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AURORA OF YOUR BEAUTY Teana — «aurora, the beginning, the perfect sound of nature» in the language of the American Indians.

There is no completely identical people, there is no absolutely identical sunrises «Teana» brand has no analogues in the Russian cosmetics market! It's a unique combination of natural ingredients! Teana «sounds» like absolutely original melody well distinguishable against the background of a standard «orchestra» of many cosmetic companies. You always strive to look perfect but are not ready to dedicate all free time? Used to live in the rhythm of the big city but adore the feeling of fresh breeze on your face and prefer the flavors of herbs smell but not gasoline? Able to cope with any difficulties but dreaming about a reliable expert in the struggle with age?

Your day begins, continues and ends with «Teana», as you dreamed of! Professional brand Teana are intended for home use. It's developing by experts of the company basing on natural ingredients which for centuries used the most legendary gorgeous women of the world. Cosmetics are created in the innovative laboratories with revolutionary technologies of the XXI century.


PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS «TEANA» — AURORA YOU CAN'T TO MISS Ampouled cosmetics — the life energy in every drop Exclusive range of potent serum monodoze with high concentration intended for different ages and skin types is able quickly and effectively get rid of the many skin problems of the face and neck. 2 ml glass packaging allows not to use preservatives — rich composition of one ampoule is designed precisely to one application and you do not need to store the rest.

Multilamellar emulsion — prompted by nature The unique structure of multilamellar emulsion is very similar to the lipid layer of the stratum corneum of skin. That is why they are easily insert in its surface layers and become part of the lipid barrier. Phospholipids, performing the role of the transport system delivering biologically active substances into the deeper layers of the skin — where they are most needed.

Professional care of «Teana» — the art of love for yourself In the lines of Teana portfolio there are innovative care products for skin and hair: • products do not contain aggressive surfactants, gently cleans and caring based on micellar water; • shampoo with stem cells restores the natural hair growth and makes them soft like cashmere and shiny as silk; • unique creams transforms the skin and make it elastic and radiance; • marvellous alginate mask are alternative to transactions facelift and until last time available especially in specialized beauty salons; • and many many others.

Discover the world of «Teana» — a world of enduring beauty, youth and love! It's only begining!


OUR HISTORY On Russian market Teana Laboratories was founded 8 years ago. In that time was released it's first product Line — The Ampouled sensorial Serums for professional and home use. This exclusive unique concentrated product beating right on target was greeted with enthusiasm and inspired us to create new effective innovative skincare products to help women maintain and preserve the natural beauty. Today Teana — one of the most dynamically developing Russian cosmetics brand. We closely monitor and implements all the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology and constantly update the product line.

OUR GEOGRAPHY Innovative «Teana» cosmetics made mainly with natural ingredients and does not contain artificial flavors and colorants.

Teana — Russian brand created by international experts:

In Russia Location: Russian Federation, Moscow Region, Science Town Yubileiniy A unique place, where are several research institutes and the specialized plant for manufacturing of cosmetics. The plant meets all the requirements of the most modern technologies and produces high-quality products.

In France Location: France, Bretagne To create the line of products — alginate masks — we need fresh seaweed collected by special trawls in certain ecologically clean region of the Atlantic Ocean and dried to the desired condition in vivo. Because of concentrating production in one place we have an exclusive quality cosmetic product which purchased by all SPA-salons and very popular all over the world thalassotherapy clinics.

In Italy Location: Italia, Milano Italian cosmetic industry has no rivals in the segment of haircare, thats why in the ancient suburbs of Milan made the most popular hair products brand Teana. The range includes professional shampoos suitable for home use with mild surfactants and various bioactive ingredients and stem cells.


MISSION AND VALUES The company's mission You are beautiful! We just provide you with the most convenient way to show your personality and to fully enjoy the confidence and glamour. We want you to live in the natural atmosphere of love and happiness! Everyday!

Our task Our task — to build an optimistic view of life and give a good mood every woman who use Teana products.

Our vision The success of the Teana brand is based on several components: • functional — we have developed and introduced an exclusive, high-quality line of professional cosmetics, which can be used every woman at home; • social — we are create new jobs and pay taxes, the company actively form communities of like-minded people; • mental — we give every woman the opportunity to use the most modern and efficient cosmetics, we give the fair a unique opportunity for self-realization and own authenticity; • spiritual — we allow a woman to open new personality. Teana products becomes another important thing which allow it's fans to feel confident in any situation.

Company Policy We consciously abandon large-scale advertising campaigns which will increase the cost of products. We strive to offer our buyers the most affordable price with the same high quality of premium cosmetic.

«Teana» — make the world better!



Do not tested on animals!

Proven potency

The three-level quality control!

Teana never conducts tests on animals! Experimental verification of new cosmetic products carried out on a voluntary basis by independent European laboratories in France and Switzerland.

The effectiveness of Teana cosmetics is confirmed by prestigious certificates of laboratories Sederma (France) and Induchem (Switherland).

The manufacturing process includes strict regulations and control program for raw materials, packaging, all stages of production and the finished product factory isolated period.

Teana — natural components and the high technology: Hypo-allergic and envirosafe products are mainly from 100% natural ingredients Compositions developed by experts with professional education and a degree in pharmacy The company constantly take part in the most important international beauty exhibitions and forums, constantly stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry and seek to use them in the activities of Teana Innovative professional cosmetics are designed for home use and affordable, even on a limited budget

«Teana» — made with love for you!


NATURAL HANDMADE SOAP For face and body Our soap contain only natural ingredients. To be really valuable soap it makes the Shea butter — a precious gift of nature, that permits to slow the aging process and to saturate the skin with moisture and vitamins. The scrupulous work of the recipes allowed us to bring to the market completely new and unique product — only our soap contains a high percentage of Shea butter and perfectly foams.

PASSIONATE MULATTO Natural soap for dry face and body skin with shea oil (100 g)

CLEOPATRA'S SECRET Natural soap with donkey milk for dry and sensitive face and body skin (100 g)

Extraordinarily gentle, natural, moisturizing soap with shea oil. Its natural active component restore skin, stimulate the production of collagen. The soap is ideal for sensitive and dry skin. The regular use soap gives your skin natural beauty and health. The skin becomes shining, wrinkles disappear, skin tone and elasticity raises.

Magnificent natural soap with donkey milk possesses unusual, magic properties. The secret beauty of Cleopatra is daily baths with donkey milk. The exclusive mix of essential oils and donkey milk delicately clears, softens and moisturizes skin. The body is filled the natural energy, collagen synthesis is stimulated, youth and beauty remains. A regular use of soap rejuvenates skin, reduces of cellulite and prevents premature ageing. Skin becomes velvet, elastic and gentle.

In Africa fruits stones of Shi trees have been used in the production of a unique cosmetic product for many centuries. Shea oil contains oleic, stearic and palm acids, vitamins A, D, E, F. It actively softens and deeply moisturizes skin. The unique structure and valuable properties of oil this are actively create the best cosmetic for the sensitive and injured skin.

Donkey Milk f is an elixir of youth. It contains antioxidants, which prevent early aging of skin, strengthen synthesis of collagen and elastin, increase elastic. Milk rejuvenates, fights with free radicals, maintains integrity of cellular structures and has detoxification effect. Donkey Milk gives youth and beauty.


ANCIENT MAGIC OF ARGAN Natural soap with Argan oil for dry face and body skin (100 g) The energy of the hot Moroccan sun is in natural soap with Argan oil. It does skin elastic and silky, effectively fights against withering of skin. Soap delicately reduces irritation, gives feeling of lightness, fills your body with a peace, softens and moistens. Skin gets surprisingly gentle and even colour of skin, becomes velvety as of a baby. Thanks to the unique salutary properties. Argan oil is one of the rarest and expensive oils. Oil components well affect skin, restore and stabilize lipid balance, fight with free radicals. Skin gets shine, smoothness, moisturizes, inflammation and irritation disappears.

GRAPE ELEGY Natural scrub exfoliant soap for body and face (100 g)

SPRING STORM Natural anti-cellulite soap with seaweed (100 g)

Natural scrub exfoliant soap with grape-stone perfectly tones up skin, it makes the skin elastic. The unique combination of vegetable oils and grape-stones gives the soap special characteristics. It peels and deletes pollution gently and softly, at the same time it slows down ageing process of skin. Soap sates cages with vitamins and moistures skin deeply. The skin becomes gentle and smooth, younger, velvet and even, shining after regular use.

Natural anti-cellulite soap with seaweed is recommended for prevention of developing cellulite (orange peel) and the first signs of its emergence. Seaweed improves skin structure and elasticity, slows down aging processes. Daily use of the soap perfectly moistens skin; it makes skin more elastic, gentle and silky, healthy and shining.

Grape-stone contains a powerful natural antioxidant resveratrol. Resveratrol stimulates collagen production, facelift, makes the skin elastic. Grape-stone contains irreplaceable acids, enzymes, vitamins and microcells, which control moistening level and start regeneration and rejuvenation processes. As a result, pores are narrowed, skin becomes elastic and gentle, laxity is eliminated.


The most ancient plants on our planet is seaweed of Fucus vesiculosus grow up on the rocky coast of the Northern hemisphere seas, in the Pacific Ocean, by the coast of the English Channel and in the Baltic Sea. It possesses surprising ability to take from sea water the most useful components and concentrate them. Seaweed is saturated with micronutrient and macronutrient elements many times more, than other land plants.

APRICOT PARADISE Natural soap-scrub with apricot stones for face and body (100 g) The gentlest aroma of natural soap-scrub «Apricot Paradise» conquers from first second. Vegetable oil and apricot stones, which are contained in the soap, softly clear and peel skin. The soap softens, moistens and nourishes skin, actively rejuvenates; slows down the aging process, smooth out deep wrinkles. Soap-scrub is suitable for sensitive and inclined to irritation types of skin. Regular use of soap returns natural skin elasticity, youth and energy. Ground apricot stones are one of the most effective and sparing natural scrubs. It provides gentle massage and can be used even for the most sensitive skin.

CURATIVE MINERAL Natural soap with green clay for greasy and problem skin of face and body (100 g)

PINK DREAM Natural soap with rosemary volatile oils for greasy and problem skin of face and body (100 g)

Natural Soap with green clay softly and deeply clears skin, softens it, deletes toxins, stimulates the metabolism. It works like a sparing peeling; provides normal exchange processes in the cages, preventing the aging process. Soap lifts face, makes skin smooth and elastic. The regular use will give your skin a perfect look and will save your beauty for many years.

Refined natural soap with essential oil of rosemary tones up skin perfectly, awakens life force of an organism. Regular use of natural soap «Pink Dream» restores skin elasticity, returns youth, reduces greasy skin problems, and reduces flabbiness. Skin is filled with energy, force and internal light.

The mineral composition of clay includes copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potash, aluminum, molybdenum and cobalt. Skin is returned to normal water balance, hypostases are reduced, activities of sebaceous glands are regulated, and pores are narrowed by the influence of green clay. Their clay has bactericidal, drying and pulling effects.

Rosemary volatile oil is one of the most valuable oil, which is used in cosmetology. The warm, spicy, refreshing aroma of rosemary tones up, increases intellectual and physical activity, destroys pathogenic bacteria. The oil rejuvenates skin, reduces pores, and is the strongest aphrodisiac.


SENSORIAL COSMETICS «FIFTH SENSE» The new generation of alkali-free cleansers Unique innovative formula conduces to the delicate skin cleansing and the vital activity of skin cells, exerts the relaxing action on facial muscles, prevents the irritation occurring and normalizes the lipid balance. Micellar structure of the facial wash emulsifi es skin impurities with no damage of its surface resulting in deep and gentle cleansing.

«P1» FACIAL WASH Micellar wash with peach extract and salmon DNA for normal, dry and sensitive skin (150 ml)

«P2» FACIAL WASH Micellar wash with lactoferrin and heather extract for oily, combined and problem-prone skin (150 ml)

The gentle as a peach all-purpose facial wash delicately cleanses your skin, with no feeling tight and dry. Due to its aery consistence skin easily acquires freshness and cleanness, becomes soft skin and velvety. Micellar structure of the wash ensures gentle cleansing with no possibility for any damage of skin surface.

Light as a breeze texture of facial wash gently influences skin, makes it clean and fresh. Due to its micellar structure the wash delicately removes all impurities without any damage to skin, prevents irritation and normalizes activity of the sebaceous glands.


