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ETH 316 Final Exam Guide Set 1 Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit Question 1 Which option am I selecting? Answer A Answer B Question 1 (worth 1.5 points) Which theory was not discussed in your assigned reading during week 1? Deontology Virtue Theory Utilitarianism Sentimentalism Question 2 (worth 1.5 points) One of the key theorists of Ethical Contractarianism is; Aristotle Thomas Hobbes Immanuel Kant Jeremy Bentham Question 3 (worth 1.5 points) Which of the following is an example of a socially responsible effort? Minimizing your carbon footprint Paying for groceries with a credit card Making dinner for your family Buying a present for your co-worker Question 4 (worth 1.5 points)

What’s an appropriate term for someone who accepts the benefits of soci ety and let’s others pay the bill? Exploiter Leech Mooch Free rider Question 5 (worth 1.5 points) Which of the following ethical issue(s) can arise within an organization? Accounting issues Hiring, firing, and promotion practices Environmental issues All of the above Question 6 (worth 1.5 points) What is the current trend for organizational social initiatives? Philanthropy Environmental strategies Animal welfare Donating Money Question 7 (worth 1.5 points) Philanthropic acts considered voluntary and therefore not contributing is not considered to be unethical. True False Question 8 (worth 1.5 points) High power distance countries accept inequality of power and respect ba sed on social status and class. Which of the following is not a high powe r distance country? India Philippines Israel Venezuela Question 9 (worth 1.5 points) Some legal issues are not ethical issues. True False

Question 10 (worth 1.5 points) The personal worldview imperative features which four points? Cohesiveness, coherence, connection to theory, personal action. Personal gain, comprehension, connection to theory of good, coherence. Comprehensiveness, coherence, connection to theory of good, requireme nt of personal action. Coherence, completeness, personal gain, connection to theory of bad.

Eth 316 final exam guide set 1  
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