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Offices final piece Supply are chain surges as of potato empire puzzle commitments cemented byDave DaveLaister Laister by BusinessEditor Editor Business


FFSHORE wind’s early £3-million has latest been collaborators have uninvested into making derlined Lincolnshire the enormous northern a appetite forforsuccess in central hub the needs Energy as Grimsby ofthesome ofEstuary, the UK’s biggest is made the home for an expotato sellers. citing joint venture. Elsham Wold has just become the Brheadquarters itain’s Offshore new forPainting AKP Group, Servicestohas joined forces with supplier supermarket giant Danish company Vento Energy Morrisons and major chip Support, identifying manufacturer McCain.the town as the place to prosper. A state-of-the-art office block, And the decision made over temperature controlled potato location was strongly influenced storage facility and grading line, by an appreciation and to together with extensions enthusiasm for the industry, existing handling areas have just backed up and built been completed, with up theby huge announcem ents. 13-year-old firm headed by Richard As themoving unification was toasted at Arundel the whole the premises first acquired administration back into theby area OPSYork. in October 2014, just yards from away Dong Energy was The son of Grimsby town centre confirming town as the and Freemanthe Street markets location to serve the next grocer David Arundel, whophase also of windtofarms developing. used act asita is potato merchant to Jones, director of thePaul area’s fish founding and chip shops, OPS, said: saw Suffolk three years ago joined forces“Iwith what this was goingKerr to beinlike. businessman Bruce 1999. Geographically, it is good for us. The former KP potato storage “The east coast, and specifically facility which has now been Grimsby, is the place to was come to substantially developed, for wind.inWe didwhen a recce and got acquired 2007, a project that plot of land. was used as a began to grow skinItfinished satelliteon office, but of then we met potatoes the Isle Axholme. Vento last year, and speaking “We wanted to show we couldto them, we realised they do other produce the required quality services, services to locally thatdifferent supermarkets were what we and we only come buying in do, from Herefordshire, togetheror foreven blade repair andhe rope Scotland importing,” acce“Morrisons ss. said. backed us with it theirForward contacts and“We we have wentbrought to Yorkshire in Europe and our contacts in the (the scrapped regional UK, and have come together development agency) putting in one strong team. Grimsby together a plan. WeThe then tied the office chain is nowup theand joint supply gotventure the office.” funding.” It will now offer a range With of That equated to £700,000. solutions to support the in main Morrisons’ rapid growth the players in the . has been retail world, theindustry business “We want to have a big push. I propelled quickly, and working believe in Grimsby, is & with Eastoft-based L there Harrison passion about what I see,” Mr for Co, the infrastructure to allow

TRANSFORMATION COMPLETE: Richard Arundel, managing director of potato processor AKP. Picture: Jon Corken

Family firm passes Will Mary approve down the line high street leases? see page 24 22

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64 St Peters Avenue Cleethorpes N.E. Lincolnshire SPEAKERS: Sir Roger Carr, left, DN35 and Gavin 8HPEsler.

Top table is set for CBI dinner ©LW

Sir Roger Carr, president of the CBI and Gavin Esler, best known for his role as a presenter on BBC Newsnight, have been confirmed as the guest speakers at one of the region’s leading business gatherings later this year. The CBI Yorkshire and Humber Annual Dinner takes place at Leeds University on October 10. It will be one of the first events with John Fitzgerald, port director for Grimsby and Immingham, as chairman of the region. Mr Esler is an award-winning television and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist. His latest book, due to hit the shelves next month, focuses on lessons that can be gleaned from leaders in how they tell stories, and will be the subject of his speech to the area’s business bosses, and their guests. For more information about the dinner, which is frequently well represented by the South Bank and features a drinks reception within Parkinson Court, home to the famous Marks & Spencer archive and art gallery, e-mail or visit

your daily port of call £20m milestone passed Park on Grimsby’s further has now been employed, handling 120,000 tonnes Vento-OPS, BLADEincreases OF GLORY: Grimsby MP put Melanie Onn helps launch the joint venture with , from flagship left, Paul Jones, inLee place. Europarc development, will be of Jergensen potatoes aand year. Of that, manager 35,000 Jasper Bolton, sales manager Frank Hartvig operations Ostergaard. officially opened this week by tonnes are self-grown, with a “We have taken two years to get painting company in region Leeds, and a job Agriculture is opportunity up the opportunities out in the and Horticulture group in this toJones this,”said. said “There Mr Arundel. “We got growing came up across the Welsh border here and people get it, and I have field. “We took thatchairman on and Development Board around another site in Suffolk, the grant funding for storage and from his Merseyside roots. never seen it like this anywhere because our CBE, reputation hasa been John Godfrey himself contributing the balance. grading operations in 2009, and else.the Westorage have the wind farms, the established it was easier “I got asked to ‘go paint this North Lincolnshire tender, built throughout 2010, Recently 15 employees were and buy inWe to it. people trusted us,” he said. “Last yellowwith ’ on Mostyn Docks,” he toclients, be open forthey that all harvest. Mr Arundel added: “We’re added, three graduate Experience has been brought year we were running 50 guys.” recalledalso of his first foray into the looking have had potatoes in from 2010 in, and trainees forward to opening the part of the company, but all are buying industry. He himself founded the business with 2011, andthe thecompanies whole project has newHe cold store and grading facility specialising infound growing, logistics intofinished the apprenticeships and just working on wind turbine his uncharacteristic brother David, and the past been with the offices – the weather and technical elements, including giving them the chance too. components RWE and two yearshave has seen it scale now. conditions brought us aup agronomy . Thealongside remaining Siemens, and scale of the “We desire have brought experience significantly . There are opening now 40 challenging year, but the investment has the seen a fleet of six “Our is to have more opportunity over here, butproducers we don’t want people employed and ISO is just rewards for everyone’s rigs became broughtapparent. in to deliver event quality potato local to to be Mercedes bringing in from standards was looking at it in 2008/2009, work. were hit last year. The potatoes to customers, with the hard this site. Itmore wouldpeople cut down on out the“I of the area. This will give young company also will just not brought and I thought ‘let’s have apacking go at it, primary route Morrisons’ transport costs. There is still a lot “The new has facility only anditthose different forward a 16,000 sq ftdemand of let’s specialise in what we are operations near Harrogate. ofpeople, potential, will from help the enable us to meet the industries, opportunity If they state-of-the-art training facility, doing’. It was one of my best environmental footprint.and this our biggest customers, but we’ve Keen to cultivate a prosperous giveofme chancehas I can them with Industrial improved Rope Access decisions!” part thea world thepull ability to future also successfully the for Lincolnshire potato in. We have always taken local Tradeand Association Global grow some of the best potatoes in The company has worked across quality freshnessand of our farmers, the 32,000sq ft storage people on.” Wind Organisation certification – the country, that is what we are Europe and in Africa nowstorey also, potatoes by reducing facility and 4,000 sq ft two one of only sixhandling in the UK. majoring on.” knocked for Mr Opportunity moving into rope access and blade transportation, and using office development – which drew Jones ● latest Turn tocold page two.technologies.” inspectionfrom 18 months ago, opening the store inspiration Genesis Office A totalwhen of 44 while peopleworking are nowfor a

A FURTHER £4-million of investment across the region this last quarter has seen the total funds issued by Yorkshire climbbreaking to £23-million. forFinance the latest and The money, available to firms in northern Lincolnshire in seedcorn, loanaround and equitythe linked business news investments – ranging from £15,000 to £2-million – Humber region is there to help small and medium sized businesses meet their growth and development requirements. The figure amounts to 224 investments in 183 small and medium sized enterprises since August 2010, visit to more than 4,600 jobs created and safeguarded in the region. In the last quarter alone, the venture capital and loan fund completed 30 investments totalling more than £4.3 million. Alex McWhirter, chief executive of Finance Yorkshire, said: “We are looking forward to building on these figures and helping more companies achieve growth in the coming months. “We urge established and early stage companies to continue to speak to us to see if Finance Yorkshire can help turn their ambitions into a reality.” Supported by the European Union, it has attracted £30-million investment from the European Regional Development Fund, £15-million from Yorkshire Forward’s Single Programme, and £45-million match funding from the European Investment Bank. For information visit

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WELCOME: Ian Cawsey, right, joins John Borland and Jayne Chudley as a director of Fluent in Castlethorpe.

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Ian is Fluent in coaching of former constituents


ORMER Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey has returned to work in his constituency – as a director of established bespoke coaching business Fluent. Mr Cawsey, who served three terms between 1997 and 2010, has just completed five years of animal welfare work, with two years on a United Nations project setting sustainable development goals, travelling regularly to New York. But he has welcomed a role that keeps him close to home. “I have switched my mindset to doing something in North Lincolnshire,” he said. “I’m a Grimsby lad, I have lived


£2. 75

here a long time.” The company has evolved since 2004, with independent coaches Jayne Chudley, of Academy for Community Training, and John Borland, of Voyage Coaching, uniting to form it in 2011. It operates from the tranquil rural setting of Castlethorpe, near Brigg, where excellent accessibility to the South Bank is seen as a significant bonus. Mr Cawsey said: “We had known each other for a while, then towards the back end of last year we were talking about what was next for the organisation. “It developed though the conversation we had that I could do some work in business planning,

This is an exciting opportunity. I see great potential through the contacts I have, I see a number of organisations that could benefit from this support

Jim t Broadben

Ian Cawsey

ning actor e’s Oscar-win torate at Lincolnshir doc honorary receives an dral the Ca ’s the county

FEATURES for Prepping Christmas for Get ready the biggest nt of family eve

Since then they have gradually expanded the team, the provision and the centre within suites at Castlethorpe Court. A total of 12 people are employed, with associates brought in when required. “For us it is not about quick gain or sporadic interventions,” they said. “It is about long term partnerships so support and help is always there when needed. In a short period of time the impact has been huge. “Now the next stage of our development is key to taking these services to more people who need them.” A division is Sphere Education Support, which holds a service level agreement with North Lincolnshire Council to provide social and emotional support, support to remain in school and exclusion provision and respite on a part time and full time basis. Mrs Chudley said: “We want to get coaching out there to all walks of life. You can find it quite elitist, we have tried to get coaching out to young people, ensuring those who need it can access it.” This ethos led to work with schools, which progressed to staff and senior leaders.

Supply chain surge for offshore wind

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strategy, and then work in rolling that out. “For me I see this as an exciting opportunity in northern Lincolnshire. I see great potential through the contacts I have, I see a number of organisations that could benefit from this support. “There is a growing awareness of a need to look after employees. I think this will become increasingly mainstream. “It is about how we get the message across that there is a really high quality company based in the area that can be used.” Fluent not only provides coaching to schools, charities, businesses and the wider public sector, but coaches in-house employees to deliver within their own organisations, too. The spacious facilities can also be hired out for meetings and events, with small rooms to a 50-capacity venue available. Mr Borland said: “Ian has given us fresh eyes, he is really someone who has a bucket full of experience, and he is helping us figure out how we do what we do, and how we do it more efficiently.” Both started from their kitchens, but after a chance call led them to meet for the first time, they saw the potential collaboration could bring.

and quoting code: INNL

continued from page one. He has been in talks with training providers in North East Lincolnshire too, looking at potential collaboration, and is impressed with the willingness of people to work together. Mr Jones said: “I have seen the potential here, and what got me also, was Grimsby Renewables Partnership.

When I came here, I was made so welcome by Kurt Christensen – director and Danish consul for the area – and the others. I bought into it, and it was a a real point of difference, you don’t get that on the other side of the country. “I bought in, have stuck with the industry, and I can see people are being incentivised. I have spoken

to people and they want to be part of it.” The observation has been welcomed by Great Grimsby MP Melanie Onn, who officially opened the base. “Vento-OPS choosing to base their new partnership in Grimsby is great news,” she said. “They could have gone anywhere but chose here. It is a sign that companies realise what an

exciting and supportive place Grimsby is for new industry. “Vento-OPS talked about Grimsby, the Grimsby Renewables Partnership and surrounding businesses being like a family. Grimsby has a lot to offer and I am pleased that people are starting to see that. I wish Vento-OPS great success for the future.”


