinot Noir 2011 Leyda Valley


Henri Bourgeois Alban de Gerin – European Sales Manager

The Bourgeois family (pictured) have been Sancerre wine makers for 10 generations. Their estate is located in the famous village of Chavignol renowned for its wines (from sloping and well-exposed hillsides) and its goat’s cheese, the “Crottin de Chavignol”. In 1950, the Henri Bourgeois estate consisted of 2 hectares. Today, his sons have expanded the Domaine to 65 hectares of vines, judiciously situated among the best slopes of Sancerre and PouillyFumé. Their passion for wine inspires them to give the best to the vine and the vinification. They now have vineyards in Marlborough, New Zealand, under the Clos Henri name. The Bourgeois New Zealand vineyard was christened “Clos Henri”, pronounced “KloEnrie” for two reasons; first as a homage to the patriarch of the Bourgeois family, Henri and secondly its vineyard of special terroir, or “Clos”. “Clos” is an old French word, representing an ancient custom of delineating a unique vineyard site by enclosing it in a wall or barrier. The Clos Henri site, with its untouched land, three soil types and unique hillsides, is also enclosed and represents the term well.

Henri Bourgeois, Chavignol, Loire Valley

table 5

visiting supplier – Alban de Gerin Price ex vat

1. Petit Bourgeois 2011, Vin de Pays Sauvignon


2. Menetou Salon 2011, Le Prieure Des Aublats

Price ex vat

6. Sancerre 2010, Le M.D. de Bourgeois (Mont Damnés) Masterclass Only



7. Sancerre 2010, La Bourgeoise Masterclass Only


3. Sancerre Blanc 2011, Les Baronnes (halves)

11.60 6.45

8. PouillyFuméLa Demoiselle de Bourgeois (Tête de Cuvée) Masterclass Only


4. Pouilly-Fumé 2011, En Travertin

10.60 6.45

8. Petit Bourgeois Cabernet Franc 2011 *new*


5. Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir Rosé 2011 *new*



Clos Henri, Marlborough, New Zealand

table 5

visiting supplier – Alban de Gerin Price ex vat

1.Petit Clos Sauvignon Blanc 2012 tasting only – guide price


2. Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc 2011


Price ex vat

3. Clos Henri Pinot Noir 2009


Henri Poiron Marielle Cairou – Brand Ambassador Marielle is currently studying for her Master’s degree in International Trade at Glasgow Caledonian University and is a proud ambassador of Poiron’sMuscadet. The vineyards of Domaine Henri Poiron are situated near the Atlantic coast, and not far from the Loire, in the heart of the wine region of Nantes , between the two rivers : the Sèvre and the Maine. Domaine Henri Poiron, is a family business which has had its roots in the winemaking world since the 18th Century, growing from vineyards of one hectare to its present size of thirty-nine hectares.Eric Poiron has been the head of the vineyard for twenty years, succeeding his parents. .

Henri Poiron, Nantes, France

table 5

visiting supplier – MarielleCairou Price ex vat

1.Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie 2011 2011 halves

+ Tank Sample 2012

5.95 3.35

Our 1st Supplier – 1981!

Champagne Gardet Christophe Prieux – Proprietor Christophe Prieux, the owner and the president of the Maison Gardet is deeply attached to the roots of his family, in the Champagne region. The Prieuxfamily have been involved in agriculture for years, passing on their love for the land from generation to generation. The history of the Maison Gardet began in Epernay in 1895 and covering the “premier cru” areas of Chigny-les-Roses and Ludes. For over a hundred years, the company has been cultivating its expertise based on respect for the land and its determination of great wines. Today Gardet produces more than 1.2 million bottles per year, exporting nearly 60% of its turnover – a successful venture, which company intends to continue in the future.

