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Selected Projects

Ground Floor Plan

Sketch: View From Gladstone Road

First Floor Plan

Sketch: View From Rear Garden

Located in a quiet suburban area, the proposed 3-bedroom dwelling makes uses of the redundant land to the rear of the existing property. The main design principle is to respect and enhance the local area though using a palate of both complimentary and contrasting materials and style, provide a good size and layout of amenity space, reintroduce new vegetation and trees to the garden areas. • Attended client meetings. Liaised with planners. • Competed site measure-up and drawings. • Researched planning policies and local area. • Concept and design development; sketches, renderings and drawings. • Planning/ appeal preparation and submission: design statement, drawings, forms. Section A

Section B

Freelance Design Planning Submission for new 3-bed dwelling on Tubbenden Lane South, Orpington

Ground Floor Plan

Sketch: View From Rear

Mezzanine Level Plan

Sketch: View From Front

South - Front Elevation

North - Rear Elevation

The proposed small dwelling occupies redundant land to the rear of an existing house on Woodstock Road in Witney. The proposal adopts the reference of an ‘Urban Bothy’. Bothys are basic shelters that are historically used as farm or garden worker accommodation. They are predominantly small restored, once ruined buildings utilising a combination of modern and aged natural materials. They commonly have a raised platform for sleeping and fireplace or stove. • Attended client meetings. Liaised with Planners. • Competed site measure-up and drawings. • Researched planning policies and local area. • Concept and design development; sketches, renderings and drawings. • Prepared for pre-app issue and attended meting with planners to discuss decision. • Planning preparation and submission: design statement, drawings, forms.

Street Elevation

Original Field of Architecture Planning Application for Woodstock Road, Witney, Oxford

Design Development

Magdelen College School

Magdelen College School

Sports Centre Extension Multi-Function Hall Interior View 1 Sept. 11

Sports Centre Extension Multi-Function Hall Interior View 2 Sept. 11

Magdelen College School Sports Centre Extension External view Sept .11

South-East Elevation & Section

South-West Elevation

Roof & Soffit Details

Magdelen College School First Floor Plan Sports Centre Extension First Floor Plan Sept. 11

Magdelen College School

Second Floor Plan

Sports Centre Extension Second Floor Plan Sept. 11

A 2-storey extension to the existing Sports facilities creating a new sports reception and admin area, three classrooms and primarily a multi-function hall which celebrates the glu-lam frame construction. Materials include copper rainscreen cladding, white sandblasted columns and translucent cladding. Lightweight timber construction is proposed for the primary structure. • Produced sketches, renderings and drawings for concept/ design development. • Designed technical details. • Tender and construction documentation, preparation and issue. • Documented/ designed service layouts. Liaised with contractors. • Researched products, developed material boards and finishes schedules. • Multiple site meetings discussing progress, finishes, detailing, defects. • Constructed field measurements and produced as-built drawings.

Original Field of Architecture Magdalen Collage School - Sports Hall, Oxford

Balcony Details

Exploded Axonometric

Pavillion Level Plan

North-West Elevation

North-West Elevation & Section

North-East Elevation

This is the first phase of this three-part project to redevelop an existing building located in a suburban area in Jericho, Oxford. The project aims to give an existing forty-year-old apartment block a modern face-lift by adding decorative balcony elements to the façades of the building and a series of penthouse pavilions to the rooftop. The proposal also includes the refurbishment of the existing 23 flats to improve the level of amenity, services and layout. • Developed design details in accordance with construction. • Completed defect lists and worked towards completion. • Multiple site meetings discussing progress, finishes, detailing, defects. • Produced as-built drawings. • Took a series of photographs for record and presentation.

Original Field of Architecture Castle Mill House - Phase 1, Jerico, Oxford

South-East Elevation

East Elevation

D08-10 Flat Layouts

First Floor Plan

The Queensland Road project forms part of the Aresnal Football Club masterplan with a budget of £160 million. The building accommodates 690 apartments providing a mixture of housing; social for rent, shared ownership and private as well as a vast commercial space containing 4 cinemas, health suite and market space. • Attended and prepared for presentation meetings. • Produced design boards for public exhibition. • Prepared documents for planning: drawings and renderings. • Developed a series of physical sketch models. • Designed a concept for the front entry and rooftop shelter.

CZWG Architects Queensland Road - Arsenal Masterplan, London

Accidental Monuments 6th Year Advanced Architectural Design

Definition 1. A prophetic layered dream of ruins past, present and future. 2. The hidden layers behind the mask of physicality and reality. 3. A non-space, non-place, accidental happening, accommodating the circumstantial contradictions of an entropic reality.

Abstraction An ancient ruin stands decayed and proud; its unending duration reveals the beauty of time through wounds of the past and present. Rarely seen in its entirety, each remaining fragment offers a distorted image of history, a setting for romanticism and fantasy. Often derelict through choice, a modern ruin remains untouched and weathered, replete with nostalgia, awaiting restoration or demolition. Architecture when newly built is polished and faultless, yet even with its construction complete it is far from finished. With age brings a new dignity; the continual accumulation of dirt enriches and embraces the qualities of its location. This ever-changing enhancement and eventual deterioration is known from the beginning. Amongst familiar and predictable places, accidental glimpses of once concealed spaces expose hidden unknown elements. These ruinous explorations peel back the layers of time, revealing the story of its duration.