Tuesday, October 18, 2016 and and



Steel supply chain sought as early promise emerges B

RITISH Steel is looking for innovative companies to support its manufacturing operations in Scunthorpe, Immingham and Teesside. The business produces around 2.8 million tonnes of steel every year but it stresses that none of it would be possible without having a highly effective and efficient supply chain. Having posted a strong update for the first 100 days with the company back on track for a profitable year, the management are now looking to honour an early pledge made in Business Telegraph to build a more regionally-focussed supply chain. And the immediate priority is on the raw material handling. Ann Liddall, British Steel’s procurement services manager, said: “Support work is carried out by a series of highly-skilled, professional service providers that perform a range of production-critical activities across our Scunthorpe, Immingham and Teesside sites. “We are currently preparing to go out to market for a wide range of on-site production service activities and are seeking innovative, performance-driven service providers that would meet our pre-selection criteria, are passionate about what they do and focused on delivering value to their customers. “This is an exciting opportunity for new and existing suppliers to be involved in offering alternative, innovative and proven service solutions that will support British Steel in producing steel of the highest quality and at the best value for our customers, as we strive to keep our manufacturing costs in line with our competitors.” Services involve raw material handling, material processing, internal product handling, and specialist production services that are required to feed the manufacturing units with their relevant feedstock.

Month in Review Dong Energy delights with offshore wind hub OFFSHORE WIND: Dong Energy has confirmed Grimsby’s role at the forefront of offshore wind, revealing plans to create the UK’s largest offshore wind operations and maintenance hub in the town. Subject to planning approval, the new facility will be developed in the town’s Royal Dock and will initially support Westermost Rough, Race Bank and Hornsea Project One offshore wind farms. However, it will have the capacity to support other east coast wind farms in Dong Energy’s future development pipeline. It cements proposals previously reported, guaranteeing hundreds of long-term jobs as the ‘entrance’ to the world’s largest offshore wind zone is created in the town. Grimsby is firmly on track to control 3.5GW of offshore wind generating capacity by the early 2020s. There is currently 5.1GW in UK waters.

British Steel hits targets STEEL: British Steel is on track to return to profit this financial year, with employees to be ‘rewarded’ with the scrapping of the 3 per cent salary sacrifice. The announcement was made at a press conference held 100 days after the takeover by Greybull of the long products division of the Tata Steel Europe business. Highlights toasted by management in Scunthorpe included: ● Turnaround plan on track and business back in the black ● £50m of capital investment committed in annual plan ● Major support from customers and suppliers ● 270 new employees, including 48 apprentices ● Revenues improving month-on-month Engagement underway with Government to ensure a level playing field for UK steel industry.

Net gain for light tech

CRITICAL CRITERIA CHECK: Could your business contribute to the success of northern Lincolnshire’s biggest? “These are production-critical activities and we are always striving for the most effective and efficient way to perform them,” Mrs Liddall said. “We are keen to explore optimum solutions, including use of the latest technology to maximise our operating results and deliver best value for our business.” The range of services follow the cycle of raw materials, coal, coke and iron ore, arriving at the dedicated terminal at Port of

Immingham, all the way through various processes that prepare them for use in the blast furnaces and steelmaking plant. “As a responsible organisation we aim for zero waste where possible and therefore some re-processing of bi-products are required in order to re-use these products as a replacement for our raw materials,” Mrs Liddall added. Proven knowledge and experience in working in the steel industry or similar environment,

working in high pressure (production-critical) environments will be essential for consideration at the pre-selection selection stage. Businesses who believe they can offer value to British Steel, and can meet the pre-selection criteria, are urged to contact Mrs Liddall on or Rebecca Baxter, senior sourcing lead for procurement, on ● See page six.

FISHING: Artificially lit net escapes could help with the selectivity of fishing trawls, bringing major benefits to the industry, thanks to the support of Grimsby’s Young’s Seafood. Trials of the innovative technology suggest that it radically reduces the number of by-catch caught, helping fishermen only land the fish they want. It means fewer fish are wasted and it could have the potential to make fleets more efficient, saving time and money by reducing the number of trips to sea. Young’s, backer of Project TrawlLight, has announced the results of a scoping study compiled by the Government’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) – using technology created by SafetyNet Technologies. A winner of the prestigious James Dyson Award, it involves illuminating mesh escape panels that guide smaller fish, which fishermen don’t want, out of the nets.

6 and and

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How a plan for change made £1 works a must-buy for Greybull A YEAR is a long time in business, and it has been something of an ‘iron age’ in steel, but a focus on acting quickly and decisively has paid dividends for Scunthorpe’s vital industry. David Laister reports.


FASCINATING insight into the effort, dedication and emotion behind British Steel’s ‘resurgence’ has been given from within the transformation team.

The new president of Lincolnshire Iron and Steel Institute, Richard Farnsworth, used his welcome speech to outline the huge strides made at Scunthorpe’s steelworks. Recently appointed managing director of the construction business unit, he gave an insight from the heart of the operations. The first meeting of the new season began with the traditional address, but it was a far from typical overview. “What a story it has been,” he said as he took to the stage in the subterranean conference centre where just days earlier, executive chairman Roland Junck had announced the

Our recent financial track record wasn’t saleable. The Klesch experience had proven that to us. What became the saleable item was the transformation plan Richard Farnsworth business would return to profit in the 2016/17 financial year. That will be confirmed in June, but putting the 12 months in focus since the last LISI address by his predecessor Dave Collins, Mr Farnsworth said: “If we look back a year we looked at long steel’s stand alone challenge. “In many ways it felt like a lonely way to be. We didn’t feature in the core strategy of Tata Steel.” It came as negotiations broke down with the first, and seemingly then, only interested party, the Klesch Group, having been announced back in October 2014. “The critical words from Klesch were directed at the Government, nevertheless it felt pretty bleak for many, many people in this industry locally,” Mr Farnsworth said. “Dave Collins was, however, optimistic. A combination of the right leadership and the

right people, could make it through.” He spoke of the transformation, and the absolute need for it. “The first element of any business turnaround is a critical look at the cost base of the business. It doesn’t answer long term prospects, as history tells us, but associated actions are usually in your control and can be delivered in a relatively short time scale, and tends to be the place where you start. “This story in some ways is no different, in others very different. We were in the shop window. Our recent financial track record wasn’t saleable. The Klesch experience had proven that to us. What became the saleable item was the transformation plan. He told how a core group of 20 people came together, reviewed the order book, external spend, function and operations costs, and raw material buying. “In a short space of time they came up with the answer, and some hard choices were made,” he said. “The programme was launched in the August and when we got to October choices had been made and difficult announcements had followed that. Quite quickly the whole piece of work had been worked up, developed, finalised and publicised. Not for the first time it made difficult headlines.” The 37-year-old coke ovens were closed in Dawes Lane and the 87-year-old plate mill was mothballed. But Mr Farnsworth said there was an understanding of the workplace that emanated into the wider community. “Under Paul McBean’s leadership, the trade unions here are genuine ambassadors for our business, and understand the sacrifices that needed to be made to ensure the survival and understand what needs to be done. Employees demonstrated pride, passion and willingness to support with the salary sacrifice for the first year, to give the business the best possible start. You cannot bottle this stuff, for me it is absolutely crucial.” The quality of the plan and increasing demonstration of action attracted a potential buyer, in Greybull. Clearly the focus on adding value, rather than a concentration on the ultra-competitive commodity market had helped strike a chord. It announced interest in December 2015, and completed the deal on June 1. British Steel was born. “A brief moment in time was taken to celebrate, then it was back to work,” Mr Farnsworth said.

PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Richard Farnsworth, main picture, with June 1’s flag-raising and Marc Meyohas, who told how the huge team had ‘won the right to be at the starting line’ left. “As Marc Meyohas said, we had earned the right to be at the start line.” Mr Meyohas is the managing partner of Greybull Capital, the private family-owned investment company that completed the £1 purchase of Long Products Europe business from Tata Steel. It came with a £400 million investment, and the first element of that has now been spelled out. “June 1 was a momentous occasion for this business,” Mr Farnsworth said. “We have been fighting for our future for several years. Now we are bringing the heritage of the past into a fresh new brand and it makes a whole new turning point and milestone in the transformation plan. “It is fair to say the brand has been welcomed by customers, suppliers, employees, trade

unions and MPs, and a wide rang of other stakeholders. It feels a little bit like full circle.” Mr Farnsworth entered the business when it was British Steel, in Teesside in 1988. A Hull lad, he had read materials science at Cambridge, before a seven-year stint in the North East. He first came to Scunthorpe in 1995, as section manager technical in BOS Plant. Under the Corus flag he moved to Rotherham, becoming commercial manager for stockholding business in 2003, before taking a technology and development director role for speciality steels under Tata in Stocksbridge. In 2014 he returned to Scunthorpe as product director for rods, before being made managing director for construction at the start of the month.

“We are a much smaller enterprise, not small by any means, we retain breadth and reach, and we are on track to reach our target for this year,” he said. Outside influences have helped the picture, with the UK seen as a less attractive place for competitors. However, dollar increases in raw materials have been outweighed by the steel price increases when it comes to selling the end product. “Increasingly we are demonstrating we are able to act with great agility, and the most important thing is we can respond and adapt to whatever Brexit and anything else throws at us,” Mr Farnsworth said. “It is important to recognise we are far from there yet. There are certainly elements of help we could really use. We

cannot afford to stop lobbying Government to create the level playing field, with our consistent industry asks. It just doesn’t seem right that our business would perform so much better if it happened to be plugged in to Germany.” Turning to the LISI season, he told members: “Survival is in the cost base and structure, but prosperity is in the outside world, and the theme of the programme will be outward looking. “I think we have a lot to look forward to in terms of the LISI programme and the next chapter in the British Steel story. “Internal decision-making is in our hands more than ever and it is up to us to deliver while running a safe business, day in, day out. We have the direction, we have the right people to make it happen.”


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Month in Review Refinery capacity halved in single unit switch

OPPORTUNITY: Ray Price, left, owner of Messingham Grange is joined by Tony Marfleet, and Stephen Hollingworth, right, of Estuary Leisure.

Agreements help tee off leisure lodge expansion P

LANS to develop a luxury leisure park in northern Lincolnshire are progressing as a holiday home specialist is brought on board.

Grimsby-based Estuary Leisure has been appointed to help drive expansion of Grange Park Golf & Leisure Complex at Messingham, where there is the potential to develop a 38-lodge scheme within the mature setting. Estuary, operated by Tony Marfleet and Stephen Hollingworth, looks after the sales, supply and distribution of lodges and holiday homes. Ray Price, who owns the exclusive complex, said: “I have been meeting both Tony and Stephen for some months now and I am very excited about what they do as a company and I am looking forward to working with them both. “I have agreed to work alongside them both to sell all the plots available on Grange Park with a further option of obtaining further planning permission for further locations. “A total of 38 plots can be made available all in beautiful landscaped areas I feel that both Messingham Grange and Estuary Leisure will work very well together and I look forward to a very fruitful future.” The move follow a decision to expand the business into other parts of the UK. Mr Marfleet described Messingham as a “superb new

development”. He said: “This is a very exciting time for us. Although we now have park locations in North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire we are also in discussions with various reputable park operators in Norfolk, Suffolk and also on the Costa Blanca on the Mainland Spain. Estuary has selected Cambrian Leisure Lodges and Evolution Leisure Homes to work with. Area sales manager for Cambrian, Kevin Jones, said: “I am excited to have our products promoted and sold by Estuary Leisure as they have already been very busy with their beautiful new show lodge that is located at The Messingham Grange Golf & Leisure Park, they have been given full permission to sell and promote the full range of fantastic models.” Relationships have been built up through industry exhibition attendance. Ben Duffield, owner and managing director of Evolution, said: “After several meetings with both Tony and Stephen at one of the many leisure shows that we both attend I thought we could work alongside Estuary Leisure and allow them to sell our fantastic new product range We are absolutely looking forward to working with both of them and their company, they are very focused on what they both do and have a good attitude towards the needs of their customers.”

Northern Powerhouse from Government, and comes as Transport for the North looks to build on progress made in setting out its vision of better infrastructure. Evidence gathered from business will

inform further the development of Transport for the North’s plans. Business North, the leaders’ network representing the voice of business in the North of England, is behind the call.

Theme park’s closure LEISURE: Tourism chiefs and councillors have told how the “desperately sad” closure of Pleasure Island Theme Park is “not a case of the shutters coming down in Cleethorpes”. It is to close for good at the end of next week’s half-term, against a backdrop of continual losses. Owner Melanie Wood made the shock announcement, underlining a long-term decline in visitor numbers, despite heavily investing. McCormack’s bar and restaurant will continue to trade.




