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DECLARATION For all intents and purposes, Maria Manuela Cantante Carvalho, bearer of the Identity Card nº 4381366 of 09.10.2002 from Coimbra’s Archive, acting as manager of the company RUI PRATA RIBEIRO, Lda, based in Rua Brotero, 18 – 3º Direito - 3030-317-Coimbra, NIPC: 502 945 230, declares that Alexandre Miguel Bartolomeu de Almeida, bearer of the Identity Card nº 13399062 from Coimbra’s Archive, NIF nº 217 996 183 joined the team in October of 2011 in the framework of Professional Internship – IEFP – during 9 months, as an intern of Civil Engineering. As Civil Engineer/Internee, chartered in the “Ordem dos Engenheiros” under the nº 62054, collaborated in this company as Deputy Director of Project Design Review on the works listed in the annex, demonstrating good collaboration with the whole team and commitment in the professional activities undertaken between October of 2011 and July of 2012.

Coimbra, 21 September 2012

Maria Manuela Cantante Carvalho

RPR Reference  

Reference letter from Rui Prata Ribeiro

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