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Pro Feet Inc., Esteem Athletic

Campaign Overview

Spring 2013

Overview of Campaign GOALS

To build a stronger online presencefollowing and engagement on Esteem Athletic Facebook page by aggregating relevant and shareable content

To iIncrease brand awareness and consumer engagement while alsoby demonstrating the core values of the brand

Pave way forTo establish brand recognition

To define and acquire two distinct target audiences: cheerleaders ages 13-17, and their parents, where consumers would seek Esteem Athletic products


Launch the “I Believe In Me” campaign to creatively promote the Esteem Athletic brand, value, and products to the target audience and increase engagement on social media platforms

Create a content strategy and calendar for Facebook and Twitter and products

Expand social media accounts, and increase followers while fostering engagement on social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Get participation from the cheerleader target audience (girls age 13-18) and gain trust of parents/coaches target audience

CAMPAIGN MATERIALS Videos Branching from theTo supplement the introductory video on Esteem that was released created duringin spring 2012, the Esteem Athletic team worked with the creative team to produceLive Oak creative team produced three more videosadditional videos this semester. These videos focus on Each video focused on making forming personal commitments that address prominent social isses affecting teenaged girls today-- on a few social issues that affect teenage girls: self-esteem, self imageself-image, and peer pressure. The talent in the video featured one middle school or high school-aged cheerleader, and a college one.local young girls, and two of our own Live Oak members. The young talent girls were found throughwas acquired through Kimberly Rippy, [what is her job title?] of the Performing Arts Center. ; one was her daughter, and the others were her daughter’s friends. The videos supplemented the “I Believe In Me” campaign as content for the social media feeds (namely Facebook).were released on Facebook in the weeks prior to launching the “I Believe In Me” campaign to emphasize the Esteem core values that the campaign would address.

“I Believe In Me” Campaign The Live Oak team developed a 30-day commitment campaign, called the I Believe In Me campaign, which was launched in March 2013lasted from March 15-April 15. The campaign utilized Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as its social media platforms. During the campaign, an open-ended commitment challenge was posted to Facebook and Twitter everyday for 30 days. To participate, followers were challenged to interpret the commitment in their own way, and then asked to show the public how they honored the commitment that day by posting a photo on Instagram with a brief explanative caption and the hashtag #esteemgirl. The photo with the most likes at the end of each week were to be featured on Esteem Athletic’s social mediaFacebook page sites and its photographerthe winning contestant would winbe sent an an Esteem Athletic goody bag. The bag consisted of a body suit, water bottle, and Esteem Athletic ribbons, all packaged in an Esteem Athletic pink vinyl backpack. Hootsuite The Live Oak To help with consistency in posts, the team used the client’s account on Hootsuite to schedule posts, detailing the day, the time, and whichat social media account to post to. HoweverUnfortunately, the team encountered some glitches that resulted in much of the memes, photos and videos not to upload properly. there were some issues using this site. The most prominent problem is that it did not consistently post the scheduled visual content on Facebook,As a result, the bulk of the content posted on the Esteem Facebook and Twitter throughout the “I Believe in Me” campaign was solely textual. so timeline for the Esteem Athletic Facebook page is mostly text. Another issueAdditionally, Instagram has was that Instagram had not yet developed a way to integrate its program intobeen established on Hootsuite, meaning our photos must . Thus, the pictures had to be posted manually, which led to some infrequency during the month..

Social Media Facebook In order to enhance Esteem Athletics’ Facebook page as well as promote the “I Believe In Me” an updatedthe Live Oak creative team designed a new cover photo which appeared on Facebook for the two weeks leading up to the campaign and throughout its duration.was posted prior to the campaign. The picture was vibrant and colorful, as well as consistent with Esteem’s brand colors. The cover photo gave also provided simple instructions about the campaign conteston how to participate in the contest.

A micro page was also designed and launched by the Live Oak creative team to detail the rules and regulations of the contest, as well as the list of each day’s challenge. specifically for the campaign was created, in order to perpetuate consistency as well as a central place for Facebook fans to find information about the campaign. The micro page

contained the contest description as well as rules and regulations. These were purposefully written in a manner so the target audience could read and understand these guidelines. The micropage could be accessed directly from the Esteem Facebook page by clicking a tab called “I Believe In Me.”