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Transport plan evidence A call for evidence on connectivity and transport, seeking input from firms on their investment priorities for the region, has been launched. It follows the recent reassertion of commitment to the

OIL: Total Lindsey Oil Refinery’s capacity has been halved, as a poignant milestone in the huge adaptation plan was reached. One of the two crude distillation units has been stopped, reducing the North Killingholme refinery’s output by 50 per cent, from 220,000 barrels a day to 110,000. It is part of the major project announced in February 2015 that is seeing headcount fall from 580 to 400. More than £30 million is being invested to secure the French-owned plant’s long term future, with a leaner more competitive outcome. It has restructured the refinery, reinforced conversion units and rationalised logistics. The crude distillation unit, known as CDU1, stopped treating crude imports late last month, with associated units then closed as the refining process was completed.

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in association with

Investment continuing A £100,000 investment in a new box washing machine has just been made by PPS in the town, with the installation taking place this month. It will improve efficiency further for the team. A hectic 2015 also saw Lancashire business Alison Handling Services, the UK’s largest independent stockist of returnable plastic packaging, acquired by PPS, which also operates out of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. “This year has been a good get-to-know-you year, we are working well together, it is a brilliant business, and nice to now offer the sale of the products, which we weren’t able to do before,” PPS managing director Joanne Moss said. “It has been really, really positive, a really good acquisition. PPS and Allison complement each other, they are businesses that have never competed. Although they are in the same sector, providing returnable packaging, one sells and the other rents and washes.”

Manufacturers of Industrial Hygienic Doors

CAPITAL-ISING ON EXPOSURE: PPS managing director Joanne Moss.

Waste reduction ethos brings special invitation P

PS, a leader in returnable transit packaging, has been recognised for its hard work and commitment in helping to make a difference in reducing waste by being asked to be part of a leading exhibit in London.

The various companies then came together for the exhibition in order to help educate the rest of the industry on the solutions that are already available. Joanne Moss, managing director at PPS, said: “We were really excited to be part of this event as an endorsement of the hard work we’re doing to help the industry The business, known for its find ways to combat waste. ability to work with numerous industries to supply reusable “It’s important that we get the packaging was picked to be part of message out there and educate as the Circular Living Exhibition. The many people as possible on the exhibition is designed to showcase simple ways we can reduce ways to reduce the huge amounts of packaging waste as it’s a question waste produced through the for manufacturers that isn’t going construction industry. to go away. The industry currently produces “It’s great to see that so many 800 million tonnes of waste each companies are working hard to year, which represents one third of make a difference in this area and total EU annual waste production. we were proud to be asked to be a part of it.” The organisers picked ‘pioneers’ from across the UK that are seen to PPS employs more than 100 be bucking the trend and finding people across its business, with major operations in the seafood innovative ways to reduce waste.

01472 352998

sector in Grimsby, where it has invested heavily. Mrs Moss has been a vocal champion in waste reduction, and applauded the move by restaurateurs recently to send an open letter to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan calling for a ban on the use of all polystyrene packaging in London. Joanne said: “The continued use of single use packaging, especially polystyrene continues to be a huge cause for concern in a country with such huge manufacturing capabilities., despite the rise of the availability of alternative forms of packaging which are not only safe and hygienic but also help businesses lower their carbon footprint and save money, so many companies are still not making the switch. “At PPS we’re working hard to educate retailers and manufacturers on the alternatives

available to them. We know that the question of packaging and how much material is being sent to landfill is an issue that is not going to go away soon so it’s important businesses look into the quick and simple changes they can be making right now. “We want to encourage businesses to consider every aspect of their supply chain. At PPS our experience in providing reusable, returnable packaging means we are able to offer advice on what would work best for a business and help them manage the supply and return – making it as easy as possible. “We want to send a message to businesses that it’s not impossible to find alternatives to polystyrene and cardboard use in the supply chain and would urge those still using these older methods to look into the alternatives.”

M&S gears up for an Ultimate Christmas treat Tel: 01472 269121 •

Unit 5, The business Hive, Dudley Street, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

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ULTIMATE Digital has recently delivered a new range of digitally printed re-sealable pouches as part of a major retailer’s sweet range. Marks and Spencer was the first UK retailer to use digital print to test the market with its range of Flavour of Summer Sweets in 2014 and are doing the same with certain products in their 2016 Christmas Sweet range. The Grimsby company delivered on a 10 day turnaround project delivering a total of 120,000 pocket size packs. Chris Tonge, executive director of the Europarc business, said: “This range consisted of six Christmas designs but there were five different festive messages on each, so this variable element made it perfect for digital print. “The quality of the images that we printed is

superb and M&S are delighted with the finished result. We even made each pack twinkle by using a combination of colour and the metallised film. “Effectively we printed 30 different design variations using only 9,600 metres of substrate to produce a triplex of pet/met pet/pe suitable for pouch making.” The sweet range is now in store and is sure to fly off the shelf and there are already many other digital projects in the pipeline for M&S within their confectionery range and several other product ranges. Ultimate Packaging is one of the global leading suppliers of suppliers for digital packaging. Ultimate Digital’s presses are leading the way for marketing and new product development.

MERRY CHRISTMAS: Ultimate Digital’s M&S work.


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Advertisement Feature

Specialist lending for businesses across Grimsby and Scunthorpe A

LTHOUGH the term alternative finance is becoming more commonly used, many businesses are still uncertain as to what it actually means.

In essence, it’s the collective name for the many routes available to businesses for acquiring funds other than the traditional high street bank, and includes both specialist lenders and crowdfunders. Together, an alternative finance provider that has a dedicated presence in the Humber region, has suggested that those businesses that haven’t explored additional funding options, such as the alternative finance market, could be missing out on new opportunities as a result. Bob Stones, Together’s regional development manager for Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “There’s a lack of understanding around the alternative funding available for SMEs, other than the mainstream

lenders, which ultimately means they could be missing out on opportunities due to a lack of finance or delays in funding. “We have greater flexibility than the mainstream lenders, and are able to act fast, allowing businesses to move quickly on a purchase or investment, and ensuring they don’t miss out because of tight deadlines.” Specialist lenders such as Together can help small businesses and SMEs to access the funding they need to realise their ambitions. Whether it’s a matter of short-term cash flow or businesses looking to expand, specialist finance can be a crucial facilitator. With more flexibility to consider cases on their individual merits, Together takes a common sense approach to each lending decision, assessing every case on an individual basis. Bob, who has over 27 years’ financial experience and has funded hundreds of property transactions, added: “I work with clients across Grimsby,

Scunthorpe and Yorkshire and bring Together’s common sense approach to the region, offering the professional sector the opportunity to enhance their offering and to receive reciprocal business. “We have a broad network of professional introducers including accountants, solicitors, banks and financial advisors, who will refer clients to us knowing that they can be assured of excellent service and a speedy decision. “Our recent figures are testament to our success – we increased lending by almost 40 per cent in the 12 months to June 30 2016, topping the £1 billion mark for the first time in our 42 year history, and have a loan book in excess of £1.8 billion.” ● Visit www.together for more information, or call Bob on 01482 750 288 or email robert.stones@together

We have greater flexibility than the mainstream lenders, and are able to act fast, allowing businesses to move quickly on a purchase or investment Bob Stones

Supporting the professional sector

Trusted partners... common-sense lending As a principal lender, with over 40 years’ experience, we’re dedicated to working closely with our professional sector partners. Our expert team is here to support you and your clients in a range of short-term property funding requirements. Taking a common-sense approach, we aim to put your clients in the best possible position to complete.

Contact Bob Stones the Regional Development Manager for the North East and Yorkshire. Call us on - 01482 750 288 or visit

This advertisement is intended for professional intermediary use only and must not be distributed to potential clients.

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Ports & Logistics

Celebrating 150 years of logistics

in association with

Humber Work Boats

Marine Contracting, Dredging and Boat Building

Tel (01472) 352955 2b King Edward Street, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 3JD

DOCKING AT THE DOUBLE: Two DFDS Seaways vessels at Port of Immingham.

24HR Service - No Call Out Fee - 07714 137084

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CAB COMFORTS: A young visitor explores the DFDS vehicle at Live Local Lincolnshire Food & Drink Festival. Below, a Lego model roll-on, roll-off vessel commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary.


ANY happy returns – and exports – to DFDS as staff celebrate the firm’s 150th anniversary.

which the majority is imported operations. or exported loads from the “Although it is a big firm it dedicated DFDS terminal in feels much smaller in terms of Immingham, these loads will communications as we can include automotive parts, paper speak to colleagues across and steel. Europe and we meet up The import and export Peterborough handles a regularly.” business is flourishing thanks variety of products including a The operations director on the to investment in North East lot of frozen food, delivering to South Bank is Ivan Lincolnshire. many retailers and cold stores Weatherhogg, who looks after Logistics are a division within across the country. up to 200 staff. DFDS Group, which provides Mr Kirk said: “As a local He said: “We have always been shipping and logistics services business DFDS has a big a Grimsby firm. We are the best across Europe for business to presence in the Lincolnshire logistics firm in the area and business users and passenger area. DFDS Seaways vessels one of the biggest employers in ferry users alike. connecting Norway, Sweden, Grimsby and Immingham. We DFDS Logistics operates in 20 Germany, Denmark and the are proud of what we do and the countries in Europe and the Netherlands operate regular service we deliver. We are a activities vary from automotive freight connections out of good employer and good at parts for giants such as Honda Immingham, DFDS Logistics keeping staff with very few and Volvo to bulk paper operating in Grimsby and leavers. We always like to supplies out of Scandinavia to Immingham connect the UK support local charities and jams from Spain and fresh and abroad allowing local events. It puts Grimsby in a seafood from UK to Europe. suppliers to reach potentially very good light.” Andrew Kirk, commercial huge markets.” This was evidenced with director at DFDS Logistics in Mr Kirk was part of the the UK said: “While logistics is successful Grimsby firm DFDS’ recent sponsorship of the a generic term for moving Quayside before it was acquired Telegraph’s Live Local goods from one place to another, by DFDS in 2014. Lincolnshire Food and Drink there is a huge range of He said: “It was good because Festival at Oaklands Hall Hotel, specialist areas, where it meant there were more tools Laceby. knowledge and good contact The company brought a full and a much bigger network. It with the specific industry rig to the event for visitors to has been a complementary players is vital. sit in, as well as a Lego model of move as we have added “Take seafood for example. We significantly to the European the lorry to ‘drive’. in the UK have over 300 people working to ensure fresh fish caught and farmed is moved from ports, processors and farms to the market place, this equates to approximately 300,000 tonnes of seafood per annum. It is very important therefore that our teams know how to handle and transport the product efficiently and safely, ensuring it reaches the end users as fresh and in as good condition as possible. “If you factor in the other industries we service, then you can see how diverse the logistics function is.” In the UK, the main hubs for the logistics division are Larkhall, Grimsby, Immingham, Peterborough and Belfast. While seafood logistics is the main activity for Larkhall and Grimsby, it is not solely confined to fish. There are a lot of frozen vegetables, fresh fruit and of course, to go with the fish, a lot COMMUNITY PRIDE: Andrew Kirk with event organiser Becky Darnell, of chips. Immingham deals with the Telegraph’s events and niche publications manager, at the Live mainly ambient logistics of Local Lincolnshire Food and Drink Festival.



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in association with

Tel: 01469 577698

COMMITTEE WELCOME: Louise Kingham OBE, centre right, with committee members and partners at the Energy Institute Annual Dinner.

‘This hotbed of energy deserves policy clarity’ E

NERGY Institute chief executive Louise Kingham OBE has told the region’s business leaders that long term policy needs to be crystalised as Brexit tremors are felt across a vital industry.

