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What Technology is needed for climbing Mount Everest 1) Transportation Helicopter - at places WALKING Up mount everest Hiking boots with spikes that have grip -So that you won't fall off hiking stick -to help you walk Ice Axe rope and hook -to climb the steep parts Ascenders (2) -to ascend the steep parts Rappel device Alpine Climbing Harness Adjustable Ski/Trekking Poles ladders

2)Food and Food Preparation YOU NEED FOOD!!!!!!!! You need snack - while you stop and rest Dinnner -Even if you're on Mount. Everest, you still need to eat unless you want to die Lunch - a quick easy lunch to make while you stop and eat Water - so you don't get dehidreted Beef jerky - it is fast snack while your walking and easy to cary Fruit/ Dried fruit - dried fruit dosen't go bad very easily and fruit gives you your vitamins Spoon -to eat with Bowl -to put your food in Instant Cereal -Easy-to-eat food Freeze-Dried Dinners

3) Clothing: Double plastic climbing boots -Climbing boots so that you won't slip off of the mountain Winter clothing -You'll need to stay warm Light-Weight underwear poliestern 2 Pair Synthetic Gloves -stay warm

Wool or Pile Socks -stay warm Pile Jacket - helps you stay warm Pile Pants 2 Pairs of Glacier glasses -to protect your eyes from the falling snow Down Parka A bandana -to cover the neck Baseball Cap or other Sun Hat -to deflect light Ski hat Liner Socks Pile Jacket Down Pants Masks -To protect your face Ethereal Pant 2 Pair Pile Mitts -Keep your hands warm

4)Protection: Sun Screen winter gear -To keep yourself warm 2 Pairs of Glacier glasses -To protect your eyes from the sun Sleeping Bag -To sleep in Blankets -To keep you warm 1 pair skiing googles -helps protect eyes from snow medicine for headache, pain, ect. -If you get sick while climbing Medicine for scratches -If you get hurt Cortizone -If your itchy Heavy duty back pack So that you can hold your tent in it Goggles -to protect your eyes First-Aid Kit -So that you can care for yourself Lip-Balm Air Tanks -So you can BREATHE

Cothing -so you dont freeze to death 5) Navigation: A compass -So that you can go up and down the same way Maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -so you know where you're going! 6) Shelter tent -for when you want to rest and sleep sleeping bag -to stay warm while sleeping 2 Large Duffel bags -To bring all of your things you need. maps to find camps on the mountain 7) Communication: Walkie talkie - to comunicate with the people at the bottom so they know your ok Solar Powered Phone - to get connection while your hiking keep phone under armpit because batterry runs out fast in cold.

Tecnology on mt.everest  

what to bring and do at mt.everest to survive

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