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Introduction to Vvaleti EXPANDING INTO ASIA


3 Billion Consumers ARE YOU MISSING OUT ON ASIA? Offering some of the highest growth rates and home to more than 60% of the world’s population, 9 of 11 Global Growth Generator countries, driven by population and income growth, come from Asia. In expanding your global footprint, the emerging markets of Asia are a natural destination for your company’s products and services. However, there are multiple impediments in bringing your company’s offerings to Asia. Cultural, Political, Social and Economic Risk take the focus away from your core capabilities, while increasing your company’s risk exposure. How do you manage this risk while maximizing your return?

PARTNERING FOR GROWTH: VVALETI At Vvaleti, we specialize in managing our clients’ local operations in Asia, through a range of services from representation to collaborative ventures. With over 25 years of business experience in India and the Middle East, we have in-depth knowledge of local business practices, cultural norms. Our local business experience combined with our work experience with globally renowned companies; ensure a professional partner for you who can operate seamlessly at the local business level.


The most successful global companies are radically reshaping their organizations and business models to suit the region’s rapidly evolving high-growth markets. RETHINKING ORGANIZATIONAL MODELS Asia is as diverse as it is vast. Its markets come in a bewildering assortment of sizes and development stages, and its customers hail from a multitude of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The speed and scale of change in Asian consumer markets can surprise even experienced executives. In Asia’s high-growth markets, global companies face intense competition from low-cost local players; disparate preferences, minimal brand loyalties; and fragmented distribution channels. Many western multinational companies that have in the past approached emerging markets on a project-by-project basis or through local agents and distributors, are struggling as they find that these approaches are no longer efficient. Developing strong relationships with distributors and agents take enormous amounts of time and energy to establish without delivering a meaningful market positionlet alone leadership. Some global companies try to use an international division run from the global home office to supervise their operations in Asia. For Asia, that’s often the worst model leaving executives at headquarters oblivious to the speed of change and the scale of the opportunity. For now, though, the savviest players are implementing leaner, faster, more flexible, and regionally collaborative management practices. They are strengthening their in-country operations while creating small, fast, and entrepreneurial regional leadership teams, which allocates resources across markets, leverage scarce executive talent, drive innovations from one market to another, and relentlessly cut costs. For small and medium sized companies, building this kind of regional–local structure can be an enormous challenge—but it can’t be ignored. For many companies establishing operations in Asia there are primarily two options: • The High Risk-Low Investment option of entering markets through agents or distributors • The High Investment-Low Risk Investment option of entering markets by setting up offices directly

The key to success is in rethinking organizational models. Vvaleti provides clients with a third alternative of balancing investment and risks to deliver the performance you desire. We are your local presence, working with you through different stages of starting, running, and growing your business in Asia.


Vvaleti MSPL works with SME clients to establish, manage and grow their business in Asia. What we do We design, deliver and operate business solutions that help you enter and operate successfully in the high growth emerging markets. We are your single point solution provider for business establishment, operations and business development. We support you with all regulatory, political, legal and administrative matters; acquire and manage all requirements for introducing your products/services to the region including licensing, warehousing, logistics, building distribution channels and payment collections. We conduct and share market research, feedback, customer analysis, market trend analysis, and other business intelligence reports. We align ourselves to our client strategies to achieve real business that allow you to transform, not just maintain, your local operations. Our priority is to ensure that client requirements are met on- time, within budget, and at the highest quality; greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business.

Managing your Asia presence Our services include representation, incorporation, distribution, B2B/B2C/B2G sales, marketing, franchisee development, audits, government liaison and corporate social responsibility campaigns.

Collaborate with us to better focus on your core competencies without having to worry about the local business environment.


We look beyond transactional relationships and are your long-term partner in establishing and growing your company in Asia. Our practice of deploying compact, dynamic entrepreneurial teams, overseen by senior management gives us the flexibility to adapt to fast changing requirements, while at the same time working within your company’s operating practices

Adding value to your operations -

Strong experience in the Indian and Middle East markets with strong reputation for ethical business conduct Experienced and Professional management translating to sustained business growth Single point solution provider for business establishment, operations and business development Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) based, action oriented relationship Compact, dynamic, entrepreneurial teams leading projects Local presence in the Indian subcontinent providing a platform for easy expansion into Asia Hassle free setup and operation at lower cost Efficient management of your local business operations Easy one point contact, working just like your branch office Feet on the ground for all local regulatory, political and licensing issues

