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meet red line! Red Line Media is the brainchild of five pioneering University of Texas graduates who aspired to challenge the industry’s status quo of hollow promises and uncertain results. That’s us. We’ve aligned our diverse skillsets to form a unique type of full-service agency - one whose discoveries are fueled by comprehensive research and refined to meet your company’s specific goals. By combining an eye for quantifiable insights with a soft creative touch, Red Line seeks to reveal all the invisible lines that connect clients to consumers and the increasingly complex world around them. In other words, we’re problem-solvers. So take a load off and let us show you what we’ve learned! This ain’t our first rodeo.

Thomas Hair Team Manager

Brittany Fietsam Media Strategist

Alexa Gonzaga Research Specialist

Heather Crabill Research Specialist

Meredith Groom Creative Director


executi�e summary The grocery industry is changing. A shifting competitive landscape and the rapid rate of innovation can leave even a first-rate business like H-E-B in danger of falling behind. That’s where we come in. This book is a compilation of key information that will guide our fully integrated marketing campaign to increase popularity of the H-E-B Curbside, Ship To Home, Digital Coupons and Digital Weekly Ad programs while laying a foundation for long-term digital/mobile success. All of these platforms will be united by one framing question that will guide and align all promotional strategies throughout the campaign: Who takes cares of moms? Red Line Media has identified three specific target groups within our overarching focus on moms: 1) Millennial moms (25-34), 2) Generation X moms (35-54) and 3) Hispanic moms (18-49). Each segment has slightly different needs, values and behaviors. We recognize that not all moms are the same and will tailor messaging throughout the campaign to maximize resonance with each of the three groups. What unites all of these great moms, however, is their desire to save time and money not just for themselves, but for their family especially their kids. To increase the popularity of H-E-B’s digital services within this target, Red Line Media recommends creative executions that emphasize the connection between saving time and money at H-E-B and having more time and money for your kids.

The 12-month campaign runs October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 and is designed to inform these moms about the new H-E-B digital experience, incentivize trial and, finally, ingrain these offerings into their regular shopping habits. Each of these steps represents a new flight in our comprehensive media plan, building momentum over the course of the campaign year. Combined with an aggressive foundation of continuous efforts, our pulsed Inform, Incentivize and Ingrain flights will keep H-E-B top of mothers’ minds (and iPhones) and logically mirror the technological adoption process. By the end of the campaign, our goal is to have over 20% of HEB-shopping moms taking advantage of these digital services and check in under the $3 million budget. To take care of moms, we have to put ourselves in their shoes. They shop at lots of stores, so all H-E-B’s different websites and programs could potentially be confusing. Uncertainty… the greatest barrier to usage! Therefore, to create a streamlined digital experience where all customer needs can be easily met in one space, Red Line Media also recommends integrating Curbside, Ship To Home, Digital Coupons, Digital Weekly Ad and all other H-E-B digital services into a mobile app revamped to be more user-friendly, rewarding and community-oriented. The app is vital. It needs to be the “one-stop shop” for everything H-E-B. No need to open separate pages outside the app. If it is successful, the aforementioned four platforms will be too by default. Think of this new-and-improved app as the umbrella under which will all the other capabilities (and their related messaging) will be housed. The egg in the cake batter holding all the other ingredients together. Our campaign will still highlight individual services like Curbside Pickup, but within the context of the amazing new app. All recommendations in this book are based on thorough research that includes a 30-question online survey with 165 respondents, 26 interviews with H-E-B customers as well as extensive secondary research.


situation analysis

From the ground floor of the Butt family home to one of the largest privately-owned supermarket chains in the United States, H-E-B has been devoted to superior customer experience and product freshness since 1905. In doing so, it has become a cultural staple throughout Texas and northern Mexico. Now, using 21st century technology, H-E-B has a huge opportunity to continue its legacy of making shopping more convenient for its customers. How? Once again, that’s where we come in. Over the last several months, Red Line Media has immersed itself in the world of H-E-B. We’ve gathered exhaustive secondary research, built and analyzed a survey to cut straight to the core issues, and even interviewed real H-E-B shoppers. As a result of these efforts, we now feel like experts on H-E-B and its place in the ever-shifting digital landscape. Gradually, clear connections crystallized that will drive our entire campaign. Now here’s the most exciting part for us… We get to share them with you! We’ll start with a SWOT analysis of H-E-B, profile some key competitors and trends and then move into those key insights in our targeted moms. 3




One-stop shop: H-E-B is more than just a grocery store. H-E-B can offer everything from food and prescriptions to office supplies and electronics.

