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!THE HEIR OF THE KING OF POP TITLE! Best music, Best artist, Best show !Sensation of this age! !The Big Bang on th e world pop stage ! Lady Gaga’s sound producer Rob Fusari about ALEXANDER SUPERSTAR: This guy makes me wonder where creative talent like that could come from? Britney Spears’ sound producer Danja about ALEXANDER SUPERSTAR: I heard his music! He makes a big difference… makes me feel jealous! Dear Sirs, Apart from these 7 tracks from my 1st album (copyright 2009), I can offer you a hundred of dance music sketches (music+text+sound) of MEGAHIT QUALITY CREATED BY MY OWN. I have a media and advertising background (creative management, media-planning, media management), keep an active and healthy attitude to life. Let’s make millions INSTEAD OF WASTING THE TIME! Thank you for the Yes-answer TO THE CONTRACT WITH YOU! Style: fashionabe pop-dance music. ALEXANDER SUPERSTAR – author, singer, dancer and sound producer, has the copyright of the SUPERSTAR album (36 dance hit songs) in the genre of popular dance music. Singer: beautiful baritonal tenor; manner – sensual, emotional; voice – 4 octaves. Character: charismatic, erotical, inspiring, bright, overflowing with energy. Show: DJ and circus dancers. Place of residence: Kiev, Ukraine Contacts: 38 093 154 88 83

ALEXANDER SUPERSTAR Seth Riggs' favourite

Michael Jackson’s heir For “ROLLING STONE” magazine

*** There is evidence the Big bang has exploded in the music universe for a second time!!! This is ALEXANDER SUPERSTAR. The biggest explosion in the pop music for the recent decade or even more comes from Ukraine (the country located between EU and Russia). ALEXANDER’s music bears every single thing to explode you, folks, and all the neighbouring galaxies! It is a robust mixture of electro, pop, dance, rock and R’n’B. It cannot but be mentioned that ALEXANDER is the author of both the music and the lyrics of his album SUPERSTAR, he also acts as sound producer of his songs. His artistic persona can be compared to the old salts of the world showbiz: George Michael, Madonna, even the legendary Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Being an inventive and courageous man, ALEXANDER has been managing his career entirely on his own. From an industrial town he broke through to Ukraine’s capital Kiev where he spent 4 years on raising funds and seeking after apt musicians to realize his ambitious plan of becoming a world-famous popstar and taking over Madonna by his artistic works and charisma! From 2008 through 2009 ALEXANDER has been working at his 1st album called. At that time the singer visited the USA having in mind a special plan… ALEXANDER managed to convince Seth Riggs to give him free lessons! The letter agreed and even praised ALEXANDER for his persistence and talent. - “My best will is to offer the people at my concert a festival of life, to inspire, to charge each person with a special kind of energy to succeed, to overcome themselves and every circumstance – through the world best music, the world best show!” His début single MUSIC really gives the impression that ALEXANDER’s MUSIC is remarkably better than Madonna’s. Aha! Fashionable people are celebrating the MUSIC at the discos everywhere you go for a dance! Get the music, Make the music, Give the music – And go, run, fly, flow! (ALEXANDER’s song MUSIC) What we could find out about ALEXANDER as a person appears quite intriguing: he is single, obviously does not even date someone for “the lack of a person who will get me interested by the character, attitudes and mind”. There is a report that ALEXANDER is bisexual… ALEXANDER himself seems not to deny this claiming that he does “not divide Love into Ladies and Gents. I am looking about for a worthy person to share life and love with.”

Such a good news to any of ALEXANDER’s fans, I guess.) At least ALEXANDER is decidedly positive about the prospect: I’ve been around to see the folks. You, folks, are so wow! I’ve got a tune that burns and blows! So let us hit the town! (ALEXANDER’s song DANCE) The hot-tempered youngster insists that he is the Big bang, indeed, saying: I’m hotter than fire. I feel there is a thermonuclear reaction inside of me which gives energy to the whole world! It is said that visiting the US ALEXANDER chanced to meet Michael Jackson who, having listened to ALEXANDER’s music, prophesied him the throne of the King of pop! Thank you for the Yes-answer! ALEXANDER SUPERSTAR

Alexander Superstar  

The Heir of the King of pop!