A leading figure among professionals in the sector and no stranger to Westminster’s corridors of power, the she addressed guests at the Humber branch’s annual dinner, and underlined concerns of members. Having already addressed a parliamentary committee on the issue, she said: “It has been an interesting political year for the UK and Europe, with the EU referendum result bound to have an impact on the energy sector.” Referring back to surveys conducted by the organisation on the subject, she said: “Any such ‘soft Brexit’ was deemed to have a negative effect on the sector, in particular around climate change and sustainability, research and innovation. As we speak it is still unclear what shape Brexit will take – only that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. “This is not particularly helpful for energy stakeholders seeking to invest in those areas and grow businesses across the UK, but so

far, those committed, plough on – as many are here – developing the local economy. “Policy uncertainty affecting investors’ confidence was the main message from both 2015 and 2016 Energy Barometer reports (based on member surveys) and the abolition of the Department for Energy and Climate Change in the aftermath of the referendum, followed by the delays in the Hinkley Point C decision – which we now know to proceed – are the most recent examples of the unpredictable and dynamic situation we are in. “Energy professionals have been calling for the UK Government to adopt a clearer, longer term story to reinforce policies across all areas of the energy sector to support the industry in meeting society’s challenges –in particular the transition to a low carbon economy.” Mrs Kingham said the Energy Institute was seeking to play a more influential role as it calls for informed policy built on better evidence bases, capturing the expertise and experience of those on the Humber. “It is energy professionals today that have made the UK’s Energy Estuary the success it is,” she said. The special guest at the gathering

at Forest Pines Hotel in Broughton had followed Humber branch chairman John Kersey to the floor. He had outlined how the area does indeed “plough on”. “With a pivotal role in the UK energy sector, the Humber has established strong credentials in the energy industry, including oil and gas, chemical, offshore and marine engineering,” he said. “Today our new Humber energy story is underway, with £2.5 billion already invested or planned for imminent projects, spanning wind, biofuels and renewable feedstocks – creating the largest hub of renewable energy manufacturers and their supply chains in he world.” He highlighted the roles of Total, Phillips 66, Greenergy, ABP and Drax, as well as Siemens and Dong Energy. “That strength and expertise ensures we are well placed to play a key role in helping the UK reach its target of 15 per cent energy demand from renewable sources by 2020, as well as helping the UK achieve a secure energy supply,” Mr Kersey said, adding: “This Humber area truly is the Energy Estuary.”


01472 357553 T: 0844 335 8860

Without the support of these companies this page would not be possible THANKS: Energy Institute Humber branch chairman John Kersey, right, makes a special presentation to Keith Borst, left, a former committee member who has supported the annual dinner for more than 30 years. More pictures from the event online at

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Business Support

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01472 311711

Property specialist aims to grow after new deals A LOCAL company is set to expand its premises, following a “positive” business development. Chris Read, Managing Director of Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements Limited in Ladysmith Road, Grimsby, has said how he hopes that the business will develop on the commercial side – while maintaining its loyal domestic customers. Chris explained: “We have just signed two contracts with Associated British Ports (ABP) in Grimsby and one with Age UK. “I hope to expand the company more towards commercial facility management with these contracts. ABP has 21 ports nationally and now, as an approved contractor, we can tender for work at all of them. We will soon be working on a refurbishing facilities on the HIT (Humber International Terminal).” The contract signed with Age UK will see Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements Limited refurbish an old building in Cleethorpes. The team at Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements Limited is working closely with local and regional housing associations, and is looking to put this into a contract for the mutual benefit of all parties. Any support contract of this type will come under the commercial arm of the business. Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements Limited

01469 541010

Vicarage Lane, N Killingholme, DN10 3JL

t: 01472 350601 Scunthorpe t: 01724 863105 Grimsby

AMBITION: Chris Read, managing director of Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements, at the company’s offices. Inset, with Debbie Ward, service accounts manager. Picture: Rick Byrne will offer facilities maintenance for all commercial businesses within the local community including hotels, care homes and any business which needs regular maintenance. Facilities management allows companies to concentrate on their own core business by outsourcing the planned maintenance, certification and testing.

Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements Limited is able to support local businesses by maintaining the fabric of the business and allowing any particular business to do what it does best! Reads Property Commercial and Residential Improvements Limited is affiliated to Construction Line, a company stressing the need for

compliance in management, certification, processes and health and safety by ensuring companies are “jumping through the right hoops.” As well as Construction Line, Reads Property Improvements is also accredited with Acclaim Health & Safety Association and the Environment Agency.

Audited status is a big tick for recruiter List

Chartered Accountants in Grimsby - T: 01472 355215 Scunthorpe - T: 01724 844876



IMMINGHAM recruitment agency List Recruitment has attained Audited status with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). The consultancy, based at Manby Road, was assessed against the requirements of the Employment Agencies Act, the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 and the REC’s Code of Professional Practice. This initiative run by the REC, the professional body for the UK’s £31 billion private recruitment industry, is the most comprehensive audit of its kind. It provides successful recruiters with an accreditation which confirms the agency is conducting its business ethically, in accordance with the legal requirements and with the REC Code. Established in 1971, List specialises in the placement of permanent and temporary staff in engineering, commercial and technical roles at companies spanning the Lincolnshire and Humber regions. Commenting on achieving REC Audited status, Daniella Wilson, contracts manager at List, said: “We’re thrilled to be one of a few local recruiters to have achieved the Audited status. To have our business processes endorsed by the REC means that our clients and candidates can be reassured that we work to the most rigorous standards in the recruitment

TOP OF THE LIST: Dani Wilson, contracts manager, left, with recruitment consultants Kim Jaques and Hayley Horsfall.

industry. We are a close-knit team here at List Recruitment and together we’ve all worked hard to make sure we are ethical, professional and compliant in everything we do.” REC chief executive, Kevin

Green, added: “Congratulations to List Recruitment for achieving REC Audited status. In doing so they join an elite group of recruitment agencies across the UK that have achieved this high standard.

“This accreditation recognises that we have rigorously audited List Recruitment and found that it is performing to the highest professional standards and represents best practice in our sector.”


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Business Support

New era for Townsend as 70 years of business is soon to be celebrated

FUTURE FOCUS: Paul Huntley, left, managing director of Townsend, and Laura Huntley, director, pictured with David Everatt.


COMPANY that has served the local residential and business community since 1947 will celebrate 70 years in business in new ownership. Townsend, provider of electrical, plumbing and heating, building, mechanical and facilities maintenance services, has been taken over by Paul Huntley, one of the longest serving employees, following a management buy-out. It deals with a wide range of customers, both domestic and industrial, the company prides itself on offering a first class

service throughout a range of sectors. The company was established post-war, primarily as electrical contractors, by electrician Frank Rodney Townsend, known as Rod, before being taken over by Bill Osbourne in 1986. Over the years the business has continued to expand and evolve with the biggest changes happening under the ownership of Mark Shepherd who took over the business in 2000. His drive and ambition led the company to move into other areas with plumbing and building services and most recently the

solar and wind power sectors added. Today Townsend employs a workforce of about 40. Mr Huntley said: “Our customers are very important to us and we work together with them to provide a service driven by their needs.” Working with David Everatt, partner at Forrester Boyd, and acting on his valuable advice and assistance, Mr Shepherd and Mr Huntley have been able to work on a management buy-out deal, which has been satisfactory to both parties and with as little interference to the running of the business as possible. “David’s guidance has enabled a

DEAL DONE: Mark Shepherd, with wife Jeanette, who served as company secretary.

‘pain-free’ smooth transition and I look forward to continuing working with him in the future,” said Mr Huntley. The future is very much where he is now looking. With manager Nathan Cass he wishes to continue their strong relationships with the loyal customers they have had for many years, but are also looking forward to moving into new sectors and technologies. They credit their dedicated workforce with making this possible with their willingness to partake in training to ensure their skills are up to date and their customer based approach to service. This, they say, along with valued, sound financial advice from Forrester Boyd, should put Townsend in a good position for continued success in the future. Mr Everatt said: “Working with Paul and his team is rewarding. It is always satisfying to see a long standing local business continue to develop and take advantage of the opportunities that our area presents, especially now in the renewables sector. “We look forward to working closely with the directors to assist them in reaching their financial goals.” ● New appointments for Forrester Boyd, see page 19.

Jobs target should be smashed by support fund SINCE the £3 million British Steel Support Fund launched in March this year, more than £1.2 million has been granted to five local businesses to create and safeguard jobs. The fund aims to support companies through grants towards capital investment, training, research and development. It also helps to safeguard jobs in supply chain companies and support the creation of new jobs. Five grants have been approved already with a further six applications in due diligence for a total of £1 million and another six in the programme pipeline for £576,000. So far the funding has supported the creation and safeguarding of 173 jobs with a further 140 jobs in due diligence and an additional 28 jobs in the project pipeline. This makes the total 341 jobs – exceeding the target of 250 jobs. Applications have been received from the manufacturing, construction and support service sectors. Cllr Liz Redfern, chair of the British Steel

Support Fund, said: “I am delighted that the British Steel Support Fund is helping to support businesses within the British Steel supply chain and other local businesses. A target was set for 250 jobs to be created and we are well on the way to exceeding this, which is a fantastic achievement. “Not only does the funding help create and safeguard jobs, but it gives businesses the opportunity to grow. “Funding is still available for businesses needing support, so please get in touch and apply for a share of the funding. “We are fully committed to supporting and helping all businesses across North Lincolnshire in any way we can. We will continue to identify ways of helping businesses reach their potential and develop.” ● For more about the British Steel Support Fund call 01724 297330 or email

in association with

Architecture Project Management Structural Engineering

T. 01724 278155 • 01472 268485

01724 854362 G.S. Kelsey Construction Ltd

Property Commercial & Residential Improvements Ltd Telephone 01472 596535 E: MEMBER OF THE FEDERATION OF SMALL BUSINESSES

VIEW: Council leader Baroness Liz Redfern.

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Angie Atkinson on

01472 806963 ©LW

18 and and

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in association with

Tel: 01469 572313


Providers of health and safety training, and engineering apprentices 01469 552880

Redwood Park Estate, Stallingborough, North East Lincolnshire, DN41 8TH T: 01469 552843 W:

Unit E14, Prince Albert Gardens, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN31 3AT T: 01472 355549 W:

Technology is the level best at beacon facility C

UTTING-edge technology in level instrumentation has arrived at one of the area’s leading training organisations.

Vega, the level and pressure instrumentation manufacturer, has installed its latest equipment on the training facility process plant at Catch. The 80 GHz radar sensor, VegaPuls64, which is used to measure the level of bulk liquid containers, including tanks, vessels and reactors, was part of an upgrade of Catch’s two reactors and the intermediate bulk container loading area. The latest technology uses a higher transmitting frequency of 80 GHz, with precise focusing for accuracy, resulting in an accurate level measurement reading. The VegaPuls series is highly effective in challenging process conditions and is a robust performer even with condensation and build up. The upgrade of instrumentation technology keeps the Stallingborough beacon plant ahead with the latest trends and mirrors what is currently being used in the industry. The devices also include a new Bluetooth communications app for easy set up and monitoring on the plant. Following a successful installation on the plant, Vega delivered a seminar to introduce the capabilities of the VegaPuls 80 GHz Technology. On-site apprentices and local customers of Vega were introduced to the benefits of using the latest technology – both in the training room and on the process plant. This is the second successful event that Vega It unveiled a mobile classroom offering an has hosted at Catch. introduction to industrial instrumentation. In February delegates and apprentices greeted The team at HCF said it was delighted to the huge US-style VegaTruck, when it pulled welcome Vega back, with more events planned for the future. into Kiln Lane.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: David Talbot, left, chief executive of HCF Catch and Ray Tregale, managing director, Vega Controls Ltd. Top, the eye-catching visit of the VegaTruck to HCF Catch in February.

Training on track, on course and heading here MODAL Training is now taking bookings for a number of courses that have been launched ahead of the facility opening in early 2017. The region’s new £7 million training centre of excellence for the ports, energy and logistics sectors, is taking shape in Immingham. The courses are classroom-based and cover basic safety, competencies and proficiencies for individuals and businesses working in the road, sea and rail sectors. Modal Training’s driving and road courses include the DriverMetrics Driver Risk Index, the world’s number one behavioural driving safety programme. Modal can help businesses analyse the profile of their drivers and their behaviour using software to identify areas to make them safer or more efficient on the road. Training will then be provided to improve their skills. Courses are also available covering Transport Manager Certificate of

ON THE WAY: The new Modal Training centre at Immingham Professional Competence (CPC), Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), ADR Hazardous Goods, fuel and driver efficiency, health, safety and legislation. For those working in maritime and

offshore, Modal Training is delivering a comprehensive range of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) courses. On the rails, safety courses range

from initial Personal Track Safety (PTS) and Industry Common Induction (ICI) tickets, to more advanced qualifications, such as Engineering Supervisor (ES), Controller of Site Safety (COSS),

Safety Procedures for Working on Electrical Equipment (SPWEE) and Overhead Line Equipment Construction (OLEC) 1. For more information about courses call Modal on 01472 311222 ext 1184.


