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The change I wish to see in the world is more progress. The key to the problem known as laziness also known as lack of progress is to work. Working on things can bring that progression for a better or worse future. There will always be a solution to problem and to work is the process of solving the problem. It can help contribute helping or destroying the future but we could not get anywhere without it. Work is something that makes the world prosper, it is how we earn enough money to buy things that we need and it is work that could save lives. I believe that if we can work harder for the right purposes we can change it to make a positive impact on the world. When I was 6 my father and I entered a wooden car derby competition. I spent hours on perfecting my car; since my father was an engineer he helped me design it. When the time came my race was up and when we were just about to set my car at the starting line my father told me that something I could be proud of my self for the rest of my life. This taught me that all that dedication and work was worth it and that I would be rewarded for doing my best. Lately I have been seeing the disease known as laziness that has spread through the people of my household including myself. After a deep proccess of thought I had come to the conclusion that working harder, working for the right reason, and working together are the most important factors that people should work towards. I beleive that


My message is targeted towards my generation is to work.


Have fullfilling purpose, work.