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Alexander Hunt Interior Design Portfolio

2012- Present

Table of Contents Kite Center for Applied Arts Villa Savoye Renderings Tiny House Designers Studio Charcoal/ Graphite Drawings Graphic Design/ Photography Skills Profile/ Contact

This project started with making perspective shadow boxes inspired by a famous deceased person from Laurel Hill Cemetary. The person I chose was Mary Engle Pennington. She was one of the inventors of the egg carton, and a pioneer in modern refrigeration.


My shadow box is an abstract representation of her accomplisments. It is supposed to convey the industrial and rigid aspects of her work, while incorporating literal references like the cut up egg carton. From there we were then asked to design a kite that was both functional and estecially pleasing. I decided to make a box kite rather then other styles of kites because of the fact that it was more square and linear like modern refrigerators.

Studio III

In this project you will develop a design that concerns exterior and interior within a demanding urban context.You will also develop solutions to vertical circulation and response to climate, in this case the building exposure to sunlight on the west. The project will need to be developed from the inside out and the outside in.

Center For Applied Arts

The Center for Applied Arts is located at the corner of 27th and South Street. This building houses a range of works from architects, interior designers, and industrial designers. The building is directly surrounded by two and three story residential buildings. Diagonally cross the intersection is a large scale industrial building. Color panels clad the building to help give it scale and personality. These rectangular panels also help shield the buildings two story glass windows from the harsh sun. Color and angles are constant themes throughout the building. In the main gallery space vertical wall and glass panels provide extra space for featured works since the north and south walls are angled

Studio II





Section Scale - 1/4” = 1’0

North Elevation

First Floor Plan Scale - 1/4” = 1’0

West Elevation

Second Floor Plan Scale - 1/4” = 1’0

Project Description: Students assemble a set of Design Development Drawings and accompanying visualization perspectives. Pre�construction document drawings will include floor plans, elevations, building sections, wall section, 3D axonometrics, and perspectives.

Villa Savoye

This project was used to help establish the skills neccessary to model and document a building using Revit.

Advanced CAD Applications


Presentation Techniques was a class designed to help master the skills of digitally rendering images using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Projects ranged from the forgery project which was using things like filters and brushes to achieve the same look of the original document, to basic graphic design assignments like creating a poster for the Architecture department student show.

Presentation Techniques

Tiny House

Tiny house was designed to be mobile. Once the residents have reached their desti- nation, tiny house unfolds into more living space include a large multifunctional living/ dining space, and two separate sleeping spaces. One of the sleep spaces is accessible during transit when it is folded up. The bathroom, kitchen and storage areas are fixed spaces that do not move while in transit. Major parts of my design are the two different colored shapes that seem to interlock with each other when one is flipped. They sit together to hold the bedrooms and upper portion but slide away from one another to free the other spaces and create a much larger living space. All utility and mechanical systems are tucked away under the floor below the kitchen and bathroom.

Studio III



Living/ Dining Space



Bathroom Storage

Section 1/4”= 1’0

Folded Floor Plan Scale: 1/8”= 1’0

Bathroom Storage

Unfolded Floor Plan Scale: 1/8”= 1’0

Designer’s Studio

Designers Studio was one of the first projects with an actual client, architect relationship. Although a dead client, I had to respect the thought of what he would have wanted. This was a studio addition to a 3 story townhouse. My client was Saul Bass, a graphic designer. This studio gave him the necessary space needed to meet with his clients, work on drawings or designs, and an overall place to relax and escape the world. The use of verticality throughout the space is represented of many different pieces of his. Color was also nothing to steer clear of as most of his work incorporates color a lot. I used the ceiling to be the main focal point with color. The whole stretch of the roof there are long red stripes that enhance the length of the room.

Studio II


Flooring Material: Gazzini Echowood- Royal Oak

Section Scale: 1/8” = 1’0


Work Space Patio Conference


Floor Plan Scale: 1/8” = 1’0

Graphite/ Charcoal Drawings

During this class I learned different techniques and topics such as perspective boxes and cylinders, line quality, ratio and sight measuring, complex forms, perspective interiors, landscapes, and tone. All of which were mastered by still lives.

Intro To Drawing

Graphic Design


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Community College of Philadelphia Mint Building Rotunda 1700 Spring Garden Street Opening Reception: January 23, 2013 Show Dates: January 7 to February 15

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Skills Profile -Proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, AutoCAD 2013, SketchUp, and Revit. -Sketching, rendering, model building and hand drafting techniques. -Communicate graphic and verbal ideas with individuals and groups of people -Effectively perform task in high stress environments -Balance full time student requirements while working 30 hours per week -Implement design ideas with strong artistic abilities, based on a strong technical foundation -Learning new skills quickly and effectively -Responsibly handle large amounts of money and bank deposits

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