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T H E F i n e s t S pa i n the S o u th o f E n g l a n d


From the minute you step through the door, stresses and strains start to melt away in the luxurious spa at Rowhill Grange. With awards such as South of England Finest Spa, Best Hotel Spa of the Year, Elite Spa and within the Worlds Top 50 Spas by Mail on Sunday - you know you are in for a treat. Using the therapeutic healing nature of water, drift away in calming Romanesque interiors complete with stunning therapy pools, underwater massage beds and soothing waterfalls before relaxing in the hot tub or steam room and sauna. And if you are feeling active there is also a well equipped gym, fitness studio and acres of grounds and gardens for you to explore.


All spa days include full use of the stunning facilities including pools, heat treatments, classes and gym plus a delicious two-course lunch.

Days - that include treatments we have carefully chosen for you Just The Tonic

Totally Spoiled

Created for Guys and Girls A blissful mix of pampering and preening. Dip in the pools, saunas, steam rooms and relaxation areas before enjoying a combination of relaxing and indulgent treatments. Enjoy a 25 minute massage that relieves back and neck stresses whilst a 55 minute facial prepares you to face the world with renewed vigour. Prepped, balanced and ready to go!

The ultimate day of pure indulgence includes hours of amazing treatments such as the Heavenly Totally Quenched and Drenched Facial and Rocks of the Med Massage to relax and rejuvenate from top to toe. All topped off with either a Luxury Manicure or Pedicure… leaving you totally ready to sparkle. WOW what a day!

£155 per person

Time For Me Short on time or a quick pick me up! Enjoy 4 hours full use of the spa facilities and a choice of either My Kinda Skin Facial, 55 Minute Massage, Luxury Manicure or Luxury Pedicure treatment.

Half Day Spa - Monday - Friday £99 per person Choose either lunch, afternoon tea or dinner to accompany Time For Me.

Stress Away A powerful combination of treatments…. perfect for guys and girls in need of de-stressing. Starting with some heat treatment in the sauna or steam room, get ready to be whisked away! An Outer Glow Body Exfoliation will get rid of all those dead skin cells. This is followed by an invigorating massage which will soothe those over worked muscles. Not to forget the face, our Go Guy or My Kinda Skin Facial is perfect. Go and glow.

£185 per person 4

£255 per person Yummy Mummy Everything a mother to be should have. Includes a New Beginnings Massage designed specifically for expectant mums to enable their full body to be massaged without any discomfort on bump! Our Mediterranean Marinade, a delicious face treatment packed with wonderful natural ingredients will ensure you leave feeling re-energised ready for your new arrival.

£175 per person

Spa Days - where you pick and choose the treatments you would like Dip in and out using all the magnificent spa facilities, enjoy a two-course lunch and choose the treatments you need to create your perfect day.

my day I

my day II

my day iii

Includes £200 of dreamy treatments per person.

Includes £160 of stunning treatments per person.

Includes £120 of gorgeous treatments per person.

£235 per person

£205 per person

£175 per person


Overnight spa breaks with treatments we have chosen for you Essential Maintenance

All Together Now

In addition to the gorgeous spa facilities, this break is a powerful de-stressing combination of treatments perfect for men or women. A combination of heat treatments, total body exfoliation, invigorating massage and prescription facial offers 105 minutes of re-balancing bliss. Not forgetting a delicious dinner and inviting stylish room when you are ready to sleep soundly.

Sleepover spa for get-togethers of six or more, perfect for celebrations and catch ups. Enjoy use of the fabulous spa facilities, before enjoying a stunning back, neck and shoulder massage plus Power Cleansing Facial (25 minutes each). Leaves you looking tip top in time for a very tasty dinner and celebrations.

Overnight, Sunday - Friday £235 Saturday £260 (Price is per person, based on two people sharing, dinner to the value of £30pp).

Sunday Night Spa Break

Slip in an overnight break around your busy diary! Enjoy full use of the spa and a choice of either My Kinda Skin Facial, 55 Minute Massage, Luxury Manicure or Pedicure.

Enjoy an energising back, neck and shoulders massage before a power cleansing mini facial. 50 minutes of rejuvenating and brightening treats and a delicious Sunday supper with a good nights sleep - ready to face the week ahead.

(Price is per person, based on two people sharing, dinner to the value of £30pp).

Overnight, Sunday

FROM £149 per person (Price is per person, based on two people sharing, dinner to the value of £30pp).


(Price is per person, based on two people sharing, dinner to the value of £30pp).

Oh it’s a busy life*

Bright and Breezy

Overnight, Sunday - Friday £170 Saturday £199

Overnight, Sunday - Friday £175 Saturday £200

And this is perfect if you just fancy a night away from it. Let us look after you with a delicious dinner, full use of our relaxing, award-winning spa facilities, a sumptuous bedroom and a hearty Kent breakfast. Overnight, Sunday - Friday £135 Saturday £155 Price is per person, based on two people sharing a room * (Full use of spa but no treatments included).