Champagne Gardet, Chigny-les Roses, Champagnetable 6 visiting suppliers – Christophe Prieux and Lynda Fiel Price ex vat

1. Tradition Brut n/v


2. Brut Reserve n/v


Price ex vat

3. Rose Brut n/v

’own label’ possible (for minimum orders of 480 bottles. Terms & Conditions apply)


Laurent-Perrier Stuart Birtles – Regional Account Manager The wine trade is in Stuart’s blood, following his father who spent 45 years in the business.Stuart joined the wine business professionally in 1986 with Willoughby’s the Wine Merchants in Manchester and spent 11 anda half years with them. In 1997 Stuart joined the small family wholesaler Tate-Smith as Wine Development Manager. In 2003 he joined the family owned Australian winery Brown Brothers covering the on-trade in Scotland and the North of England before moving on to Laurent-Perrier in 2010 to cover the same area. Established in 1812, Champagne Laurent-Perrier is one of the most distinguished family-owned Champagne Houses. Based in the heart of Champagne, in Tours-surMarne, Laurent-Perrier has a pedigree for innovation, handcrafting a diverse and pioneering range of fine champagnes that are produced to traditional, time-honoured methods. Today, the House of Laurent-Perrier is one of the great success stories in Champagne, and is now the largest independent champagne brand worldwide.

Laurent-Perrier, Tours-Sur-Marne, Champagne

table 6

visiting supplier – Stuart Birtles Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Laurent-Perrier Brut


4. Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut


2. Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut


5. LemoineCuvée Royale Brut exclusively on-trade


3. Laurent-Perrier Vintage 2002


Pierre Ferraud Yves-Dominique Ferraud – Joint Proprietor Yves-Dominique is the 5th generation of the Ferraud family to be involved in the winery. He makes a point of respecting tradition and values passed on by his ancestors, while utilising modern techniques. The history of the winery dates back to 1882, when Philibert Ferraud created his own wine company in Belleville-sur-Saône. Maison Ferraud’s desire is that ‘their passion and pleasure be recognised by you while enjoying a glass of wine…’ This ideal persists to this day as Maison Ferraud is a quality-conscious producer to continues to strive for excellence and authenticity. The wines of Maison Ferraud wines are currently exported all over the world.

Pierre Ferraud, Beaujolais

table 7

visiting supplier – Yves-Dominique Ferraud Price ex vat

1. Beaujolais Villages ‘Les Merrains’ 2011




2. Fleurie ‘Le Reposoir’ 2011

9.29 halves

3. Morgon ‘Les Charmes’ 2011



Price ex vat


4. Moulin-a-Vent 2011guide price

5. Viré-Clessé 2011(Chardonnay)

guide price


P ierrick Harang Wine Pierrick Harang – Proprietor PierrickHarang Wine is a result of fivegenerations of wine merchants and oenologists, all sharing the same drive to create the best wine possible, using technical expertise and scientific mastery of winemaking, from the grapes to the bottle. PierrickHarang Wine closely monitors wine trends. As a result of this, the Petit Balthazar range was developed in response to consumer demands for lower alcohol wines. PierrickHarang strives for perfection with all of his wines, so that ‘the story can continue to be beautiful…’

PierrickHarang Wine, Languedoc-Roussillontable 8 visiting supplier – PierrickHarang Price ex vat

1. Petit Balthazar Sauvignon/Viognier 2012 *new


2. Petit Balthazar Cinsault Rosé 2012 *new


Price ex vat

4. Cuvée Balthazar Viognier 2012 *new


5. Cuvée Balthazar Syrah 2011 *new


Of this wine Jancis Robinson wrote; Intensely rich, blended by winemaker for hire PierrickHarang from the Hérault and the hills of the Minervois. Like Syrah on steroids, but there is no excess of alcohol or oak. (2010 vintage)

3. Petit Balthazar Merlot 2012 *new


*Petit Balthazar range –naturally lower (11°) in alcohol and calories*

Domaine de la Janasse Sophie Bergeron –Export Assistant Sophie’s background in wine goes back to 1990,working for a wine producer (Château La Croix Chabrière). She has been with Domaine de la Janasse since 2012 and thoroughly enjoys being immersed in the wine business, using her English language skills, and occasionally German and Spanish too. Domaine de La Janasse is the fruit of a family adventure. Aimé Sabon, the father, built his cellar in 1973 and his ambition was to enlarge the Domaine by acquiring new plots of land, growing it from 15 ha to 90 ha today. Christophe joined his father in 1991, after studying vine growing and trading. He then created various cuvées and developed the marketing of the Domaine.In 2001 Isabelle, Christophe’s sister, joined the team as a graduate of the Bordeaux university of oenology. The fruit of this meticulous and fascinating work gives concentrated but also fine and elegantwines.All the special cuvéessuch as Chaupin, Vieilles Vignes brilliantly express the Chateauneuf-du-Pape terroir.