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Seafood support boost as Chris joins Seafox E

Engineering, Design, Project Management Recruitment and Construction Services

XPERIENCED environmental health professional Chris Melville has joined Grimsby-based Seafox Management Consultants as an associate.

Mr Melville has been a key figure in the town’s seafood industry, spending more than three decades with North East Lincolnshire Council. He recently helped deliver a project with Grimsby’s large contingent of mobile fishmongers, working with Seafood Grimsby & Humber, and the Seafox tie-up brings a permanence to the role, with the company now acting as the secretariat for Grimsby Fish Merchants Association and Grimsby Fishing Vessel Owners Association. Simon Dwyer, managing director, said: “We are strengthening our team around seafood knowledge and it is a natural step for us. Chris coming on board as an associate brings a wealth of expertise from his time as an environmental health practitioner. He has worked for a long time in the industry and it is a great fit with the work we are now doing with the FMA, Grimsby Fishing Vessel Owners Association and Seafood Grimsby & Humber. He will also be looking to feed into the new border inspection post committed to at Immingham. “The strategy is to provide further support for members of the organisations,” he said. “Chris has a fantastic knowledge of border inspection posts, and hopefully through links with Seafood Grimsby & Humber we can support North East Lincolnshire Council and Associated British Ports with that development.” Mr Melville, who was responsible for maintaining safe and legal standards of seafood supply as part of the Grimsby & Immingham Port Authority, stepped down in June 2014. He had played a key part in a team that upheld international relations, while helping create successful links between Grimsby and other European ports, the EU and more distant trade organisations and businesses.

SUCCESS: RNS senior partner John Heeney congratulates Sarah Dennie, left, and Cheryl Waites.

Calculated decisions pay off for accountancy duo

JOINING FORCES: Simon Dwyer, right, welcomes Chris Melville on board as the pair attended Humber Seafood Summit, held in Grimsby and Cleethorpes this past month. He said: “I will provide advice and guidance with premises, procedure and approval processes for import and export documentation. I will provide these services to anyone in the industry, and it is a great privilege to do so.” The recent Seafish-funded project saw star ratings improved for member of the large fleet of “van lads,” who are at the coal-face of the town’s proud industry, often serving consumers on the doorstep.

It was a project that also saw a website created, allowing householders nationwide to find a round close to them. “We have done the mobile fishmonger project and that was quite successful,” Mr Melville said. “I had 30 years down on the docks working in the industry, from the van lads to the likes of Young’s Seafood. If I can provide help and guidance than I will be very willing to do that.”

Partner role for Paul as appointments flow at FB CHARTERED accountancy practice Forrester Boyd has announced a raft of promotions and appointments, including revealing 28-year-old Paul Tofton as the firm’s latest partner. The move takes the total number of partners at the 250-employee firm to 13. Mr Tofton has been with Forrester Boyd for a decade, and qualified as a chartered certified accountant in 2011. He is based at the Grimsby office. Practice chairman, Steve Czornyj, said: “When you challenge and reward talented employees in this way, you are investing in the future of your business. Our policy of recruiting accomplished individuals from the local community and providing them with high quality training and work experience continues to be successful. “Paul is yet another example of the effectiveness of this policy and is an excellent addition to our partner team.” Mr Tofton holds a client portfolio of sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, including groups, both locally and nationally. It ranges from media companies to care homes. He is also an auditor, and has become Forrester Boyd’s internal audit partner. Of his approach to work, the

Sponsored by

ROLES: Left, Paul Tofton, partner, Neal Watford, assistant manager, and, above, trainees, from left, Stephen Brook, James Robertson, Tom McMullen, Thomas Morley, Amelia Jacklin and Curtis Clague. former Cleethorpes Sixth Form student, who has a young family and a passion for DIY, said: “Sitting behind a desk dealing with clients remotely is not my style, I like to get to know my clients and visit them in their environment. Only once you get to know someone can you understand them and their business and tailor the advice to suit. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to accounts and finance.” Neal Watford has also been appointed as an assistant manager in Grimsby. He joined the office as a trainee accountant in 2008 after sitting his A levels, again at Cleethorpes Sixth Form. He

qualified as a chartered accountant in March 2014 and specialises mainly in audit work in the seafood sector. David Everatt, Grimsby office chairman, said: “I wish Neal every success in his new role which will further strengthen our senior management team across the practice, enabling us to provide high quality support to our clients with a personal service.” Six further students have also been added to the existing pool of 24 trainees, with James Robertson, Amelia Jacklin, Thomas Morley, Curtis Clague, Tom McMullen and Stephen Brook all now on board. James, Amelia and Thomas are based at the Grimsby Office,

Curtis and Tom are based in Scunthorpe and Steve is based in Louth. Training partner Mike Beckett said: “High calibre employees are the key to this firm’s continued success. We are creating a long-term benefit for our business as well as our clients by investing in the training and development of new members to our team. “It is also pleasing to recruit from local schools and colleges so that we can continue our ethos of training people from our home region who are setting out on their career to earn worldwide recognised qualifications and also remain closely involved in their community and its economy.”

CHERYL Waites and Sarah Dennie have qualified as chartered accountants, having completed their extensive training periods with northern Lincolnshire’s RNS Chartered Accountants. The duo have passed the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales’ Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification. Scunthorpe-born Cheryl joined RNS straight from John Leggott College, a few weeks before her 18th birthday in 2011. She had previously attended Winterton Comprehensive School. She applied for a Kaplan Scholarship and met RNS partner Jenny Camm at the finalist stage before being offered a job with the firm, which has offices in Scunthorpe, Barton and Brigg. “Studying has been tough at times but I’m so glad I’ve done it and am very grateful to RNS for its support and the opportunity to gain the AAT and ACA qualifications,” she said. “The best thing about the job was going out to clients and seeing their businesses in action. Because RNS have a wide client base, I’ve learnt about a variety of different industries and how they operate.” A keen shopper, swimmer and a fan of the odd cheeky cocktail, she is also keen to get the most out of her passport. “I’m a keen traveller and love exploring new places. This year I’ve been to Paris, Crete and Prague and I’ve got one more trip booked - to celebrate the new year in New York.” Sarah, from Barton, attended Brigg’s Sir John Nelthorpe School and the town’s sixth form college before reading history with economics at the University of Hull. She joined RNS in March, 2013, aged 21. “The best thing about working at RNS is the people and the variety of work that I get to do,” she said. Senior partner John Heeney congratulated both. “It gives partners a great sense of pride to see young people who have been trained and nurtured come through and pass their exams to become qualified chartered accountants,” he said. “It’s not easy for them and needs a huge amount of commitment.”

New ABP port manager MARK Frith is to head up the ports of Grimsby and Immingham. The former head of Hull and Goole has taken over the South Bank complex following the departure of Mike Sellers. Mr Frith, who joined ABP in 2014, had previously worked in global logistics and operations with DHL. He relocated from Canada to take the first role with the port giant. He described it as a fantastic opportunity, adding: “I’m looking forward to the challenge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the UK’s biggest port by tonnage.” Mr Sellers moved to the role of port director at Portsmouth International Port.

20 and and

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Commercial Vehicles in association with

Joined-up thinking but still a long road ahead T

HE Road Haulage Association has reacted with caution to the announcement of trials for the “platooning” of trucks in Britain.

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The term platooning describes a driving formation, which decreases distances between trucks using electronic, and possibly mechanical, coupling. This allows a number of trucks to accelerate or brake simultaneously. Grouping vehicles into platoons is a method of increasing the capacity of roads. Richard Burnett, RHA chief executive, said: “When platooning trials eventually begin, they will be carried out off road and will only be trialled on the motorway network when proven off-road. “On the plus side, this is a concept that certainly has benefits in terms of fuel saving; particularly in those countries that have long stretches of roads without junctions – unlike the UK motorway network. “Today’s UK haulage industry is increasingly IT-led. “However, are UK roads and, more importantly, other road users ready for it? “The technologists have it all to prove. “A lot of the elements of this that make it theoretically possible are already starting to arrive in modern vehicles. “But are motorists ready for the technological advances that will make this concept possible? “In addition to the concerns of the motorist, is platooning

MISSING LINK? Is ‘platooning’ the answer to easing congestion on UK roads? practical for the haulier? Does it make operational sense and, critically, will it be safe practice on UK roads with so many junctions.”

The Road Haulage Association will be working with the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and will be following the trials with keen interest.

Are other road users ready for it? Richard Burnett

Electric dreams as petrol station tally plummets

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A NEW LEAF: Nissan is a leader in electric car production.

THE NUMBER of petrol stations in the UK has dropped by 75 per cent in the past four decades and Nissan UK says by 2020 there will be more public electric charging stations than petrol. At the end of 2015, there were just 8,472 fuel stations in the UK, down from 37,539 in 1970. Assuming a steady rate of decline, Nissan predicts that by August, 2020, this will fall to under 7,870. There are now more than 4,000 places in the UK where motorists can charge all-electric or hybrid vehicles. While the majority of electric vehicle owners charge at home, 98 per cent of UK motorway services now have charging stations, including rapid connectors that can charge a Nissan Leaf ’s battery to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes. Edward Jones, EV manager for Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, said: “As electric vehicle sales take off, the charging infrastructure is keeping pace and paving the way for convenient all-electric driving. “Combine that with constant improvements in our battery performance and we believe the tipping point for mass EV uptake is upon us”.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016 and and



Newby brings school home

Month in Review


HUMBERSTON play equip- TIMBER TREATS: Macaulay ment specialist is taking a sig- Primary School’s installation. nificant step forward as it looks Right, director Neil Newby. to help transform gardens after success with schools.

CLOSE TO HOME: Humberston Church of England Primary School pupils enjoy their new playground equipment thanks to the school PFA and Newby Leisure Ltd.

For the first time, Newby Leisure is opening up its expertise to the general public, with the launch of an e-commerce website leading the charge. Recent years have shown continued growth for the company and the new site will take the business further in their dedicated ambitions. Newby Leisure, based on Wilton Road Industrial Estate, offers a complete bespoke design and build service, and carries a range of children’s timber play resources. Company director Neil Newby said: “Throughout our 17-year history, we have always looked at ways to make innovative products to help with education and gear children towards outdoor play. “Unfortunately, we are in a time where physical play can sometimes be neglected. Hopefully, by taking the incentive to develop an e-commerce website and sell our products online, it will help create a desire to play in the outdoors again with great play items. “Our products are made with the best quality materials, meaning they are robust and perfect for everyday use. “Children love them at the many schools we have developed playgrounds

Rapid response power plant gets go-ahead

for, so selling online now feels like the natural step forward.” With a vast array of play products to aid learning and child development, Mr Newby said there is a great range of items now available online for everybody to enjoy. “Taking this step has been an idea we have been toying with for some time, however, with recent expansion last year and many other exciting plans in the pipeline, the time now feels right to offer timber play resources to the general public, as well as the education sector,” he added.

SECTOR: PLANNERS have approved Centrica’s proposed back-up power plant at the site of the existing Brigg Power Station. The 50MW facility would be able to produce enough electricity for 50,000 homes, and would operate as a “peaking plant” to support supply consistency at periods of high demand. It is a new generation of small-scale generators, acting as a rapid response facility to complement the increasing renewables offer. A final investment decision has yet to be made by the energy giant, though it is understood to be in a position to proceed in the new year. The plant would be built in place of the old fuel oil tanks, which were recently demolished as restructuring from the major review last year was implemented. It would be able to respond to a call for demand in five minutes, and would feature five gas engines that would be housed within an engine hall, which would be under 14m high. Chimneys will be less than 30m. Together with ancillary equipment, the plant would fit on land just over half the size of a football pitch within the footprint of the existing site.




