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Poetry Portfolio Poems are a different way do express feelings and ideas through literature. There are many types of poems such as rhyming, free verse and many more all with very different characteristics and meaning. In my 5 poems I will disguise freedom as nature and many other metaphoric devises.

Alexander Kenderdine-Davies

Sticks and stones can break my bones But words never hurt me they say. Behind his smile is misery that stays He hides himself Away.

Behind his Appearance

His eyes flooded with fear in which never fades. Behind his words there is a strong soul that forever burns on. His every actions Contains courage that never dawns. Tears role down His face as People look at him With disgrace He stroles down the hallway As stares pierce his soul he crawls through another day

 In my free verse poem ¨Behind his Appearance¨ I try to express the life of a boy in the shadows being mentally and physically challenged by others and what he goes through emotionally and how he has to continue with a miserable routine, day after day and hide his true feelings. This talks about mental freedom and the limitations the society and community put on him and how these limitations affect him and what he decides to do and not do. In my poem I used enjambment to emphasize the certain powerful words that enhance the meaning and the description. I also used rhymes to make the flow of the poem more rhythmic although the rhyme has no particular order. I also used word choice to pick out the most effective words to use in such a poem and in such a situation. I know my message was affectively delivered because it can be connected to many people that are exposed to this problem globally. It will hopefully bring sorrow and sadness to the audience as it recreates a situation felt and endured by victims. My message escalates the topic of bullying to everyone to help raise awareness and create an environment for others to see how it feels to be bullied.

I Have a Dream Even though we face The difficulties of Today and tomorrow I still Have a dream. I follow the belief That all men are created equal. I have a dream that Sons of slaves And slave owners Will sit in the circle of justice reunited as one I have a dream that my children will be judged for only The content of Their characteristics alone. To live forever on with no fear and tackle the journey beyond. I have a dream That even a state ravaged in the plague of injustice will bloom into a paradise of hope an freedom. I have a dream that everyone will evolve from this state of thinking into the world of equality and peace.

 In my poem found poem "I have a Dream" inspired by a very life changing speech made by Martin Luther King, I am trying to emphasize the theme of no discrimination and emphasize the hopes and dreams of future society and comparing it to the corrupt racism that has been going on back in the 1960s. I used enjambment to express the emphasis that some words needed to have to make the poem more powerful and the specific word choice to keep. I took the very directed words towards certain places in America and changed them to a very broad overall subject that can be connect with all general discriminations. I thought that this was a very well spoken speech that has really touched me in a way. The persistence of the fighting souls against this tragedy is admirable and yet they have the courage to stand up and confront the law in a courageous and safe way. With out any causalities the words and structure of the speech was very powerful and moved many people including me. Martin Luther king used repetition a lot in his speech to clearly show the importance of the single sentence or series of words which were "I have a dream." This was used many times over the course of the speech to symbolize the yearning of Martin Luther King of what he imagines and wants the future to be like with out all the racism and discrimination. I used enjambment and word choice to emphasize what needed to be to deliver the message with fewer and more powerful words. Martin Luther King has also delivered his message affectively because of his strong diction and repetition of a single line. It obviously moved a lot of people causing action and rebel to take place in a safe manner therefore proving that his speech had been affective. Personally, I think that Martin Luther King´s message is important to the society back then because it was a new different way of thinking towards the segregation and racism with black people in America. It is important to have equality with all skin colors and races, Martin Luther King´s speech comes to prove that.

Gift of Freedom Freedom is an everlasting hope That once gained must be held safely People will try to steal it from you but you must learn to cope Since it is a vulnerable gift If taken lightly It may slowly drift away towards the hands of a wronged soul That will turn this present Into a living hell hole Sometimes the misery will forever seep into the cut Life may be the toll This gift is rare It is only given to those who care People will fight for their turn They would die in exchange for freedom they yearn They would do anything to earn this embrace of peace They would do anything for their right They would do anything to have freedom in their sight They would do anything for Freedom is an everlasting hope.

 In my poem "Gift of Freedom" I try to deliver the message and value of freedom and the importance of it. I want to say that freedom gives hope to people that want it. It is a valuable thing and if taken lightly and carelessly, it can be taken away, lost, never to be seen again. I wanted to express the effort that people would give to be free that is why it is a never ending hope. I used repitition for "They would anything" and "Freedom is an everalasting hope" to create an emphasis on the fact that people would try their best and put all efforts into getting a touch of freedom and there is always hope for them out there. I also used a rhyme scheme to enhance the rhythm of the poem. This message is a situation that has been taken lightly by lots a people around the world, they are given freedom but they push the limits too far and then in an instant, after that event, they can lose what used to be their freedom to another person. I think this message is important because it can teach a small moral and raise awareness of careless actions that can lead to death or slavery.

Care, are you there? I sit and wait for him to be there Sometimes I wonder if he even care? I sit and I cry waiting for the end All you do is sit there and pretend That I'm not there and the depression Isn't real; He lies to himself He lies to me; As I sit in a corner It's hard to swallow hard to breath Revealing the pain; revealing the sorrow I sit and yell, but no sound flows out I am a waste Lost in a sea of lies of empty space My unveiling silence Will never die Can somebody help? Will anybody help me escape? I scream his name Finally, I realize he doesn't care But through the hardships of life And strtuggles I've survived He was just right there all the time I was just too blind to see Now I unfold and open To be free.

The Free Turtle


This haiku "The Growth Beyond" is delivering the difference between physical freedom and mental freedom. I am comparing the two together to say that even if one is freed physically, it does not mean that it would be freed mentally and it does not always mean happiness after such an event. I used figurative language such as metaphoric language comparing nature to a real life situation, the use of word choice was also important in this poem. I tried to minimize the length of the message but yet convey it and emphasize it with more in depth powerful words showcased through the words and meanings. I think that my message was affectively conveyed to the audience because of the simplicity of the passage and yet the complexity and meaning behind such normal words. I know that people can understand this passage because people can connect with the meaning and in different ways of their own. This is an important message for me because people say that being freed physically is freedom already, I come to prove that there are two states of freedom and yet both can be limited.

English Poetry Portfolio  

This is my poetry portfolio that I created in English class of year 8 (grade 7)

English Poetry Portfolio  

This is my poetry portfolio that I created in English class of year 8 (grade 7)