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One of the most difficult tasks every business owner encounters after creating a new Facebook fan page is on how to to do facebook marketing and implement a strategy to build followers and loyal fans. But, the real test will

come later after the campaign is over. The real test is on how to continue to increase the number of followers and on how to improve engagement to attract more fans in daily basis. As a business owner, maintaining a consistent strong presence and visibility on Facebook is very important to sustain your branding image and to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers (or fans). This process needs to be continuous to achieve consistency of ROI and fulfilment of long-term plans. On the other hand, your Facebook fan page also serves as a credible social proof of your business’ existence.

Advantages of facebook marketing – How to Attract More Loyal Fans on Your Facebook Fan Page In reality, there are lots of easy ways to increase the number of your Facebook followers and one of the options is to buy them. But, what’s the use of having thousands of bought followers if they are not loyal to your

brand? For sure, that’s definitely a waste of money and time. Most brands that succeed with their Facebook marketing campaign have one thing in common – raving and loyal fans. This just proves that in this scenario, quality is always better than quantity, thus your main specific goal is on how to get and attract loyal followers – the ones who don’t only subscribe and use your products but also recommend them to their networks or friends. So, how to get these kinds of followers? 1. Conduct Regular Contest that rewards loyal customers with freebies. You don’t really need to spend money when conducting a contest. You can offer your products or services as freebies via coupons or gift certificates. Your loyal customers will become your unofficial brand ambassadors and would surely share your fan page to their friends or colleagues with same interest. This doesn’t only increase the number of your followers but can potentially increase your number of customers or clients. 2. Install a Facebook Like Box on

your Blog or Website. What’s the use of having a fan-page without a blog that supplies daily contents that prod your followers to interact? But, the main point here is, your blog can help you attract more followers (or potential clients) from search engines and other referring sites towards your Facebook fan page. A “Facebook Like Box” strategically displayed on your blog’s sidebar or footer can help you drive more fans on your fan-page. 3. Make use of Facebook “Like Ads” and target friends of your followers. As a business owner, it is always recommended to leverage Facebook’s “Like Ads” advertisement. These ads are the ones we often see at the sidebar of our Facebook dashboard wherein we can also see the pages our friends have liked and followed. This ad is not costly and you can always end it once your goal is achieved. 4. Look for ways to increase your followers’ engagement. Make use of creative ways to keep your followers engagement on your page. Use attractive photos and catchy quotes or any post that can immediately capture your fans’ attention. The more engaged

followers your page has, the higher its visibility on Facebook news feeds – the very place where Facebook users can see your brand. If you find the strategies above a bit time consuming, you can always hire a social media specialist to handle these tasks. It is always better to have an expert handling your Facebook marketing needs so that you can concentrate more on the offlinemarketing side of your business. Do you find the tips above helpful? Kindly share your opinions on the comment box below. This Facebook marketing tip is brought to you by Social Media Report 24-7. To take advantages of facebook marketing bookmark our site.

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