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Introducing Moving Market Intelligence


Beige Creative LLC 421 Hudson St Suite 314 New York NY 10014 T +1 (212) 400-7578

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Beige Video / overview Beige Video is a new trend report that screens and distills the global beauty trends created on- and backstage at the most influential fashion shows in New York, Milan and Paris. It complements the traditional, static market research data with a visually stimulating insight of what tones, textures, tools and techniques will be driving next season’s sales. Beige Video delivers Moving Market Intelligence . SM

Success in the beauty industry is not just about looking good. It’s about looking ahead. About understanding today what beauty trends will be influencing tomorrow’s consumer behavior, thus, sales. Beige Video provides, almost in real-time, an analysis of what the leading hair and makeup

© 2007 Beige Creative LLC.

artists create while working with designers like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Chanel and Balenciaga; it’s like witnessing trends in the making. This unique video report is targeted at marketing professionals who want to add moving figures to

otherwise monotone research data full of motionless data; training directors interested in utilizing a new, educative and inspirational training tool that provides the finishing touches to sales staff and students; or creative directors who just want see what the industry (and competition) is up to.

Beige Video / facts Metrics: Beige Video is produced by Beige Creative in collaboration with some of the most respected beauty and fashion TV editors. Our approach blends analytical research with subjective interpretations. As quantitative assessment, we evaluate and select the designers we include in Beige Video based on the their current innovation and trend-setting potential, and use the hair and makeup created at their shows as benchmarks of global trend movements. Then, taking advantage of our direct access to industry insight (including backstage gossip), we add expert opinions and intangible factors to identify what we believe shape the key trends of the next season. Content: Beige Video is centered on a 15-minute (hair and makeup) video divided into: 1) introduction of the season’s key trends, 2) trend-specific summaries, 3) overview of must-have components, 4) extensive backstage and runway footage, demonstrating how the makeup and hair trends are created and applied by the top hair and makeup artists. The video is complemented by a written Trend Brief, which further details the key

Š 2007 Beige Creative LLC.

trends, consolidates all trends into tag clouds, and provides graphs breaking down color usage (for eyes, lips, etc.) at each of the shows to identify the main color patterns of the upcoming season. A sample Spring Summer 2007 trend video and brief can be downloaded at Format and customization: Beige Video is available as a basic subscription package containing either makeup trends only, hair trends only, or both hair & makeup trends combined. Additionally, Beige Video can be fully customized to meet specific client needs. For example, we can incorporate video footage or photos of your products to demonstrate how the trends can be translated into specific, product-oriented interactions between your sales staff and customers. Publication calendar: Beige Video is published biannually following the Spring/Summer and Fall/ Winter shows. The first issue (edition 01/07) will be available in October 2007 revealing the Spring/ Summer 2008 hair and makeup trends.

Distribution: Beige Video is available as secure web download, podcast or on broadcast quality DVD (NTSC or PAL). Usage and copyrights: Beige Video is for internal, non-commercial use as per user agreement, which includes market research, training and internal corporate communications. All content is copyright-protected. About Beige Creative: Beige Creative is a New York design collective specialized in delivering creative work on video and in print for clients in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. We collaborate with like-minded designers in Tokyo and Berlin. Please visit for further information.

Beige Video / screenshots [Beige Video: Makeup trends & components]

[Trend Brief: Trend summaries and analyses]

An exerpt of the Spring Summer 2007 Beige Video demo edition as well as sample pages (PDF) of the accompanying trend brief can be viewed and

Š 2007 Beige Creative LLC.

[Beige Video: Hair styles, techniques and tools]

[Trend Brief: Color trends and patterns per collection]

downloaded at the Beige Video website at Or better, contact us at +1 (212) 400-7578 or via email at

[Beige Video: Top designer runway shows]

[Trend Brief: Trend tag cloud overview] for a full-length demo reel. Or best, just ask us for a live presentation at your office.

Beige Video / pricing Standard edition: The standard edition is available as single-edition, covering one season only (i.e. the upcoming Spring & Summer 2008 launch issue), or annual subscription, which includes a minimum of two seasons (Spring & Summer and Fall & Winter). Customized edition: Beige Video can also be customized according to specific client needs in order to further target the video at a specific audience or event. We can include video footage and photos of your company’s products and present them as the season’s key components. Or even re-script the video to further focus on specific area of your interest (i.e. step-by-step training) or format (i.e. internal marketing presentation).

Pricing and ordering: We offer a modular pricing structure, depending on subscription type and content (makeup trends only, hair trends only, both makeup and hair trends). Pre-launch specials: We currently offer special discounts for pre-orders of the Beige Video Spring Summer 2008 launch edition 01/08. Please contact us for rates and ordering information. We are more than happy to discuss any special client requirements and ideas.

*Rates valid for 1st edition (01/08) featuring Spring Summer 2008 trends. All rates subject to change at any time.

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