Additional Support -

Assessing business viability, and local competition by doing local product research & forecasting before you start Providing advice on changing government policy matters and business environment with relation to your business environment Formalities & Paperwork required with setup and product, trademark registration, banking, systems, legalities etc Locating optimal office or warehouse space and hiring of local talent to provide a professional working environment Ensure smooth working of your local operations through result oriented approach Continuous research on product enhancement, local adaptations, local branding, marketing Backward or forward integration with local sourcing, if required


We not only trust them with our brand and our customers, but we consider them to be very much part of our own organization. Antonín Lukeš Founder & CEO, Data3s

LETTER OF REFERENCE FOR VVALETI Data3s is one of the fastest growing providers of software solutions for life sciences companies, bringing high quality solutions for customer relationship management, business intelligence, digital marketing, eLearning, clinical trials management, supply chain information management and ICT consulting to life science organizations world wide. Founded in 2006, Data3s is a privately owned company headquartered in Prague, with partners and representative offices in Paris, Warsaw, Bucharest, Istanbul, Mumbai, Dubai, Jakarta, Sao Paulo and Boston. Data3s has cooperated with Vvaleti on the marketing and sales of Data3s' core products in Asia since 2010. Throughout our cooperation, Vvaleti has repeatedly demonstrated their reliability, trustworthiness and dedication to our mission. They have consistently delivered above their stated goals and have proven their ability to effectively market our products in their territories. Data3s operates in the B2B space with a strong focus on pharmaceutical and life science organizations. Early in our cooperation, Vvaleti performed due diligence, researching the market, and was able to provide us with a thorough and actionable understanding of our business potential prior to market launch. With their local expertise and regional insights, we were able to reach the right customers and generate strong leads quickly. In 2011, our cooperation with Vvaleti expanded when Vvaleti opened Data3s' regional headquarters in Mumbai, India. Since then, Vvaleti has carried our brand across Asia, setting up Data3s branch offices staffed with dedicated resources who operate under our name. They have supported us in formulating an appropriate regional strategy and have been successful in bringing together diverse cultures, pricing models and tax regimes into a single platform that allow us to continue focusing on our home markets, while delivering new markets to us. It is a sign of our faith in Vvaleti and her management that we not only trust them with our brand and our customers, but we consider them to be very much part of our own organization. It is our pleasure to recommend Vvaleti as a credible and reliable partner for Data3s. Sincerely, Antonín Lukeš Founder & CEO Data3s



As a full service firm, we align ourselves to your organizational requirements. The following is an indicative list of the services we offer.

Entering the market For clients who wish to be represented in the Asian market, while conducting sales and marketing activities directly from your home country. Our representation services support you with the basic requirements including your local address, mail/phone management, and more. Starting from £ 49.99/ Month and variable revenue share/commission. Starting your business For clients who wish to maintain a basic office environment in the local market, we support you with market research and analysis, shared B2B remote marketing and sales and monthly reporting, in addition to representation services. Starting from £ 2.99/ Hour and variable revenue share/commission. Running your business For clients who wish to maintain a basic branch office environment in the local market, with sales, marketing and other activities conducted locally and managed by your home office. We support you with FTE based, SLA driven sales, marketing and other services, managed by a Key Account Manager. Data management, use of client software platforms, after sales support, training, audits, weekly reporting, and in country operations (local reporting, statutory submissions etc) are a few of the services included. Starting from £ 3.99/ Hour and variable revenue share/commission. Growing your business For clients interested in a long term, comprehensive presence in the local market, we offer extensive services such as transactions in your preferred currency, optimizing tax structures, sales channel development and support, branding, marketing, retail network development, government liaison and exclusive partnerships, in addition to the services mentioned above. We also offer the option of Joint Ventures with local investment options. Starting from £ 6.99/ Hour and variable revenue share/commission.


We look forward to hearing from you We believe that every partner is unique and every relationship needs to be built on strong values that transcend boundaries. Our services revolve around acquiring and retaining the right industry assets to build your business locally, reducing your operational risks, keeping your costs low and opening up new markets for you – all through a single point of contact. Keeping in mind the long-term relationships we build, and the high degree of executive oversight by our Board of Directors, we partner with only a limited number of clients. We currently have clients from the IT, Aviation, Education, Retail, Manufacturing and Social sectors. For further information or clarifications, do contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alexander John CEO Vvaleti Management Solutions Private Limited Tel (India – Mobile) : +91 993 098 1815 Email :

CONTACT Vvaleti Management Solutions Private Limited A-401, Dipti Classic, Suren Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400 069 Email: Website: Follow us: Community Page:

Introduction to Vvaleti  

Expand your business into Asia. Vvaleti partners with SME clients to enter the Asian market and specialize in managing their operations loc...

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