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Public Library Video Online

Public Library Video Online Public Library Video Online is a streaming video collection that answers the growing multimedia needs of today’s public library patrons. With more than 10,000 titles today and growing by more than 1,000 titles annually, it provides a one-stop shop where unlimited users can access videos from their library across dozens of topics whenever they wish.

Who will use Public Library Video Online? • Lifetime learners can watch instructional films for practical tips on everything from cooking (Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way) to travel. • Movie lovers can view silent films, award-winning documentaries, and foreign films such as Close Harmony, Kids with Cameras, and Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness. • Patrons of the arts can enjoy high-caliber performances in classical music (Spirits of Mozart), dance (Swan Lake), opera (Falstaff), and more. • Students of all ages can enrich projects and reports or enhance their understanding of classroom lessons with films like Jupiter: The Giant Planet, Battle of Little Big Horn, and Mark Twain: His Amazing Adventures. • Local historians and genealogists will find stories from their backyards (Illinois —Today and Yesterday) and immigrant histories documenting their roots (Ellis Island). • Involved global citizens will find cutting-edge documentaries to expand their knowledge of contemporary topics, from politics (The Minutemen: Vigilantes at the Border) and the environment (Freedom) to foreign countries and cultures (Howling Into Harmony: Chinese Rock Culture Born in the West). • Jobseekers and rising professionals can get an in-depth look at career fields including criminal justice (Crime Scene Preservation for Street Cops) and business (Advertising & Marketing on the Internet). • Librarians will love how easy it is to use, the freedom from circulation and shelving hassles, the free MARC records, and how much information it provides about the topics that interest patrons most.

How does the database work . . . • For patrons? Patrons can gain access using their library card number from home, work, or anywhere. When they’re in the library, they’ll have immediate access to all content. • For remote use? Every video can be streamed to any laptop computer or mobile device. This means, patrons can access content anytime, anywhere, even without the Internet. • As a learning tool? Students of all ages can create playlists of full titles, clips, and other relevant content, then share them with others. • With my library’s current site? The collection includes free MARC records so you can easily integrate content into your current catalog. You can also embed content right into your library Web site. Use this feature to highlight historical moments and figures from your area’s history, issues that are important to your patrons, and timely content throughout the year.

What topics are covered?

Public Library Video Online includes videos in all of the following topics: • Anthropology • Architecture • Area studies • Arts and crafts • Business • Classical music • Cooking

• Criminal justice • Dance • Diversity • Economics • Fine art • Health and healthcare • History

• Humanities • LGBT studies • Opera • Philosophy • Politics • Psychology • Religion

• Science • Theatre • Travel • Women’s studies • World languages and literature

How do I know these films are of high quality? All of the films in Public Library Video Online are hand selected by experts for their quality and relevance to a broad range of patrons. The collection contains more than 3,000 exclusive titles that can’t be found anywhere else. Content comes from over 500 world-class partners, including A&E, BBC, California Newsreel, CBS, History Channel, Landmark Media, PBS, Universal Pictures Company, Inc., and more.* Not all partner content available in all territories.

Contact info Pricing is scaled to the each library’s community size and budget. For more information, and to request a trial or quote, please email

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