Lack of promotion: H-E-B relies heavily on word-of-mouth to promote its digital offerings. As these grow in importance, it will be necessary to consider other types of promotion.

Affordability: H-E-B stays competitive by offering customers coupons on a wide variety of items, which are mailed out weekly and available online.

Lack of consolidation: H-E-B’s digital services are too separate and not very cohesive.

Texas Pride: As a mostly-Texas store, H-E-B works the Lone Star connection into every aspect of its marketing and product labeling.

Complex mobile app: The H-E-B application offers many great options but is not as user-friendly, personalized or intuitively organized as it needs to be.

Community Store: Each H-E-B is a little different, modified according to the location’s demographics. Customers feel a sense of ownership of “their” local H-E-B. Quality Produce: All H-E-B produce is shipped from somewhere in-state which ensures quick delivery and freshness. Timely offerings: H-E-B offers a mobile app, Curbside Pickup and home delivery, which allow customers to speed up the grocery shopping process.



Evolving grocery experience: Consumers are looking for more efficient and more personalized ways to shop, and many are already using an array of online and mobile services.¹

Competition: H-E-B is competing with companies that are not entirely grocery-focused, nimble new companies that specialize in digital and many traditional competitors that have already established highly successful mobile apps.

Growth in shopping app usage: Time spent in shopping apps grew by 31% in 2016.²

Stingy mobile app usage: 25% of installed apps are never used and 26% of installed apps are abandoned after first use.⁴

Target moms: Convenience and potential cost and time-savings attract moms. Further, females are the primary shoppers of households 77% of the time, tend to be more brand loyal and prefer to shop where they have a rewards program.³

Quality assurance: 3 in 10 consumers worry about the quality of delivered goods.⁵ Bad experiences: H-E-B must be conscious of the resources and trained staff required to smoothly implement Curbside Pickup on a larger scale. One inconvenient experience will cause people to never use it again.


research Primary Red Line Media’s primary research consisted of a 30-question Qualtrics survey distributed via social media and in-store interviews conducted at H-E-B’s Mueller location in Austin. The 164 online respondents and 26 in-store interviewees were surveyed on their knowledge of H-E-B, its various digital services, their interest in such features and their grocery shopping habits.


Millennial and Generation X moms crave convenience in all aspects of the grocery shopping experience, from the parking lot all the way to checkout. These mothers lead very busy lives and want a simplified shopping experience so they can get back to what matters most - spending time with their family. In our primary research, many interviewed consider H-E-B synonymous with convenience. These mothers are likely to plan their shopping trips in advance by creating lists.


Gen X and Hispanic mothers we surveyed are all about finding the best deals and saving money, and list it as a primary factor in deciding where to shop. They also identify as heavy coupon users and utilize weekly deals as they plan their shopping trip.

SHOPPING AS AN EXPERIENCE We found that hispanic mothers in particular view their shopping trips not as a burden, but as a leisure activity. As a result, they are less likely to utilize delivery services and more likely to shop in-store. 5

research Secondary After mining dozens of databases and industry reports, we unearthed several key insights into who shops, how they shop and where they shop. This information is the backbone behind our focus on moms, the mobile app and other strategic choices. Who: H-E-B’s future is female. In Texas, 77% of primary household shoppers are female.⁶ Females also represent 78% of grocery app users.⁷ These women typically have a bachelor’s degree or higher and are in a committed relationship. By being the best at helping moms win, H-E-B can lock up the most crucial group of buyers in the grocery industry. How: Technology is key. In a fast-paced life where every second is valuable and there is no time to waste, moms are increasingly turning to technology to help them complete tasks, cut costs and save time.⁸ Among our Millennial moms, increasing use of shopping apps is among the biggest differentiators in their shopping behavior. They are also very willing to pay for delivery services, whereas different generations become more hesitant if there is a delivery charge. Above all else, however, consumers are turning to digital services to help them save money, stay organized and get groceries.⁸ A major issue with digital services, on the other hand, is that people have very high expectations. Any flaw, even with something as small as the app crashing, can anger people and impact their perception of the entire brand. For example, a poor experience with H-E-B’s curbside service may cause a customer to have negative feelings about H-E-B as a whole, become reluctant to trying other H-E-B services or even shop somewhere else.