STAYING OVER A yummy selection of overnight breaks where you choose your treatments and stay in one of our stunning classic rooms.

The Wish List It's your choice! Stay in a superbly stylish room, enjoy a delicious dinner, make use of all the spa facilities and choose the treatments you want to create your perfect stay.



Includes £200 of dreamy treatments per person.

Includes £120 of stunning treatments per person.

Your overnight break, Sunday - Friday £295 Saturday £325

Your overnight break, Sunday - Friday £235 Saturday £265

(Price is per person, based on two people sharing, dinner to the value of £30pp)

(Price is per person, based on two people sharing, dinner to the value of £30pp).

Don’t forget that room upgrades are available from £20 per person when you book any overnight spa break.


My Kinda Skin Prescriptive Facial

Repose Aromatherapy Facial

The Power Facial

55 minutes. £66

55 minutes. £68

Are you the sensitive type? Perhaps you don’t really know? We’ll analyse and prepare a wonderful menu of treatments and products specifically for your skin type. Just relax and we’ll do the rest.

An indulgent aromatherapy facial treatment, infused with antiinflammatory ingredients to soothe an irritated skin and essential oils to relax a stressed mind and body. Pure bliss.

For quick results. A revitalising facial including a Power Cleanse, Mini Massage, Power Breakfast Mask and Rehydration to have you looking your best in no time.

Mediterranean Marinade 55 minutes. £68 A totally luxurious facial packed with local ingredients from the garden and vitamin boosters that will leave the skin, body and mind smoothed and soothed. Especially designed to reduce the effects of the sun, stress or fatigue on the face. Following a deep cleansing, your skin is softened and tenderised with our unique Temple Spa Marinade, a deeply relaxing experience.

Totally Quenched and Drenched Facial 85 minutes. £95 The ultimate anti-ageing facial a must for dehydrated or neglected skin and is designed to leave it looking radiant and fresh. Combining powerful anti-oxidants to help fight the ageing process and nourishing ingredients to replace lost elasticity in the skin. This divine treatment includes Windows Of The Soul Eye Therapy and a rather special remedy to encourage deep hydration and eliminate fine lines. You could call it a facial iron.

A Brush with Heaven 85 minutes. £98 Imagine the sensation of a sequence of brushes of varying sizes and texture being used from top to toe, to massage, relax, drain toxins and smooth on delicious preparations to the face and body. Once lavished in rich warm body oil, you will be cocooned and then treated to the exclusive Temple Spa Facial treatment carried out entirely with brushes, while you doze. Heaven? Almost.


25 minutes. £45

Windows Of The Soul 25 minutes. £45 Specifically concentrating on the delicate eye area to perk you up when you’re looking tired. An intensive treatment that will lift, smooth and revitalise, putting the sparkle back. Lovely to add to any facial or have on its own.

Go Guy - Male Executive Facial 55 minutes. £66 Whether its the beginning or end of the day, this facial is perfect to revive, refresh and invigorate. A Power Breakfast Mask will deeply rejuvenate before worry lines and neck aches are soothed away.

Specialised electrical facial treatments Hydradermie 70 minutes. £79 Hydradermie uses plant based extracts to restore the skin. Carefully selected gels and galvanic currents penetrate deep into the skin removing impurities. High frequency currents oxygenate and boost cells to improve appearance. This leaves you ready and prepped to face the world.

Hydra-lift Express 55 minutes. £69 An uplifting electrical ‘work out’ for the face in just under an hour. After intense preparation, a firming wheat and malt gel extract is applied. A micro current is then used for lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluid and toxins and improve skin tone. This is followed by gentle stimulation to energise and firm the facial muscle structure.

Super Hydradermie Lift 105 minutes. £115 This ultimate combination offers the luxury of an Express Lifting Facial with a deep cleansing Hydradermie Facial.

Hydradermie Plus 85 minutes. £95 This has all the benefits of the Hydradermie but specifically aimed at mature skins. It will concentrate on fine lines round the eyes and firming the neck and décolleté areas.

Caci Facial 55 minutes. £70 The original celebrity non-surgical facelift has relaxing benefits as well as dramatic effects. The treatment is both preventative and corrective and has a tightening, lifting effect on the muscles leaving you looking immediately more youthful.

Super Caci Facial 85 minutes. £85 An intense Caci Facial with extended time concentrating on specific areas of concern.


Body Scrubs, Wraps and Infusions The Mediterranean Infusion 55 minutes. £75 A luxurious hydrating body treatment that starts with all over body brushing, followed by a warm rich marinade of fresh mint, cucumber, yoghurt, honey and lemon that is lavishly smoothed over the entire body. You will then be cocooned enabling the infusion of the nutrients into the skin, during which the mind is relaxed with a soothing face and scalp massage. Your skin will feel seductively soft and refreshingly hydrated.

