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Gamma Phi Beta

Event Details²3rd  Annual  Pancake  Fundraiser       Date:     April  8,  2010   Time:     10:00pm-­1:00am   Venue:   6123  Montezuma  Rd.     San  Diego,  CA  92115       Timeline    Type  of  Event/Activity  

Time  to  Authorize  

Forms  to  Execute/Get  info  

Pick  Date/Time  

Exec.  Retreat  


Permission  of  Chef  

First  week  of  semester  


Permission  of  House  Mom  

First  week  of  semester  


Event  Sponsorship    Volunteer  Coordination     Shirt  Design  &  Order  

Two months  prior  to  event    One  month  prior  to  event   Three  weeks  prior  to  event  

Sponsorship Letter²P.12,13   Volunteer  lists±  P.10,11   Shirt  Design²P.16  

Create Facebook  Event   Contact  GreekBeat  article  in   The  Daily  Aztec   Philanthropy  Event  Approval   Form   Make  Flyers  

Three weeks  prior  to  event   Two  weeks  prior  to  event  

One week  prior  to  event  

Send  a  synopsis  of  event/ beneficiary/time/date/location   Form  95²P.  15      

Make Posters    Fraternity  Walkarounds  

One week  prior  to  event   (Ideally)   One  week  prior  to  event  

Fraternity houses,  inside/ outside  Gamma  phi      

Sorority  Walkarounds  

One week  prior  to  event  


Chef  order  food  

Week of  event  



Week of  event  



Need  at  least  200  Flyers² time,  date,  location,  etc...      

Apply for  fund  matching  

Turned in  by  March  15  



Form 77-­Supplemental  Funds     Application²  P.14      

Two weeks  prior  to  event  

Personal Budget  

Pancake Fundraiser Gamma Phi Beta   Specific  location:  Camp  Cahito,  in  Balboa     For  More  information  g...