research Secondary Target Cartw�eel Target’s Cartwheel app is first and foremost a couponing app. They feature deals that are personalized to the consumer, along with a “categories” tab where app users can browse all featured deals. The app also consolidates all coupons to a single bar code to allow for an easier check-out. Cartwheel has also developed a points-based loyalty system to incentivize frequent app use and appeal to rewards-motivated shoppers.⁹ The app is clearly dedicated to helping customers save money, and claims to have saved over $900 million so far. The clean, light-hearted design ensures people want to keep using it.

Where: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Oh My! (Competitor Profiles) These stores offer similar services as H-E-B and already have a substantial following in the retail space.


Walmart’s official app is the fastest-growing retail app on the market. It offers a variety of services, including product browsing, coupons and online ordering. For online orders, customers can alert the app that they are on their way so that their purchases will be ready when they get there. A unique feature to this app is the “Savings Catcher.” This allows customers to match competitors’ prices on the spot, further enforcing Walmart’s “low price” brand identity.

AmazonFresh Grocery Deli�ery

For starters, Amazon has dominated the online shopping sphere for non-perishable items for years.⁹ Now, they are expanding into the grocery delivery business with the inception of AmazonFresh. This trend poses a great threat to all brick-and-mortar stores. This feature is currently only available in Seattle and select other cities, but will likely expand in the near future. Due to Amazon’s success in online retail, they pose a threat to all retailers competing in the digital space because of their big name and excellent reputation.


Instacart Instacart is an internet-only grocery delivery

service. Instacart employees buy groceries at a nearby store and bring them directly to your home. All the customer has to do is select the items they want online or on the Instacart app and wait. While this does not threaten H.E.B.’s success as a whole, it does offer competition for H.E.B.’s ancillary services. With Instacart, customers are able to get fresh groceries within an hour of ordering. As of now, H.E.B. is only able to deliver non-perishables.

Checkout 51 Checkout 51 is one of the leading rebate apps, allowing

customers to save money after they have made their purchases. They just scan their receipts on the app and get money back. This app creates a great deal of convenience for customers because they do not get held up at the checkout line or pre-plan ahead of time like they would with H-E-B Digital Coupons.

target insigh�s We have created three equal subgroups within our overall target market to make sure we are really speaking to all the moms out there. Though moms universally do most of the shopping and make most of the purchasing decisions, age matters for these campaign objectives. A new 25-year-old mom will be more likely to use different digital services than a 50-year-old mom of teenagers and be drawn to them for different reasons. Hispanic moms are also a very large subgroup in this region, with different enough shopping and media consumption habits to warrant customized messaging. Therefore, to maximize total reach, we will be targeting 1) Millennial moms (ages 25-34), 2) Generation X moms (ages 35-54) and 3) Hispanic moms (ages 18-49).

Millennial Moms

Generation X Moms

Hispanic Moms

These women are 25-34 years old and are digital natives. They have grown up with technology and expect a lot out of digital services. They are the most likely to use apps, but also the most stingy with their phone space. For them to keep an app on their phone, they must perceive a clear and unique benefit. Millennial moms see time as the most important aspect in their lives. While they do enjoy saving money, it is less of a priority than saving time. These moms are more willing than others to pay an additional service fee. They would be most likely to use the Curbside and Ship to Home services due to the time-saving benefits.

These moms are 35-54 years old. Most Gen X women use social media, with over half visiting Facebook every day. They are not quite the digital natives that younger moms are, but the digital landscape still plays a substantial role in their daily lives and they make their voice heard. Gen X moms also lead busy lives and are keen on saving time. As a generation, they are more hesitant to spend extra money on delivery fees or service charges, but will make an exception depending on their degree of need. These moms value saving money more than their millennial counterparts, but still see time as their number one priority.

