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Choose the Best Material for Home Flooring Fashion is a cycle we can never be freed from. Trends change as often as women change their minds, and it is the job of the rest of the consumers to catch up. Running in this cycle gets tiring most of the time, especially if you’re enduring this cycle in the field of interior design. Having to change your household furniture over and again will wear down the flair of your style until there’s nothing much to show for it. If you get your flooring wrong, of all other aspects of your home, you are a candidate for a major wake-up call. This is the reason that we admonish you to make the right choice now and opt for a permanent, timeless material for your flooring instead of getting blinded by the latest trend. Wood is your best option, because it is the one material that unties the past, the present, and the future of fashion and will therefore leave you no room for regrets. Nonetheless, owning wood flooring is not the end of the story. If your floor will have a future at all, you are obliged to keep on reading this article to know how to maintain its natural grandeur.

An Overview Impressive reclaimed timber flooring, in particular, is the main gateway to the doorstep of a triumphant classical design. The emphasis on its importance does not, however, reflect its nature in respect to the level of maintenance it requires. If you are adamant about your belief that nothing so good can be sustained without the use of special gadgets, then I am here to prove to you that you cannot be more wrong. In keeping-up the beauty and durability of hardwood floors, the first thing you should know is that there will be inevitable changes to your cleaning routine, and perhaps to some of your cleaning instruments, but nothing too drastic. And to answer the question that must have been drilling in your head since we started discussing, these changes will not cause you a fortune. In fact it will urge you to become more responsible and mindful of your activities at home, which is a good way of disciplining the family to be respectful to your own belongings.

Your New Cleaning Regimen Let’s start with sweeping floors. The first swap you’ll have to make is from hard bristled brooms to soft-bristled ones. Pointed edges will scratch the surface of your wood instead of cleanse it. The same thing goes with the vacuum attachments you use. Sweeping the floor should be done on a day-to-day basis while vacuuming should only be done at least twice a week.

The mop can be quite the tricky tool because you will also be dealing with water, and we all know that water is a supernova waiting to happen on your hardwood. Embed this in your head whenever you will mop the floor: damp not wet. Too much moisture will ignite the supernova, and a discoloration will occur, which will later lead to the demotion of your wood’s quality. Another way you can prevent this galactic misfortune from taking place is by wiping spills as soon as possible. Water is good at seeping into the gaps of the wooden panels and establishing itself there. A proof of a water spill that has successfully penetrated your floor is a dark formation on the surface of the wood that did not use to be there. Tougher forms of spills like markers, paints, and inks, the best way to treat them is with a clean cloth dabbed with nail polish remover. Once the stain is gone, wipe the floor with a clean, damp cloth.

Furniture Patrol We are always prone to move around furniture depending on the occasion or the need of the hour. Children alter the arrangement of living rooms and bed rooms out of whim. These situations are clearly out of your control. What do you do then? Since it will be a difficult task reminding everyone to lift the chairs and tables whenever those things will be moved, you’re better off attaching rubber padding on the foot of each furniture. This will prevent any sudden movement to scratch the floor. Determine the high-traffic areas of your home. Where do guests usually like to hang around? This is the place that requires more mats to prevent spiked shoes and heavy equipment from causing damage. The two places where thick mats must be placed are the front and back doors. These mats will act as absorber of all the dirt that is stuck beneath shoes before they spread it elsewhere inside the house. You may also want to be mindful of grits because these things also squeeze themselves into tight crevices, and they can be really stubborn when you try to probe them out. Hardwood shouldn’t be difficult to maintain, and the same thing can be said about antique wood flooring. Be extremely mindful of them, because you wouldn’t want to waste these masterpieces granted to us by Mother Nature.

Choose the Best Material for Home Flooring  

Wood is your best option, because it is the one material that unties the past, the present, and the future of fashion and will therefore lea...

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