«G1» MAKEUP REMOVER GEL Micellar remover gel with extracts of peach and microalgae of Hawaii lakes for normal, dry and sensitive skin (125 ml)

«G2» MAKEUP REMOVER GEL Micellar remover gel with lactoferrin and witch hazel extract for oily, combined and problem-prone skin (125 ml)

The delightfully light transparent night gel makes skin fresh and free from makeup traces. Its gentle structure ensures careful cleansing without any damage to skin surface. Your skin breathes, feels the rejuvenation and the pleasure and gets delicacy of a peach.

The refreshing gentle night gel makes skin free from makeup traces and fills it with magnificent feeling of absolute cleanness. Due to its gentle structure the gel delicately removes all impurities without any damage to skin. It normalizes activity of the sebaceous glands, soothes and moisturizes, wipes away signs of fatigue as well as tones your skin.

«S» ENZYMATIC GOMMAGE EXFOLIANT With Keratoline and extract of Dwarf Oak for all skin type (50 ml) Gentle texture of the exfoliant gives skin the precious sensation of cleanness and rejuvenation. The gommage cleans skin deep and smoothes it without causing irritation. Due to its multilamellar structure the preparation ensures more intensive penetration of active components that not only clean skin but also restore its elasticity as well as rejuvenate it. The exfoliant is free of mechanical scrubs able to injure your skin.


«T1» TONIC SPRAY Energy vitamin tonic with extract of Hawaii lakes microalgae and salmon DNA for normal, dry and sensitive skin (125 ml) Sea and sun give skin energy and freshness. The Energy Tonic Spray absorbs all their power and healthiness. Thoroughly matched natural components and vitamins moisturize and tone your skin, fill it with vital energy as well as relieve stress and fatigue.

«T2» TONIC SPRAY Energy matting tonic with lactoferrin and sea moss extract for oily and combined skin (125 ml) The Energy Tonic Spray gives morning freshness and crisp coolness. Life-giving force of plants and vitamins fills skin with energy and enhance skin tone. Thoroughly matched natural components matte and moisturize your skin as well as relieve stress and fatigue.


«O1» GEL AGAINST DARK UNDER-EYE CIRCLES AND BAGGY SKIN BELOW THE EYES With butcher's-broom and cecropia extract (25 ml) Your eyes shine, mysterious look, intrigues and attracts. It is a gentle gel gives young freshness to your face, and special expressiveness to your eyes. Even if you are tired or in bad mood, nobody will notice it. Sensory gel will make your skin round eyes young and smooth. Active natural ingredients will take care of tired skin, facelift and moisten it, eliminate baggy skin below the eyes and dark under-eye circles. Small wrinkles will smooth, eyes contours will become more accurate, and the skin round them will be even and elastic.

«O2» EXPRESS LIFTING GEL With matrikins and argana peptides (25 ml) Unexpected meeting will not catch you unawares. A few easy movements and the gel will give you look a brightness and charm of ardent youth. The gentle gel will make the skin below the eyes fresh and smooth, will instantly relieve of visible aftermath of fatigue. Active natural components look after tired skin, tighten and moisten it. Gel express lifting is fast care and a magnificent result.

«O3» GEL AGAINST EXPRESSION WRINKLES «CROW’S FEET» The rejuvenating skin gel round eyes with matrikins and argirelin (25 ml) Years go, and youth doesn't come to an end — skin remains young and fresh. The rejuvenating gel preserves gentle skin round eyes, smoothes small wrinkles, relieves of «crow’s feet». Natural components of the gel soften and moisten, activate cellular energy, fill skin with the vital force and natural beauty. The gel supports a tone and restores elasticity of skin round eyes, protects from negative impact of environment and prevents age changes


«CA» MOISTURIZING MULTILAMELLAR CREAM With extracts of Cogon grass and algae for all skin type (50 ml)

«CB» MULTILAMELLAR MATTING CREAM — SEBUM CONTROL With lactoferrin for oily, combined and problem-prone skin (50 ml)

Filling with moisture your skin is rejuvenated and radiates freshness. Multilamellar structure of the cream conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and restoring activation. The cream intensively moisturizes and soothes skin as well as makes it younger and more elastic.

Irritated and problem-prone skin acquires coolness and harmony due to the gentle matting cream. Its multilamellar structure conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of skin restoring. The skin becomes smooth and matte, lipometabolism is normalized, irritation is eliminated and acne occurring is prevented.

«CC» CREAM-RADIANCE Multilamellar cream with Lumispheres for all skin type (50 ml) Gentle consistence of the cream gives skin real delight and fills it with brightness and radiance. Its multilamellar structure conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of skin restoring. The cream lightens skin fast and evens out its natural tone and matte it.


«CD» REJUVENATING MULTILAMELLAR CREAM With matrikins and sea algae extract for all skin type (50 ml) Gentle consistence of the cream provides mature skin with comfort and freshness. Its multilamellar structure conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of skin restoring. Active sea elements regulate moisture balance and enhance natural skin protection. Skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic.

«CE» VITAMIN MULTILAMELLAR ENERGY CREAM With extract of Hawaii lakes microalgae for all skin type (50 ml) Vitamin power fills skin with vital energy and gives a sensation of comfort. Multilamellar structure of the cream conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of skin restoring. The cream enhances skin tone, nourishes and gives it elasticity.


«MA» MOISTURIZING MULTILAMELLAR MASK With Cogon grass extract and Salmon DNA for all skin type (50 ml)

«MB» SEBUM CONTROL MULTILAMELLAR MASK With lactoferrin for oily, combined and problem-prone skin (50 ml)

The gentle mask instantly soothes skin and fills it with moisture. Multilamellar structure of mask ensures deeper permeation of active ingredients. Your skin becomes young and elastic, expression lines are smoothed appreciably. You will see results during the first week of regular application of the mask.

Irritated and problem-prone skin acquires coolness, harmony and comfort due to the mask. Its multilamellar structure conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of skin restoring. The mask normalizes lipometabolism, eliminates skin reddiness and makes it smooth and matte.

«MC» MULTILAMELLAR MASK-RADIANCE With Lumispheres for all skin type (50 ml) Gentle satiny consistence of the mask gives skin real delight and fills it with radiance and vital energy. The mask lightens skin fast and evens out its natural tone. Its multilamellar structure conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of biological processes. Regular mask application by courses ensures elimination of undesirable pigmentation.


«MD» REJUVENATING MULTILAMELLAR MASK With matrikins and wheat proteins for all skin type (50 ml) Enveloping and gentle texture of the mask ensures comfort and freshness for mature skin. Its multilamellar structure conduces to deeper permeation of active ingredients and activation of skin restoring. The mask lifts and smoothes your skin as well as effectively works against expression lines. Its regular application turns time back and restores youth.

«ME» MULTILAMELLAR VITAMIN ENERGY MASK With extract of Hawaii lakes microalgae for all skin type (50 ml) Sunbath and vitamin shower — such feelings gives the energy mask to tired skin. Its multilamellar structure ensures deeper permeation of active ingredients. The mask restores skin tone and youthful face contour and fills skin with vital energy.


SENSORY PEPTIDE COSMETICS «PERFECTION» Series Anti-age for complex influence Visible effect of rejuvenation Secret recipes of oriental medicine Innovative next-generation technology

«Teana» warns that regular use of cosmetics peptide «Perfection» leads to irreversible rejuvenation!

Sensory peptide cosmetics «Perfection» — a breakthrough in cosmetology areas of anti-age, allows you to quickly get rid of the most visible manifestations of skin aging. The latest research aimed at «reversing» the aging process occurring in the skin, provided a striking efficiency peptide complexes previously considered available only in the category of «extra premium».

Sensory peptide cosmetics «Perfection» — no one will guess how old you are! Sensory peptide cosmetics «Teana» — the embodiment of the most daring fantasies of mankind, has long been trying to «trick» the biological age and look younger. The ability to use such means of cosmetology, until recently, remained a prerogative of only the richest people willing to part with it for any money, but thanks to the «Teana», today, the situation changed with the product line «Excellence» has become available to everyone!


5 reasons to choose a sensor peptide cosmetics «Teana»: 1. The principle of «global» rejuvenation Recent developments have enabled us to create a specialist biomimetic formulation, the composition of which is almost completely identical to that of living cells. Complex Juvinity™, part of the assets of all the line slows down cell aging, giving the mature cells of the property of the young. Méiritage™ — anti-aging active extracts from the roots of oriental plants stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the deeper layers of the skin.


ABSOLUTE PERFECTION Rejuvenescent and facelift day cream (50 ml)

ELEGANT PERFECTION Rejuvenating, nourishing saturated sensory night cream (50 ml)

Rejuvenescent and facelift day cream reliably protects your skin, and has a light texture. It is a magnificent base for a make-up. Cream contains the best components, which actively influence rejuvenation processes. Anti-aging complexes Méiritage™ and Juvinity™ restores barrier functions of skin, strengthens dermoepidermal connection. Hyanify stimulates production of hyaluronic acid, smoothes wrinkles. NovHyal Biotech G promotes penetration of nutrients into epidermis layers. Rubixyl influences cells receptors of epidermis and derm, initiating in cages biochemical processes which erase withering traces. Unitamuron H-22 reduces smoothes wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. Lipomoist 2036 is the molecular emulsion, which most effectively protects the epidermis surface. Inoveol OLEU (oleuropeinyl glucoside) is the most powerful antioxidant, which prevents microinflammations and aging process. It is a daily protection.

When you rest this sensory cream «Elegant perfection» works effectively. Noticeable rejuvenation at regular application! Description: the composition of nutritious cream has combined the best of traditional easten medicine and the latest developments in science. Méiritage™ and Juvinity™ are anti-age complexes, which inhibit the process of aging. NeoDermyl is a unique biostimulator, starts revitalization, activating synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. Uplevity stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin, instantly lifts and smooth your skin. Lipomoist 2036 is a molecular emulsion, which effectively protects an epidermis surface. Safester A-75 and emollient give smoothness and tenderness to your skin. D-panthenyltriacetate (panthenol) is B5 vitamin, which stimulates restore processes, supports layers of epidermis. Inoveol OLEU is an antioxidant, which inhibits the process of aging, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It is a daily protection from free radicals.

2. The combined effects Sensory peptide cosmetics «Perfection» allows you to: To stimulate the production of collagen; To increase skin elasticity; To reduce inflammation and start the natural processes of regeneration; To increase the synthesis of proteins of the skin; Improve the Micro-blood; Increase the level of antioxidant protection; To control the formation of melanin.

SOLAR PERFECTION Rejuvenescent day serum (30 ml)

STAR PERFECTION Rejuvenescent and nutritious night serum (30 ml)

High concentration of Anti-aging ingredients in serum basis. Méiritage™ and Juvinity™ are components, which effectively reduce ageing signs. Juvefoxo stimulates intracellular processes of integrity control of DNA. NovHyal Biotech G is an innovative asset and alternative to injection biorevitalization. It gets into deep layers of skin, rejuvenates, nourishes, and strengthens drainage effect. Unilucent HR-14 creates optical effect of shine, supports and increases elasticity of skin. Inoveol EGCG is an antioxidant, daily protection.

Nutritious serum contains the best components, which promote rejuvenation. Anti-aging assets of Méiritage™ and Juvinity™ influence signs of skin aging; get directly into a junction of epidermis and derma. The Juvefoxo complex actively restores DNA; protects, feeds and rejuvenates skin. NeoDermyl is a collagenic and elastic filler. Rubixyl is the innovative asset, which influences on cellular receptors and reduces age changes. Lipomoist 2036 is the molecular pellicle, which contains heteropolysaccharides and vegetable peptides, instantly moistens and nourishes skin. Inoveol EGCG is an antioxidant, daily protection.


3. Triple action «Perfection» — a powerful «weapon» that allows you to defeat the three major signs of aging — wrinkles, dryness and pigmentation.

4. Natural youth It decreases with age, not only the quantity but also the quality of the collagen produced by the body. Collagen synthesized peptides — «young». It provides a homogeneous fiber, without defects and their properties is identical to that contained in your skin up to 15 years of age.