These women are 18-49 years old. They may be part of the above age groups, but we discovered that hispanics must be treated as a distinct entity because of their significantly different shopping behavior. Hispanic moms have a different outlook on grocery shopping. They tend to savor the experience and do not view it as a hassle as much as other moms. Their main priority when shopping is price, and they will often sacrifice time to make multiple trips to different grocers to get what they need at the best prices. Hispanic moms reported high internet usage and a majority participate in online shopping. Consider all of the above, Digital Coupons and Weekly Ads appeal heavily to this group. However, they will only appeal to Hispanic moms if the featured items are relevant to them. Including products that will draw in the Hispanic target is the first step in capturing their attention.


�he new H-E-B app The bedrock of our campaign strategy is a new mobile application - one truly worthy of the H-E-B name and reputation. The current version of the app has some great ideas, but the 1.5-star average rating reveals a need for a real renovation in order for them to shine. For comparison, Cartwheel by Target has a 4-star average rating. We recommend that the new hub of all H-E-B’s digital services meet the following criteria:





Everything you can do on the website, you can do within the app with one account. No more redirecting to outside pages (home shipping). No more separate sign-ups for different services. The answer to any customer question should be “on the app!”

When you open the app, the first things you see should be customized to YOU. A personal home page with features like “Deals For You” (using user history), a “How Much You’ve Saved” counter at the top, My Lists, etc. It’s important to constantly remind people of the unique value they’re deriving from the app.


Right now, the H-E-B app is a little too clunky and cookie-cutter in comparison to the leading grocery apps. We recommend investing in a sleeker design that conveys H-E-B as an in-the-moment, cutting-edge innovator. Perhaps consider expanding the color palette beyond only red to make it more colorful and engaging. The app should draw the eye and make people want to look at it.

Red Line Media recommends a revamped navigation framework modeled after popular apps such as Snapchat. One swipes left or right to switch between pages, marked by small icons at the bottom - similar to the iPhone home screen. Digital coupons would be the first page to the right of your home page because it is the most popular feature of the app, followed by Products, Ship To Home, Curbside and so on. Users are automatically given a tutorial or tour the first time they open the app.

sticker loyal�y program Now here is where the H-E-B app will really set itself apart! To keep people engaged with the app, we’ve designed a program that will simultaneously reward usage of different services, create community dynamics and even get moms to involve their kids. Existing separate but parallel to the traditional app functions in the left/right navigation, users will simply swipe up and down to access components of the loyalty program.

One swipe up from the home page is their “Sticker Board”. By using different functions of the app such as Curbside or Ship To Home, users will accumulate points that eventually add up to different themed stickers with cute little characters. Users can see what they need to do in order to unlock the next stickers, emulating similar systems in games like Trivia Crack that are massively popular with moms. In addition to the satisfaction of filling up their Sticker Board with achievements, each new sticker also comes with a prize like an exclusive deal or discount. One swipe down from the home page is the “Sticker Community”. After surveying so many H-E-B customers, we were amazed at how often they associate H-E-B with community. With local friends and town pride. That’s why we recommend adding functionality to allow app users to compare not only how many points and stickers their friends have (via Facebook integration), but also how many total points their local H-E-B has accumulated compared to those in other communities. Individual and store-based leaderboards. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody here in Texas! In fact, there are ample ways H-E-B could leverage it.


app suggestions - Spanish-language option - Reduce steps to find and add products to list (one-tap add) - Add all coupons to one barcode for checkout - Search suggestions as you type, search history - Automatically show coupons for items in shopping list - Delete grocery lists and items from lists - Hold product in front of camera and it pulls it up on the app - Install heat map for interest level in different functions Curbside on the App! - Priority with certain level gained through H-E-B Stickers loyalty program - When you book on the app, immediately receive lane, time and “Meet Your Runner” profile to build trust, reduce uncertainties. - Every 5 times you use curbside on app, your runner will bring you a certain free product (choose from list of relatively cheap options).

creati�e b�ief Why are �e ad�ertising?

To inform new and existing customers of these new digital services and lock-in loyalty.

Who are �e speaking to?

Millennial moms 25-34, Gen X moms 35-54 and Hispanic moms 18-49.

Unique Selling Point Added to HEB’s established ‘caring’ and ‘high-quality’ consumer perception, HEB’s digital services create a robust collection of ways to save time and money rivaling any in the industry.

What do people �hink o� us now?

