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“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Mission Partner Update Proclaiming the Beauty Goodness & Truth of God’s Plan for Marriage

March 2013

Please Forgive Us You know, you get so busy at times and you look up and say, “My where has all the time gone?” It has been nearly 14 years that Julie and I have been plowing away and building the efforts of The Alexander House Apostolate, and I might add – in good times and bad. More importantly, we have come to realize how we have failed to keep you informed of our efforts. Although, the things that we do are important – they

F o r th e G lo ry of God & th e G o o d o f M a r r ia g e

cannot be done without loyal people like you who

So this is our new way of keeping you, our Mission


Partners, informed of our progress and in some cases

Yes, we have a new Pope!

choose to partner with us in our mission.

giving us your thoughts and input in some of the areas that we are discerning to travel and there is no pun in the word travel. Hold on, you’ll find out soon enough. So, enjoy our first issue as we plan for this to be the first of many to come. You’ll still




newsletters from TAHA but this will allow you to know us in a more personal way.

Pope Francis we pray that you follow your patron saint and build a new church for God’s people for His glory and for our salvation, and it is in the name of our Lord Jesus that we pray!


East Coast Bound! Last month we got on the web and logged on to google maps and plotted our journey to the East Coast. We packed our books, resources, clothes and our 5 youngest children and made the 23-hour trek to Virginia. We headed across Arkansas and into the cold mountains of Tennessee and laughed and joked along the way. Finally, we arrived at our destination Manassas, Virginia. We were greeted by and shared a wonderful meal with Dr. Hilary Towers, her children and Fr. Juan Puigbo. After a delightful evening and inspiring conversation, we knew that the Enjoying Your Marriage Workshop scheduled for the next day was going to be a good time for all. We arrived at St. Gabriel’s bright and early to set up and before we knew it 125 couples had arrived. Oh, the laughter and the tears kept us going all day long. But our biggest inspiration came from the many couples who continued to come up and express their appreciation for our being there, and were feeling equipped to experience the joy in their marriage.

Chuck E Cheese Time Fr. Juan Puigbo treated the Alexanders to a day at the infamous Chuck E Cheese. The kids played and we talked for what seemed like hours but we got the opportunity to get to know one AWESOME priest. God willing, we will get him down to San Antonio to share his gifts.

Later that evening we had dinner with Dr. Tower’s parents and siblings and what a beautiful family they have. It says a lot about a person when you meet them for the first time and it feels as if you’ve known then for years. After dinner we made our way out to visit with another couple who participated in the workshop, and they also invited Fr. Vander Woude,

Prayer Time at the Shrine Spending time during the week in our nations capitol was a highlight for the children. Prayers were said at every monument and as we circled the White House in our car. Sealing the prayers at every chapel in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and praying for all of you was a perfect ending to our time in Washington D.C.




pastor of Holy Trinity in Gainesville, VA and another good time was had by all. Fr. Vander Woude and I were engrossed in some serious conversation that ended with an invitation for us to come back and host a marriage workshop at Holy Trinity and he seemed excited about the concept of starting a Covenant of Love Ministry in his parish. Yes, the need is great and once again we were humbled to know that God uses the brokenness in our story to give so much hope.



No Rest for the Weary

C.H.E.R.I.S.H. Julie and I presented in Hagerstown, MD at St. Mary at the 3rd Annual Our third annual St.

After our long trip to the East Coast all I wanted to do was stay at home and enjoy the cozy warm Texas weather, so travelling far north to cold wintery Wisconsin and finding myself in a warm cozy atmosphere of women on fire for their faith was a humbling surprise!

Valentine CHERISH retreat.

This year's theme

was "The Great Romance" and we


pleasure of presenting with Fr. Rob Jaskot and received a warm reception from Fr. Collin Poston, Pastor at St. Mary.

The Feminine Genius conference was started by two wonderful and inspirational women who I am blessed to call my friends, Jeannie Hannemann the founder of Elizabeth Ministry and Reclaim Sexual Health, and Jody Lueck from Wisconsin. Their goal was to tear down the walls that tend to divide us and help Catholic women in ministry to come together in the spirit of being one body serving God's people.

We started this encouraging journey with Michaelann Martin, wife of FOCUS founder Curtis Martin, who inspired the crowd with her enthusiasm in discovering that God has made us for so much more than what we could ever imagine. Sr. Andrew Joseph spoke to us about the Holy Spirit - spouse of the Virgin Mary and how we have the opportunity to tap into the grace that is available to live this life according to God's will and following the example of Mary’s fiat. All the speakers’ heartfelt talks were both informative and inspirational as each presenter shared not only the work that they do but the calling that God placed on their heart to be a part of His plan of building His Kingdom here on earth. The laughter and the tears brought us all together to share in the grace of the moment and to realize that even though we have different gifts and talents, God uses them all to further His kingdom, if we respond like Mary to His call.

On the day prior to the conference women from various apostolates gathered for a day of prayer and collaboration. Our beautiful day ended with the blessing of having had Bishop David L. Ricken of the diocese of Green Bay celebrate Mass, and join the attendees for dinner to learn more about each of the missions present. We had come to the conference for a daylong retreat calling each of us to Walk in the Footsteps of Mary.


The Feminine Genius Girls Each of the women at the Feminine Genius Conference had come together to share the mission that God has entrusted to us. The whole weekend was one of unity and friendship.

Surrounding the Most Honorable Bishop David Ricken

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Mission Partner Update - April 2013  
Mission Partner Update - April 2013  

An update for those who parter with The Alexander House Apostolate in fulfillinf its mission.