Domaine De La Janasse, Rhone Valley

table 9

visiting supplier – Sophie Bergeron Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Côte Du Rhône Blanc 2011 *new*


4. Terre De Bussiere 2009 *new*


2. Châteauneuf-Du-Pape Blanc 2011


5.Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge ‘Tradition’ 2006



6. Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge ‘Chaupin’ 2009 Decanter 5 stars – 19.5/20


3. Côte Du Rhône Rouge 2011 halves


Bodegas Del Palacio de Fefinãnes Juan Gil de Araujo– Proprietor Juan Gil de Araujo is the owner and figurehead of the Bodegas Del Palacio. Juan’s forebearers include major military figures and academicians, going back 500 years. He has views, nonetheless, is a realist, and has a vision; and it is no doubt these attributes – together with the diplomacy that runs in his blood – that led to his appointment last year as the refreshing new President of the RíasBaixas DO. Bodegas Del Palaciois a grand old Renaissance palace (re)built in the first few years of the 17th Century and has been a functioning winery since 1904 and was the first ever to bottle Albariño, in 1928. Some 150,000 bottles are made of 3 diverse styles, with the fruit coming from a historical repertoire of quality local growers consisting of some 66 families whose vineyards are on average well over 40 –though some are well over 100. These are planted on soils that are sandy but with elements of lime and clay, and of high acidity, the result of decomposed granite; and usually shallow, over an underlying impermeable layer be it of rock or clay. The root stock for many of these vineyards came from the Palace’s oldest vines.

The lion’s share of production is of one wine – Albariño de FefiñanesJóven – which is generally regarded as theregional benchmark and consistently garners major critical accolades given its finesse, floral, mineral delicacy and natural fruit flavours of apple and soft white fruits.

Bodegas Del Palacio de Fefinãnes, RiasBaixas, Spaintable 10 visiting supplier: Juan Gil de Araujo Price ex vat

1. Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011


2. Albariño de Fefiñanes ‘1583’ 2011 guide price


Price ex vat

3. Albariño de Fefiñanes III/TercerAño 2009 guide price


Winetraders Carlos Read Carlos Read, brought up mainly in Scotland, but with spells in Spain too, was immersed in Spanish food and wine from an early age thanks to his cookery book writing Mum (MaiteManjón) and wine writing Dad (Jan Read). Crusading Spanish wine importer since the early 1980s, and at various times also Spanish correspondent for Wine &Spirit, contributor to Decanter and until 2 years ago long-time fountain of wisdom for the Spanish section of the Hugh Johnston Pocket Wine Book, he now heads up the recently created new Spanish wing of Oxfordshire based Italian specialists Winetraders.


table 10

visiting supplier – Carlos Read Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Marqués de AlellaClásico 2012 (Pansa Blanca)


7. Parxet Cuvee 21 Cava Brut Bodegas Parxet, Tiana, Catalonia


2.Con Class Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Rueda


8. Parxet Brut Rosé Cava *new*


3. Con Class Verdejo 2011, Rueda


9.Bodegas Mauro, Mauredos Prima 2010 D.O Toro*new*

4. Bodegas Terna V3 Viñas Viejas Verdejo 2010, Rueda


5. Lugana, NunzioGhiraldi 2011, Italy *new* *new*

6. LuganaSuperiore, NunzioGhiraldi 2010, Italytasting only – guide price



10. La Morandina, Moscatod’Asti 2011 DOCG, Italy *new*

11. Don PX Dulce Gran Reserva 1985, 17° Bodegas Toro Albala, D.O MontillaMoriles




Clink! Wines Catherine Monahan – Proprietor/Founder Founded in July 2008, Clink Wines owns and imports a range of wines from around the world (Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA). They work closely, and as partners, with their retail customers and wine producers. They believe in offering the consumer not only great wine, but also brands that they believe their customers love and want to buy. There is always the opportunity to do things differently, so you’ll always see them driving innovation, whether in wine production, packaging design, marketing or social media. Clink!s portfolio ranges from entry level and house screwcap wines up to premium level wines. They import producer/winery brands as well as creating bespoke exclusive labels for any customer.

