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Chicago West Town Development

Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov

Columbia College Dance Theatre

Bike Storage Facility on Kingsbury Street

Theatre in Moscow

Storage Addition

Urban Developement of Sviblovo

Public Library in Moscow


Residential Project


CHICAGO WEST TOWN DEVELOPMENT Urban Planning Project is developed in Chicago West Town neighborhood. Major focus of the project is to establish new residential and commercial density that will accommodate a present and a future conditions of Chicago. The proposal is to capture blocks stretching from Chicago River to Kennedy Expy in order to create an active mixed-use cluster. Commercial part of the project is located along Ohio Street which merges into Kennedy Expy by the major circle interchange. In turn, offices serve as a sound buffer zone that protects residents from the active thoroughfares. Additionally, the rooftop of the proposed office building serves as an upper park that will provide West Town with the new recreational area. Residential buildings are connected to commercial part, so roof garden works as an amenity for residents.

MUSEUM The museum is located in an old part of Moscow. The facility is dedicated to a famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. The building evokes a notion of a mystery and an instability that the novelist ingrained into his writings. Location simulates the building to remind the epoch of the beginning of the 20th century when Bulgakov created his famous masterpiece “Master and Margarita�. Curtain wall that faces one of the streets is operable and allows for the interior of the building to become an outdoor space during the summer period. The intermediate space offers main museum lobby along with a cafe.

The grasshopper parametric model allows to explore a moving enclosure system. The grasshopper script has a one variable that controls a movement of the glazed wall.

DANCE THEATRE The site for Columbia College Dance Theatre comprised out of two unique thoroughfares of Chicago: Michigan Avenue facing Millenium Park and the Lake, and Wabash Avenue stretching from North to South Parts of the Loop. The design intent is to create an inner pedestrian walkway that serves a purpose of circulation inside the theatre and offers multiple observation decks with a view of both streets.

Elevation from Michigan Avenue.

Plan of the Theatre Space.

Basement level. Plan of classrooms.

Observation deck looking towards the Loop

Interior Render of the Theatre Space


River North Bicycle Storage Center is a community-oriented project that creates an open environment, that works as transportation, recreational, and commercial infrastructures. The building is located in the River North area of Chicago Loop. The property line is comprised by an intersection of North Kingsbury and West Hubbard Streets. The project is a hybrid of a bicycle storage facility, leasable office spaces, and a community area. The architectural proposal is to design a free atrium space that will combine a bike storage, green deck, and a cafeteria. All leasable office spaces are located above the atrium. The bike storage is a combination of 2-level bike racks, that arranged vericaly to create a “bookshelf� storage for bikes. The bicycle storage is accompanied by spiral circulation that works for loading and retrieving bicycles inside a storage. The inner courtyard is a free column space that is designed to serve both a purpose of being a cafeteria, and a visual connectivity between the owner and a bicycle. The main idea of the project is to combine communal green space with commercial and transportation demands.


The Rain Water Harvesting strategy searches for an opportunity to collect rain water from a flat roof and use it for a bike washing facility on a basement level.

The Energy Saving Strategy concentrated on analytical arrangement of program elements such as: conference room, common office spaces and restrooms. Ecotect Daylight analysis indicates the amount of footcandles. The distribution of footcandles helps to predict the amount of electrical lightning needed during day time. As office spaces benefit from daylight it is important to locate these spaces along the west side of the building.

ARBAT THEATRE The studio Design is dedicated to improve one of the largest theatre districts in Moscow. The project offers cylindrical shape structure that overhangs above the existing department store. The preliminary design stage was focused on creating a large-scale physical model that describes project in detail. The structural system of the building is a steel framework that cantilevers out on the roof level using existing truss system and supports the hanging over portion of the building including each slab.

Cantilever in bending

Tension Members

Bending members

Load transfers from tension to bending members

Elevation from New Arbat Street.

• • •• ••

Plan of the Theatre.

Plan of an Entrance Level Site Model.

Site plan. Describes Heavy Traffic diagram.

Cross Section.

STORAGE ADDITION The former storage facility functioned as a place to keep garden tools. The design idea is to cover the existing facility with a basic timber structure that improves the visual character of the building. Additionally, the project offers a parking lot for one car and a colonnade that follows the existing tiled path. Existing Condition

Garden View.

Initial Concept.

Parking Lot.

Rendering of the Colonnade.


Rendering of the garden view. .

Rendering of the Parking Lot Canopy.

MASTERPLAN FOR SVIBLOVO The masterplan offers developement of an existing soviet residential area. The project strives to renovate low-density developement. The latest on this captures the significant amount of land while lacking efficient solutions for contemporary life style. The studio project is focused on a design of additions for existing pre-fabricated concrete dwellings.


Residential developement proposal on the second page


The residential developement incorporates the philosophy of existing urban structure by adding smaller scale penthouses above. The later helps to both increase residential density and add human scale to that particular area.

Common Plan.

Cross section of existing buildings and additions.

PUBLIC LIBRARY The public library is located in an underdeveloped area of the soviet residential block. The project is designed to activate street frontage of the main access street. The architectural idea is to design a spiral staircase that encircles the book storage. So, the main space of the facility comprised out of a vertical storage that can be accessed from the spiral staircase. Additionaly, the facility offers a small conference room, which is located on the third level of the building.

Physical model in 1’=1/2” scale.




Alex Semochkin

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