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COVENANT OF LOVE CONTINUES TO GROW By Joanna Mancini I have been the Covenant of Love Coordinator since August 15th and I’ve loved every minute of my job. It allows me to communicate with the lead couples of Couples of Faith and prospective Covenant of Love partners. It has been wonderful to hear all the beautiful experiences that different parishes have had at their “date nights” and how couples are being transformed by learning God’s plan for marriage. I get so excited that more and more parishes are becoming Covenant of Love partners and see the need to have a marriage ministry at the parish level.




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Priests are saying that they simply don’t our faith. We are learning more about have enough time to spend with married what “I do” really means. Our strongest couples who come to them. They are desire is to put Christ in the center of our happy to have the Couples of Faith lives, our marriage, our family, our marriage group to send them to. It is home, and this beautiful ministry has there the couples will receive the tools given us tools to help and opportunities they need to live happy, joy-filled for grace to be each other’s helpmate. marriages and receive the truth about We know firsthand, that we cannot have marriage to better understand the “whys” a happy, healthy marriage without God. of the Catholic teachings. What an We also know that with God in the amazing gift all married couples receive center, marriage is beautiful! On our when they attend wedding day, Fr. “date night”, O’Hanlon said “Couples of Faith has been a special myself and marriage is not a husband bond between a gift to my husband and me; a gift that included!!! man and a has strengthened our marriage and woman, but a our faith.” - Joanna Mancini Some parishes covenant have expressed between a man to me a significant increase in the and a woman and God. So, it is a number of people who attend Couples of triangle. Covenant of Love is the perfect Faith after their Pastor has promoted ministry we need to focus on our triangle “date night” from the pulpit. People are to make it stronger and to nurture us into more responsive to the priests. For a deeper and deeper love for one another example, St. Dominic parish had 12 - 15 and for Christ. couples attending their “date nights”, but after an announcement from the priest the number of couples increased to 26! Amazing! We know our priests support Couples of Faith and when they speak to the congregation about it, we see many more couples making their marriage a priority. Couples of Faith has been a special gift to my husband and me; a gift that has strengthened our marriage and

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Free - Total - Faithful - Fruitful COVENANT OF LOVE IN NEW ORLEANS By Jason Angelette As the director of Faith & Marriage with the Willwoods Community, I had been working to provide parishes the resources they needed to help enrich their marriages. Through research and friends who are in the ministry, I came across the Alexander House. I made copies of their handouts on the program and passed them out to parishes. When I approached Melody Barousse, the director of the Family Life Ministry at St. Peter Parish in Covington, Louisiana, she took a strong interest in the program. After organizing her core team they welcomed the Covenant of Love program to their parish. Needless to say it was a huge success.

Why we are proposing the Covenant of Love: Deacon Drea and I met - Proven to work. Currently COL has 70 registered later to discuss what we partners. could do to address this - Authentically a Catholic program. - Pro-active in Marriage Ministry. particular request from - Couples are hearing the truth of marriage Archbishop Aymond. (systematic plan). During our meeting, I - Leave with something new to strengthen their shared with him what marriage (hands on). Melody had been able to - Fellowship & great evangelization tool. - It has saved struggling marriages!! accomplish with Covenant of Love and their first year program called Couples of responsibility to be a place of direct Faith and suggested that we offer this support for marriages. That is why we program as our pilot program. Once turned to the Alexander House who had Deacon Drea approved the idea, I the same vision along with the contacted the Alexander House. Greg resources and experience we needed to and Julie could not have been more help us carry out this mission for our supportive of what we were trying to area. Along with my own excitement and accomplish and quickly came to our aid confidence in the program, I now had in offering the modifications we needed On August 28, 2010 we gathered twenty the proof from a parish in our area to to accommodate our special request. married couples from the New Orleans help me spread the good news even Once everything was in place, we Archdiocese to the Covenant of Love better than needed to get approval Workshop. The goal of the workshop before. for our proposal to was to train handpicked couples to Sometime implement Covenant of “A perfect way of trying to become coordinators of Covenant of later, introduce a parish to Covenant of Love into parishes to Love in their parish and begin offering Archbishop act as a resource to Love is for them to experience a the Couples of Faith program to their Gregory strengthen their Covenant of Love workshop.” parishioners. It was also geared to Aymond existing marriage Jason Angelette allow them to experience firsthand the asked me to ministry or to help beauty of what this program offers. The meet with form one. On May 11, workshop was a wonderful success. I him and the Director of the Family Life 2010 our proposal was approved by the could see within the group, as wide Apostolate to talk about our ministry to Council of Deans and on June 8, 2010 ranging as it was, a unity take place. married couples. One of the items on we were given approval from the That, for me, was key. A perfect way of the Archbishop’s agenda was to talk Presbyteral Council to conduct a trying to introduce a parish to Covenant about ways to increase and strengthen workshop inviting parishes to of Love is for them to experience a marriage ministry at the parish level. participate in the pilot program. The Covenant of Love workshop. We were responsible for coming up workshop was born out of a desire to with a program that would give the strengthen marriages through fostering parish the tools, materials, and marriage ministry at the parish level. organization they needed to help offer a We wanted to see our parishes marriage ministry. empowered to take on their Jason Angelette, Director of Faith & Marriage for the Willwoods Community