Clink! Wines

table 11

visiting supplier – Catherine Monahan Price ex vat

Spanish House Wines – Tank Samples 1. Las Brujas Blanco

Price ex vat


Guest Wines 8. V + N Garnatxa Blanco 2009, Terra Alta


2. Las Brujas Tinto


9. V + N Reserva Tinto 2007, Terra Alta


3. Las Brujas Rosado


10. Luis Alegre Rioja Tinto Joven 2010 Rioja Alavesa


4. GorgoritoVerdejo 2011, Rueda Bodegas Copaboca*new


11. ‘The Realm’ Sauvignon 2011 Marlborough, New Zealand


plus ‘The Realm’ Sauvignon 2012 – tank sample

Bodegas Marco Real, D.O Navarra 5.HomenajeViura/Chardonnay 2012 *new


12. Prieure St. Hippolyte Rosé 2011 Les Vignerons de Fontes Coteaux de Languedoc

6. HomenajeGarnacha Rosado 2012 *new


13. Spring Vale ‘Melrose’ Pinot Noir 2011 *new Freycinet Coast, Tasmania, Australia 12.00 Due June approx. - guide price


7. Homenaje Temp/Cab 2011 ‘Cat’ *new5.65 Catherine also has a small selection of Argentinian wines from her recent ‘Wine Stars’ buyers trip to Argentina. She is looking for feedback, good or bad!

Höpler JostHöpler – Proprietor Jost has spent years studying wine growing and winemaking, working not just in Austria but also in Bordeaux, Cognac, Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, Alto Adige, Germany and Australia. In 2007 Jost passed the vineyards and winery onto his son Christof who is now the vine grower and winemaker. Jost still enjoys managing the export markets and visiting loyal customers he has become friends with. The Höpler winery is located in Breitenbrunn on the western banks of lakeNeusiedl, in the Austrian province of Burgenland. The 46 hectares of cultivated vineyards face south east between the ‘Leithagebirge’ hills and Lake Neusiedl. This creates a warm, humid microclimate where grapes of the highest quality flourish. In addition the contrasting soils of chalk, and gravel are rich in calcium as well as in slate and contribute to the unique complexity and character of the wines.

Höpler, Austria

table 12

visiting supplier – JostHöpler Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. GrünerVeltliner 2012


5. Trockenbeerenauslese 2008, 37.5cl


2. Pinot Blanc 2012guide price only


6. Pinot Noir Eiswein 2009, 37.5cl *new


3. Pinot Noir 2009

guide price only

4. K7 Cuvee 2009guide price only (Blaufrankisch/Syrah/Merlot)



Bodegas Franco-Españolas John Perry – Export Area Manager John was irretrievably launched into the world of wine by his parents, who have worked in the Rioja wine region for 35 years so it was only a matter of time before he too became a part of this exciting industry. The birth of Bodegas Franco-Españolas, like many other wineries in La Rioja, is due to the phylloxera plague that almost completely ruined the French vineyards in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1890, the company was founded between French partners AngladeNégociants of the famous winemaking region of Bordeaux and Spanish winemakers linked to La Rioja. The wines from Bodegas Franco-Españolas (French-Spanish wineries) are highly recognized since their inception. Kept in their archives are photographs of unique visits such as King Alfonso XIII of Spain (1925) and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway (1956). Today, this pioneer winery in Rioja offers ageing capacity for over 2 million bottles and hosts 17,000 American and French oak barriques in its vaulted cellars. A classic revitalised for the new Millennium: Franco-Españolas; D.O.Ca. Rioja history in every sip.

Bodegas Franco-Españolas, Logroño, Rioja, Spain

table 13

visiting supplier – John Perry Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Rioja Bordon Blanco 2012


5. Rioja BordonReserva 2007

2. Diamante Rioja Blanco 2011 (semi-sweet)


6. Rioja Bordon Gran Reserva 2004


3. Rioja Royal Tinto 2011 *alternative label also available (+ Blanco)


7. Finca el Encinal Roble Tinto 2011 Ribera del Duero


4. Rioja BordonCrianza Tinto 2008

6.85 halves 3.52

Also available in a serious ‘party-size’, great for a display: Methuselah (6ltr)



Clos Montblanc Antonio Casablancas – Export Director Antonio has been the Managing Director of Clos Montblanc for the past ten years. He has passion for the terroir of "la Conca de Barbera" and has the objective of passing on the tradition of fine winemaking for future generations. Clos Montblanc is a family owned winery involved passionately with viticulture since the 16th century. The D.O of Conca de Barbera is a relatively small region with a cool climate and high altitude. The estates and winery are situated in an area rich in heritage and culture.