Below is a sample of

the content calendar for the “I Believe in Me” Campaign.

Below are screenshots of the Facebook advertisements that were launched from March 13th to April 16th.

During the course of this semester, the team developed a content bucketThe Live Oak team created a content strategy and content calendar for the 30-day campaign and throughout August 2013. This began with getting to know the targeted audiences- teenage girls who were interested in cheerleading, and the parents and coaches who purchasebuy the gear. The team started a database of websites that could offer useful information regarding anything and everything that has to do with cheerleading: We divided the content into categories and organized them in the following buckets: health and safety tips, accessory crafts, inspirational quotes and videos, cheer team bonding ideas, and tips for cheer parents. just to name a few. We were also sure to incorporate data that correlated with Esteem’s core values: power, reliability, performance, achievement, confidence and endurance. Many of the web pages in our content bucket were about the importance of confidence in teen girls, how to build self-esteem, and how to nurture the feeling as well. When developing the content for Facebook, we used related websites for ideas, background information, as well as a supplement to daily posts. We would guide leaders to articles on these websites. The link previews on daily posts were visually appealing. We also made a special effort to interactconnected with other cheer-related pages and “likers” through Facebookcheerleading fans on Facebook by writing on their walls and telling them about the contest, as well as sharing some of their posts on the Esteem Athletic Facebook wall.. After thoroughly reviewing the bucket, we developed a content calendar for the contest period and the following months up until August 2013. All of the posts were uploaded through Hootsuite.

Instagram This semester, the Live Oak team created an Esteem Athletic Instagram account for the I Believe In Me campaign. The Instagram for Esteem Athletic was created for specifically for interactive purposes including: posting images, sharing images from other accounts, and increasing brand awareness. The creative team created a package of memes with inspirational quotes that represent the core values of Esteem Athletic: Confidence, Reliability, Endurance, Achievement, Performance and Power which were posed on Instagram throughout the campaign. . The meme’s were posted on a daily basis, particularly during the “I Believe in Me” campaign, which required the use of Instagram for both Esteem Athletic and participants in

the challenge. posted every few days, and on average received between four to six likes each. During the campaign there was one submission on the Instagram, and one ultimate winner!

Above is an example of the Esteem Athletic profile on Instagram that those who visit the account. Ultimately the Instagram was used to help build brand awareness for Esteem Athletic. and get involved with the cheerleading community online. It’s a great way to share and interact with other users who fit into the target audience and share similar interests and values

Twitter The purpose of creating a Twitter social media account was to increase brand awareness of Esteem Athletic as a branch of ProFeet and to promote the “I Believe in Me� campaign. held from March 15th to April 15th. As a consolidated version of the Facebook page, the Twitter account was designed to reach the targeted audience, cheerleaders ages 13-18 by, through the use of another social media channel and to following similar cheerleading businesses andto cross promotinge their products and services.

RESULTS Videos: 93 collective views “Who We Are”: 29 views “Be Ourselves”: 36 views “Best We Can Be”: 28 views

Social Media I Believe In Me Campaign: 1 winner

This is the “I Believe in Me� entry that was submitted on Instagram. There is a comment on the side informing the participant that they won the Day 6 challenge.!

We found

with quotes were shares.

that the posts inspirational among the most popular, often resulting in multiple likes and

Facebook: 443 ‘likes,’ 54 posts Esteem’s Facebook likes increased times ten,tenfold, resulting in a total of 443 likes after utilizing Facebook advertisements. We made an error by setting the target age range to “13 and older,” as well as including both genders to satisfy both target audiences. While this did bring a lot of traffic to the page, we did not hit the target of audience (girls, 13-18) as strongly as we intended.

Below is a graphic illustrating the increase in Facebook likes- highlighting the increase after using Facebook advertisements in March.

Not only that, but this increase in likes allowed for an increase of reach and people “talking” about the Esteem Athletic page.

Instagram: 28 followers, 49 following, 49 photos, 56 ‘likes’ received

These are some examples of the memes that were created for the Instagram account, and one example of a “shared” photo from another account.