55 minutes. £75 Using the finest blends of ingredients for body detoxifying and purification. Top to toe body brushing encourages lymphatic flow before being smoothed with warm vitamin and mineral rich mud and cocooned in a cosy wrap. The total body detoxification and relaxation process is then taken to another level with a glorious face and scalp massage. This is a powerful treatment that utilises heat and botanicals, helping to eliminate harmful toxins and sore muscles. You wouldn’t believe that wallowing in mud could feel so good.

AAAAHHHHH! Foot and Leg Energiser

The Mediterranean Float

25 minutes. £45

85 minutes. £98

This oh-so-good treatment is instant relief for tired over worked limbs. It begins with skin brushing to help eliminate excess fluids followed by our Mediterranean Scrub. A hot oil massage that will leave you tingling and finally a friction tap with Aaaaaaahhhhh.

This luxurious all over treatment will leave you looking and feeling like you’ve taken a mini vacation… to the Mediterranean of course. You will float away as your body is softened with our unique scrub prior to being cocooned in our specially created body infusion. Your face is rejuvenated with our Mediterranean Marinade and finally your entire body is moisturised an unforgettable experience.

The Outer Glow 25 minutes. £45 or 55 minutes £75 (Includes the face) Using our unique Sugar Buff Body Scrub, we polish your body. This invigorating and refreshing all over treatment leaves the skin beautifully soft, revitalised and hydrated. The perfect way to begin another body treatment and an absolute must before you commence your vacation. Go and glow!


Glorious Mud Complete Detox

I’ll Be Back 25 minutes. £45 Warm purifying mud is smoothed all over your back for deep cleansing, following an invigorating skin exfoliation with our Mediterranean Scrub. A warm fragranced mitt is used to remove the back mask before enjoying a stimulating massage, leaving you energised, with a back to be proud of. A facial for the back you might say.

Choose your oil to reflect your mood and body before enjoying a massage with comforting techniques to revive and nurture your body.

25 minutes. £45 A massage concentrating on your back, neck and shoulders, great when you don’t have a lot of time but do have a lot of stress!

55 minutes. £70 A relaxing top to toe massage guaranteed to leave you drifting happily into a thoroughly relaxed state.

85 minutes. £98 The ultimate intensive massage treatment concentrating on balancing the mind, reviving the body and nurturing the soul. A rejuvenating ritual for the entire body carefully composed to relieve overall stress, strains and achy muscles to replace with calm and relaxation. Sheer and utter bliss.

Utopia Hot Oil Massage 55 minutes. £70 Warmed oil is gently massaged into the body, followed by heated towels and a thermal wrap. This treatment leaves you totally relaxed but your skin is alive with energy.

New Beginnings 55 minutes. £70 Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life that requires specifically created treatments. You will enjoy a full body massage without any discomfort on your bump! Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to ease those tired muscles while you feel completely comfortable and relaxed and you never know, the little one might enjoy the sense of calm too! 11

HOLISTIC body TREATMENTS The Mediterranean Siesta (Indian Head Massage) 25 minutes. £45 This amazing head, neck and shoulder massage promotes physical and psychological wellbeing, reduces muscular and nervous tension and improves circulation - leaving a feeling of tranquillity. It also reduces aches and pains associated with long journeys, too much time at the desk or when you have been under the weather.

Footprints In The Sand (Reflexology) 55 minutes. £68 Focusing on one of the most neglected parts of our bodies, the feet. This Reflexology Zone Massage will help to rebalance the body by working on reflex points in the feet which correspond to the rest of your body leaving you relaxed but helping to restore lost energy. It’s wonderful to have this treatment as a side order to one of the other massage therapies.


Rocks Of The Mediterranean 70 minutes. £90 This popular Thermal Stone Massage is a glorious treatment using warm basalt lava stones to massage the body from head to toe, harnessing the touch of the stone and the influence of the heat to create an aura of warmth. The muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated in a sensation unique to stone massage, it’s an experience you just have to have at least once in your life.

Specialised electrical body treatments Ultimate Ionithermie

Express Ionithermie 55 minutes. £75 For those of you where time is precious, our Ionithermie Express is a concentrated, compact version of the ultimate treatment.

85 minutes. £95 After an invigorating body exfoliation and refreshing body toner, a mixture of slimming products are applied on the skin and a Marine Mud Mask is applied to the area you wish to treat. A gentle muscle stimulating current is sent through the mask that acts as a conductor to firm and tone muscles making the treatment as effective as a workout at the gym, without the effort. Results are visible after just one session excess water retention is drained away, the skin is smoother, firmer and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

Caci Lymph Drainage 45 minutes. £55 This program is designed for clients who are on a diet to speed up the elimination of fat, to treat cellulite, help cleanse the body post illness and to improve general well being and to help eliminate day to day toxins.

