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Est abl ished 1953




WHOAREWE The Vir ginia Gentlem en r epr esent the finest offer ing of m en?s a cappella m usic in Vir ginia. For 64 year s, the "VGs" have w ow ed audiences w ith their m usical talent, per for m ance nous, and classic style. Hailing fr om the Univer sity of Vir ginia, this sm all gr oup of young m en r epr esents both the futur e of ensem ble m usic and the tr adition of Am er ican Doo Wop.

Ou r Fou n dat i on s The Vir ginia Gentlem en w er e or iginally founded in 1953 as an elite octet of the Univer sity of Vir ginia Glee Club, but in 1987 the gr oup br oke off fr om the Glee Club as an independent or ganization. In this new er a, the VGs have added pop, classic r ock, and R&B to their or iginal bar ber shop r eper toir e. The gr oup holds a ver y close r elationship w ith the Univer sity, per for m ing at special events such as Gr aduation, Convocation, dignitar y visits, and vigils for students w ho have passed. Their diver se r eper toir e and pr ofessionalism pr ovide them w ith ability to per for m at over 100 differ ent venues per year aw ay fr om UVA Gr ounds: fr om business confer ences to w eddings, special dinner s to cr uises, and political functions to local businesses. The gr oup pr oduces a CD ever y tw o year s, and have r eceived m any aw ar ds fr om BOCA, CARA, and Voice Only for Best Soloist, Best Album , and Best Song. Their new est CD, Upside Dow n, w ill be r eleased in Novem ber 2016. Not only do the Vir ginia Gentlem en em body pr ofessionalism w ith their clean-cut appear ance and classic Souther n style, but they have char m ed audiences w ith their ener getic per sonalities for decades.


Her e, Th er e, an d Ever yw h er e In 2016, the Vir ginia Gentlem en r eached an im pr essive m ilestone: they becam e the fir st a cappella gr oup to per for m on all seven continents. A long-r unning favor ite gr oup on som e of the w or ld?s best cr uise lines, the VGs have had the pleasur e to sing to audiences acr oss the globe. These guest-per for m er tr ips, alongside philanthr opic land tour s to Per u and China, have left the or ganization w ith the gleam of exper ienced tr aveler s w ho ar e adaptable in fr ont of any audience in any r egion of the w or ld? just ask the penguins in Antar ctica. They w er e featur ed on the m aiden voyage of the Cr ystal Ser enity and on the M illennium Celebr ation cr uise. Back hom e in Vir ginia, the Vir ginia Gentlem en have enjoyed a successful r elationship w ith local businesses and the Dar den School of Business. They ar e fr equently seen per for m ing for the Dean's engagem ent pr ogr am s, M BA classes, and lar ge-scale business events at Dar den, w hile also being r egular per for m er s for local business' special evenings such as "Gir l's Night" at Cafe Catur r a, and var ious bir thday and w edding celebr ations at Far m ington and Boar 's Head Countr y Clubs. Alongside these pr ofessional endeavor s, the VGs also give back to the Char lottesville com m unity, w ith char ity per for m ances for Voices for Veter ans, Relay for Life, an annual benefit Chr istm as concer t, and, m ost r ecently, a concer t that r aised $9,000 for Sickle Cell Patients at A.I Dupont Childr en's Hospital in W ilm ington, DE. W ith their exceptional exper ience and adaptability, the Vir ginia Gentlem en w ould cer tainly help m ake your event even m or e spectacular !

PRESTIGIOUS PERFORMANCES - Prestigious Performances - WhiteHouseCommand Performance,Bush Administration - WhiteHouseChristmas Performance,Obama Administration - VirginiaStateSenate - VirginiaCongressional RepublicanCaucus - KevinSpaceySymposium - Marriott Hotels - Royal CaribbeanCruise Lines - 18Year Relationshipwith Crystal Cruises


Ou r Reper t oir e

Var iety is w hat differ entiates the Vir ginia Gentlem en fr om the r est. The VGs have accum ulated 64 year s? w or th of som e of the best or iginal a cappella ar r angem ents in the w or ld. Her e is a list of som e of our favor ites:


Amazing Grace Ave M aria Beyond the Sea by Bobby Dar in Brandy by Looking Glass Brown Eyed Girl by Van M or r ison Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Pr esley Cecelia by Sim on and Gar funkel Cleopatra by The Lum ineer s Cold Water by M ajor Lazer Come On Eileen by Dexy's M idnight Runner s Danny Boy Fly M e to the M oon by Fr ank Sinatr a Frankie Valli M edley by The Four Seasons Help! by The Beatles Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Sw ede I'm a Believer by The M onkees In the Still of the Night by The Five Saints Insomniac by Billy Pilgr im -

The Cover to "Gold", our gr eatest hits album

It's Alright by Huey Lew is Joy to the World by Thr ee Dog Night M oondance by Van M or r ison M y Girl by The Tem ptations On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd Paperback Writer by The Beatles Perfidia by Glen M iller Remember W hen it Rained by Josh Gr oban Ride by 21 Pilots Runaround Sue by Dion DiM ucci Shenandoah Sweet Caroline by Neil Diam ond Treat You Better by Shaw n M endes UVA Fight Song/Good Old Song Valerie by Amy W hinehouse W hen We Were Young by Adele You M ay Be Right by Billy Joel


The Vir ginia Gentlem en at Rotunda Sing and at their 2016 Spr ing Concer t. Per for m ing for the Univer sity Com m unity is cr ucial to their sucess and r elationship w ith fellow "Wahoos".

The Gr oup per for m s at a fund-r aiser at Jam es M adison's M ontpelier.


Test im on ials "All of us fell in love w ith The Vir ginia Gentlem en, the 13 UVA students w ho ar e par t of a histor ic acapella gr oup. They per for m ed ever yw her e fr om the Cove to the Star light and one night even hosted kar aoke. They ar e not only ver y talented, w ith a huge r eper toir e of songs, but ar e also clean cut, polite and ver y fr iendly young m en. W hat a pleasur e to hear them sing." -

Danny, a Crystal Cruise Passenger on

"The Vir ginia Gentlem en ? Bar none, best enter tainm ent on the voyage" -

The Cultured Traveler Blog

"We had the pleasur e of shar ing the jour ney w ith them . Each pr esentation br ought enthusiastic applause fr om a ver y dem anding audience that is not satisfied w ith anything the best ? We w er e delighted by the level of hum an contact and com m unication w ith the older guests and sever al outpatients w ith var ying degr ees of r ecover y. At tim es, it w as like seeing loving gr andchildr en w ith their gr andm other s and gr andfather s." -

Notias de Cruceros, Buenos Aires

"The Vir ginia Gentlem en ar e the Univer sity of Vir ginia at its finest. The VGs ar e top-flight individuals, and as a gr oup they can't be beat. I've had the pleasur e of listening to them dozens of tim es over the year s. I've alw ays enjoyed their per for m ances enor m ously--and you w ill, too." -

Larry Sabato, CNN Contributor and Director of the Center for Politics at U.Va

"We hir ed the Vir ginia Gentlem en to sing at out daughter ?s w edding and could not have been m or e pleased. Our fr iends and fam ily ar e still talking about those cute, pr eppy young m en w ith angelic voices. Their r endition of the Ava M ar ia br ought tear s to our eyes and w as such a beautiful m om ent." -

Jan Lokie


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