24% BIK

per month* (Business users only)

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Reversing camera

123g/km CO2

Multimedia system with satellite navigation and DAB radio

The new RAV4. The SUV. Redefined. John Roe Grimsby 174 Cromwell Road Grimsby DN31 2BA Tel: 01472 306052

Scunthorpe John Roe Grange Lane North Scunthorpe DN16 1DP Tel: 01724 389052

/johnroetoyota @johnroecars

Model shown is RAV4 Business Edition 5 door FWD 2.0 D-4D Manual £26,280. Price excludes metallic paint at £545. *Business users only. Initial rental and VAT applies. Available on new sales of model shown when ordered and proposed for finance between 3rd October and 14th December 2016 and registered and financed by 31st March 2017 on a 3 year non maintained contract at 8,000 miles per annum with an initial rental of £1,572+VAT. Metallic or pearlescent paint are not included. Excess mileage charges apply. Other finance offers are available but cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. At participating Toyota Centres. Toyota Centres are independent of Toyota Financial Services. Terms and conditions apply. Indemnities may be required. Finance subject to status to over 18s only. Toyota Financial Services (UK) PLC. Registered Office: Great Burgh, Burgh Heath, Epsom, KT18 5UZ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 5 year/100,000 mile manufacturer warranty subject to terms and conditions.

RAV4 Business Edition 5 door FWD 2.0 D-4D Manual. Official Fuel Consumption Figures in mpg (l/100km): Urban 52.3 (5.4), Extra Urban 65.7 (4.3), Combined 60.1 (4.7). CO2 Emissions 123g/km. All mpg and CO2 figures quoted are sourced from official EU regulated laboratory test results. These are provided to allow comparisons between vehicles and may not reflect your actual driving experience.


ntice e, is GV . sey

from a in . way m in






94 91








Tuesday, August 16, 2016 Tuesday, October 18, 2016

13 and and

News News

Flexibility key in a flat world economy Anita Pace, chair of the Bondholders marketing organisation writes a new column for Business Telegraph FREE trade and globalisation are a hot topics at the moment. It seems fitting then that last month our northern ports demonstrated a united front in a bid to help drive economic growth. In a new partnership, the Humber, Tees, Tyne and Mersey will forge together with a clear vision - to create jobs, boost exports and raise prosperity across the whole of northern England. This new Northern Ports Association will not only create a single, united voice in Westminster, but by combining their strategic locations, it will in turn help to streamline imports and exports. I was surprised to learn that approximately 60 per cent of freight destined for the north is currently delivered to southern ports – no wonder then that rebalancing this is a key part of the Northern Ports Association’s mission. Many economists say growing trade helps economies expand by increasing competition and encouraging companies to locate production where it is most efficient. The Humber is well positioned to take advantage of this. Not only do we face northern Europe, but we are also a midway point between London and Edinburgh, which makes us a critical transport and logistics hub. Our location and connectivity has already led us to build a unique body of port-related logistics, engineering, manufacturing expertise and infrastructure – particularly in food, energy and chemical industries. Building on these credentials, our rich agricultural land is enabling us to capitalise on the global demand for renewable energy sources – we are the UK’s number one for bio fuel production. The £6 billion investment by Dong, to create the world’s largest offshore wind farm, and continued investment from Siemens, Centrica and E.on, adds huge weight to our economic position and further cements our role as the UK’s Energy Estuary. Aside from renewables, the Humber has also proven that we’re in a prime geographical position to bring world class industrial clusters together – boasting the second largest chemical cluster in the UK, with Phillips 66, BP and Novartis, to name but a few, choosing the Humber as their home. Not forgetting too, that we are a vital food and drink provider, contributing over £2 billionn to the UK economy with over 500 companies being located here. Outsiders may perceive that historic industrial areas, such as the Humber region, may be behind the times when it comes to innovation. But we continue to prove that we’re not only focused on developing within heavy industries, but also in game-changing sectors such as digital – an industry worth £7 billion to the Humber and the largest cluster outside of London. In a flat world economy we need to be flexible as a region. Continuing to diversify our offer is therefore of crucial importance. With our expertise in demand the world over and a commitment to create a thriving cross-industry landscape, the Humber is primed and ready to play its part as a key driver within the Northern Powerhouse.

US visit as Dong Energy commits to town

ENERGY EVOLUTION: Brent Cheshire charts development, and below right, participates in a discussion with the US delegation and key figures in the Humber industry.


ONG Energy UK chairman Brent Cheshire welcomed a US delegation to Grimsby alongside North East Lincolnshire Council leader Ray Oxby.

GOING FOR GROWTH: Ray Oxby and Melanie Onn in conversation. Above, Cllr Oxby addresses the visitors.

It was part of a tour of the Energy Estuary organised by Team Humber Marine Alliance, and came as the Danish giant committed even further to Grimsby for offshore wind operations and maintenance. Pictures: Duncan Young.

WELCOME: Chris Holden, director of Grimsby Renewables Partnership, addresses the visitors. Right, Patricia Haddad, acting Speaker of the House of Representatives in Massachusetts, listens intently.



LOOKING FORWARD: Dong Energy’s Rob Sampson, head of operations for Westermost Rough, talks the visitors through the next generation of vessels that will operate from Grimsby’s Royal Dock.



Tuesday, October 18, 2016 and and



Humber bank focus as expansion plan outlined

Month in Review

£1.4m housing go-ahead

WINNER: Andy Johnson, of Lincs Electrical Wholesalers, is presented with the Business Person of the Year Award at the Gainsborough Business Awards 2016 by Shaun Cole of sponsor IF Creative. Right, Inside, a view of a typical trade counter at LEW.

CONSTRUCTION: A first new-build housing project from fledgling Grimsby developer Tapley Homes has been given the go-ahead by planners. The company, brought forward by husband and wife team Will and Kate Douglas, has worked with Humberston's ID Architecture to develop the executive plots on Healing's highly regarded The Avenue. A former dairy site, one of the three homes will incorporate the original brick building, while a bungalow to the rear will be knocked down to make way for the spacious, contemporary designs. And one is already taken, the architect – James Lockwood, a director at ID – will be a first resident.

Chicken, fish and turkey


UMBER bank opportunities and a consistent, measured branch opening strategy are key to plans for Lincs Electrical Wholesalers to double in size over the next five years.

“I never would have imagined it would get this year, supporting existing daily delivery and overnight stock movements. large and successful. It is all down to the FOOD: The owner of 2 Sisters Food Group, the company behind major chicken processing “It makes us more flexible, and we are getting quality, talent and enthusiasm of people who are working within LEW.” ready for when the younger people start to operations in Scunthorpe and Grimsby’s Five Star operate and manage businesses. A total of 17 people are employed at the head Fish, has swooped for turkey giant Bernard “It is another way for us to extend our service office with six more in the Gainsborough Matthews. Founded in managing director Andy branch, and the remaining 100 across the It is a furthering of the food empire of the West Johnson’s home town of Gainsborough in 1993, offering to our existing customers and also remaining branches. reach out to new customers, enhancing the Midlands-based Boparan Holdings. the father and son team was joined by Bruno great service we already offer.” One, Lynne Anderson, has been with the firm Bernard Matthews, an employer of 2,000 people – Hickson in 2002. He brought a sales and for all 23 years. She has been the Gainsborough This past year has seen it reflected in two principally in Norfolk and Suffolk – also owns the wholesale background to the business, and took branch manager for the last 12 years and “an business awards in Lincolnshire – the DN21 Lincs Turkeys farm at Grainthorpe, having bought it charge of the then new Grimsby branch, integral part to the business since day one,” Mr Awards and Gainsborough Business Awards, building it from strength to strength and in 2010. Johnson added. both in the Business Person of the year making it an established and well recognised It has struggled with falling orders in recent years, category – and national trade award success, ● LEW is a partner company of electrical wholesaler in the region. and the processing plant at the East Lindsey farm with two highly commended accolades., our dedicated He is now the operations director at LEW, was closed in 2014 as work was consolidated in “It is absolutely fantastic,” Mr Johnson said. business website. driving the company’s vision forward alongside East Anglia. Mr Johnson. Since the second addition, the company has taken a foothold in the markets in Doncaster, Barnsley, Lincoln, Hull, Sheffield and Leeds, while also acquiring a further branch in Bury, Lancashire. A total of 120 people are now employed across the nine branches, with Nottingham set to be the next location. “It has been a gradual progression,” Mr Johnson said. “My Dad, Keith Johnson, and I were two of the original directors. “A lot of hard work has gone into building the business and creating a successful business model which has allowed LEW to compete in a UK MADE very competitive marketplace. “We deal with a wide range of electrical installers and contractors who take on AL MA commercial, domestic and industrial work. The ICI size of our customers ranges from sole traders Whatever your event, we have it catered for. right up to large electrical companies. In addition we are committed to developing our business in the industrial sector of our market, supporting the many factory maintenance VERT CO departments we have in the region. “We see the Humber bank as a potential growth area. We have some business there, but it is an area we want to develop, and we are in the process of doing that from our Grimsby branch.” The company expanded the Grimsby branch & in 2008 due to continued growth and success, · Training Days – · Air-conditioned which has continued to present day. LEW currently turns over £27 million, and Conferences - Meetings Conference Room with at least one new branch a year planned for · Catering and · Up to 120 guests the next five years, the expansion appetite is clear. · Full range of audio visual Outside Catering available Paint & graphics facility Service is an area of particular pride. LEW is part of AWEBB, a major buying consortium We are able to cater for any type of event. Discount Finance & that includes 130 UK branches, and the Contact our events team for more details. company has been named as member of the Cyclescheme year on seven occasions, including the last five consecutive years. Available Insurance Mr Johnson said the success came “due to our consistent growth in the electrical wholesale Friendly family run business industry and our close working relationships Call in for a coffee and a chat with the industry-leading manufacturers we have formed partnerships with”. Riby Road, Stallingborough, North East Lincolnshire, DN41 8BU Another major development is to ensure the Unit 5, Eastgate Park T 01469 561302 F 01469 561338 E tel: 01724 781634 ‘millennials’ who are now emerging in senior Arkwright Way positions in businesses are well catered for. A W Scunthorpe click and collect platform will launch early next DN16 1AE SS



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Tuesday, October 18, 2016



Month in Review

Harrison secures HQ CONSTRUCTION: A North Lincolnshire-based building contractor has won a contract to design and build a new factory and headquarters for a multi-million-pound furniture firm. Eastoft-based construction company L Harrison & Co Ltd is set to develop the new head office for Elite Furniture. The furniture company has outgrown its current premises at Britannia Road, Goole, and Harrisons has started construction of a new 244,254 sq ft base comprising offices, showroom and state-of-the-art production plant.

£200k store investment RETAIL: The former Westgate flagship department store in Scunthorpe has reopened under its new operator, Oldrids. Customers have been promised fashion-led branded shopping. from the likes of Dorothy Perkins, Burberry, Joules, Quiz and Super Dry. The store, built in 1974, has undergone a major refurbishment as part of a £200,000 investment. All 38 staff in Scunthorpe have been retained by the Boston-based Oldrids retailers and recruitment has started for an extra 28 permanent and temporary employees.

Brothers in furniture: The second generation A

FAMILY business has passed to the next generation – with ambitious growth plans for the future as 40 years rolls up.

TIME TO RELAX: Eddie, flanked by sons Mark, left, and Paul, with RNS partner Robert Smith inside the large showroom.

E&M is one of Lincolnshire’s largest carpet and furniture retailers, and was founded in 1976 by brothers Eddie and Mike Ramm. Mike left the business some years ago and now Eddie has handed over the reins to his sons Paul and Mark. Paul joined the business in 1998 and Mark came on board three years later. They helped oversee the firm’s relocation from Brigg to Kirton Lindsey in 2013. Eddie said: “It was time for me to step aside and let the boys take the business forward. “They’ve both been involved for years, know every aspect of the business and the secrets to its success. “I’m delighted that I can retire, knowing what we’ve all worked so hard for is in safe hands and in a good place for future growth.” The transition was helped by RNS Chartered Accountants’ partner Robert Smith, who has looked after the accounts for the past five years, and he was thanked, alongside fellow partner Andrew Clayton, who heads up RNS Independent Financial Advisors. “They helped ensure the transition was as smooth as possible and provided excellent advice concerning my retirement,” Eddie said, with sons Paul and Mark echoing his comments “I also plan to further my hobby of salmon fishing and go on more holidays. I’m looking about the professionalism. forward to it, knowing the time had come and He has plenty of plans. He aims to enjoy his was right. new garden and improve his golf swing. “I’m proud to have built the business from scratch – culminating in the move to Kirton Lindsey and our largest showroom yet – and am now able to pass on to the next generation. “I leave the business in very capable hands.” Paul paid tribute to his father. “Dad has built up E&M from nothing to be one of Lincolnshire’s largest carpet and furniture businesses,” he said. Mark added: “He’s instilled in both of us the importance of excellent customer service. It is a lasting legacy we are determined to protect.” Going forward, Paul said their intentions

were to build on the strong, established base they had taken over. “Hopefully, we can take E&M to the next level by the third generation. “Our principles and values are to provide quality products to suit all tastes and budgets.” Mark said he had not looked back since joining the family firm in 2001. “We’re really proud, as a family, of what’s been achieved and the key now is to drive the business forward while staying true to the foundations it has been built upon.” Mr Smith wished the brothers continued success. “It’s a pleasure to help the business and I’m delighted the family was happy with the advice surrounding the transition and its execution,” he said.