Twitter: 14 follows, 108 following, 65 tweets Prior to the contest, there were only 28 tweets posted on the Esteem Athletic timeline. The account had 103 followers and followed 14 people. During the contest, there were 37 tweets relating to the “I Believe in Me” campaign, making a total of 65 tweets for Esteem Athletic. None of the tweets during the campaign were retweeted and favored from followers, suggesting that the contest information did not reach past the followers and their timelines. Because the information was not reaching new Twitter users, Esteem Athletic was not generating any new viewers or possible consumers with this social media account.

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY Over the course of the spring 2013 semester, fine-tuned and launched the “I Believe In Me” campaign, which was detailed in the fall 2012 semester. The campaign is a giveaway promotion, in which the eligibility is sharing participants’ commitments on Instagram. The creative team produced a packet of Internet memes and the Facebook materials (microsite, cover photo, logo).To help with consistency of our social media content, we used Hootsuite. The site allowed us to schedule posts and assign what content was to be posted on assigned social mediums. We focused on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build a stronger online presence for the client. For content of these sites, we researched similar and relevant pages on these mediums, as well as blogs and other sharing sites. We also utilized the three commitment videos made during the fall 2012 semester to add to the visual content. While there were a number of setbacks that got in the way of the campaign’s full potential, the biggest issue was that the Facebook advertising target audience was not defined well enough. By setting parameters that were too broad, we did not hit the target of audience (girls, 13-18) as strongly as we intended. Despite the setbacks we encountered this semester, we are confident that future teams will not make the same mistakes we did. While we did achieve increased traffic and online following, we know there are tasks we could have done better. We have scheduled relevant and engaging content through Hootsuite to go onto Esteem Athletic’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We project that future concepts with our learned lessons in mind will achieve the goals set with the client.

FUTURE IMPLEMENTATIONS The first priority is to build trust with the followers. Viewers will not like or share information about an organization they are unfamiliar with or do not know anything about. Esteem Athletic must produce content on their social media sites that build brand trust and awareness, promoting who Esteem Athletic is, what the organization offers and how the consumer can benefit from their products and services. We can recruit cheerleaders that we

know to get the ball rolling with engagement, and to show others in the target audience that their peers are into Esteem. The second change must be the target audience. For future contests, instead of trying to hit both target audiences, one should be picked. This leads into changes in the content. By researching the targeted audience and understanding their lifestyles, values, daily activities, interests and use of social media, Esteem Athletic can determine who specifically do they want to pursue and how to attract those consumers. There should be research about what those consumers like to post about or what they tweet/retweet/favorite about, and then form Esteem Athletic posts and tweets based on the results. The content should be interesting and feature videos, photos and other forms of visual subject matter. Majority of tweets that are retweeted on different timelines are photos and events that are dramatic, exciting, interesting and new. Esteem Athletic can create fun, creative and newsworthy cheerleading tweets for their followers to show to their friends, who will then want to share with their friends and followers, and so on. There has to be more visuals than text for the followers to be interested because the majority of people don’t take the time to read an entire tweet or phrase. Once these tweets are geared towards the targeted audience, based on their interests, and have significant visuals, then Esteem Athletic will increase their followers and spread their information nationally. It would also benefit the Facebook page to post more about the product, so that the audience knows what kind of company Esteem Athletic is, and what products Esteem offers. Another important aspect to note in terms of target audience is to be sure that future Facebook advertising has a succinctly defined target audience to maximize the potential of the ads. Future teams should also be sure to regularly follow up with Hootsuite, to make sure all content is going through to the assigned social media sites. In the future, it may be best to supplement online efforts with an offline plans. For example, once a target audience for a future contest is set, have a local focus group with members of that audience. This way, the team can better understand the schedule and restraints the target audience faces, and cater the social media content to those specifications. Another offline idea is to find cheer competitions that are not sponsored by competitors, and have representatives of Esteem Athletic distribute free products and talk to participants and their families about the brand.

I Believe In Me Campaign  

30-day social media campaign for Esteem Athletic, a sister company of Profeet.

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