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Site Analysis Concept Research Site Parameters Algorithmic Logic Infrastructure Parking Structure Optimization Algorithmic Logic Iterations Architectural Program System Permeability Assembling Properties Masterplan Renders Conclusion

SITE ANALYSIS Slow ineffective traffic flow is the most problematic issue of the site for which an optimized network is needed to rearrange the functionality of the zone. Individualism is the mark of the site, every building works as a single element in which the context and function of space are alienated to the edification.


CONCEPT The approach of the project is to generate connections at multiple levels to optimize flow along the site. The use of structure as urban habitable space will benefit from the generated voids and solids in it creating complex spaces within the project.

Fragment of Solid/Void sculpture By Cecil Balmond

Vector Fields/Biothing

RESEARCH Frei Otto´s experiments involving self-organization networks were studied to comprehend the behavior of related paths under certain parameters, in particular the wool threads experiment. Variations of this experiment were evaluated to generate optimized paths.

Bundling technique previously used by Frei Otto

Wool threads experiment

SITE PARAMETERS To develop Frei Otto´s experiment in the project we located the most congested accesses to the site and traced single paths in all directions to use the minimal detour network logic.

Main access to the site Paths in all directions

ALGORITHMIC LOGIC The system starts as single paths working in multiple directions capable of directing flow only in that course. After the simulation networks are unified working as a single system nurturing the same amount of routes with more efficiency.

Daniel Piker´s definition on wool threads


Existent Infrastructure

Proposed Infrastructure

The existent infrastructure lacks organization and rationalization of the activity performed in the site and the flow that comes with it, for which a new infrastructure is proposed and with it a better flow along the site.

Combination of existent with proposed infrastructure

Existent Paths Secondary Paths Main Paths Main access to the site

PARKING (UNDERGROUND CIRCULATION) Having already generated a new infrastructure at level zero, the use of it is implied to work with the underground parking circulation. Certain subdivisions of the infrastructure were determined to be used as underground parking considering their position in the project, dimensions and ease of access to them, leaving a permeable area above them.

Underground Parking Access

STRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION The path acts as a compression member in this instance. The model begins to deform and the strings lose their tension and taut form. This is a bundling technique used by Frei Otto to optimize paths, now used to optimize structure. Vertices of the polygons were used to represent the basic geometric figure but being able to give topological flexibility. Regular System

Optimized system

Daniel Piker´s definition on wool threads

STRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION On the image below we have the new proposal of the whole urban scheme working as a single system, to the right of this image we have a detail of a silk worm cocoon where we can appreciate a similar behavior. The structural system will operate as an habitable structure where solids and voids will guide the use of the spaces provided.

Habitable Structure


Front View

TOP View

Generative Grasshopper Definition

ITERATIONS With this algorithmic logic we have numerous possibilities of different results for which a study of different iterations was done by modifying the relevant variables in the algorithm such as the number of lines to connect with at each level and the search radius that each point would have. Subsequently the iteration with the most appropriate attributes to the project like permeability and habitable space was selected.


Top View

3 Lines 10m - 170m Search Radius

4 Lines 10m - 170m Search Radius

5 Lines 10m - 170m Search Radius

ITERATIONS Perspective

Top View

3 Lines 10m - 100m Search Radius

4 Lines 10m - 100m Search Radius

5 Lines 10m - 100m Search Radius Perspective

Top View

3 Lines 10m - 60m Search Radius

4 Lines 10m - 60m Search Radius SELECTED ITERATION

5 Lines 10m - 60m Search Radius


Residential zone

+Privacy (No direct relation with main streets) -Access to green areas - Relation with open space - Relation with Commercial zone - Indirect relation with Office zone - Relation with other residential space Commercial zone

+ Public (Direct relation with main streets) - Direct relation with open space - Relation with Office and residential zone Office zone

+ Privacy (No direct relation with main streets) - Relation with Commercial zone - Relation with Open space - Indirect relation with Residential zone


Residential zone Commercial zone Office zone



Air flow


Phase 3

Another quality of the project is the assembling properties that having this urban structure provides, this makes the project more profitable in the matter that the growth of the habitable space can be gradual and as some portions are in the developing process, others could be operating independently.

Phase 2

Phase 4

Final Phase




Having this punctual structural system, an opportunity to have a minimal footprint is taken with the exception of the underground parking, leaving a permeable area.

Conclusion Self-organization and optimum structures were Frei Otto´s intrigue, this project takes a similar approach in which the city´s flow and structures are optimized to generate complex spaces. Larvae Organization

Initial distribution

5 mins

20 mins

“Emergent city” as the term refers, involves a process by which a system of individual elements develop new pattern and structure with qualities that cannot be understood simply as the superposition of the individual contributions.

Frei Otto, Occupation with simultaneous distancing and attracting forces

Maya hair dynamics


Parametric Urban Proposal for Valle Oriente in Monterrey, Mexico. Parametric Urbanism Agenda Fall 2011 Tec de Monterrey, Mexico. Team: Jorge...