Clos Montblanc,Conca de Barbera, Spain

table 14

visiting supplier – Antonio Casablancas Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Castillo De MontblancMacabeu/Chardonnay 2012


3. Clos Montblanc Pinot Noir Premium 2011


2. Castillo de MontblancTempranillo 2012


4. Castillo de Montblanc Cava Riserva


San Giovanni Fabio Pallavicini – Sales Manager Between the sixties and seventies Ernesto Perini and his son Giovanni pulled up the family’s old vineyards and substituted them with new ones (mostly Prosecco) giving life to the Azienda Agricola Giovanni Perini. During the seventies Giovanni and his wife Bernadette saw the potential of Prosecco and began to utilise technologyto facilitate production. A great contribution to the growth of the winery were Giovanni’s son and daughter. It was son Alberto who enabled the distribution of the Prosecco DOCG of ConeglianoValdobbiadene to many foreign countries. Recently,the Perini family has decided to renew the whole production chain with the purchase of a new crusher and bottling system. This very modern technology will enable San Giovanni to be among the most prestigious wineries of ConeglianoValdobbiadene.

San Giovanni, Conegliano, Italy

table 15

visiting supplier – Fabio Pallavicini Price ex vat

1. Prosecco Legato (frizzante)

Price ex vat

6.65 6.50

4. Spumante Brut Rosé


2. Perini Rosé Extra Dry Corona (frizzante) *new


5. ProseccoSuperiore Brut Valdobbiadene DOCG ConeglianoValdobbiadene


3. ProseccoSpumante Brut DOC Treviso


DOC Treviso(also available in crown cap) *new

Araldica John Leech – Export Director John began his wine career in 1990 working in independent retail. He spent twelve years at a large independent Wholesaler during which time he got to know Araldica well. Since then he has always had a strong affection for Piemonteand its wines, and as a result John joined Araldica in June 2012. The history of Araldica goes back over 50 years, and the mission behind Araldica, under the guidance of dynamic wine-maker Claudio Manera, has been as disarmingly simple: to produce high quality wines in good quantity. 2002 has heralded in a new phase in the Araldica story with the purchase of theLa Battistina Estate in Gavi. A little north of Genoa lies a small strip of land around the town of Gavi. It is here that Araldica has chosen to invest in a small estate producing top class Gavi, from the indigenous Cortese grape. La Battistina Estate consists of 50 acres of south facing vineyards on a unique combination of limestone and clay, from which grapes are sourced, these vineyards are renowned as among the best sites in Gavi. This isolated bubble of chalky, mineral soil allows full ripening, excellent drainage and the old vines, averaging 35 years, add complexity and weight to what is becoming one of the most fashionable wines coming from the region. The company name is synonymous of quality, not only amongst international distributors, but also among a growing numbers of consumers

Araldica, Piemonte, Italy

table 16

visiting supplier – John Leech Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. AncoraGarganegadelleVenezie 2012 *new


7. MonferrattoChiarettoRosato 2012 *new


2. Ca di PontiGrillo 2012 (Il Meridione) *new


8. LaromaSangiovese 2011 *new


3. ‘Vinazza’ Garganega/Pinot Grigio, ‘2012


9. ‘Il Meridione’ Nero d’Avola2011


4.Gavi, ‘La Luciana’ 2012 *new


10. ‘Conviviale’ Montepulciano 2011


5.‘Terrazze Della Luna’ Pinot Grigio2011


11. BarberaCeppiStorici 2011


6. Gavi, ‘La Battistina’ 2012


12. Barolo ‘Flori’ 2008 *new


Boutinot Guy Chatfield – Account Manager Guy has been involved in the drinks business trade since 1994 after a gap-year to Australia where his interest in wine began. He has been selling wine for 12 years and he has worked in retail, regional and national account management. Guy joined the team at Boutinot at the beginning of October 2012.


