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THANK YOU To my Grandfather, For teaching me the importance of education and instilling the value of learning upon me. For encouraging me to never give up, to think outside the box, and everything is achievable if you work for it. For sharing your stories of success, becasuse each one always started with the value of hard work. For giving me the opportunity for higher education. Without you, I wouldn’t have the work ethic, drive, or ire within me to keep learning. This portfoilo is dedicated to you, because I know that this would have been the proudest moment of your life. For my entire family, thank you for all the love, support, encouragement, and inspriation. While it may not always have been easy, it certainly was worth it. For my Mom, Dad, and Joe for the push when I needed it the most. For my Professors, for sharing your wealth of knowledge, and love for design, which has forever inluenced the designer I will always strive to be.

“What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” -Walt Disney

This studio course explores various types of residential dwellings as they relate to diferent inhabitants. Project work applies the programming and design development phases of the residential design process to include information gathering, needs analysis, concept and spatial development, and FF&E selections based on research and suitability.


This course challenges students to use planning requirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions.



RESIDENTIAL This senior elective studio covers the total process of residential design from concept development through two- and three-dimensional presentations. Building codes, covenants, and restrictions create the guidelines for solutions, while knowledge of sustainable practices, residential business practice, construction methods, materials and custom interior architectural details are applied.

L Hand Rendered with Marker and Ink


brings the family together at the end of the day. With ample entertaining space, and large bedrooms for the family’s growing boys, providing large private and public areas in this residence, the functions are endless. With both formal and informal seating, and open kitchen and formal dining space, provides a functional environment for this family. An updated contemporary kitchen space, and sleek furniture, brings the home together. Hardwood loors throughout provide an upscale feel, with easy upkeep.

Hand Rendered With Marker and Ink, Enhanced in Photoshop

Hand Rendered with Marker and Ink


Produced in Revit


Produced in Revit


Produced in Revit

Produced in Revit

THEOCASIOKITCHEN EMBRACI N G NKBA GUI D ELI N ES The Ocasio Kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind. The clients expressed their desire to host family dinners, and large dinner parties, making this large open kitchen work space become functional with more than one cook in the kitchen. With plenty of loor and counter space, and a sophisticated yet modern environment help this young family feel at home. Neutral colors, and glam elements, helps provide the perfect combination of Masculine, and Feminine to the space. Upgraded appliances provide quality in food storage and preparation, and the wine refrigeration helps keep the clients bottles at perfect temperature with easy access. Adjacent to the Kitchen, the large formal dining space provides easy entertaining access for both host and guest, while the more casual seating brings the family together during meal time.

Produced In Google Sketchup


The Neutural color pallet allows for emphasis to be placed on the show stopping light ixture and tile elements. Hardwood loors made of recycled bamboo are not only a responsible, sustaiable choice, but are easy to maintain as well.

Produced In Google Sketchup

All Scales Relect Original Scale

THEHAMPTONBATH WITHAGROUPEFFORT the Hampton Bath interior embraces the open loor plan concept consistent with the rest of the residence. Extra large roll in shower encloses the upgraded jetted bathtub. Multiple 60� turnarounds and careful placement of ixtures have prepared this space to become wheelchair accessible in the future. Recessed lighting and statement pendant ixtures provide multiple layers of light for the space. In collaboration with Emily Blaha, and Tracy Roels, the Hampton bath was designed with the intention to be come functionally timeless. Luxurious, high-end insihes and ixtures make the space. Enviornmentally friendly products such as the glitter recycled glass, dual lush watercloset and LED lights complete the space and will stand the test of time. Produced In Google Sketchup enhanced in Photoshop

Produced In Google Sketchup enhanced in Photoshop


Original Scale : 1/2”= 1’-0” All Scales Relect Original Scale

In this advanced course, the design of an upscale, global, corporate interior relects the comprehensive synthesis of problem identiication, research, programming, preliminary design, design development, and construction documents. Problem solving centers on the creative and technical aspects involved in the universal design of commercial environments including space planning with code compliance, way-inding techniques, and specifying corporate furnishings, inishes, and materials.



COMMERCIAL This senior level studio is a study of the materials and fabrication techniques used in the design and construction of interiors and how these details are communicated three-dimensionally and in construction documents. Content includes interior construction detailing of ceilings, walls, looring, and millwork. Project solutions will consider the integration of building technology such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other relevent systems.