Program Accidental Monuments is an investigation into the deterioration and eventual destruction of a once predetermined system, which is as a result of an unexpected event: entropy. It focuses on these happenings with predominance of man-made causes and illustrates the possible effects. It progresses to explore our current interest in the past through capturing unexpected moments of deconstruction amongst familiar spaces. This exposes the construction layers usually concealed beneath the façade, and outlines the buildings beginning, duration and end that provoke our imagination and attribute to its life ‘story’.

Constructing Eden: Destruction and the Aftermath Familiar Objects Thrown into Disorder Through Disaster - New Anomalous World, an Unsettling Environment

Entropic Parasites: Building Trawler Soldiers On Mass they Rapidly Cut Away the Structure, Distorting and Reducing the Built Environment to Rubble

Entropic Parasites: The Colossal Pile Up Pulls Redundant Buildings Out of the Ground and Stacks them for Later Use. Through this Controlled Selection it Retains Order and lets Chaos Pass into Oblivion

Entropic Parasites: The Colossal Pile Up Detailed Workings of the Machine

Working Model: Trail Machine Aim: To Cut Holes in Buildings to Allow ‘Theif Robots’ to Steal Required Robot Construction Elements. Leaves a Trail of Dust for Them to Follow

Hoarded Sanctuary A Safe Haven: The Control and Construction Workshop Full of Trail Machine Collected Treasures

Scale 1:20 @ A1

Abercrombie Building Reflected Ceiling Plan and Section: A Corridor in Modern Ruin A Hand Drawing Illustrating the Sudden Change Between the Predictable and Regular Route

Protected Eden Magnification of Chaos and Distortion, Defended and Disguised by Electric Protectors

Building the Collage: Protected Eden Giving a Sence of Scale

Layered Dream Animation: 3d Projection

Scale 1:50 @ A1

Layered Dream Still: The Creation of Harmony in Order Hand Drawing: Revealing Ruinous Non-Space. It Adheres to a Rule of Order Yet Maintains Interest of the Unknown and Attempts to Incite a Sense of Chaos

Scale 1:50 @ A1

Layered Dream Still 1: The Creation of Harmony in Order Hand Drawing: The Corner of an Accidental Monument. A Sense of Location and Place are Represented though the Placement of Pattern, Colour and Geometry

Scale 1:50 @ A1

Section A : Luminous Retreat: The Pursuit of the Illogical with the Upmost Logicality The Illusion of Scale: Familiar Bulbs offer a Strong Sense of Scale yet the Hammer Roof Suggests a Scale of the Opposite Kind

5th Year Design Portfolio Description Once seen as a lazy pastime, daydream is a crucial part of the creative psyche – allowing one to step into the realm of fantasy, clearing the mind for artistic and scientific breakthroughs. With little known concerning the many different types of reverie there is still little understood and concluded. This space will create a harvest land provoking the loss of self. Where scientists can participate and work alongside the dreamers, whilst gathering and recording both theirs and other partakers’ experiences with the objective of discovering the meaning, triggers and importance of daydream. The space will stimulate the senses through the balance of scale, constants, boredom and excitement; where only to those with imaginative and open minds are welcome.

Vision Blasts of heat, light, cold breezes and pattering rain confuse every sense. Silence as no-one communicates, Surrounded yet alone, Overwhelmed by the sheer volume and repetition of sound, vastness and intimacy of the undulating spaces, Slits and holes flash illusions of motion, busy cities, gentle waves and falling rain. Your mind begins to imagine the sounds each makes, locking your attention to one, you are mesmerised, Constant patter of people wandering in exploration become distant, a mere murmur, a comforting reassurance that you are not alone, Seemingly enclosed you are calmed. Distorted realities become the familiar; the confusion has become a constant. Slowly your mind switches off, you are lost.

Soundscape: Capturing the Enlightened Moment of Clarity Amongst Chaos Highlighting the both the Journey Through and Escape of London

Victoria Tower Gardens: Site Analysis Focusing on the Environment

Defining Personal Safe Space Investigations into Personal Comfort Zones

Model: Form Finding through Distortion Experiments in Light and Pattern

Conceptual Design In Order to have Distortion there must be Familiarity

Illusion: Encouraging Exploration, Revealing Hidden Spaces Hidden Paths Lead to New Buildings

Scale 1:500 @ A1

Site Plan Defining the Individual Building Uses and Location

Museum of Fear and Phobia 3rd Year Design Portfolio

Description Confronted by fearful and unexpected situations everyday, a child solves his problems through fairy tale imagination and fantasy: a long forgotten approach in adults. The creepy personal of the buildings aim to provoke fear and phobia, encouraging the visitor to challenge himself. The visitor becomes the main role in his own fantasy story.

Sample Portfolio  

A collection of both university and office work.

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