HARMONY OF PERFECTION Anti-age sensory lifting cream for eyelids (30 ml)

CHARMING PERFECTION Anti-aging revolutionary sensorial cream for regular eyelid skin care (30 ml)

Lifting cream contains a natural active ingredient Beautifeye™. This Ingredient provides smooth eyelids just after the first application. At the heart of Beautifeye™ is Albizia julibrissin plant extracts (Persian silk tree) and Siegesbeckia orientalis (Siegesbeckia east), which dramatically improve a eyes contour. NovHyal Biotech G actively influences intercellular matrix, promoting production of its own hyaluronic acid and collagen, creating conditions for the optimum moistening of all skin layers. Lipomoist 2036 is an effective molecular emulsion, which includes vegetable peptides and heteropolysaccharide, and creates a protective barrier on the skin surface. Inoveol CAFA protects from aggressive influence of the environment, supports balance of an intercellular matrix, and provides the calming effect. It is a daily protection from free radicals.

The cream basis is the best natural complexes, that combating aging signs very intensive. Beautifeye™ — the ingredient that include plant extracts of Albizia Julibrissin (Persian silk tree) and Siegesbeckia orientalis. Both of them provides improvement eye contour. Rubixyl is ingredient who works directly on receptors of the epidermal cells. Unilucent HR-14 provides the structure molecular support of the epidermis connective tissue. Unitamuron H-22 is the plant equivalent of hyaluronic acid that optimally hydrates the epidermis. Eyeseryl reduce the puffiness under the eyes. Inoveol CAFA is an antioxidant, daily protection and «molecular sponge» for free radicals. Your skin will looks younger and became smoother, without any traces of fatigue and tiredness.

5. Сheckout procedure Experience cosmetologists confirms that the use of the touch peptide cosmetics «Perfection» is effective for the prevention of skin aging, and a great alternative to Botox injections and plastic.

ENERGY OF PERFECTION Multicomponent, gentle and light sensory tonic (100 ml)

SHINING PERFECTION Make-up removal rejuvenating sensory cream (100 ml)

The gentle texture of the light sensory tonic frees your skin from makeup. A two-phase formula of the tonic carefully cleanses, makes you skin younger and healthier at the same time. Méiritage ™ and Juvinity™ are anti-age complexes, which inhibit the process of aging . Lipomoist 2036 is a molecular emulsion, which effectively protects an epidermis surface. Unitamuron H-22 immediately influences the skin, sating it with hyaluronic acid. NovHyal Biotech G supports restoration processes of the skin, stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid, rejuvenates the skin. Inoveol CAFA is an antioxidant, a daily protection from free radicals.

Gentle texture of the make-up removal sensory cream gives your skin the precious sensation of cleanness and rejuvenation.Noticeable rejuvenation at regular application! Description: the structure and the texture of cream are compiled with special care. They most carefully and effectively influence skin. Méiritage™ and Juvinity™ are anti-age complexes, which inhibit the process of aging. Lipomoist 2036 is a molecular emulsion, which effectively protects an epidermis surface. Unitamuron H-22 creates a moistening and protective layer. NovHyal Biotech G supports regeneration processes of the skin, stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid, rejuvenates skin. Inoveol CAFA is an antioxidant, a daily protection from free radicals.


«BLUE RETINOL» LINE Perfect for mature skin revival Innovative Product with unique microalgae Activation of innate immunity Include mechanisms for natural rejuvenation in the shortest time Healthy color of face, young and beautiful skin, happy glow of eyes promote a quick rejuvenation. The result can exceed expectations! «Blue Retinol» — a product derived from a unique blue-green algae that grows in the Klamath Lake. Composition of microalgae contains natural amino acids, lipids, glucides, pigments, a wide range of vitamins A, B1, B2 and minerals. «Blue retinol» causes the activation of of rejuvenation of skin. The skin becomes thick, elastic and smooth, rapidly updated. «Blue retinol» — a young, radiant, health and beauty skin.

4 reasons to choose a series for mature skin «Blue Retinol»: 1. Control of age

2. Immediate effect

Products of that series give the skin radiance, relieves cells from toxins, stimulates regeneration processes, establish control over one of the main causes of aging — the process of glycation.

Rejuvenating effect can be observed within a short time after the first use and lasts for half a year. The feeling of freshness, a clear improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin, lasts for the whole day.

3. Care and accuracy

4. Miraculous transformation

Blue Retinol works effectively, softly and gently. Not irritates the skin, stimulates the activation of the internal defense mechanisms, keeps tissue function and harmonizes the facial features. Areas of skin which suffered after age or under the influence of solar radiation, are to be filled with the necessary volume of bound moisture, recover ideal proportions.

The skin takes on an attractive appearance, an inner glow. The wrinkles are reduced. The cells retain their youth, actively synthesize all necessary for normal functioning, you are looked for a few years younger.



AZURE DREAM Rejuvenating Eye Cream with Blue Retinol (30 ml)

TURQUOISE SILK Anti-age Serum with Blue Retinol (30 ml)

Delicate, thin skin around the eyes needs special care. Specially created for this , the anti-aging cream with blue retinol gently renew the top layer of the epidermis, nourishes carefully eyelid skin, fights signs of aging. Tightens, smooth, eyelid skin is radiant and emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. The eye cream reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue due to the content of oligopeptides and oligosaccharides contained in the alfalfa and white lupine. The active Celldetox速 new generation, obtained from the yeast Candida saitoana eliminates toxins, activate the process of autophagy (rids cells of unwanted organelles). Osilift速 is a high molecular complex three-dimensional network of natural polysaccharide with an instant lifting effect. The delicate skin around the eyes is rejuvenated, leveled, compacted, fine wrinkles disappear. The skin around the eyes is smooth and delicate, rejuvenated, leveled, compacted, tight, fine wrinkles disappear, elasticity and tone are enhanced.

The Rejuvenating Serum stimulates collagen synthesis and got excellent antioxidant properties due to the actives of new generation Celldetox速 from the yeast Candida saitoana. It releases the cells of accumulated toxins, activates the process of autophagy (get rid of unwanted cell organelles). Deglizom present in the composition of the serum reduces the glycation process which after 35 years run together with the natural process of skin aging and in result an inelastic skin and a yellow-brown tint. This active substance is extracted from the musciformisalgae Hypnea, capable to stimulate the formation of collagen networks. In general, the serum acts against photoaging of the skin, restores the damage caused by UV radiation, promotes the renewal of the upper layers of the skin by activating the regeneration process. Increases elasticity, skin tone, reduces the depth of wrinkles, soften the hardened areas. An amazing transformation takes place after the first days of using the anti aging serum.

SAPPHIRE MYSTERY Anti-age Cream with Blue Retinol and tricolor violet extract (50 ml)

AQUAMARINE MIRACLE Rejuvenating Mask with Blue Retinol and tricolor violet extract (50 ml)

The premium class Rejuvenating Cream is an innovative word in cosmetic products. The cream actively promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, repairs the damage of time, restores using a natural barrier the negative impacts of the environment. In the day cream composition a new active ingredient of new generation Akvafilin (Viola tricolor extract) improves the ability of the skin to retain water molecules, and thus increases the amount and the link in the dermis hyaluronic acid. The complex Volunage速 helps normalize the functioning of adipose tissue on the face of these areas, with age and under the influence of ultraviolet rays lose their elasticity, thereby restoring harmony facial contours. The blue retinol gives skin a reliable backup, restore its barrier function, renews skin cells, oxygen saturates the tissues, strengthens blood vessels, strengthens muscle tone, reduce of visible deep wrinkles. Under the action of the cream skin is hydrated, the cells renewed, elasticity is back, the tone brilliant, reduces mimic wrinkles. The rejuvenation effect is observed after the first use of the cream. The skin is soft, elastic, smooth, young and beautiful, full of inner radiation will be your faithful partner.

The mask rejuvenating skin of neck and face, blue retinol contains a new active ingredient capable of reduce deep wrinkles and their quantity and slows the formation of new wrinkles. The active ingredient Aquaphyline (Viola tricolor extract) stimulates the influx of hydration of the epidermis, is able to produce its own hyaluronic acid. The complex Telosomyl rich in complex polysaccharides of red alga Eucheuma cottonii limit the reduction of DNA, controlling the ability of cells to regenerate and to divide over time. As a result the youth of the skin is extended, is radiant, pigmentation is eliminated, microreliefs are thinckened, hydration is enhanced as the skin tone. The rejuvenating pronounced effect are visible after the first use of the mask. An elastic skin, hydrated, smooth and youthful filled with inner radiance will become your partner. Aquamarine Miracle is ideal for sensitive skin.


KLAMATH — THE LAKE OF LIFE! Blue Retinol — a product given to us by nature! Produced from the blue algae growing in the crystal clear water of the lake of volcanic origin Klamath (USA). Blue retinol, which has become the crown of the series, can work wonders! This is a unique source of essential acids, vitamins and trace elements. Act gently and effectively without irritating the skin, it activates the process of cell renewal. It rejuvenate and transform your skin.

«Blue retinol» — your updated looks capable to hit the heart!

FIERY TOPAZ Rejuvenating peeling with Blue Retinol and fruit acids (30 ml) Rejuvenating peeling with blue retinol and fruit acids (pH3) smoothly and efficiently removes dead skin layers, while cleansing, nourishing and hydrating the skin. After the first procedure begins the process of cell renewal, the skin is rejuvenated, its color aligned, facial wrinkles are smoothed, age spots lightened. Reduces inflammation of acne, lightens spots after a deep mechanical cleaning procedure. Effectively combats forms mild acne and post-acne, reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin. Immediately after using the peeling, the skin takes on a new look, there is an inner glow, hardened areas are erased, wrinkles reduced, dark spots are lightened.


BIOACTIVE AMPOULED COSMETICS Bioactive ampouled cosmetics is designed to solve the specifi c problems of the skin, enhances any care program «Teana». It contains active ingredients optimum concentration in exact dosage. Disposable packaging made of pharmaceutical glass, ensures that no oxidation of the ingredients and ensures a high activity of the preparations.

The unique solution of «Teana» — 3D hyaluronic acid Teana introduces a new ingredient in their cosmetics — 3D hyaluronic acid. Our company created unique formula — a true breakthrough of modern technologies moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Hyaluronic acid is produced by the human body. It is a fundamental component of the skin, the optimal level in the cells provides a velvety texture and elasticity. After age the process of production of acid slows down. The skin becomes less elastic and saturated with moisture, wrinkles appear. Modern cosmetology has learned using products containing hyaluronic acid to fill the lack of it in the skin. But until now this effect was short, even if the injection method of administration. All depends on the amount of molecule. They are quite large and are usually located in the upper and middle layers of the epithelium. 3D hyaluronic acid — a formulation that includes four different kinds of molecules with different molecular weight and size. This mix of hyaluronic acids is particularly effective because penetrates into the different layers of the epidermis, from superficial to deep, filling the skin with moisture, smoothing wrinkles and literally pushing out wrinkles from the inside. It's real 3D surround effect! The skin becomes smooth and taut, as if after injecting, but the needle is not injured, as in injections.

The structure of 3D hyaluronic acid includes: Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (less than 10,000 Daltons) — which immediately penetrates intothe deeper layers of the skin, restores tissue and softens deep wrinkles perennial; Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (50 000 Da) — penetrates into the medium and deep layers of the skin, fills wrinkles from within the skin; Sodium hyaluronate (50 000-1 000 000 Yes) — penetrates into the surface and the middle layer of skin, retains moisture and provides cell alignment of fine facial wrinkles and skin blemishes; Sodium hyaluronate (1 200 000-1 600 000 Da) — builds moisture-retaining gas-permeable film on the surface of the skin with pronounced lifting effect.


The new formula is the basis of Ampouled serum «3D hyaluronic acid» and it also replaces the usual hyaluronic acid in all products of «Teana». For the maximum effect, we recommend to use the product with 3D hyaluronic acid during 14 days course, 2 times a day (morning and evening), then have a two-week break. The result will be more pronounced if you will drink two glasses of pure water before each application.

«Gentle Care» — for care of dry and sensitive skin AMPOULES OF «A» SERIES Gentle Care

MOISTURIZING Set (10×2 ml) An ideal set to moisturize the skin, which includes — 10 amp 2 ml each (natural moisturizing factor — 2 amp, sea cocktail — 2 amp, hyaluronic acid gel — 2 amp, sea minerals — 2 amp, supermoisturizing — 2 amp). The unique opportunity to try all moisturizing series from «Teana».

