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What is this? Why to use? What is the difference?

Oil Additives

Oil burning Noise due to engine or transmission wear Dropped compression of the engine Difficulties at speed changing Excessive oil and fuel consumption

Usually oil additives are aimed to help with:

Problems to solve:

Oil thickeners Metal conditioners Geomodifiers Remetalizers

Basically all additives that are represented on the market could be divided into 4 groups:

What to use?

Results The oil doesn’t lubricate the engine as before. Motor oil is worse sprayed => The engine is not enough lubricated The wear comes rapidly => Spends more energy for movement Spends more fuel => Spends more money

How it works? Oil thickener changes the oil viscosity. The oil becomes more viscous and doesn’t get in upper parts of the combustion chamber. Motor oil doesn’t burn and as a result the smoke reduces.

What is this? Oil thickener is a honey-yellow transparent viscous liquid. When adding to motor oil the thickener helps to reduce smoking and leaking.

Oil thickeners

Results The more acid gets to the motor oil the more quickly the engine wears out.

How it works? Metal conditioner dissolves the metal and facilitates the friction as water on ice facilitates the metal skates movement.

What is this? Metal conditioner is a transparent viscous liquid. This product is to reduce the friction and temperature in tribocontact. The product is forbidden in USA for ecological reasons.

Metal Conditioners

Results Ceramic particles erase the metallic surface of the engine. It makes the surfaces more thinner. As a result your engine becomes more worn out.

How it works? Ceramic particles erase roughnesses on the engine’s surfaces that reduces the friction

What is this? It is an oil additive with ceramic substances


Remetalizers restore worn out surfaces and don’t change the oil viscosity or chemical compound of motor oil.


Remetalizer contains nano particles that form a porous structure on the piston and restore the damages caused by wear. It is not an active chemical product and works only in friction pairs.

How it works?

It is a oil composition with metal nano particles to add into the motor oil.

What is this?


Prevents wear and tear Restores the worn out engine Reduces the oil burning Improves compression Reduces the concentrate of CO

Remetalizer NANO Active Metal Restorer

Kilometrage more than 60.000 km Oil burning more than 150 g / 1000 km Fuel consumption 10% more from manufacturer’s level Drop in compression Excessive noise and vibration

When to use Nano Remetalizer

Nano R contains nano particles that restore engine without disassembling Nano R prolongs service life of oil Nano R doesn’t change oil viscosity Nano R restore the metal surfaces of the engine

Why to use Nano Remetalizer

prevent the wear of your engine or transmission reduce noise due to wear reduce the oil burning reduce the concentrate of CO

50g of Nano Remetalizer is enough to for 3-5 liters of oil

For automatic transmissions

For mechanical transmissions

Engines: Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines

Nano Remetalizer MARKET:

Cases of success and certifications (Partial list)

Merkel Freudenberg Fluidtechnik


NFM approval

Clients in Big Diesel Engines

Cogeneración Alfalfas OSES 1MW Cummins KTA50-G8 Mejoras objetivas: Reducción de Consumo 4,8% (50.000 litros menos al año) Reducción de Aceite 35-50% Reducción de dos dígitos% de Co2, NOX y HC. Baja la temperatura de gases: 40ºC Reduce la vibración del motor. Reduce el ruido del motor. Mejora el arranque en frío.


Cogeneración Salinera Vitoria 1MW Deutz Mejoras objetivas: Reducción de Consumo 5,8% (60.000 Litros menos al año). Reducción de Aceite 40-50% Reducción de dos dígitos% de Co2, NOX y HC. Baja la temperatura de gases: 50ºC Reduce la vibración del motor. Reduce el ruido del motor. Mejora el arranque en frío.


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