Caci Slimtone 25 minutes. £45 The therapist will expertly advise and guide you on the most suitable programme for your desired results. Contour is effective in lifting the bust, buttocks and tightening the abdomen and slimtone can concentrate on either slimming, toning or cellulite concerns.



Hair salon

Luxury Manicure

We have a complete range of expert services available at our hair salon. Please contact us for full details.

55 minutes. £47 This luxury treatment for the hands cleanses, exfoliates and deeply moisturises leaving hands softer, smoother, firmer and more attractive. Includes a nail shape, cuticle care, relaxing hand and arm massage and nail paint.

Express Manicure 25 minutes. £33 A basic manicure including nail shape and cuticle tidy or file and paint.

Hand and Nail Grooming for Men 25 minutes. £33 This treatment has been designed specially for men to maintain the overall condition of hands and nails.

‘Gelish’ Luxury Manicure OR Pedicure 55 minutes. £50 A nail colour that applies like a polish but acts like a gel. Without damaging your nails this treatment will strengthen them and leave them with a long lasting colour.

‘Gelish’ Luxury Manicure OR Pedicure including soak off

Luxury Pedicure 55 minutes. £47 Relax your tired, aching feet with this luxurious experience. It refreshes, restores, moisturises and revives the feet, including exfoliation, heated boots, foot and leg massage, nail shape, cuticle care and nail paint.

Express Pedicure 25 minutes. £33 A basic pedicure including nail shape and cuticle tidy or file and nail paint.

25 minutes. £35 / 85 minutes. £70 For people who already love ‘gelish’ and require the gel to be soaked off and re-applied.

Executive Foot Care for Men 25 minutes. £33 This basic pedicure includes exfoliation, foot file, cuticle, tidy and file.


SPArkly J US T




p re s e n t s T he m ost i m press ive s pa days, s pa bre aks an d SPA g i fts fo r s pa lovi n g fr i e n ds, fam i ly an d co lle ag u es. ple n ty o f brown i e po i n ts!

buy online at

Treatments and Etiquette / terms and conditions • We want all our visitors to really enjoy their experience, therefore we ask you to arrive at least five minutes prior to your appointment or we may have to offer a shortened service.

Spa Days

• A prepayment is required for all treatments.

• To confirm your spa day and any additional treatments, full prepayment is required at the time of booking.

• Actual treatment times are given to guests on the day of arrival. For group visits we do endeavour to arrange similar treatment times.

• Spa Days are strictly nonrefundable. It is however possible to reschedule a day, if at least 7 days notification is given.

• Cancelled appointments will be charged at full cost unless 24 hours notice is given. It might be wise to consider personal insurance to cover this eventuality.

Overnight Spa Breaks

• Please inform us of any health related problems or if you are pregnant, to ensure treatments are not contraindicated. All treatments and products are used at guests own discretion and the spa can not take any responsibility for unknown allergies or reactions.

• A £100 nonrefundable deposit per person and credit card number is taken at reservation stage to confirm all bookings. It is however possible to reschedule a break, if at least 7 days notification is given.

• To ensure total tranquillity and relaxation, please consider other guests by refraining from using your mobile phone or camera and speaking quietly, so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet. • The spa and facilities is an adult only environment open to guests over 18. • As a spa day or break visitor you are welcome to use all the gorgeous spa facilities including a fully equipped technogym and full timetable of fitness classes. • NB. We can not take any responsibility for loss, damage or injury to either yourself or your belongings whilst on the premises or grounds. Within the spa there are several wet areas. To reduce the risk of injury suitable care should be taken. Spa slippers are available to be purchased. Utopia Spa takes no responsibility for injuries caused due to incorrect use of these areas. Please make sure you take the necessary personal precautions for yourself and your property. We strongly advise all guests consider insurance to cover such eventualities.

• All prices quoted are per person, per spa break based on double occupancy. A £50 single occupancy supplement applies. • We are a no smoking establishment, any evidence to the contrary will result in possible legal action and cleaning charges being added immediately to room bills. • Rooms are normally available from 3pm on arrival day. Check out is 11am on the day of departure and we are happy to store any luggage for you to use in the spa at your leisure until 3pm. Treatment times can be allotted from 3pm on day of arrival to 3pm on day of departure.

GIFT VOUCHERS • All gift vouchers are nonrefundable.


rowhill grange hotel and utopia spa Wilmington, Kent, DA2 7QH

01322 615136 FOLLOW US for spa deals and announcements on /RowhillGrange


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Printed July 2011. Copyright Alexander Hotels 2010/11. No part of this brochure (including treatments, images and text therein) may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.

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