Produced In Google Sketchup Rendered With Podium


Produced In Google Sketchup Rendered With Podium

Produced In Google Sketchup Rendered With Podium


Full Drawing Set Availble Upon Request Origninal Drawing Scale: 1/8”= 1’-0” All Scales Relect Original Scale

ARCHITECTURALDETAILING The details were pulled from a Hand Drafted Construction Document set for the Wellness Center located at 712 N. Dearborne. The objective of this project was to produce a full set of documents hand drafted including details, sections, and elevations of particular elements, as well as the standard plans.

Full Construction Documents Available Upon Request

All Scales Relect Original Scale



This studio course focuses on environmental issues concerning interior designers and the construction industry. Students participate in discussions on green design topics and learn about resources for improving indoor air quality and more responsible design choices. Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) analysis, a inal project implements sustainable design methods technically and creatively.


This senior level studio course covers the physical and psychological factors that impact hospitality environments. Students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. Research on human factors, codes, and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to inluence perceived value to the customer.



SPECIALITY Students successfully completing this course will be able to use Computer-Aided Design software to assist them in their three-dimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

Produced In Google Sketchup Enhanced In Photoshop

Produced In Google Sketchup Enhanced In Photoshop


INSPIRATIONFROMCULTURALINFLUENCE JUTSU 31 brings traditional Japanese elements and motifs together with a modern twist on a Sushi bar. Custom built seating, inspired by Japanese wood furniture, provide ample seating for guests. Bamboo elements grace the atmosphere, from the live bamboo curtain walls, to the abstract Ceiling elements. JUTSU 31 focuses on bringing the culture of Japan into this modern upscale restaraunt.

Produced In Google Sketchup Enhanced In Photoshop

Original Scale: 1/8”=1’-0” All scales relect original Scale

The large Sushi bar, with ample seating provides great casual seating for any time of day. Encased by Bamboo gardens provide privacy for both service stations, and seated guests, while bringing an element of nature to the space.

KNOWLTONPEDIATRICS Knowlton Pediatrics provides state of the art design for superior health care. The innovation in technology bring the cutting edge sustainable design theory to provide a space that will stay current for years to come. Dr. Knowlton is commited to serving his community and in turn, provides a facility that is not only child friendly, but enviorment responsible as well. The facility is laid out with both the clients, and the staf in mind. Providing smooth transistioning between spaces, but allowing the private spaces to remain private. A seperate entrance allows staf to enter and leave with ease, while the divided waiting space, helps families feel at ease. Aquariums have been located throuhout the waiting space to provide and educational distraction for the young paitents, while encouraging learning, with a stimulating enviorment.

Produced In Google Sketchup Enhanced In Photoshop

All Scales to Relect Original Scales

SHOTZ! NIGHT CLUB Pulling inspiration for Jackson Pollock, this modern nightclub becomes the heart of the city at night. With a stage for live band performances, the dual level bar provides ample seating and bar space for the guests. Modern furniture and hard wood loors create an easy to maintain space, which is accented with Custom painted graiti walls that help the space come to life at night.

produced in revit




CLIENTRELATIONS ORGANIZATION PURCHASING MANAGEMENT Meeting with clients to understand project goals, needs, and wants. Taking into consideration clients desires, propose a plan for the speciic project. Contact clients with updates, Provide them information regarding the progress of their project, and Issuing contracts. Experience in specifying speciic furniture pieces per project, assisting clients on selecting inish materials, providing list of vendors for consideration. Customer service tasks, as well as communication and presentations, attending to clients, establishing relationships.

Staying up to date on contracts, keeping track of orders, project progress, as well as communication. Maintaining records for speciic clients. Organizing, and iling purchase order history, vendors, and client contacts. Filing all invoices, keeping record of payment, and account receivables. Providing communication within oice to ensure all team members are aware of speciic needs. Developing communication standards for the oice, as well as weekly meetings for updates.

Placing purchase orders for both oice and client. Special order requests, in addition to contacting vendors for speciic requests. Seeking new vendors, establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors. Organizing and following up on purchase orders for clients, in addition to logging and communicating delivery dates. Contacting clients regarding orders, In addition to handling damage issues and communicating them to the purchasing department. Placed orders with Head Purchaser, and following up.

Creating shift schedules, logging payroll, and submitting them weekly. Handling shift changes and scheduling changes. Assist in Interview process, handles customer service issues, and providing information. Opening and closing oice weekly, tying up loose ends with clients, vendors, and internal staf members. Handles form of payments, in addition to cash drops and delivery of checks to accounts payable department. Organizes and runs team meetings, in addition to ensuring staf members are on same page.

The Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg

Alexa Herff Design Portfolio  

Representing my BFA in Interior Design from the CIDA Accredited school, The Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg