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LESSON 1 - 23rd June 2011 Prepositions are short but very important words. They show the relationship between the words in a sentence. Some prepositions are: on, off, in, out, at, for, to, by, between, under . . . . and the list goes on. Here is a summary of today’s lesson: good at/bad at George is good at cooking. I am really bad at speaking Russian. Note that the verb is in the ‘ing’ form - we always put ‘-ing’ after a preposition EG: I am afraid of swimming. I am tired of walking. to get home/to get to work Normally with verbs of movement like ‘get’ we use the preposition ‘to’. I get to work at 7am. I’m going to London in August. Let’s walk to the cinema. BUT - When we speak about ‘home’ we DON’T USE A PREPOSITION. I’m going home now. Let’s walk home. I bet I’ll get home before you!

laugh at Why are you laughing at me? Sam was laughing at Susan because she had some tomato ketchup on her face! This describes a situation where Susan is not laughing and Sam is. apply for Which job have you applied for? I don’t think Sally will get the job she applied for. depends on This is a very common expression in spoken and written English. It depends on the weather - if it doesn’t rain I’ll come. Do you depend on your parents for money? You are a great friend, I can always depend on you for help. Thanks for joining us today and see you tomorrow for another lesson! THE BIG FISH TEAM