«A1» ANTICUPEROSIS A Serum for sensitive skin with cuperosis (elimination of vascular pattern) (10×2 ml)

«A2» NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTOR A Serum for dry, atonic and dehydrated skin (10×2 ml)

Preparation for sensitive skin with expressed dry and peeling areas, capillary fragility and «vascular pattern». The concentrate smoothes, soothes, moisturizes as well as enhances microcirculation in subcutaneous veins, strengthens them and eliminates «vascular pattern». The concentrate conditions skin and takes antioxidant effect.

The concentrate takes highly moisturizing, revitalizing, anti-inflammatory, astringent, detoxicating and antiallergic effects as well as tones skin. It also takes smoothing and recovering effect.


«A3» SEA COCKTAIL A Serum for dry, atonic and dehydrated skin (10×2 ml) The concentrate takes highly moisturizing, revitalizing and smoothing effects as well as mineralizes skin.

«A4» HYALURONIC ACID GEL Gel for a dry, atonic and dehydrated skin (10×2 ml)

«A5» SEA MINERALS Revitalizing serum for a dry, atonic and dehydrated skin (10×2 ml)

A new development of «Teana» laboratory is a 3D hyaluronic acid. Unlike typical hyaluronic acids it consists of three molecules of different sizes. It allows the serum to get into different layers of skin, effectively moisturizing them. You fascinate admirers by your youth and beauty!

The serum contains a complex of active ingredients of sea salts and minerals. It will help your skin to have a cared-for look, and improve metabolic process in cell. 3D hyaluronic acid conduces to cells restoring and skin natural elasticity recovering.

«A6» SUPERMOISTURIZING Serum for a dry, atonic and dehydrated skin (10×2 ml) Dry skin demands the special attention. Supermoisturizing serum give tenderness and care. Plants-exrtacted serum components promote skin moisturization and make it elastic. 3D hyaluronic acid moisuturizes deep layers of skin and helps to keep it during the day. Your skin is gentle, well-groomed and smooth.


AMPOULES OF «B» SERIES Secret of matte leather

«B2» NORMALIZING A Serum for oily, problem and inflammation-prone skin (10×2 ml) To get rid of a greasy luster is not the simplest task. The serum for oily problem and inflammation-prone skin will be your best assistant. The serum tones and moisturizes your skin well. Plant extracts ensure the long-term effect of smooth matte skin. Now you are self-confident, your skin is opaque and pure.

«B3» SOOTHING A serum for oily and inflammation-prone skin (10×2 ml)

«B4» URGENT SOOTHING A serum after cleansing for oily and inflammation-prone skin (10×2 ml)

The serum regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, eliminates irritation and soothes oily problem skin. 3D hyaluronic acid moisturizes even the deepest layers of skin. Now pure elastic skin is not a dream, it is your new reality.

The serum regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, eliminates irritation and soothes oily skin. 3D hyaluronic acid moisturizes the deepest layers of skin. Now pure elastic skin is not a dream, it is your new reality.

AMPOULES OF «C» SERIES Cleansing power

«C1» SKIN RADIANCE A serum for face lightening and dark spots whitening (10×2 ml) Is pure skin your dream? Freckles, tanned spots which appeare in spring and upset so many people, will not annoy you anymore. «Skin radiance» with vitamin C not only lightens skin effectively but also protects it from UV-damage as well as prevents it from pigmentation. 3D hyaluronic acid restores natural elasticity.Your skin complexion attracts delighted looks!



REJUVENATION Set (10×2 ml) An Ideal set for skin rejuvenation, which includes — 10 amp 2 ml each (breakfast for skin — 2 amp, instant lifting — 2 amp, sea collagen — 1 amp, elastin — 2 amp, Cryo-serum against expression lines — 1 amp, сryo-serum for immediate rejuvenation — 1 amp, panthenol — 1 amp). The unique opportunity to try all Rejuvenation series from «Teana».

«D1» BREAKFAST FOR SKIN A Serum for aging and anemic skin (10×2 ml)

«D2» INSTANT LIFTING A serum for aging and anemic skin (10×2 ml)

A serum for aging and anemic skin. «A breakfast for skin» — is ideal awakening of your beauty. The serum intensively moisturizes, softens and lifts skin as well as fills it with energy and enhances its tone. Life-giving force of plant extracts maintains skin elasticity. 3D — hyaluronic acid restores moisture balance, prevents puffiness, and rejuvenates skin restoring its natural flexibility.

The serum has an instant lifting effect and is used for express face and neck care. A complex of active natural elements restores face contour, soothes and refreshes skin. 3D — hyaluronic acid moisturizes your skin. The result is tightened and smooth skin!

«D3» SEA COLLAGEN A serum for aging and anemic skin (10×2 ml) Collagen fibers are a basis of the youth of your skin. «Sea Collagen» serum increases elasticity and improves the structure of your skin. 3D — hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin and helps collagen molecules to get into all the layers of your skin. Your youth comes back!


«D4» AGAINST EXPRESSION LINES Cryo-serum against expression lines (10×2 ml) Expression lines appear irrespective of age, but it doesn't mean that it is impossible fight against them. Cryo-serum with a complex of plant extracts remove muscular stress round eyes and lips. 3D — hyaluronic acid smoothes expression lines and prevents emergence a new. Smile more, cryo-serum «Against expression lines» take care of expression lines.

«D5» IMMEDIATE REJUVENATION Cryo-serum for immediate rejuvenation (10×2 ml)

«D6» PANTHENOL A Serum for aging and anemic skin (10×2 ml)

The serum for express rejuvenation restores your youth quickly and pleasantly. Just in one hour tired skin shines again with freshness and health. Plant extracts and menthol relax and even your skin, 3D — hyaluronic acid smoothes expression lines!

Fight with a reason but not a result of withering is task of concentrate «D6» Panthenol. Vitamin B5 stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin and ensures cell restoring. 3D — hyaluronic moisturizes and smooth skin.

«D7» ELASTIN A Serum for aging and anemic skin (10×2 ml) «Elastin» serum helps to return back youth of skin. The preparation improve skin surface quickly. Young flexibility and elasticity return, skin texture is restored. 3D — hyaluronic acid smooth small lines and moisturizes skin. Elasticity and resiliently skin 24 hours!



NUTRITION Set (10×2 ml) An Ideal set for skin nutrition, which includes — 10 amp 2 ml each (vitamin cocktail — 3 amp, drink of life — 2 amp, immediate revival — 2 amp, oxygen cocktail — 3 amp). The unique opportunity to try all nutritious series from «Teana».


«E1» VITAMIN COCKTAIL A Serum (А+Е+Panthenol+3D — hyaluronic acid) (10×2 ml)

«E2» DRINK OF LIFE A Serum (reviving skin) (10×2 ml)

The concentrate contains vitamins А, Е, Panthenol (vitamin B5) and 3D — hyaluronic acid. Vitamin А promotes renewal of cell, vitamin E softens it, panthenol gives elasticity, 3D — hyaluronic acid moisturizes. Course of «Vitamin cocktail» natural way restore your skin. Everyone delighted of your beauty!

The active components of the serum tone and revive tired facial skin, eliminate the effects of «city stress». Your skin is filled with energy and vital power, it recovers freshness and looks healthy and lustrous. 3D — hyaluronic acid smoothes small lines and moisturizes skin. Your skin is full of life!

«E3» IMMEDIATE REVIVAL A serum for revitalization and regeneration of tired stressed skin (10×2 ml)

«E4» OXYGEN COCKTAIL A serum for revitalization and regeneration of tired stressed skin (10×2 ml)

«Immediate revival» serum is are developed especially for tired skin which suffers from stress. The serum increases cell respiration and leads to cell renewal, restores its structure and refreshes it. 3D — hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes skin. The result is fresh complexion, elasticity, tenderness and the feeling of comfort.

Give your skin a breath of fresh air! The cocktail intensively refreshes and tones skin as well as oxygenates it and fills with vitamins and mineral substances. 3D — hyaluronic acid moisturizes and provides elasticity. It is so pleasant to pumper yourself and your skin!

SERIES «IPF» Protection DNA Biotechnology of the 21st century can help youк skin to stay young, stay healthy and beautiful. Free radicals, UV rays, toxins and chemicals damages the DNA of the skin, causing to it’s wilt prematurely. «Protection of DNA» serie prevent this process, help restore elasticity and youthful skin. The unique composition of the series will activate the metabolism, speed up cell renewal, the natural way of returning to the body skin freshness of youth. Help restore the natural balance of carefully selected herbal ingredients, such as, for example, extract Haberlea Rodopensis — unique plant in the world, able to «resurrect» after a long period of drought. Safety of the drug series «Protection of DNA» is guaranteed by careful laboratory studies, scientifi cally valid formula. The product does not contain alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, transgenic components, does not cause allergic reactions.

24-HOUR ANTISTRESS Effective protection, rejuvenation and restoration of «tired skin» (10×2 ml)

ANTIOXIDANT Protection and moisturizing (10×2 ml)

The preparation daily normalizes energy exchange, restores cellular metabolism and fills skin with necessary amino acids and vitamins.

The preparation effectively protects against environmental hazards. It takes strong antioxidant effect and stimulates restoring skin protective functions. It ensures instant moisturizing, prevents skin dehydration awaking its natural resources to control the first signs of aging.

VEGETABLE PLACENTA Smoothness and young facial contours (10×2 ml)

YOUTH ENERGY Freshness and elasticity (10×2 ml)

Quick solution to difficult problems: facial contours correction, wrinkle smoothing, restoring skin elasticity. The unique healing properties of plants stimulate regenerative activity, improve immunity and restore protective functions of skin cells.

The preparation restores skin elasticity filling cells with energy and power. It activates natural mechanisms of restoration and defenses against environmental hazards. The innovation formula of the concentrated preparation results in elastic, supple, fresh and young skin.


«5 MINUTES» SERIES Serum concentrates The unique composition of «5 minutes» series developed by the laboratory «Teana» using the latest technology is a combination of highly active natural ingredients

«N1» SILK ENERGY Lip volumizing and firming serum (10×2 ml) Against expression lines near lips and wings of nose. The unique composition of «5 minutes» series, which was developed by «Teana» Laboratory using the advanced technologies, presents a combination of highly active natural components. The unique concentrated peptide complex removes the expression lines and ensures the rejuvenation and the modeling of lip contour. The concentrated extracts of organic plants restore vital power, beauty and health to the skin. Production in small lots enables to keep all important qualities of ingredients. With each package you get fresh and active product.

«N2» SOFT SHINE Serum with vegetable ceramides and amino acids (10×2 ml) For skin natural defense barrier rebuilding. The effi cient solution to problems of the sensitive and redness-prone facial skin. The usage of preparations of «5 minutes» series enables to restore the skin structure gently and with care, to enhance its elasticity and fl exibility. The serum smoothes the wrinkles, restores the skin tonicity, provides the deep moisturizing and has the soothing and tonic effect. The unique composition of «5 minutes» series, which was developed by «Teana» laboratory using the advanced technologies, presents a combination of highly active natural components. The constituent plant ceramides are identical to the skin ceramides, they help to enrich it with nutrients to the maximum extent and to restore efficiently the moisture content. The serum contains ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a universal power supply for cells, which saturates the skin with oxygen and slows down the cell aging program.


«N3» YOUTH ELIXIR Sculptor serum for face contour modeling and face fat removing (10×2 ml) The efficient solution to problems of the mature facial skin. The usage of preparations of «5 minutes» series enables to correct effectively the facial contour, to enhance the skin tonicity and to reduce the excessive fat depot and the double chin. The serum smoothes wrinkles, ensures prolonged moisturizing and restores delicacy and velvetiness of the skin. The unique composition of «5 minutes» series, which was developed by «Teana» laboratory using the advanced technologies, presents a combination of highly active natural components. Special peptides and carefully chosen vegetable complex restore the young skin matrix. Baobab oil inhibits the skin aging process, stimulates the metabolism and induces the active cell regeneration. Soon after the first serum application the expression lines are visibly reduced, the facial contour becomes sharper, edemas are reduced and the skin elasticity is enhanced.

«N4» SNOW QUEEN Active anti-age serum with enzymes of arctic proteobacteria and ceramides (10×2 ml) The efficient solution to problems of the mature facial skin. The usage of preparations of «5 minutes» series enables to stimulate actively natural processes of skin renewal. The serum has a visiblelifting effect. «Snow Queen» reduces the number and the depth of wrinkles, enhances elasticity of the skin, smoothes it, making the facial contour sharper. The unique composition of «5 minutes» series, which was developed by «Teana» laboratory using the advanced technologies, presents a combination of highly active natural components. The serum «Snow Queen» contains enzymes of proteobacteria that have been discovered in the depth of Antarctic glaciers. Their unique feature is a cryoprotective effect, i.e. while freezing the bacteria produce «antifreeze proteins». Inclusion of these proteins into the serum composition allows stimulating proteins synthesis in the skin; no one cosmetic ingredient has such a strong action. The arctic proteobacteria have a fantastic ability to eliminate wrinkles. This innovative ingredient works real wonders.


MULTILAMELLAR SERUMS «TEN EVENINGS» Ten small ampoules and ten evenings of your life — that’s all what you need to feel you attractive and desirable again This is a cosmetic line of intensive serums to help you fast in problem situations. Active highly concentrated ingredients of natural origin allow you to improve your skin quickly. A specifi c course was developed for each of the prevailing problems, which will be effective to manage the problem as soon as possible. Handy package provides an exactly measured amount of serum and keeps it fresh. «Teana» create a new cosmetic line of ampouled preparations «Ten Evenings» intentionally for your skin care at home. Effective Cosmetics is now available not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Unique innovative formula helps improve metabolism and general condition of the skin and enhance the activity of cells of the scalp and hair growth. Monodoze special package allows using a minimum preservative and ensuring freshness and activity of serum. Effect. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, a short course of serum gives good effective relief. The skin is smooth and even, increases its elasticity, slowed the aging process. Hair loss stops, activates growth, hair fi lled with vitality, radiant and natural beauty.

«S5» ELMIRA Growth inhibitor serum after epilation with jojoba oil, silk extract and proline (10×5 ml) The enzymes of marine proteobacteria with strong soothing, restoring and moisture-retaining effects are the base of serum Elmira of Ten Evenings series. Due to the unique formula and palm extract the serum has a smooth effect on skin after epilation, enriching it with nutrient substances, abirritating it and slowing the hair growth. Baobab oil effectively enhances skin renewal and abirritates. Silk extract with oligosaccharides restores the skin epidermis.


«S6» CAMILLA Anti-stretch marks serum for tissues regeneration and intercellular matrix rebuilding (10×5 ml) The enzymes of marine proteobacteria with strong soothing, restoring and moisture-retaining effects are the base of serum Camilla of Ten Evenings series. Due to the unique formula and silk extract the serum has a smooth effect on skin, protects tissues from degeneration, rebuilds intercellular matrix, reduces skin tension and makes stretch marks practically invisible. Baobab oil effectively enhances skin renewal and abirritates. Silk extract with oligosaccharides restores the skin epidermis.

«S7» AURORA Bust modeling serum with kigelia extract and peptides (10×5 ml) The enzymes of marine proteobacteria with strong soothing, restoring and moisture-retaining effects are at the hart of serum Aurora of Ten Evenings series. Due to the unique formula and kigelia extract from Kigelia Africana tree the breast muscular corset restores quickly. Kigelia extract rich of fl avonoids and hormone-like substances, phytosteroid saponins, shows the effect already after the fi rst application. Silk extract restores the skin epidermis. Baobab oil enhances skin renewal. The serum helps to remove the stretch marks.

«Н5» ARIADNE Leave-in anti-hair loss concentrate for hair growth stimulation and hair volumizing (10×5 ml) The enzymes of marine proteobacteria with strong restoring and moisture-retaining effects are at the hart of leave-in concentrate Ariadne of Ten Evenings series. Due to the unique formula and the ginseng and burdock extracts the concentrate has a smooth effect on hair follicles, nourishes and reconstitutes them. The complex of plant extracts, minerals and vitamins protects your hair against further damage and destruction, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.


«Н6» CATHARINA Leave-in fine hair concentrate for thickening, growth stimulation and volumizing of fine hair (10×5 ml) The enzymes of marine proteobacteria with strong restoring and moisture-retaining effects are at the hart of leave-in concentrate Catharina of Ten Evenings series. Due to the unique formula, the extracts of centella, avocado, alfalfa and water paper, the concentrate has a smooth effect on hair follicles, nourishes and reconstitutes them.

«Н7» STEPHANIA Thermal protection concentrate for repair of dry and damaged hair (10×5 ml) The enzymes of marine proteobacteria with strong restoring and moisture-retaining effects are at the hart of thermal protection concentrate Stephania of Ten Evenings series. A unique formula with plant extracts and oils was intentionally developed to repair the dry and lifeless hair as well as to provide supplemental nutrition of hair follicles with vitamins and minerals. Trigonella extract prevents the hair loss and makes your hair shiny. Rice oil, being a natural antioxidant and a vitamin E source, enhances the hair growth and the scalp regeneration. Only ten evenings with Stephania will make your dry brittle and damaged hair silky, shiny and filled with vitality.

«Н8» JUNO Split ends repair serum (10×5 ml) The baobab oil with hair moisturizing and repairing effect is at the hart of serum Juno of Ten Evenings series. Due to the unique formula the serum has a smooth effect on hair split ends, nourishes and repairs them as well as protects hair from its damage and structure destruction. Only ten evenings with Juno will make your dull and lifeless hair soft, healthy and shiny to the ends.


PEEL OFF MASKS SERIES «ALGOBOTORELAX» Noticeable effect at the first application! Easy to apply, even at home. High-tech products. Want to know the secret of beauty? «Magic of the Ocean» will open it for you. Alginate algae mask, ancient ocean inhabitants of planet Earth, has an immediate rejuvenating effect, erases signs of fatigue and aging of skin, emphasizes the shape of the face, reduces swelling of eyelids, removes wrinkles. Algae acid salts absorb water 1:300, instantly erase signs of fatigue and aging, stress oval face, reducing micro swelling around the eyes. Only natural ingredients, extracts of herbs and plants!

«Magic of the Ocean» — the power of eternal beauty! High-tech products Algae acid salts absorb water 1:300, instantly erase signs of fatigue and aging, accentuate facial contours, stress oval face, reducing micro swelling around the eyes.

Only natural ingredients Red and brown seaweed — Kelp, Spirulina or Sargasso — the oldest inhabitants of our planet — the natural larder of algae acid.

Easy to apply, even at home Combines with water, alginate forms a gel into a fl exible, thick fi lm, which is easily removed after the procedure. In each mask contains extracts of herbs and plants, allowing to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. The result will exceed your expectations! Program — 10-15 masks. The recommended frequency of use — 3 times a week.



MAGIC OF SEA DEPTHS Anti-aging calming alginate cryo-mask with Spirulina and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

SEA TREASURES Nourishing recuperating alginate mask with Acerola, Myoxinol and Vitamin C (5×30 g)

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. One of its component menthol provides maximum relaxation, stimulating metabolic processes. Due to a powerful myoxinol action on the deep tissues, the mask provides a prolonged anti-aging effect.

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Acerola nourishes skin cells and subcutaneous tissue with a vitamin C, delivering it directly into the cells. This is wonderful vitamin enhances skin tone, restoring the capillary walls. Vitamin C support your «tired» skin, fill it cells with the energy of the youth. Facilitates the formation of collagen. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due its powerful influence on processes in deeper tissues.

AMBER WIND Anti-aging calming alginate cryo-mask with Spirulina and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

CRYSTAL SPLASHES Cleansing, peeling and rejuvenating alginate mask with Papaya, Arginin and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Mullberry and skullcap have soft complex action on face skin, lighten skin tone, tones up the skin integuments, enhance immune system. Myoxinol powerfully infl uences processes in deep tissues, providing a long-acting rejuvenative effect.

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Papaya gently removes the top horny stratum of the epidermis. Arginine prevents the formation of adipose tissues, has an evident mental influence: raises mood, activity, stamina, enhance libido. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due its powerful influence on processes in deeper tissues.

SEA BREEZE Relaxing alginate mask with Blackberry, Vitamin C and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

ISLAND OF TREASURES Alginate mask for problematic skin with Tea Tree Oil, Ivy Extract and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Blueberries and Vitamin C have a soft complex action on the skin, with pronounced calming effect. Normalizes pigmentation, restores capillary walls. Vitamin C support your «tired» skin, fill it cells of the energy of the youth. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due its powerful influence on processes in deeper tissues.

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Tea tree oil and extract of willow have a potent complex action on the skin, with evident sedative effect. Tea tree oil kills almost any kind of infections, willow extract provides deep penetration of antiseptic into the skin. The infection has no chance! Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due its powerful influence on processes in deeper tissues.

ROSE OF SEA WINDS Anti-wrinkle eye zone alginate mask with Collagen, Damascus Rose and Myoxinol (5×15 g)

MAGIC BOX OF OCEAN Relaxing recuperating alginate mask With Cinnamon, Clove and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Collagen — is essential protein basis for constructing the epidermis. Damask rose extract restores natural color and elasticity of the skin, tones up and rejuvenates, making it soft and delicate. Myoxinol provides prolonged anti-aging effect due its powerful infl uence on processes in deeper tissues.

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Cinnamon and Cloves provide the maximum relaxation, stimulating metabolic processes, providing a kind of «exercises» for the skin. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due its powerful infl uence on processes in deeper tissues. The skin is more luminous and more uniform.



BOX OF AQUILON Alginate mineral mask with Myoxinol (5×30 g)

SEVEN SEAS SONG Energizing tonic alginate mask with Ginseng, Vitamin C and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Due to the sea salt and minerals the skin in teguments saturated by necessary microelements. Myoxinol provides prolonged anti-aging effect due its powerful influence on processes in deeper tissues. Nourished, the skin looks beautiful.

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and minerals. Ginseng enhance the resistance to noxious physical, chemical and biological effects. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due powerful infuence on processes in deeper tissues. Its Truly energized, the skin is luminous.

PASSION OF SEA Alginate modeling and lifting mask for neck and décolleté with sea algae and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

APHRODITE’S SMILE Alginate modeling mask for lip contour with collagen and Myoxinol (5×15 g)

Mask active ingredients — natural seaweed and Myoxinol. The sea Algae are inexhaustible source of mineral salts, microelements, amino acids and phyto hormones. Alginic acid helps to eliminate noxious substances. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect due its powerful influence on processes in deeper tissues. Your skin of neck and décolleté zone becomes younger, more elastic and delicate. Pigmentary spots and signs of aging will be gone away.

Mask active ingredients — Collagen, Myoxinol, Chitosan, Linum oil and minerals; unique formula with collagen provides maximum fl exibility and elasticity to the skin during whole day. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect acting on recovery processes in the deep tissues. Linen oil is rich of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are especially effective for dry and aging skin. Your face acquires a youthful appearance, lip contour becomes more expressive and lines reduced, leaves the infl ammation and irritation feelings will leave.

MUSIC OF SEA Enzymatic peeling with Myoxinol, Papaya and Pineapple (5×30 g)

SEA QUEEN Alginate anti-aging facial mask with maris sal (Dead Sea salts) and Myoxinol (5×30 g)

Mask active ingredients — Myoxinol, papaya and pineapple. Myoxinol powerful relaxing effect on the deeper tissues provides prolonged and vivid rejuvenating effect. Papaya has an antioxidant action, soothes and moisturizes. Pineapple makes the skin soft, radiant and youthful. You will look younger, skin becomes gentle, smooth and tightened, inflammation and fatigue traces will leave.

Mask active ingredients — Dead Sea salt, vitamins and minerals. Essential oils of lemon and tea tree enhance face color, reduce spider veins, remove the problem areas and it attenuates dark spots. Myoxinol provides prolonged rejuvenating effect acting on recovery processes in the deep tissues. Your face became visibly younger, improves the color; the traces of inflammation and pigmentation, swelling and irritation will disappear.

SEA SPICE Alginate facial mask with Lavender, Rosemary and Myoxinol (5×30 g) Mask active ingredients — olive oil, lavender flowers, rosemary and minerals. In complex of soft and tender action the skin moisturizes perfectly and becames delicate. Visible rejuvenating effect inspires you to the active life. Your face is apparently younger, the skin is elastic, hydrated, healthy and radiance.


CARING FOR THE HAIR AND SCALP. WITHOUT PARABENS! «Sonata of beauty» Italian quality Immediate effect Innovative energetic cosmetics You are dreaming of beautiful curls? Your dream can become a reality with a series of «Sonata beauty». The line «Sonata of Beauty» — a series of shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioners, sprays and laminating systems, which are capable of transforming the most sad and weak hair. Innovative complex of care products for hair and scalp will allow you to achieve maximum results in the shortest period. This new generation of exclusive professional cosmetics designed specifically home use.

