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Research on Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2863 2863 (Online) Vol 2, No.10, 2012

11 - to take advantage of distance education and the expansion of its application in the university education. 12 - the use of computer technology in educational measurement and testing building. -13 13 Familiarity with all the foundations of communication and its application in the teaching and learning process. - 14 rebounds Any other (conferences, meetings and journals). III: Recommendations: In light of the findings, the researcher recommends the following: 1_ Work to establish a database to monitor the Arab research and studies, reports and publications on professional competence, and evaluate the performance of faculty members in Arab universities, for those who want more research, or see, or study. And take advantage of the Internet in knead. 2_ enrich studies and research on Bhada subject, and to encourage professionals and experts to investigate this phenomenon by. 3_ take advantage of the expertise and international organizations working in the field of the development of the higher education sector, especially in the field of evaluation research, and studies relating to the performance of faculty at universities, and methods of analysis analysis and monitoring of professional competence. 4_ need to evaluate the performance of the professor himself, both from the point of view of his students or from the point of view personally, with a clear mechanism to take advantage of the evaluation results resul in the development of performance. -55 Continuous sessions for faculty members to provide them with the knowledge renewable. And training in educational techniques 6 - organizing programs to connect faculty of production and services sectors and areas of practical work. 7 - Development impose joint research between departments and colleges as a means to open the horizons of knowledge integrated faculty 8 - to encourage the teaching and co co-authoring. authoring. With participation of more than a faculty member in the preparation of educational material, and teaching students to a single decision. Which allows the integration of their experience and develop their abilities and knowledge. 9 - the realization of an integrated system for evaluating faculty members measure their proficiency in teaching, research and monitor their achievements, and development in their education levels and knowledge in relation to generally accepted international standards in the institutions and bodies recognized accreditation Accreditation. 10 - Training on the use of multimedia. 11 - to emphasize the importance of proficiency in foreign languages, especially English. References: First - Arab sources: Din (1991): characteristics of effective university teacher as perce perceived ived by university students 1.Abu Nahia, Salah al-Din in Gaza, Journal of the Faculty of Education at the University of Al-Azhar, Al Issue 22. 2.Hakami, Ibrahim Hassan (2001): "the professional competencies required for university professor from the point of view of students and its relationship elationship with some variables", Faculty of Education, University of Umm Al Qura Taif Branch. Alkhthelh, India Majid (2000): "the actual teaching skills and idealism as they see a student at King Saud University." Umm Al-Qura Qura University Journal of Science Education, social and humanitarian, Volume XII, Issue II, pp. 107-123. 3.Khawaldeh, Mohamed Mahmoud Marei, Tawfiq (1991): "The practice of faculty members at the University of Yarmouk efficiencies performing the task to professional jobs." Journal of the Association of Arab Universities, Twenty-sixth issue. Pp. 67-85. 4.Khayat, Abdul Karim, Diab, and Abd al-Rahim al Rahim (1996): "calendar system efficiency teacher in-service in of the Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait" Evaluation Study. "Journal of Education, Education, No. XXXVIII, Volume X, pp. 26-78. 5.Subaie, Khaled Saleh (2006): "Trends toward faculty exercise effective teaching methods and requirements for use in the GCC universities of the Arab Gulf states," Teachers College, King Saud University, Riyadh. 6.Password, sword, Khaled Khamis (2002): "evaluating the quality of university teaching skills of teachers Aqsa University in Gaza", Faculty of Education, Al-Aqsa Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine. 7.Sahlawi, Abdullah (1992): good professor, educational studies, issued by tthe he Association of Modern Education, Cairo, Volume VIII, Part 47, p: 106. 41

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