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ICX 14/15

I envision ICX to be a new generation in driving iGIP growth and quality of stakeholders’ experience with a KPI (14/15): robust learning environment – being an integral 23 8 part of Gen 2015. 80% TN forms raised

Number of re-raised TN forms Realization Rate


NPS Score

Key Focus Area 1:

Rebuilding leadership experience into GIP

Key Focus Area II:

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Key Focus Area III:

Optimizing talent capacity

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Key Focus Area 1: Rebuilding leadership experience into GIP

Why? Driving societal and

With the focus on sales with TN taker previously, EP’s leadership development in GIP has been overlooked. Being an integral part of Gen 2015, iGIP growth can be driven through rebuilding leadership experience into GIP.

personal relevant impact

How? Co-delivery between oGIP and iGIP as a leadership experience.

Focus on EP’s Leadership Journey InterCultural Preparation Seminar (ICPS)

To enable EP experiences leadership journey (inner


and outer journey), oGIP and iGIP must co-deliver a holistic GIP experience specific to leadership development to complete the cycle.

Delivery of LEAD sessions


Delivery of LEAD Session, on iGIP part, will be added

Bi-weekly LEAD session will be delivered to EP of next

to the cycle.

within GIP.

year to enable a truly specific leadership journey for EPs

Medium of delivery • Synergy with ER: Delivery through partnership

Sub-product & partnership development

• Involvement of Local Trainers Team

Sub-product & partnership development can secure and accelerate the co-delivery of MOTIFY GIP as a leadership experience. Showcase Co-delivery Customize




Sub-product development Maturing our sub-product development enables leadership journey for customized EP pools: Education


Partnership development New partnership development at a local level (LC2LC, LCcorporate, LC-campus) can secure and accelerate the codelivery of GIP as a leadership experience.

Consulting Services

Co-delivery of GIP as experiential leadership experience

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Key Focus Area 1I: Customer Experience Management (CEM) It is important to deliver CEM to position GIP to TN taker as the delivery of an experience - rather than a product - and upholding the quality of the experience.

Why? To deliver quality experience and become the first-choice platform

What are we selling? It is important to emphasize GIP not merely as the delivery of a product - or even service - but a delivery of experience.

How? The sales team must focus on the CEM cycle to deliver an AIESEC experience in order to win a long-term relationship with sustained engagement:

Key Drivers of Customer Relationship Management (CEM) The key drivers of Customer Relationship Management (CEM) in ICX 14/15 will consist of the following:

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Key Focus Area III: Optimizing talent capacity

Why? To drive organizational citizenship and

It is important to focus on the experiential learning of members and managers alike to build a robust learning environment in driving leadership experience in GIP and other ELDs for all stakeholders.

relevance of ELD programs


To optimize talent capacity, ICX 14/15 will focus on: Performance Tracking Middle Management Empowerment

Middle Management Empowerment

Performance Tracking

Managers are vital in not only facilitating, but co-creating strategies and planning to drive organizational growth, quality and build a robust learning environment.

Performance Tracking New performance tracking tool (points system) to be based on member’s learning (MEC) and participation. Personal KPI for


PDT with TM


(MEC) evaluated

officer/ manager

by managers

To ensure brings added-value experiential learning to middle management, ICX will focus on: More involvement in planning and organization

R&R / Appraisal & Review

• Strategic Planning: Co-creation and co-delivery

New point system enables monthly performance review held in departmental meeting. R&R includes: Top performer

Global Learn-

& team ranking

ing Fund

• Sub-product Development: Customization and ownership The process will begin in June to enable planning and organization closely involving managers.


Synergy with TM: PDT with manager Sales intensity Robust sales culture and learning environment

PDT with manager will be conducted by TM manager to ensure reflection & evaluation in the experiential learning process (inner& outer journey).

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[1415] lCVP (ICX) Manifesto - Alex Yuen