«Sonata of beauty» — they jealous of your hair! 6 reasons to choose our products to care for hair and scalp «Teana»: 1. Natural ingredients

The composition for the care of hair and scalp «Sonata of Beauty» consists mainly of 100% natural ingredients with the highest possible inclusion of plant extracts and exclusive oils.

2. Healthy and strong hair

Energy complex restores the tone and strength of your hair.

3. Absolut naturalness

Products for care of hair and scalp «Teana» do not contain hormones, synthetic preservatives, antibiotics and artificial fragrances,so preparations are environmentally friendly, does not cause allergic reactions.


4. The combined effects

Using the products for hair and scalp «Sonata Beauty» you provide right solution of the problems which plaguing you. You give your hair a full range of gentle but extremely effective protection.

H1.1 DELICATE OUVERTURE Anti hair loss shampoo (250 ml) Shampoo with multivitamin complex and leaves maidenhair nourishes the hair roots force, prevents hair loss, gives a silky and shiny, gently cleans them without drying and saturating strength and youth. Natural phytocomplex multivitamin (vitamins B5 and E, biotin, B1, B6), which is part of a shampoo, an amazing effect on the scalp, softly and gently restores the structure of hair roots, strengthens and extends their life. It gives strength and stimulates growth. Leaves of maidenhair have a tonic effect, arnica stimulates intracellular renewal and microcirculation, extract of seaweed Algonativ gives youth. Regular use of the shampoo improves the condition and appearance of the hair, prevents hair loss and strengthens the roots, gives additional volume. Hairstyle keeps the volume in any weather.


H1.2 ORIENT PARTITA Anti hair loss intensive repair treatment balsam (250 ml) Balm with the enzyme and the cells Buddleja davidii stops the process of hair loss, stimulates their growth, energizes the hair roots. Enzymes that make up the balm, intensively restore structure, deeply affecting the entire length of hair. Even the weak and dull hair take on a second life! Intensive restoration, density, and an additional amount — that the results of the action of this balm. He enriched cells Buddleja davidii, which regulates the metabolism by stimulating work of the hair follicles. Arnica flower extract improves microcirculation triggers intracellular processes of renewal. The problem of hair loss will last after the first application of this miracle balm. Is saturated with nutrients, your hair get healthy shine, incredible volume and vitality. Hair holds its shape in all weather conditions, without giving the slightest reason to doubt your charm! Attention! Incredible volume and the stunning beauty of your hair much more dangerous weapon than the sharp arrows of Cupid. Be careful! The result can exceed your expectations.

5. Internal radiance

Energy complex contains bioactive elements that penetrate deep into the hair and restore their structure naturally. Because of this, your hair will become more strong, flexible, healthy, shiny and silky.

H1.3 AIRY FANCY Anti hair loss creamy mask (250 ml)

H1.4 MELODY OF PASSION Intensive hair growth lotion (125 ml)

Mask for any type of hair to prevent hair loss and nourishes the scalp with minerals and trace elements and plant extracts give strength and youth. Nutrients are actively working on the hair follicles, start the process of active hair growth. Cream Mask has a pronounced firming. It actively works on the hair roots, nourishes the scalp with nutrients. Herbal force Buddleja davidii reliably protects the hair from harsh environments, polluted the atmosphere and prevents the aging process. Saw palmetto fruit extract, a complex of seaweed, nettle extract prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth.

Sophora lotion formula with innovative and biotin has a unique composition of biologically active ingredients, intensely nourishes the hair roots and stimulates their growth. After the first application you will notice a positive trend — the hair will stop falling out, will be silky smooth and strong. Lotion actively struggling with the process of hair loss, regulates metabolism, stimulates the production of keratin, indispensable for the growth of hair. Cypress extract, rich in tannins and glycosides, improves blood circulation of the scalp. Japanese pagoda protects against the negative effects of free radicals, slows the aging process. Multivitamin herbal complex nourishes the hair follicles, reduces hair breakage, imbues them with moisture. Result: The process of hair growth begins after the first application of the lotion. Hair getting extra food, hair follicles are activated, blood circulation is stimulated by scalp.


6. Instant results

Products for hair and scalp «Sonata beauty» — is an instant rejuvenation and beauty of your hair.


H2.1 SYMPHONY OF RAIN Moisturizing shampoo for damaged & dehydrated hair (250 ml)

H2.2 PASSIONAL TARANTELLA Moisturizing balsam for dehydrated & damaged hair (250 ml)

Shampoo for damaged and dehydrated hair with argan oil and keratin. Soft and gentle cleansing of the scalp and vitamin shower for your hair in the bargain? Why no? This shampoo deeply moisturizes hair, restoring the structure from the roots to the tips. The beauty and shine of healthy hair will be your constant companions. Natural power is hidden in every drop of shampoo. It moisturizes and restores damaged hair, make them strong and shiny. Gentle cleansing gentle on the hair, removes excess fat, creates the optimal balance of moisture. Argan oil and keratin soften and strengthen hair roots disappear and brittle section. It calms and refreshes the scalp, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. Ceramides prevent moisture loss, preventing dryness and flaking. Polysaccharides of algae effectively protect hair from the damaging effects of the environment. Dry and loose hair take on a second life, filled with volume and power. It appears shine and luster, and the tenderness of your hair be compared only with the most expensive varieties of Chinese silk. The result can exceed your expectations.

Keratin carefully fill damaged areas of the hair, restoring the structure, soft effect on the scalp, nourishes and nourishes the hair valuable moisture. Damaged hair again shine with beauty and health! Active ingredients balm to moisturize and nourish the hair and prevent hair loss. Seaweed extract Hypnea musciformis restores the structure of hair and protects them from the damaging effects of the environment. Keratin and argan oil give your hair elasticity and softness of silk. Milk proteins nourish and moisturize the hair, to penetrate into the core of the hair shaft, restoring even a very weakened hair.

Remember, the hair — is one of the main weapon of feminine charm. With our products you can radically change their appearance, add it shine, glamor and youth!

«Sonata of beauty» — hair that wants to pat!

H2.3 MOROCCAN ARIA Creamy mask for damaged and splitted ends (250 ml)

H3.1 MAGIC SERENADE Intensive hair repair treatment shampoo (250 ml)

Mask with Argan Maclom and grapes envelops the surface of the hair from root to tip, nourishes and restores the damaged structure. Active influence on sensitive split ends. Enriches hair trace elements and vitamins. Cream Mask intensively recovers strongly frizzy and dehydrated hair, damaged during perm or straightening, restoring their natural strength and no incomparable brilliance. Precious Argan oil nourishes, moisturizes and protects the hair. Cells grapes, keratin, vitamins and antioxidants stimulate the upgrade process, reconstruct the internal structure of brittle and damaged hair. The hair becomes elastic, strong and shiny. Disappears brittleness and dryness, returns youth and vitality. Hair easier to comb, and hair styles longer holds volume.

Shampoo with panthenol and keratin quickly and effectively restores the hair structure, grants them velvety and luster, gives natural strength and youth. Gently affects the scalp stimulates hair growth. An indispensable source of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins in a bottle! Shampoo moisturizes and nourishes the hair, nourishes their natural strength, supports the natural moisture balance of the skin. Vitamin E, keratin and the extract of brown algae return the elasticity of even heavily damaged hair, prevents their fragility and loss. Increase microcirculation disappears dry, split ends disappear like a bad dream! The positive effect is noticeable after the first application of shampoo. Regular use improves the condition and appearance of the hair, restores the structure, gives the additional volume.



H3.2 STELLAR ELEGIA Gloss recovery nourishing balsam (250 ml)

H3.3 MOONLIGHT SERENADE Reinforcing nourishing creamy mask for night care (250 ml)

Argan oil and Chamomile deeply nourish and moisturize the hair. They soothe the scalp, give hair live shine, smooth them, give elasticity and soft, shimmering sheen. Balm envelops the hair, carefully restoring the structure, giving a soft and silky. Ceramides kept inside as a precious hair moisture, protect them from the damaging effects of the environment. Keratin, argan oil and chamomile extract a positive effect on damaged and dyed hair, give a special effect even severely weakened hair. The hair is given new strength, become soft, silky and surprisingly beautiful. The damaged structure is restored, loose dry hair filled with energy, there is a healthy shine.

Cream-mask with argan oil, panthenol and seaweed gives excellent protection to hair, nourishes and regenerates, sealing structure. Vitamins and minerals are included in its composition, a beneficial effect on the scalp and strengthens hair roots, erasing traces of them from the impact of adverse external factors. Night cream mask at the same time strengthens the hair follicles and nourishes the structure of the hair shaft. The maximum effect - in the evening, when the hair is exposed to smog, direct sunlight and other harmful atmospheric phenomena. At night the hair restored and saturated with moisture, normal pH balance. Argan oil — a healing elixir for centuries used the Moroccan beauties. It actively protects the hair from thinning and restores their structure. Hair smoothed, saturated with moisture, become soft and strong at the same time. Returns the density and strength. Increased root volume. It appears healthy shine, improving growth, slows the aging process..

H4.1 SUNNY SCHERZO Anti-age repair treatment shampoo (250 ml) Shampoo with vitamin and keratin is specifically designed for repairing damaged hair. Natural components included in it, carefully and gently affect the scalp and hair, intensively moisturizing and rejuvenating, nourishing and sating reviver roots. The unique formula of shampoo deeply cleanses the hair and scalp, gently and carefully restoring the structure. Keratin coats the hair and penetrating inside, restores various injuries, making the hair smooth and manageable. Grape extract and vitamin E have antioxidant, strengthening effect, give elasticity and give live shine. Wheat proteins moisturize, energize, strengthen hair structure, preventing the thinning and loss. Regular use of the shampoo improves the overall condition of the hair. Dull, lost strength hair come alive, become smooth and shiny. Silky locks shine living energy. Natural volume to your hairstyle is stored for a long time.

H4.2 CRYSTAL HARMONY Anti age recovering mas (250 ml) Innovative mask has a pronounced anti-aging effect. It repairs, nourishes, moisturizes, gives the youth and radiance of your hair, stopping the process of aging. It activates growth, improves microcirculation of the scalp and prevents hair loss. Specially formulated with organic argan oil, flax and grape extracts prevents aging processes, nourishes and nourishes hair with youthful energy. The complex of active ingredients, vitamins E, F and panthenol strengthen and restore thin and weakened hair. It improves oxygen supply. Dull and thinning hair, filled with weightless moisture and vitality.



HL5.1 SWEET ADAGIO Home hair laminating system deep cleansing shampoo. Step 1 (250 ml)

HL5.2 SWEET ADAGIO Home hair laminating system. Hot phase, step 2 (125 ml)

Deep Cleansing Shampoo with Keratin and Creatine Shampoo deeply cleanses the hair and scalp from external contaminants and residues of styling. Effectively prepares the hair for further care. Shampoo deeply cleanses the hair, washing away the remnants of paving and painting tools, chlorine contained in tap water, eliminating the smell of nicotine. Result: The hair is perfectly clean and ready for further care (laminating, coloring, perming, tinting)

Hot regenerative phase lamination with anti-stress effect tool penetrates deep into each hair fills the damaged areas, restoring the inside lining and provides reliable protection, has anti-stress effect. Hot regenerative phase lamination opens hair scales, contributing to the deep penetration of medicinal ingredients, it awakens the follicles. Maidenhair leaf extract revitalizes and nourishes them with nutrients. Keratin restores the hair shaft, gives curls elasticity, provides long-lasting protection. Argan oil and algae extract strengthens hair follicles, improving microcirculation. Result: Hair equalized gain strength and elasticity. Disappears dry, the tips are no longer split. Curls are filled with vitality, shine and health.

HL5.3 SWEET ADAGIO Home hair laminating system. Cold phase, step 3 (125 ml)

HL5.4 SWEET ADAGIO Home hair laminating system. Repair treatment mask, step 4 (125 ml)

Cold regenerating phase lamination facility provides efficient recovery of damaged areas of the hair. Intensive care, returns lifeless strands strength and shine. It creates a protective layer, feeds and nourishes the valuable trace elements. Cold regenerating phase lamination has a pronounced reducing action. The innovative formula closes the scales of hair, smoothes the structure, making the surface of the cuticle strong and dense. Every hair is enveloped in a membrane film, is fed, saturated with moisture. Argan oil softens, gives shine and elasticity. Active cells grapes slow the aging process, stimulate cellular metabolism. Result: The drug makes the hair elastic and shiny, fully restoring the structure. Curls are filled with gentle radiance and air volume.