For more information on the Covenant of Love Marriage Ministry, go to



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Free - Total - Faithful - Fruitful COUPLE TESTIMONIES Read what couples are saying about Couples of Faith: Santa Cruz Catholic Church in Buda, TX - Covenant of Love partner since May 2008 Comments from the November 2010 evaluation and feedback: * “The opportunity to discuss our marriage in a quiet environment is much appreciated. We have 5 small children and struggle to find one on one time. The videos are well done and very thought provoking. Also, the time spent discussing marriage issues with other couples lets us know that it’s not just us.” * “This ministry helped us connect. Our communication is much better.” * “Couples of Faith enhances and deepens marriage.” * “After attending Couples of Faith “date night” for some time now, we have found that our marriage is no longer about him and I, it’s about us with God. God in the center where we can bring our joys, our fears and our everyday things and experiences.”

St. Anthony Claret in San Antonio, TX - Covenant of Love partner since September 2008 Replies from the October 2010 survey asking, “What things do you currently enjoy about Couples of Faith?”: * “Fellowship with other couples.” * “Group discussion. Videos.” * “The company, the topics, guest speakers, free babysitting and dessert.” * “Spending time with other happily married couples, learning God’s plan for the vocation of marriage; spending time together; free babysitting.” * “The time we give to each other each month and the recommitment to each other when we choose to participate each month.”

We are excited to

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announce the arrival of

Comments from their first “date night”: * “Great! Motivating!” * “This is great. The fact that there is daycare is great. Would not be possible without it.” * “Very interesting.” * “Great! Very helpful. Keep it going!!” * “This was a great starter to get to know your spouse better.”

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Tips to Enrich Your Marriage Advent - (Latin ad-venio, to come to) Advent is a period beginning with the Sunday nearest to the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle (30 November) and embracing four Sundays. The first Sunday may be as early as 27 November, and then Advent has twenty-eight days, or as late as 3 December, giving the season only twenty-one days. With Advent, the ecclesiastical year begins in the Western churches. During this time the faithful are admonished: * to prepare themselves worthily to celebrate the anniversary of the Lord’s coming into the world as the incarnate God of love, * thus to make their souls fitting abodes for the Redeemer coming in Holy Communion and through grace, and thereby * to make themselves ready for His final coming as judge, at death and at the end of the world.

Reflections: 1. Prepare yourself to worthily receive the graces in your Sacrament of Marriage by learning and living out what God has designed for it. 2. Focus on the communion of yourselves with your spouse in the marital embrace. Be sure that your souls are fitting to be a gift and recipient of each other. 3. What can you do these next few weeks that will become a habit in sanctifying (making holy) your spouse? (i.e prayer, bible study, extend an act of forgiveness).

Proclaiming the Beauty, Goodness & Truth of Marriage

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Prayer Requests *For all couples who are touched by The Alexander House. *For the volunteers that are assisting in various projects of The Alexander House. *That married couples will be a living example to the world of God’s love for us. *In thanksgiving for our new office. *For all parishes who will become Covenant of Love Partners this coming year YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT HELPS SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS OF MARRIAGE!


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