Saxophone octet (2014)

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Saxophone Octet SSAATTBB (2014)

Alexander Hunter

Saxophone Octet Performance Notes Saxophone Octet was written in Glasgow in January of 2014. The piece can be made to be any length desired by the performers. Performers may arrange themselves anywhere in the performance space so long as each can see and hear every other. Preference should be given to close proximity to the audience. This piece utilises ‘moment form’, meaning that each ‘moment’ is to be approached individually and separated by a pause. This pause between moments may last anywhere from five to ten seconds, and they need not be of uniform length. The acoustics of the performance space may influence the rate of progression (slower for large halls and quicker for small halls). The length of each moment should be at least five seconds and no more than fifteen, and again, need not be of consistent length. The ensemble may perform any number of moments in any order. Moments may be repeated (not necessarily consecutively) up to five times in performance. A performance with as few as three saxophonists is possible, under the title For a Number of Saxophones. In the case of fewer than eight performers, the ensemble may leave out or adjust any affected moments. The spatial relationships between parts within moments are intended to be relative, but simultaneities should be observed accurately. All of this may be either improvised during performance, worked out beforehand or any combination of the two. All vibrato is to be avoided. All dynamics should be as quiet as possible. Emphasis should be on creating a coherent ensemble sound with all parts equal. All multiphonics were taken from Daniel Kientzy’s Les Sons Multiples aux Saxophones. Multiphonics which cannot be performed at a quiet dynamic should be omitted. A version of the score without multiphonics is available, and may be combined with the multiphonic version as desired by the ensemble. A. T. Hunter 19/01/2014