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Skyways Technics A/S Lufthavnsvej 1B 6400 Sonderborg Denmark tel. +45 72 40 66 06 fax. +45 74 43 24 58

AOG contact: tel. +45 22 60 19 20 e-mail:


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What often makes the difference in quality is the know-how gained through years of experience within a certain field of expertise, appetite for continued evolvement and learning and openness towards opportunities, changes and opinions. It enables optimization of time and money spent and max utilization of the resources at hand. The name Skyways Technics will for some be new and unknown, but that is merely the name. Founded on the basis of Cimber Air Main­tenance Center

A/S and more than 60 years of aircraft maintenance and spares support, the employees are well known, experienced and ready to bring forward the highest of standards in the services supplied. We strive to make working relations win/win situations, we do not like the word “no” and we honor and trust the people and companies we work with. As CEO of Skyways Technics it is a true pleasure to present and represent the team of highly skilled and motivated individuals and I find future comfort in the fact that our customers will benefit from this unique platform that I define as:

“Know-how to save” Benjamin Nielsen CEO Skyways Technics A/S

- Know-how to save, with max utilization. With more than 60 years of experience, we are at Skyways Technics A/S among the most experienced maintenance organizations in Europe. The services provided to our customers through the years, count among other, major modifications & alternations, SB & AD incorporation, calendar & flight hour checks and cargo conversions. Today our base maintenance capability list includes ATR 42/72, CRJ 100/200/900 and ERJ 145. Combined with our Internal Repair, Repair Handling and Spare Part Support departments, we offer our customers total support on their aircraft ensuring max utilization, and we always have the word “save” in mind.

- Hangar in Billund and Sonderborg. - More than 7.000 m2 hangar space. - Flight hour checks. - Calendar checks. - Airframe structural maintenance. - Cargo conversion. - Major modifications and alterations. - SB & AD incorporation. - Major skin repairs. Your contact: tel. +45 25 62 66 28 e-mail:


[ Base Maintenance ]

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

[ Line Maintenance ]

[ Ad-Hoc Maintenance ] - Know-how to save your schedule.

- Know-how to save your operation. A smooth daily operation requires a strong line maintenance organization, where the expertise and experience often is the difference between getting the aircraft ready or not. We at Skyways Technics A/S offer worldwide line maintenance on ATR 42/72, CRJ 100/200/900, ERJ 145 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

It is of the highest importance for us, that our customers’ needs and demands are fulfilled. We offer high flexibility and consider every project case by case. We believe it is only through a good collaboration that you as customer get, what you deserve – The best possible service.

- Flexible agreements suited your needs. - Fixed pricing. - Tooling available with or without manpower. - Night stop handling. - Pre-departure assistance. - Aircraft wash. - Oxygen / Nitrogen service. - 24/7/365 AOG support.

Your contact: tel. 22 65 26 99 · e-mail:

Time is a critical factor when you want your aircraft to stay on schedule. At Skyways Technics A/S we have teams ready for AD-HOC maintenance whenever, wherever. Our teams consist of highly skilled engineers, who have the know-how to minimize these situations.

They are well prepared by having travel kits suited various assignments ready at all time, minimizing the reaction time. We also offer part 145 hangar and storage facilities for rent in Billund and Sonderborg.

- Aircraft weighing. - Sheet metal repairs. - AOG services. - AOG structural repair team. - AD-HOC line. - Special tooling with or without manpower.

Your contact: tel. +45 22 65 26 99 · e-mail:

EASA Approval DK 145.0105

EASA Approval DK 145.0105

FAA Approval L40Y435Y

FAA Approval L40Y435Y

At Skyways Technics A/S we value aircraft engine Boroscope. Our engineers are very skilled, dedicated and all have the required know-how to perform high quality work. Whether we talk scheduled Boroscope Inspection or AD-HOC requests, we are ready to serve you. Your contact: tel. +45 22 65 26 99 e-mail:

- PW 121 / 124 / 127. - CF34-3B1. - CFM56-3 / CFM56-7. - Further engine types to be added soon. - Measuring capability. - Using some of the best Boroscope equipment on the market.

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

[ Internal Repair ] - Know-how to save your parts. Aircraft parts are being strained every day requiring high quality repair in order to increase their endurance. At Skyways Technics A/S our internal repair shops perform high quality repair and overhaul on parts at very competitive prices. Leading edge boot replacement, structural repairs, wheels, brake, sheet metal work, composite repair and avionics are some of the in-house capabilities we have. New capabilities are being added constantly. Your contact: tel. +45 72 16 17 17 e-mail:

- Leading edge boot replacement. - Wheels repair and overhaul. - Brakes repair and overhaul. - Low TAT. - Very competitive terms. - Composite repairs. - Still increasing capability list. - EASA & FAA approved repairstation.


- Know-how to save your power.


[ Engine Boroscope ]

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

[R  epair Handling ]

[ Spare Part Support ]

- Know-how to save your money. Unforeseen expensive repairs can be a result of choosing the wrong repair station. Time can be the money-saver. At Skyways Technics A/S our repair hand颅 ling team has invaluable experience in handling the repair of parts, which is second to none. We have the know-how to save your time and money.

-Know-how to save your time.

- Fixed repair handling pricing. - Fixed repair and overhaul pricing on certain parts. - Large pool of exchange units available. - Employees with airline background. - Technical skilled employees. - AOG repair handling.

With more than 45 years combined experience in the ATR and CRJ market, our Spare Part Support team has a wealth of experience and know-how from which our customers can benefit. The fact that our experience mainly has been achieved as an airline, gives us an operational understanding which is second to none.

Your contact: tel. +45 72 16 17 17 路 e-mail:

We stock both consumables and components in large quantities ensuring we can offer full service to our customers. Combined with our Repair Handling department we offer some of the highest service levels in the industry, always focused on minimizing the total cost for our customers.

- More than 20.000 different line items in stock. - Component lease agreements. - Component exchange and sale. - Component pooling. - Consignment stock at your facilities. - Consignment stock agreements. - Large consumables stock. - Scheduled deliveries. - Line & Base kits.

Your contact: tel. +45 72 16 17 17 路 e-mail:

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

24 hours AOG support - 365 days a year - tel. +45 22 60 19 20

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

Continuing airworthiness management by an approved organization is an EASA requirement for larger aircraft. Skyways Technics A/S offers customized CAMO support to owners, lessors and operators of mediumsized turboprops and jet aircraft. We will be offering tailor made support, ranging from specific continuing airworthiness tasks to the full package.

Our staff has decades of technical experience in medium sized aircraft and can boost staff levels and expertise on short notice to accommodate and manage YOUR aircraft cost effectively. Your contact: tel. +45 50 84 76 86 e-mail:

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

[ Structural ] - Know-how to save the strength. With our particular drive towards the requirement for sheet metal and indeed all forms of structural repairs, we believe to be your strongest partner in any situation. Your contact: tel. +45 60 29 26 27 e-mail:

- Heat treatment of alloys and steels - Composite repairs (cold- and hot bond repairs) - Leading edge boot replacements - Structural engineering services - Parts fabrication - On-site structural maintenance - AOG service - Aircraft structural survey


- Know-how to save your value.


[ CAMO ]

EASA Approval DK 145.0105 FAA Approval L40Y435Y

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