Restoring mask with argan oil and panthenol to the corrosive effects of the environment mask provides maximum care, effectively revitalizes hair, carefully restores damaged structure from the roots to the tips, smoothes and nourishes. Hair get protection from aggressive external environment. The innovative formula of the mask has a terrific reducing effect. Dry, lifeless hair moisturizes, smoothes, come to life after the first use. Argan oil and flaxseed saturate the scalp and hair follicles with vitamins, acids, trace elements, increase growth and strengthen the roots. Panthenol restores hair cells inside, gives elasticity and firmness. Result: The hair becomes incredibly elastic and shiny. Hairstyle gets stunning volume, easy to install, holds its shape longer.



HL5.5 SWEET ADAGIO Express hair laminating (125 ml)

H6.1 HONEY SECRET Spa shampoo with royal jelly (250 ml)

Spray Express laminating hair with amino acids, perfectly protects and restores hair. The high concentration of vitamins and minerals provides instant regenerates. Effectively it acts on damaged, bleached and lifeless hair. The unique composition of valuable amino acids, minerals and proteins intensely nourishes and restores hair, fills them with life-giving water and energy. Cells sunflower renew the hair structure. Enzymes remodel the hair at the cellular level, launching a process of rejuvenation. The result: In just one step, even badly damaged hair get a gorgeous sparkle and shine, get reliable protection from the negative effects of the environment.

Royal Jelly — a wonderful, valuable product, given to us by nature. It contains more than 110 macro and trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, essential amino acids, proteins, waxes, lipids, sugars. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), part of the royal jelly, preserves youth and beauty of your hair for many years. Luxurious shampoo for damaged hair has a powerful regenerative effect, strengthening the hair follicles and preventing hair loss. Gently cleanses the scalp, keeping the natural moisture balance. Caring for colored and bleached hair, strengthening their structure from the inside, facilitates combing. Hair fill power, acquire extraordinary density and volume from the roots. Regularly use a shampoo and your hair style will always be a luxury, and hair manageable, shiny, strong and silky.

H7.1 LIFE WATER Sulfur shampoo to restore the balance of the scalp (125 ml)

H7.2 BALMY HEALTH Sulfur balm to restore the balance of the scalp (125 ml)

The main component of the new shampoo formula became sulfur. Due to its bactericidal properties scalp heals, reduces inflammation, corrected activity of the sebaceous glands, the hair is filled with power and beauty. Sulfur is included in the composition of the amino acids forming the protein structure of the skin and hair, it corrects the activity of the sebaceous glands, regulates water balance. Already after the first application of shampoo reduces itching, flaking and irritation. Reduces the appearance of dermatitis of various etiologies, softened psoriatic phenomena. It has good moisturizing dry skin effect. Thick concentrated shampoo, due to the high concentration of sulfur, cleanses and restores the balance of the scalp, moisturizes, has an immediate calming effect. Hair get healthy shine. It is enough to use only 1 shampoo once a week and luxurious, thick, filled with the power of hair will become your faithful companion. Shampoo significantly improves the condition and appearance of the hair, strengthens the roots, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Unique antibacterial properties allow the use of sulfur in the composition of the best cosmetics. Sulfur actively forming protein structure of the skin and hair, reduces inflammation, adjusts the activity of the sebaceous glands. Balm perfect for razrazhёnnoy, sensitive scalp. It reduces and prevents flaking and itching, beneficial for hair roots, reduces the appearance of dermatitis of various etiologies and psoriatic phenomena. Already after the first application of balm leaves skin irritation stops flaking and itching caused by dermatitis. The healing properties of sulfur actively restore the natural balance of the scalp, purifying and soothing her. Hair filled with health, anti-aging, increasing their growth, they look healthy and strong. Regular use of balm (1 per week) significantly improves the condition and appearance of the hair, prevents hair loss and strengthens the roots. Balsam sulfuric line allows you to forget about any problems with the scalp. Enjoy renewed beauty of their hair, and their health will be engaged in the elixir.



H8.1 BRILLIANT WAVE Shampoo for curly hair care (250 ml)

H8.2 SMART CURL Balm to care for curly hair (250 ml)

The secret of the new shampoo formula is hidden in the use of vegetable oil from seeds of Limnanthes Alba (white meadowfoam meadow). This unique biorastitelny regulator with dual reducing effect combines linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, which effectively reduced the lipid structure of the hair. Oil is actively cares for the hair, gives it elasticity and shine. After applying the shampoo your curly hair will be gentle and obedient, they will increase the volume without weighting. Will return the natural beauty of hair, natural shine and a luxurious shine. Shampoo designed specifically for curly hair. His cleansing formula is enriched with pure oil Limnanthes Alba. Due to the effects of medicinal components of hair filled with power and energy, rises from the roots, facilitates their styling. Regular use of the shampoo improves the condition and appearance of the hair, making them obedient, filled with vitality.

The basis of the new formula was balm seed oil Limnanthes Alba (white meadowfoam meadow). It effectively improves the balance of the skin and restores the curly hair. The oil composition is unique, it includes a chain of 20 fatty acids, as a regulator with dual biorastitelnym reducing effect. Balsam specifically designed for curly hair. It is designed to create a beautifully-cut, neat curls on curly and unruly hair. The formula is enriched with pure oil balsam Limnanthes Alba, which softens the skin, improves its structure, increases the elasticity of the hair, gives them a healthy shine, helps to preserve moisture in the hair shaft, making it strong. The high capacity of the oil to absorb water promotes deep hydration of hair from root to tip. Oil well absorbed into the skin and hair, nourishing and regenerating. Regular use of the balm improves the condition and appearance of the hair, making them docile and full of vitality.

H9.1 EMERALD SIMPHONY Shampoo to impart smoothness and shine unruly, curly hair. With avocado oil (250 ml)

H9.2 EMERALD BLUES Balm with avocado oil to impart smoothness and shine unruly, curly hair (250 ml)

Shampoo hair fills with energy and strength, saturates nutrients from the roots to the tips, gives silkiness and shine, gently cleanses without drying, returns glitter. A gentle, cleansing shampoo formula is enriched with extracts of avocado oil, rich in vitamins A, E, and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). It works gently and effectively, turning unruly hair into elegant curls.

Balm nourishes the force and energy of the hair from root to tip, nourishes and prevents loss, gives silkiness and shine. Delicate balm formula is enriched with extracts of avocado oil, rich in vitamins A, E, and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Due to the unique composition of avocado oil, hair get a special charm, no longer confused, curls transformed into stylish locks. Balsam specifically designed to care for curly, unruly hair. He fills a dry, porous structure of curly hair all the necessary nutrients. As a result, hair become obedient, facilitates combing and styling. Regular use of the balm improves the condition and appearance of the hair, facilitates combing and styling, straightens the hair, making it smooth and silky.


TEANA PARFUMS Portfolio of selective fragrances Scientists say that the smell is able to tell more about man than words. The aroma is able to create a mood and often the cause of bright emotions, and even long-term relationships. But the usual perfume compositions which produced by assembly line process hardly something to tell about their owners? Company Teana, specialized in the production of natural cosmetics since 2007, considers that selective parfume requires more!

Conceptual luxury Worldwide selective fragrances are considered to be the property of the elite. Dmitry Stoforandov, founder and GM of TH Teana, decided to give its customers the opportunity to enter into the «preferred club», by developing a unique line of niche perfumery. Men's Line «Pour Lui» and female «Pour Elle» include three flavor created in Grasse, France — the legendary perfume' capital of the world. Acknowledged masters are developing the Teana vintage niche flavors not like a commercial project but a piece of art, Natural ingredients are delivered from various parts of the world, compose a real anthem to representatives of the modern high society who seek for emphasize their individuality and are not ready to accept anything but the best. Unexpected connection of flavour notes, naturalness and purity of their sound and the amazing resistance of the compositions will undoubtedly be appreciated by all those who unsentimental keenly feels the beauty of the world and strives for harmony even in the XXI century.

The new line of fragrances for women and men from Teana — Timeless selective vintage!


POUR LUI №1 (50 ml) Pour Lui №1 is courageous, gusty and respectable fragrance, which stun you by a combination of sensual top notes of a bergamot and fresh chords of a lemon; completely approve oneself with revealed elegant citrus and flower tones. And also the fragrance with exciting warm resinous and tart patchoulis and the exciting musk will be with you the whole day.

POUR LUI №2 (50 ml)

POUR LUI №3 (50 ml)

Pour Lui №2 is impudent elegant fragrance with cheerful top notes of grapefruit will gradually reveal oneself exciting chords of pepper, cardamom, gentle tones of roses and a geranium. The fragrance will surround you by magnificent aroma of wood, sandal-wood tree and a spicy aroma of oak moss the whole day.

Pour Lui №3 for him is elegant, noble and aristocratic fragrance, which open sensual top notes of a ylang-ylang, mirra and bay leaf. The middle notes are magnificent deep chords of a cedar and a sandal-wood. And also the fragrance with powdery aromas of amber and vanilla beans will be with you the whole day.


POUR ELLE №1 (50 ml) Pour Elle №1 is the sensual, exquisite and tender fragrance, which fascinates you by the violet notes and the refresh chords of a green lemon. Fragrance reveal oneself a gentle combination of a tuberose, a jasmine and a gardenia, and also remains an easy aroma of magnificent musk and a noble dry tree all the day with you.

POUR ELLE №2 (50 ml)

POUR ELLE №3 (50 ml)

Pour Elle №2 is feminine, ritzy and attractive fragrance, which captivates you the tenderness of a violet and the sensationism of a bergamot. Fragrance hold you in thrall by the pure song of the French lavender and elegant chords of the Florentine iris; and also shrouds you carefully in a thin aroma of a sandal and a cedar tree.

Pour Elle №3 is genteel, noble and aristocratical fragrance with a fresh juicy notes of a lemon and a light sea breeze. It reveals oneself a magnificent bouquet the warm chords of a tuberose and a jasmine; and also surrounds you by the aroma of sensual notes of a cedar tree and seductive east musk.


TEANA ANGELS Cosmetics for children ages 0+

«K1» GENTLE ANGEL Soft baby shampoo foam for bath with olive oil and eucalyptus (250 ml)

«K2» ULTRA WHITE ANGEL Soft baby shampoo foam for bath with olive oil and chamomile (250 ml)

Baby Shampoo-foam softens the skin, prevents the loss of moisture without clogging pores. Enveloping soft foam baby hairs, it gently cleanses the scalp and body, nourishing and satiating nutrients. Foam Shampoo has a neutral pH, it does not cause allergies. Cares carefully and actively, without irritating the eyes, and eucalyptus is able to turn the ordinary bath into a true aromatherapy, which calms the baby and give him a night's sleep. Hair baby filled the natural moisture, become obedient, decreases confusion, preserve natural softness. The skin is saturated with useful components, the first application reduces irritation, improves skin condition.

Airy foam gentle envelops the baby like a cloud, making the evening swim in the beautiful game. Light aroma calms quietly, adjusting to a deep sleep. Medicinal ingredients acting gently and effectively clean children's tender skin while saturating it useful vitamins and minerals. Shampoo-foam is completely safe, ideal for all age groups, starting from the first days of the life of your little miracle. Delicate baby sensitive skin after application of shampoo, foam bathing gets reliable protection against aggressive the external environment. Means gently cleanses every crease of the skin of the child, creating a protective barrier against germs, normalizing pH, filling strength and health.



«K3» SHINING ANGEL Soft baby shampoo foam for bath with olive oil and lavender (250 ml)

«K4» LIGHT ANGEL Children cream-shower gel with olive oil and panthenol (250 ml)

Soft baby shampoo, foam acts gently and effectively, simultaneously cleans and nourishes the skin, ideal washing hairs, preventing them from tangling. Relaxing properties of lavender provide a quiet night and a child, and his parents. Baby hairs are softened, filled with strength and health, easy to comb, smooth and docile. Each crease delicate skin of the child receives the necessary protection and nutrition.

Gentle gel shower cream combines effective cleansing and active power. Thanks to its unique, natural composition, sensitive skin baby heals quickly restored, reduced flaking and inflammation, maintain the optimum water-lipid balance. Gel perfectly washes the hairs, preventing them from tangling, and provides reliable protection of the skin. Even if it enters the eye it does not cause anxiety baby. The delicate skin of the child is filled with power, is getting the right nutrition. Reduces irritation, reddening, skin heals quickly restored, maintained its natural hydrated. Baby hairs are softened, filled with strength and health, easy to comb, smooth and docile.