New DG Stephen unveiled to IoD

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CLUGSTON Group chief executive Stephen Martin has been officially introduced as the next director general of the Institute of Directors (IoD). It came this past month at the IoD’s annual convention at The Royal Albert Hall in London, before an audience of hundreds of business leaders, and Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Mr Martin, who has spoken previously at his honour at being headhunted for the role after a decade at the helm of the Scunthorpe construction giant, said: “I had a positive conversation with Greg in the “green room” before he went on stage and he made an important announcement, at the end of the speech, about how he was planning to engage with the regions and nations of the UK by working closely with both Simon Walker, the existing director general of the IoD, and myself when I take over from Simon early in the new year.” From the floor Mr Martin also asked further questions. He said: “The Minister publicly acknowledged both northern Lincolnshire and Scunthorpe in his response.” Mr Clark, who in his previous

ON THE BIG SCREEN: Stephen Martin at the Institute of Directors' annual convention at The Royal Albert Hall. role helped structure Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and signed the region’s City Deal, told the audience: “During the weeks ahead, I and my ministerial team will be travelling to every part of the United Kingdom to ask you to work with us to forge those relationships with you and your colleagues. “I have asked Simon and Stephen to arrange for events to take place in all of your regional branches, so that we can work together on this important mission.

“And Simon and Stephen will meet with me frequently so that everyone here can know that whatever your advice or concern you have an open door to me and my colleagues in gover nment. “When Theresa May became Prime Minister she said that she would build an economy that works for everyone. “That ambition can only be achieved by working together with you and your members in every part of the country. I look forward to doing so.”


Tuesday, October 18, 2016 and and



Fresh sales rocket, with lettuce leading for Nisa N

isa Retail is witnessing strong growth in fresh produce, with sales up 21.9 per cent. It has been backed up with recent award wins for the delivered wholesale specialist.

range is also enjoying unprecedented growth with total sales for own label up 8.76 per cent year on year in value ter ms. Stewart Smith, trading director at Nisa Retail Ltd, said: “Shoppers are increasingly using convenience stores The Scunthorpe giant has found that for fresh produce so demand for high shoppers are snapping up iceberg quality fresh fruit and vegetables has lettuce with sales up 400 per cent, red continued to soar. grapes have been flying off the shelves “With fresh fruits and salads readily with a 330 per cent increase in sales. available there’s no need to have to Cucumbers have seen a cool 240 per brave the queues at the chain cent surge in sales and green grape superstores and they can shop local. sales have doubled with an increase of Our customers trust Nisa’s Heritage 100 per cent. own label range for fresh and healthy The strength of Nisa’s fresh produce produce, and we have responded to this offering was backed up after a member trust by continuing to extend our range recently gained the title of fresh of salad, fresh fruit and vegetables produce retailer of the year at the 2016 together with items such as healthier Retail Industry Awards. option ready meals.” Fresh produce has been a key focus in The strong performance for own label the development of Nisa’s Heritage own and fresh comes hot on the heels of label range, a multi-award winning Nisa’s strong half year results where stable of products which recently added Nisa has continued to trade well, a further 11 winners awards and seven building on last year’s turnaround highly commended rankings at the results, and reported improved sales Wholesale Q Awards. Nisa’s Heritage (excluding rebates) of £666 million, up

1.1 per cent on the comparable period. As reported, the company’s adjusted earnings were £4.2 million in the first half, an improvement on the £3.3 million reported in the same period last year, and pleasingly Nisa returned to profitable growth, delivering a first half profit before tax of £1 million. “These award wins and strong half year results are down to the hard work, passion and dedication that everyone in the Nisa family puts in on a daily basis and everyone should be extremely proud,” said Nick Read, chief executive. “The business has made huge leaps from where it was 18 months ago and BOOST: Stewart Smith, continues to forge a path towards a trading director, Nisa stronger, more sustainable business. Retail. Everyone plays a part in that, from our members, to our staff and our suppliers.” Nisa supports more than 1,300 local retailers and around 3,000 stores across the UK. Some operate under the Nisa brand and others under their own names. Nisa supplies the stock they need and retail support that helps them grow their business.

Shoppers are increasingly using convenience stores for fresh produce so demand for high quality fresh fruit and vegetables has continued to soar Stewart Smith

Heritage successes at Q THE Wholesale Q awards are judged by a panel of food specialists and are highly coveted in the retail sector. Gold awards: ● Heritage Pantry Mild Cheddar ● Heritage Gourmet Sea Salt & West Country Cider Vinegar Hand Cooked Crisps ● Heritage Extra Thick Brandy Cream ● Heritage Slightly Salted Spreadable ● Heritage Triple Berry Pack ● Heritage Oriental Stir Fry ● Heritage Assorted Mini Chocolate Delights ● Heritage Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce ● Heritage Beef Sirloin Steak ● Heritage Meat Feast Pizza ● Heritage Pantry Mild Cheddar Cheese ● Heritage Pantry Orange Juice from Concentrate Highly Commended: ● Heritage Sweet Popcorn ● Heritage French Camembert ● Heritage Tropical Juice Drink ● Heritage Mixed Fruit 4 Pack ● Heritage Strawberry and Vanilla Cones ● Heritage Orange Thick Cut

Marmalade ● Heritage Wholegrain Mustard These awards are judged by a panel of food specialists and are highly coveted in the retail sector. Following the Wholesale Q Awards, the Retail Industry Awards commenced and Nisa’s success continued as both the business and its members picked up a number of very important awards. It also served to highlight the reach of the business from Scunthorpe’s Waldo Way. These were: ● Malcolm’s, a three-store chain in the Midlands, was named Chilled Retailer of the Year, and highly commended in the Independent Retailer of the Year category for stores between 1,001-2,999 sq ft. ● Emerson’s, in Armagh, Northern Ireland, picked up Independent Most Sustainable Retailer of the Year ● Nisa Milestone Extra, in Newry, Northern Ireland, was crowned Independent Retailer of the Year (3,000 sq ft and over). ● Maclennans, on the Isle of Benbecula, Western Isles, Scotland, was highly commended for Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year.

STORE OF THE FUTURE: Nisa Retail's mock-up shop showcasing the Heritage range at the company’s annual exhibition. It was the first time the full range was put on display.

From fault finding to a new extension we are the team to call............... • REWIRES • UPDATES • NEW BUILDS • ALARMS • INSPECTION AND TESTING • EXTENSIONS • ALTERATIONS • CONDITION REPORTS • FIRE ALARMS • CCTV

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226 Victoria Street, Grimsby, DN31 1PH

Tel 07709508895


Month in Review Second market town office secured by BG LAW: BG Solicitors LLP has acquired Barton practice Keith Ready & Co. The firm, which operates in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Louth, will take over the Market Place office, which Mr Ready has ran or 25 years. He will continue to work there, with no immediate plans to retire, having been a solicitor for 50 years.

Emotive greeting cards SECTOR: Designer Hannah Dale has created a unique Christmas card for children’s charity Action Medical Research. The mother-of-three, from Melton Ross, has created a card featuring a hare in a bid to help raise funds for the organisation. It comes after her eldest daughter underwent life-saving heart surgery and is one of nine unique designs which will be sold by Action Medical Research in the run-up to Christmas. Articles covered in Month in Review have been first reported in either the Grimsby Telegraph, Scunthorpe Telegraph or on the dedicated business website

OCTOBER 18, 2016 GTE-E01-S3 26

Commercial Property

Britcon drives on with project deliveries facility including an inspection pit and roller brake testers. A new office block was also The new facility will be built used as a vehicle enforcement adjacent to checkpoint, mainly for a the newly range of checks on constructed commercial vehicles. weighbridge, It is located off the A14 in as well as Elmswell, Suffolk and adds to lighting and appropriate a £600,000 office building landscaping. recently handed over by The project in Kent included Britcon to the DVSA at its a two-storey bespoke building facility in Ashford, in Kent. with interview facilities, full For the latest project, the electricals, decoration and building and civil engineering external finishes. firm undertook a full site The firm’s sister company clearance and excavation of Britcon Engineering Service the former agricultural site provided bespoke steelwork on the north side of the A14. for both of the schemes. It then put full Britcon managing director infrastructure works into Paul Clarkson said: “We are place, including a new pleased to support DVSA roundabout, road and through a number of drainage measures including increased challenges in an attenuation pond. vehicle enforcement and in It also built a bespoke check particular, the foreign vehicle

tax situation that has led to a requirement for more stringent check facilities. Over many years, we have built a trusting relationship and an understanding of the functionality needed at these inspection points. “Due to this, and our value engineering approach, we were able to complete both projects within budget and timeframe.” Britcon has completed various projects under the national framework for DVSA, which was known as the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) until 2014. They include the agency’s £6.8 million headquarters and seven-lane goods vehicle testing station in Bristol. Other projects have included a £3.5 million goods vehicle testing station in Leeds and a £1.2 million goods vehicle testing station in Kidder minster. Britcon also built a £600,000 enforcement lay-by in Leatherhead for VOSA.

COMPLETE: The DVSA facility in Ashford, Kent, and inset, Elmsworth, Suffolk.


COMMERCIAL At the centre of North Lincolnshire’s Commercial and Industrial markets TO LET RETAIL & OFFICES 64-66 MARY STREET, SCUNTHORPE ●

● ● ●

Prominent double fronted unit in town centre. Arterial road frontage and on a main bus route. Ground floor retail unit + ancillary 1031 sq ft (95.84 sqm) approx. First floor 4 self contained offices + ancillary 525 sq ft (48.80 sqm) approx On site parking 7 spaces. Available as a whole or individually. Incentives available.


Superbly located modern offices on the western side of Scunthorpe close to the M180 motorway and situated in the Berkeley Business centre on Doncaster Road.

A short distance from the Gallagher retail park, Tesco, B&Q and M&S development under construction.

Size approx. 118.88 sqm (1270 sq ft).

Dedicated parking spaces and general parking areas.





Situated on the popular South Park Industrial Estate.

Prominently located site with extensive frontage.

2 workshops units with offices, large outside storage site.

Unit 1 approx. 567.51 sqm, Unit 2 180.24 sqm.

Site approx. 4625 sqm.

Freehold tenure.

Prominent High Street unit.

To be refurbished including new shop fronts. Set over 3 floors, parking to rear. Ground floor open plan, first floor offices plus ancillary, second floor storage. Ground floor approx. 260.80 sqm. Total area 524.50 sqm. Division considered.





Town centre position on edge of pedestrianized Cole Street.

● ●

Operated by Vendors in excess of 30 years. Established Fish & Chip Shop with approx. 65 covers over two floors. Hugh scope to develop business further. Sale includes freehold property, business & fixtures & fittings.

£129,950 FREEHOLD, BUSINESS F&F Large selection selection of of Large further properties further properties available

Main aterial road location.

Retail, leisure, restaurants and takeaway in close proximity as is Sainsbury's, Lidl and the Baths Hall entertainment venue. Refurbished unit extends to approx. 55.90 sqm (601 sq ft) with storage, kitchen and disabled WC along with parking. " New lease available on competitive terms.