Caring, quality-first, traditional, old-fashioned, cheap

What do �e want people to �hink o� us? Caring, high-quality, low prices, comprehensive, current


media o�jecti�es

Our 12-month campaign runs from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018. The three flights reflect our media objectives: to inform these moms about the new H-E-B digital experience, incentivize trial and, finally, ingrain these offerings into their regular shopping habits. Each of these steps represents a flight in our comprehensive media plan. Combined with a constant layer of continuous efforts, Inform, Incentivize and Ingrain will build momentum over the course of the campaign year and guide the adoption of these technologies.

Flight 2: Incentivize

Once awareness is established, the next essential objective for the success of H-E-B’s digital platform is driving trial. We’re confident that H-E-B can hook them in if we can just get them to try something once. There will be incentives such as coupons and free shipping/service fees to encourage that first-time app usage. This second flight, “Incentivize”, will consist of pulsed efforts focused around the big end-of-year holidays. The goal is to really ramp up the traffic into H-E-B’s digital services as we move into the highest-volume time of the year.

Flight 1: Info�m In order for H-E-B’s customers to start using Digital Coupons, Digital Weekly Ad, Curbside Pickup and Ship To Home on the new app, it is crucial to first create awareness that these things exist. That is the goal for the launch phase of this campaign, which covers the first three weeks of October. To inform. We want people to know that this is something new and improved and exciting for H-E-B, especially those who may have tried it early on and came away unimpressed.


Flight 3: Ingrain

The final step of this campaign is to consolidate a strong, loyal user base for H-E-B’s services that will last beyond the scope of this campaign. This is where we want to ensure that H-E-B is truly ingrained in the target market’s digital routine and no longer reliant on incentivized trials. During this time, there will also be events and special promotions to continuously remind people about the app and its digital services.

creati�e executions


Social Campaign: #ShoppingMyWay Via social media, H-E-B will ask customers to share what they do with the time they save from using Curbside Pickup and Ship to Home using the hashtag above. #ShoppingMyWay could range from 30 more minutes in bed to making it to their kid’s talent show. H-E-B will pick five people per service who have found the best ways to use their newfound time and feature them on their page. The winners will also receive 4 app credits that can be applied to cancel out Curbside Pickup fees or Ship to Home shipping fees.

Morning Shows H-E-B will partner with local morning radio shows and invite a personality to race an H-E-B curbside runner in fulfilling and delivering an order. If the runner loses, H-E-B will donate to a charity of the station’s choice. This serves to emphasize the speed and efficiency of the H-E-B curbside program in an entertaining way. The competition will be broadcast on the radio with live second-by-second commentating, played throughout the day and live-streamed to the radio station’s Facebook page. Leading up to the event, 30-second radio ads will be placed during AM commute periods throughout the work week.

Rush Hour Side-by-side videos will show moms leaving work and a runner beginning to gather her groceries. The videos will merge at the end as she reaches H-E-B and the runner loads her groceries into her car. The key message is the speed and convenience of Curbside Pickup. You can place your order before you leave work and pick it up on the way home. This will be promoted through social media sponsored posts, YouTube pre-rolls and 15-second TV spots.

Buzzfeed Article “5 Reasons Why You’ll Never Have to Shop Anywhere but H-E-B again” An article will be pitched to Buzzfeed staff members to have them discuss benefits of H-E-B, with an emphasis on the new digital services.

Posters Informative posters will be placed around the checkout registers and store entrances to introduce the curbside and home delivery services. The posters will direct customers to the app as the central place to access these services. “Available on the new H-E-B app.”


Billboards Billboards will feature the image to the left, promoting the H-E-B app and the time-saving services housed on it.

Incentivize Halloween Oct. 25-31 A few days leading up to Halloween, themed coupons for things like candy and pumpkin products will be featured on the app under Digital Coupons. If customers use these coupons, they will receive limited-time Halloween stickers to add their sticker board (a bat character, etc.). This will be promoted through sponsored social media posts that focus on the app-exclusive digital coupon that will earn them the Veterans Day Nov. 9-11 H-E-B will promote free shipping to and for veterans exclusively through the Ship2Home service. In reality, anybody would be able to receive free shipping as there is no way to verify if they are a veteran or not, but it would be promoted as free for veterans. Texgiving Nov. 1-15 Over a two-week period, customers will be encouraged to submit their favorite family Thanksgiving recipe to a temporary section on the Recipes page of the app. Users will be able to browse other submissions and upvote or ‘star’ interesting recipes they would like to try or see made. Whichever recipe gets the most stars will then be featured on a special episode of “In the Kitchen with H-E-B”. The episode will premiere a few days before Thanksgiving to give others a chance to give the winning recipe a try for their own turkey day feasts!