«K5» MAGICAL ANGEL Baby Lotion with olive oil, cereal germ oil, extracts of plants and herbs (250 ml) The combination of oils and extracts of medicinal herbs has a surprisingly gentle and at the same time very effective action on the delicate skin of the child. Lotion reduces irritation by removing discomfort. Its active formula promotes the creation of «second protective skin» baby, preventing the appearance of inflammatory processes, reducing trans-epidermal water loss, giving a sensation of absolute comfort. Useful components of baby lotion penetrate into the skin, leaving it soft and clean, providing protection throughout the day. Excellent softens and moisturizes the skin, its soft texture and subtle natural flavor really like children. Children's skin remains surprisingly tender, moist, filled with force, receives real-time protection and the necessary power, reduced irritation, dryness.

«K6» SWEET ANGEL Children versatile cream with olive oil, wheat germ oil, and shea butter (150 ml) Under the influence of the cream sensitive skin of infants receiving additional protective layer that can protect it from damage. The cream has a calming effect, effectively helps with the appearance of irritation and rash. It softens the skin without clogging pores, carefully protects and nourishes. Gentle, soothing cream does not cause allergic reactions, its natural flavor and texture of silk are very popular with kids. The cream works gently and delicately. It has a powerful nourishing and protective effect of active soothing and saturating the skin with nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for baby's skin. Perfect for kids of any age, it is indispensable for a loving and caring parents. Sensitive children's skin softens, reduces moisture loss, there is a feeling of peace and comfort, recovering the lipid balance, decreases irritation, diaper rash, and other changes characteristic of the thin and delicate skin of babies.


«K7» SOLAR ANGEL Baby oil with extracts of chamomile and calendula (250 ml) A gentle baby oil is ideal for babies from the first days of life. Its natural extracts of herbs, oils and vitamins saturate the thin skin of the child with all necessary materials, creates an additional barrier, helping to resist the aggressive action of the environment. Leather baby softens, soothes inflammation, cleansed skin folds, increases the natural resistance to external factors. The oil has a relaxing therapeutic effect. Ideal for medical and preventive massage.

«K8» TENDER ANGEL Children under the diaper cream with shea butter, extracts of medicinal plants and D-panthenol (150 ml) The particular vulnerability of newborn skin, and a high degree of exposure to risks associated with low natural protective function. Therefore, in children so often appears pelёnochny dermatitis. Specially designed cream under the diaper provides both preventive and curative effect on preventing the emergence of new foci of inflammation. The active components of the cream reliably protects baby's skin in intimate places where it is most delicate and exposed to constant influence of aggressive environment. Nappy Cream perfectly dries delicate baby's skin, extracts of herbs softens, soothes, shea butter leaves the skin silky smooth, supple and very soft, and d-panthenol great heals the skin, reducing all stimuli. Delicate baby sensitive skin becomes velvety and healthy, impervious to irritating substances, reduce inflammation, smooth out rough edges, cracks and eliminates diaper rash.


DICTIONARY OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS A Almond (Amigdalus Dulcis) — contains fatty oil, protein, enzymes, choline, asparagines and vitamin С. It perfectly cleanses, softens and moisturizes skin. Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) — takes smoothing and soothing effects, smootheswrinkles and moisturizes skin. Arnica (Arnica Montana) — takes antibacterial, anti-infl ammatory, vasorelaxant, activating blood circulation and lymphotrophy effect. Angelica, Bai Zhi (Angelica Dahurica) — takes expressed skin soothing effect.

Bearberry (Arctostaphylos UVA-URSI) — contains organic acids (formic, quinic and malic), essential oil, triterpenoids (ursolic acid and uvaol), vitamin С, phenols and their derivatives (arbutin, hydroquinone etc), phenolcarbonic acids, coumarins, catechines, tannins, fl avonoids and anthocyanins (cyanidin and delphinidin). It takes antiseptic, astringent, anti-infl ammatory, pain-relieving and cholagogic effects. Beet (Beta Vulgaris) — restructures damaged skin, moisturizes it and enhances its elasticity.

Argireline — peptide, action of which is directed to facial muscle relaxation (Botox effect) therefore expression lines are smoothed. It is particularly effective for smoothing wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes, so called «crow’s feet», lip wrinkles, wrinkles on temples and forehead. It used in eye care cosmetics.


Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) — biological source of energy. It stimulates cellular metabolism of connecting tissue (by means of DNA synthesis stimulation). It is a precursor and a component of many key biochemical molecules and processes. ATP takes long-term benefi cial effect on skin condition. It is widely used in Teana cosmetic preparation.

Chicory (Cichorium Intybus) — contains polysaccharide inulin, fructose, vitamins С, B1 and E, choline, proteins, fats, pectin, tannins, mineral salts and many microelements. It takes antimicrobial, antiinfl ammatory and soothing effects. It also regulates metabolism.

Amino Acids (Acetyltyrosine, Proline) — are structural components of proteins. They are involved in synthesis of collagen and elastin maintaining natural «skeleton» of young elastic skin.

B Bisabolol (а-bisabolol) — active substance of wild chamomile known for its strong soothing and anti-infl ammatory effect. It soothes irritated skin and conduces to wound healing. Barley (Hordeum Vulgare) — enriches skin with vitamins E, А and D. It is effective for dry and aged skin. Bai Xian Pi (Dictamnus Dasycarpus) — takes capillary strengthening and angio-tonic effect.


Biopeptide ARG-TYR — stimulates release of endorphins («hormones of happiness») that cause feeling of «skin joy» and conduce to relaxation of muscle contractions resulting in expression lines.

Chondroitin Sulphate — natural biopolymer of connective tissue that retains moisture. It takes instant moisturizing effect you can see and feel.

Carrot (Daucus Carota) — contains provitamin А, vitamins B1, В2 and С, fl avonoids, essential oil. It vitaminizes skin and protects it from UV exposure. Camomile (Chamomilla Recutita) — contains essential oil consisted of chamazulene and fl avonoids. It also includes ascorbic and nicotinic acids, choline, coumarins, phytosterol, matrikin, apigenin, apiin, gerniarin, carotene, protein substances and fatty acids (oleic, linolenic, palmitic, stearic). Chamazulene takes anti-infl ammatory and antiallergic effect and enhances regeneration processes. Clover (Trifolium Aureum) — contains carbohydrates, steroids, vitamins С, В, Е and К, carotene, coumarins, fatty oil, tannins, fl avonoids, quinones, essential oil, higher fatty acids (oleic, linolenic, palmitic etc) and microelements. It takes antiinfl ammatory, wound-healing and detoxifying effect.

antiedema effects, enhances microcirculation, strengthens vascular walls and regulates their permeability. It is perfect in treatment of skin vascular problems particularly cuperosis. Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) — contains silicic, ascorbic and organic acids, alkaloids, saponins, carotene, mineral salts, resins, tannins and fatty oil. It takes anti-infl ammatory, antimicrobial, wound-healing effects and enhances neutralizing and immune properties of body. Hyaluronic Acid — is natural moisturizer. It prevents cicatrization, decreases puffi ness, skin itch, normalizes blood supply and enhances wound healing and angenesis. It takes anti-infl ammatory effect, regulates skin moisture, increases effi ciency of many bioactive additives and prevents skin injuries.

I Iceland Moss (Muscus Islandicus) — takes antiinfl ammatory, antiseptic and warming effect.

Juniper (Juniperus Communis) — contains essential oils and sesquiterpenes taking antiseptic and sebum regulating effect.

K Keratoline (Bacillus Ferment) — enzymatic exfoliant, contains protease obtained by fermentation; thoroughly removes dead epidermal cells, makes skin younger and more healthy.

L Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) — for combined and oily skin. It takes disinfectant and deodorizing effect and withstands bacterial-virus rash. Lemon (Citrus Limonum) — effectively whitens and tones skin.


Lactoferrin — normalizes oily skin, eliminates irritation and prevents signs of acne. It takes antimicrobial and soothing effect.

Jasmine (Jasminum Polyanthum) — ideal remedy for care of problem, dry, irritated, sensitive as well as oily and infl ammation-prone skin.

Labdanum (Boswellia Carteri) — contains resin, gums, essential oil. It takes anti-infl ammatory, antiseptic, astringent and healing effect.

Japanese Rose (Rosa Rugosa) — contains tannins, essential oil, anthocyanins and fl avone glycosides. It enhances skin oxidation-reduction processes, intensifi es hormone synthesis, enzyme activity, skin tissue renewal as well as increases skin resistance to environmental hazards.

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) — contains carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, saccharose and maltose), organic acids, essential oil, triterpenoids (glycyrrhizic acid etc), resins, steroids, phenolcarbonic acids, coumarins, fl avonoids, tannins and higher fatty acids (oleic and palmitic). It takes anti-infl ammatory, general health-improving, antimicrobial, antiallergic, detergent and relaxing effect.

Japanese Hyacinth (Ophiopogon Japonicus) — takes softening and soothing effect, smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes skin. Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica) — plant with antimicrobial and disinfectant action. Japanese Apricot (Prunus Mume) — contains tannins, fl avonoids, carbohydrates, phenolcarbonic acids, carotene, vitamins B1 and С, folic acid, many microelements main of which is potassium. It mineralizes, soothes and moisturizes skin. Japanese Algae (Laminaria Japonica) — takes antioxidant and expressed capillary-strengthening effects, enhances skin metabolism and fi lls skin with



Lumispheres — conduces to decrease of melanin in skin and ensures its gradual long-lasting lightening.

M Milk (Lactis) — it is fat-in-water emulsion that contains hydroactive substances conducing to water retention by skin cells. Thereby it’s recommended to use milk for any skin types but especially it should be used for dry, rough and fading skin. Moreover, milk whitens skin. Microalgae Of Hawaii Lakes (Rhizobium Melitoti) — stimulates ATP synthesis, fi lls cells with vital energy and

cleansing and mineralizing skin. Soybeans (Soybean Phytosterols) — contain hormone-like substances that restore skin lipidic balance and enhance its elasticity. They improve protein synthesis as well as reduce skin roughness depth of wrinkles. Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica) — contains chlorophyll, fl avones and tannins, silicic and formic acid, vitamins С, B1 and К, pantothenic acid, glycoside urtedine, sitosterol, protein, potassium, calcium, iron, fats and carotene. The nettle has ascorbic acid in two times more than black currant and more carotene than carrot. It takes expressed capillary-strengthening effect. Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) — contains carotene, resinous substances, fl avonoids and organic acids (succinic, fumaric, citric etc), fl avone glycoside, anthocyanins, choline, betaine, fatty oil, protein, carbohydrates, phytin, tannins, carotenoids, phospholipids, citric and tartaric acids. Fatty oil includes glycerides of oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic acids. It protects skin against stress stimulations, softens skin and fi lls it with natural phospholipids, i.e. structural components of cell membranes. It restores cell membranes.

T Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) — contains essential oil main part of which is thymol. Thymol takes antiseptic, disinfectant and antibacterial effect.

V Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) — regulates tissue metabolism. It slows down the keratinization process, enhances proliferation of epithelial cells and renews cell population. It activates body defenses. Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) — natural antioxidant, prevents skin lipid peroxidation, abirritates, counterbalances free radicals preventing premature aging.

W Wild Rose (Rosa Canina) — contains sugars, organic acids (oleic, linoleic, linolenic etc), fl avonoids, vitamins С, В1, В2, Р, РР and К, carotene, tannins and pectin substances, salts of iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and vitamin Е. It enhances skin oxidation-reduction processes, intensifi es hormone


synthesis, enzyme activity, skin tissue renewal as well as increases skin resistance to environmental hazards. Wheat Germ (Triticum Vulgare) – enriches skin with vitamins E, А, D and squalen. It is effective for dry and fading skin. Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) — contains tannins (hama-melitannin), essential oil and fl avonoids. It is delicate skin cleanser and antiseptic. It strengthens vascular walls.

Y Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) — is a source of В vitamins and polysaccharides providing ideal skin condition. Yam (Dioscorea Villosa) — is rich in vitamin C, cellulose, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese. It is also a source of phytohormones that rejuvenate skin.

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Teana Directory (2015, english)  
Teana Directory (2015, english)