table 17

visiting supplier – Guy Chatfield Price ex vat

Price ex vat

1. Grand Cape Sauvignon Blanc 2012 *new Western Cape


6. Grand Cape Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 *newWestern Cape


2. Grand Cape Chardonnay 2012 *new Western Cape


7. Grand Cape Shiraz 2012 *new Western Cape


3. Champs Du Moulin Colombard 2012 *newVDP Gascogne


8. Champs Du Moulin Grenache 2011 *new VDP d’Oc


4. Turkheim Pinot Gris Reserve 2010 *new Alsace


9. GotimBru, Castell del Remei 2009 Costers del Segre


5.TurckheimGewürtztraminer 2008 ViellesVignes, Alsace


Schröder&Schÿler Richard Banks – Brand Ambassador Richard Banks has worked for 28 years for Schröder&Schÿler in Bordeaux and also for Corton Andre in Burgundy for the last 7 years. Richard is the UK and Ireland ambassador for both these well respected French producers. Château Kirwan has been owned by the Schÿlers since 1926 and, an exception in the Médoc is still the family home. Jean-Henri Schÿler began improving the property in the 1950’s with a programme of gradual replanting. Under his direction, the individual grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot are now matched to location and soil, whilst the average age of vines on the property is over 30 years old. At the Château itself, new cellars and reception rooms have been constructed, and stainless steel fermenting tanks installed. Kirwan remains true to the spirit of classic Margaux, combining finesse, elegance and style with rich concentration and the true taste of terroir. Since 1993, the Schÿlers have practised strict selection in both vineyard and winery, (only 40% becomes the ‘Grand Vin’), leading to the creation of a ‘Super Second’ wine, Les Charmes de Kirwan.

Château Kirwan, 3ème Cru Classé, Margaux, Bordeaux

fine wine room

visiting supplier – Richard Banks Price ex vat

1. Signatures en Bordeaux 2012 Semillon/Sauvignon

Price ex vat


5. Chateau Haut-Badon 2008 St. Emilion Grand Cru



6. Les Charmes de Kirwan 2007 (2nd wine Château Kirwan)


3. Château Respide 2010, Graves Rouge guide price


7. Château Kirwan 2003 3ème Cru Classé, Margaux


4. Château Sigognac 2009 Medoc Cru Bourgeois


2. Altera Merlot D’Oc 2011

guide price

guide price Richard also has a selection of Burgundies to try from the prestigious house of Corton Andre Rully Blanc 2010, Mallard Caulin Meursault 2009, Pierre Andre Puligny-Montrachet 2010, Pierre Andre Bourgogne Pinot Noir Rouge V.V 2010, Corton Andre Côte de Nuit Villages 2009, Corton Andre GevreyChambertain 2009, Pierre Andre

Royal Tokaji Wine Company Chris Donaldson MW - Sales & Marketing Director, Western Europe Chris started his wine career as Assistant Buyer at Harrods of Knightsbridge and whilst there passed the WSET Diploma with Honours and a Scholarship, followed by gaining the Master of Wine qualification in 1991. He was subsequently Managing Director of Cockburn & Campbell for 14 years - C & C is a national wholesaler and distributor specialising in the ontrade, and was in fact founded in Scotland. Chris now has his own Consultancy business and for the past two years he has worked for Royal Tokaji, in charge of Sales and Marketing for Western Europe. The Royal Tokaji Wine Company, founded in Hungary in 1990, has become one of the most defining wineries in Tokaj. From the outset, Royal Tokaji decided to concentrate on producing single-vineyard wines, made from the first growth vineyards of Mezes Maly, Nyulaszo, SztTamas and Betsek. Acknowledged as one of the region's top winemakers, KarolyAts combines traditional techniques with modern technology to create the award-winning Royal Tokaji range of wines. Royal Tokaji is the acknowledged leader of the renaissance of this legendary Hungarian wine, which, in the words of the wine author and company co-founder Hugh Johnson, is "a wine that would make angels sing out loud in praise".

Royal Tokaji Wine Company

fine wine room

visiting supplier – Christopher Donaldson MW Price ex vat

1.Dry Furmint 2011


2.Royal Tokay Aszu Blue Label, 2008 5 Puttonyos, 50cl also in 25cl

3. Royal Tokay Aszu Gold Label, 2007 6 Puttonyos, 50cl




Price ex vat

4. Royal Tokay Birsalmas 2nd Growth 2007 5 Puttonyos, 50cl

5. SztTamas1st Growth 2007 6 Puttonyos. 50cl




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Portfolio Tasting 2013  
Portfolio Tasting 2013  

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