A Helping Hand Nov. 22 All Curbside Pickup and Ship2Home fees on Nov. 22 will be donated to provide Thanksgiving meals to local orphanages. Press releases will be sent to local news stations a few days in advance to try to gain some publicity and encourage people to use those services that day. Promotional images will feature a mother’s hand reaching out to help a smaller child’s hand, appealing to the motherly nature of our target market of the app.

Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 A themed Digital Weekly Ad will be sent out for Valentine’s Day. Those who use the ad will receive an exclusive Cupid sticker on the app. Curbside Pickup customers on this day will also be delivered a complimentary rose by their runner.

TX Independence Day Mar. 2 There will be free shipping through Ship2Home for orders of $18.36 or more (referring to 1836, the year Texas gained independence). This will be promoted through social media sponsored posts that really play up on our Texas pride! 12 Days of Coupons Dec. 3-14 In early December, exclusive Christmas-themed coupons will be promoted on the app - a new one for each of the “twelve days”. Each coupon that is used during this twelve-day period will earn a certain number of points. There will be a contest between all H-E-B stores for which can redeem the most total app points for customers. The five stores with the most points by the end (December 14) will get to host a kid-friendly Christmas event including visits from a Santa and a real reindeer and picture opportunities with each. The free events will also include arts and crafts tables, food and free branded H-E-B merchandise. The events will be scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 17 for the winning locations. The competition will be promoted through sponsored social media posts. The posts will explain the Christmas Coupons and also focus on driving people to the app to use them. There will also be a Snapchat geofilter for the event.


Mother’s Day May 13 H-E-B will host cookouts at 10 nearby local parks across the state. Moms will be able to bring their families out for free food and activities, and all they have to do is punch in their digital coupon code to get in. If someone has not downloaded the app or signed up for digital coupons they would be able to do it on the spot. An H-E-B tent would be set up with buffet tables full of food ready to be served. The mom will receive a raffle ticket with her plate and be entered into a drawing. There will be 10 winners per park. Prizes include $50 Curbside Pickup and Ship2Home gift cards. Sponsored #MomWins social media posts will be used to promote this event and get more people to use the app.

H-E-B Sticker Pals June - Aug. 2018 Throughout the summer months, kids will be able to collect 15 cards featuring different H-E-B app sticker characters at checkout. These cards will be similar to baseball cards and profile a character from the app’s Sticker Board. If the mom uses the app at checkout or shows the cashier that she has the app, her child will receive a Sticker Pal custom card. If a kid is able to collect the whole series before August 31, they will receive summer-themed prizes (frisbees, sunglasses, balls, shirts, etc.) with the cool characters printed on them. Sponsored posts will be used to promote during the first week of each month (June-Aug). There will also be in-store displays at children's eye-levels that feature the Sticker Pals and encourage kids to ask their mom to use the app.


Independence Day July 4 Moms who use Digital Coupons or Digital Weekly Ad on this day will receive H-E-B App branded firework glasses for their son or daughter to wear that night, potentially placing H-E-B digital services into moments when emotional connections and memories are made.

Year in Review Sept. 25 At the end of the campaign, H-E-B will post on their social media pages asking app users how the new app and digital services have changed their shopping experience. The customers will then be able to reply with a video or written message about their experiences in exchange for a generous reward of points in the loyalty program.

Back to School August 2018 Throughout the month of August, the digital Weekly Ad will feature back-to-school items. Special discounts will be exclusive to app users and come with the one-time opportunity for a kid to win three Sticker Pal cards at once.