Contact Contact John John Knight Knight Tel: 01724 870520 Tel: 01724 870520 32 Oswald Road, Scunthorpe


All All aspects aspects of of commercial property commercial property dealt with

4E Abbey Road, GRIMSBY •Dance studio •962 sq ft with parking •Would suit office / residential (STP)


North Moss Lane GRIMSBY •Offices •1,842 sq ft •Parking

10 Abbey Walk GRIMSBY •929 sq ft offices •Refurbished •Two parking spaces

£12,000 pa

£9,000 pa

150 Granville Street GRIMSBY •Manufacturing / warehouse •9,459 sq ft •Excellent yard

£26,000 pa

To find out more and search for available property please visit or call 01482 645522 @clarkweightman



CUNTHORPE-based construction firm Britcon has completed a £2.2 million project for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Commercial Property

A Lidl contract means a lot to Clugston team

Serving the Region' s Business & Commerce

Established Boutique Hotel/ Development Opportunity

Newly Refurbished Town Centre Office/ Retail Accommodation



Louth - 32 Upgate £8,000 Per Annum

For sale with offers in the region of £550,000

An rare opportunity to acquire a prominent, established, thirteen bedroomed family run hotel set within the heart of the popular seaside resort of Cleethorpes, located within close proximity to the seafront and the resorts attractions, eateries and wine bar establishments - excellent facilities and tastefully decorated throughout . Alternatively the Edwardian property would lend itself to various development opportunities, subject to the appropriate consents. The Freehold property is available for sale with offers in the region of £550,000.

NEW CONCEPT: How the new Lidl store will look. Below, Andy Mackintosh, left, and Steve Radcliffe.

Self-Contained Shop New Lease Terms


LUGSTON Construction has secured a multi-million-pound contract to construct a new Lidl supermarket in Scarborough, as it makes a return to water treatment too.

30,000 tonnes of sludge annually and will process it into a renewable energy source. As part of the Knostrop Sludge Treatment Facility, bio-gas produced by the anaerobic digestion process will power two One of a new combined heat and generation of sleek power engines of energy efficient stores of the new store it households, taking 2000KW each, which being rolled out across boasts a brand new eight cars off the road will provide electricity the UK by the discount architectural structure for a year or flying a for the site or for the retailer, the scheme, jumbo jet for over 700 and spacious layout grid. set to complete in miles. which, with its wider Clugston’s January, will form a aisles, longer tills, Clugston is working sub-contracted key part of a wider restroom and baby alongside Space package, from Amey residential changing facilities, Architecture and development on the provide an enhanced structural engineering Black and Veatch Joint site of the town’s company, HPBW Civil Venture, includes, shopping experience former football & Engineering Service ground preparation and superior welfare stadium. and stabilisation, on the project. facilities for Lidl’s involving recycling of Andy Mackintosh, growing customer The retail contract Clugston Construction base. existing concrete comes as Clugston regional manager, said: structures and returns to a utility The new concept “We’re delighted to be store will also use the sector it hasn’t served installation of 300 working on the Lidl for several years. piles. This will be latest energy efficient development in technologies to reduce It has been awarded a followed by Scarborough, which environmental impact. £14.9 million contract construction of the continues Clugston to provide civil The building reduces foundations for tanks, Construction’s the CO2 emission rate engineering services at control buildings and expansion in the the Yorkshire Water by over 20 per cent installation of ductile region. We are looking when compared with a Knostrop waste water iron pipework and forward to delivering a building of the same treatment works in cable ducting. successful project.” east Leeds. type, size and use; Along with a new Designed to put that’s circa 40 tons of The investment, central process CO2 a year, which is customers and Lidl when complete in employees at the heart equivalent to nine October 2017, will treat building, Clugston will also be responsible for installation of 15,000 sq m of link roads and 10,000 sq m of hard standing. With the new facility located alongside the existing water treatment works, careful planning and safety management will be required. Steve Radcliffe, Clugston’s managing director, said: “It is really welcome news to have won this work in Leeds as it marks a return to the water CLUGSTON TREATMENT: sector after many Yorkshire Water’s Knostrop facility. years’ absence.”

Prominent town centre, newly refurbished ground floor office/retail premises offering a total space of 755 sq ft 70.2 sq m), situated within the centre of the charming market town of Louth, located to the close by and busy junctions of Mercer Row, Kidgate and the famous Cornmarket. Previously utilised for estate agency purpose, although would lend itself to various other uses, subject to the appropriate planning approvals. Available on a new lease for a term to be agreed with an asking rent of £8,000 Per Annum.

Prime Leisure, Restaurant / Bar & Retail Opportunities


Louth - Queen Street £5,500 p.a.

A traditional ground floor retail lock-up shop located on the south side of Queen Street, within close proximity to the busy Market Place, in this desirable and most attractive Georgian Market town. Louth has a resident population of approximately 16,000 with a much wider catchment area (2001 Census). The property has in recent times been used for the purposes of a jewellers and would suit a variety of alternative retail users, subject to any necessary statutory consents being obtained.

Grimsby - Haven Mill Rents starting at £2,600 per annum A rare opportunity to occupy part of one of Grimsby' s iconic Grade 11 listed buildings, Haven Mill, is an attractive former Victorian flour Mill that overlooks the River Freshney and situated opposite Freshney Place. Offering a variation of leisure, bar, restaurant and retail opportunities within the town centre, comprising ground floor pub and eatery, two separate retail units, a fully equipped first floor restaurant with function room and second floor former nightclub extending to an area of approximately 11, 500 sq ft (1068.8 sq m). Suitable for various uses, subject to the necessary consents. Available on excellent terms with negotiable rents.

Workshop/Warehouse Accommodation Available Mid October 2016

Newly Refurbished Retail/Office Units Available Summer 2016




Grimsby - Units 1- 4 Hainton House £6,000/£8,400 Per Annum

Grimsby - Eastgate £6,200 Per Annum

An excellent opportunity to occupy a one of two or both, centrally located workshops/warehouse' s that would easily lend themselves to various trade counter users, subject to the appropriate planning consents, of between 1,020 sq ft (94.8 sq m) & 1,376 sq ft (127.9 sq m), including a mezzanine of 352 sq ft (32.7 sq m). The units are of modern steel portal frame with the benefit of a loading facility and customer car parking, easy links to the A180 and national motorway networks. Available on negotiable terms from mid October 2016 at an asking rent of £6,200 Per Annum

The newly refurbished retail/office units of between 960/1344 sq ft (89.3/124.9 sq m) will provide, modern single storey accommodation fitted to high specification at shell finish including; loading facility to the rear of the premises with the shop front facing Hainton Avenue, close to the busy junctions of Freeman Street and Frederick Ellis Way Grimsby - scheduled for completion summer 2016. (Artist' s impression and final specification may be subject to change). Available To Let on an FRI lease for a term to be agreed with starting rents of between £6,000/£8,400 per annum.

CHARTERED SURVEYORS • PROPERTY CONSULTANTS • ASSET MANAGERS GRIMSBY 01472 353436 SCUNTHORPE 01724 856037 Other branches in Brigg, Barton-Upon-Humber, Hessle, Humberston, Lincoln, Market Rasen, North Hykeham & Gainsborough

28 and and

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tes turner evans stevens


AMANDA Murphy, head of corporate at HSBC UK, addressed the Women@1 and Pro 6 Members Annual Lunch at The Ashbourne Hotel, North Killingholme. Pictured, from left, are Jo Moorhouse, Beetenson & Gibbon; Julie Cook, Handelsbanken; Sarah Bainbridge, AP Robinson; Lindsay Rubie, HSBC; Amanda Murphy; Anne Tate, Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce; Diane White, LCS Group, and Mel Sharpe, Oak Ridge Hotels.

LOUTH 01507 602264 GRIMSBY 01472 362020 LINCOLN 01522 511665 MABLETHORPE 01507 473476 SKEGNESS 01754 766061 SPILSBY 01790 752151 SUTTON ON SEA 01507 441166 WOODHALL SPA 01526 354111





15 Abbeygate

100-102, Freeman Street

165, Cleethorpe Road




* Niche retail unit EPC Rating C * Lock-up shop premises, Approx. 1,236s q ft/115 sqm, plus first * Prominent retail/office accommodation, Approx. 3047 sqft/283 sqm * Approx. 761 sqft/70.7 sqm (gnd & ff) floor sales approx. 76 sqm/819 sqft on a GIA basis * Good shuttered shop front close to car park entrance * 2nd Floor ancillaries, WCs, approx. 51 sqm/548 sqft, EPC Rating E * Ground floor retail/office space approx. 872 sqft/81 sqm NUFA * Suit retail/catering use (STP), New lease available * Potential to use upper floors for residential flats, subject to consents * Offices over approx. 11013 sqft/103.4 sqm, Freehold, EPC Rating D

RENT £9,750 p.a.x.


PRICE £80,000


PRICE: £150,000




Powerhouse push needs buy-in from all (and invites)

FIVE GO TO THE NORTH WEST: Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, former Chancellor George Osborne, Dame Nancy Rothwell, President of the University of Manchester, and James Cooper, chief executive of ABP. I’m fully behind plans for the Northern Powerhouse, with the Humber Estuary’s best assets on the South Bank, it would be pretty bonkers not to be. But, like anything with shades of politics, it will have its opponents. Earlier this year I was part of the team that helped host the Humber Northern Powerhouse Business Summit, with the Humber LEP. We heard strong, impassioned pleas about

speaking with one voice, the vitality of the east to west / west to east trade corridor and there was an impressive sense of unity. Odd then to learn that Humber LEP wasn’t even on the guest list of this Manchester shindig last month. Thankfully ABP chief executive James Cooper was, as with the power firmly plugged into this side of the country, we wouldn’t want to see a northwestern outhouse the end

3, St Peters Avenue

116 Cromwell Road

7a, East St. Mary's Gate

* Corner shop with separated potential living accommodation over * Sales area approx. 348 ft/32.3 m* with return frontage * Enclosed yard and brick garage * Available on a new lease, or freehold, EPC Rating C

* * * *



First floor office suite/business space EPC D Approx 712 sq ft/66 sq m net useable floor space Self contained accommodation with 3/4 offices Gas central heating/entry intercom system, Town centre location

RENT: £9,500 p.a. Rent £6,000 p.a. O/O £75,000



9-13 Oswald Road

RENT 5,000 p.a.x.



result, especially as George Osborne, whose pet project this was, appears to be in the Tory doghouse. Closer to home, and with devolution looking like Greater Lincolnshire, I thought as a Humberside baby I’d better do some research. Lindsey Bourne’s Lincolnshire Dialect should help. The author’s credentials sound genuine!



* Highly visual and prominent location, Retail/ office premises * Suitable for alternative uses, subject to consents. * Available on a new lease, EPC Rating F


Full interior refurbishments Ongoing maintenance & inspections Full repair service

SECURITY MANAGEMENT Electrical shutters, fencing & razor wire CCTV systems & lighting Emergency fire exits



Damp testing Refurbishments & Inspections Ongoing routine maintenance

Transport & disposal Environmentally friendly Clean & tidy premises

* Shops/former restaurant/flats over * 3 separate units


* Requiring refurbishment/repair

Land at, Norfolk Lane FOR SALE

* Suit developer/investors * Contact Grimsby office on 01472 362020

* Investment site with potential, freehold * Approx 0.23 acres/0.09 hectares (sts) * Substantial rent roll from under-developed site, Consent for 5 houses.


From O/A £75,000

PRICE £199,950


18, Cleethorpe Road * Period office building in 5 offices on 2 levels, Approx 1029 sqft/95.6 sqm * Off-road parking, available opposite, Incentives available * Close to Victoria Street North/Westgate, EPC Rating F



Inspection & safety certifications Gas, water and electrical Carbon monoxide detectors

Legionella risk assessment Maintenance & monitoring service Cleaning & disinfection service

RENT £80 p.w.


A local, reliable and trustworthy company Flexible to suit your business needs A quick response to any repeat or emergency 24/7 call out Quality workmanship No job too big or small

CALL US TODAY ON 01472 596535 307, Laceby Road

* 3 x modern light industrial units * From approx 940 sqft/88 sqm to 2800 * Approx. 931 sqft/87 sqm - 2793 sqft/260 sqm sqft/260 sqm in 6 units * High eaves approx 4.25/14ft * Eaves approx. 4.25/14ft * New leases available * incentives available

* Former Doctor's surgery premises, EPC D * Available as a whole approx.1792 sqft/166.5 sqm, or in 2 suites on separate leases * Suitable for creche/nursery use


RENTS FROM £4,500 p.a.


RENTS From £4,500 p.a.x.


RENT from £5,500 p.a.


to arrange a no obligation initial assessment

For all your property needs


Commercial & Residential Improvements Ltd

Unit 10 Ladysmith Road Business Park Grimsby, N E Lincs, DN32 9SQ E: T: 01472 596535 M: 07963512296


Unit 23 - 25, Nottingham Court Units 14-19 Nottingham Court

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