Continuous Ef�o��s

Banner Ads Ads for the H-E-B app and digital services will be placed on grocery websites and websites frequented by moms. They will be geotargeted to cities with H-E-B stores. The banner ads will home in on our central theme of taking care of moms so they can better take care of their families.

geographic b�eakdown

Mobile App All of the digital services will be consolidated to a redesigned app to streamline the user experience. The app will feature a loyalty program where customers are able to earn stickers depending on how much they use the different features. Throughout the campaign there will be app-exclusive promotions through digital coupons and weekly ads. The shopping list feature will also include a “Game Mode” option. This will turn the shopping list into an I Spy or scavenger hunt game so kids can be engaged in shopping with their mom. Google AdWords Adwords will be geotargeted. Example words to bid on include: “curbside pickup”, “grocery delivery”, “grocery pickup” and “grocery coupons”.

Birthday Specials Users will receive free Ship to Home shipping on their birthdays. Mommy Blogger Bundles Gift bundles will be sent out around holidays and key heavy-up times to influential Texas-based motherhood bloggers, including latina mommy bloggers. The bundles will include H-E-B merchandise and an H-E-B gift card to encourage them to test and write about one or more digital services. We have prepared an exhaustive list of bloggers that will best reach each of our subtargets.

Sponsored Posts The hashtag #MomWins will be promoted throughout the campaign. It will lead to a separate landing page in H-E-B’s site where people are able to submit how Mom saved the day by using a digital service. Hey, even something simple like getting half-off ice cream can be a huge victory in the eyes of her family! It will be customizable to seasonal times like #MomWinsChristmas as well. This will get moms engaged and help increase app downloads and usage. Weekly Ad Codes There will be unique codes on the digital Weekly Ads that users can type into the app for a chance to win a prize. An in-store kiosk holding the print weekly ads will say “Download the app for chances to win weekly prizes.” This can help convert loyal users of the print version to convert to digital, where they may be tempted to use other H-E-B services.


To complement our media efforts, we chose 20 cities in Texas to receive heavy-up efforts. Using data gathered from, we examined factors such as the population of females in our target, number of families with children under 18, and number of Hispanic and Spanish-speaking households in areas with H-E-B stores. The cities performing the highest in these categories are pinpointed in the map below and will receive extra attention during our campaign.



flow chart


measurement & evaluation So that’s our plan! And we think it’s great. But a great campaign is about more than just creating a great plan, putting your heads down and blindly following it to completion. One of our core values at Red Line is OPTIMIZATION. That means we’ll be constantly evaluating campaign performance on numerous conversion metrics for anything that can be improved. App traffic, event attendance, social media campaign engagement, curbside data, online search trends and even public attitudes about the campaign will all be monitored to measure success before, during and afterwards. If something is not working as expected, we’ll adjust our plan. This flexibility is crucial to a successful campaign. To show much we care about maximizing your RoI and exceeding your goals, we’re also spending $75,000 to hire an outside research firm to aid these optimization efforts. It’s extra work for us, but we’re never comfortable standing still. We’re devoted to making this campaign a smashing success for H-E-B from start to finish.


It doesn’t end there either. At the conclusion of the campaign year on September 31, we’ll reevaluate what worked, what didn’t and any new developments in the industry. Then we’ll share our final recommendations for how to transition from the debut campaign and into the next 12 months. Many seasonal aspects of the Incentivize and Ingrain flights, such as 12 Days of Coupons and the Sticker Pals cards, have the potential to become annual promotions if successful. These final recommendations, however, will be heavily dependent upon whether the campaign meets its objective of 20% of targeted moms using H-E-B digital services (measured by number of qualifying women who sign up for an account on the app). We’re confident in our plan, but we’re prepared for anything.

in conclusion...

Red Line Media would like to sincerely thank H-E-B for the opportunity to work with an amazing brand that means so much to so many throughout our great state. We are confident in the creative vision we have painstakingly set forth and believe that it is the best way to take H-E-B fully into the new era of grocery shopping. Just as a mom takes care of her family, the H-E-B app and included digital services can truly take care of her… with unbeatable convenience - and fun! So what do you say? To make Red Line’s vision a reality, all you have do is sign this red line:

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Red Line Media - H-E-B Campaign  

Mock campaign created for PR 377K - Integrated Communications Campaigns at The University of Texas. Team members: Heather Crabill, Brittany...

Red Line Media - H-E-B Campaign  

Mock campaign created for PR 377K - Integrated Communications Campaigns at The University of Texas. Team members: Heather Crabill, Brittany...