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Make Your Home More Comfortable While Your Energy Bills Shrink We insulate many well-built, older homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul, including the very popular story-and-a-half, expansion bungalows. Although these homes were quality built at the time, ​Gunner insulation chisago ​none of them were very well insulated and they could all use air

sealing, more insulation and better attic ventilation.

We use ​Blower Door testing ​and infrared cameras to check Minneapolis and St. Paul homes for air infiltration and heat loss ​Spray foam Harris​, so we can determine how efficient our air sealing and insulation process is. It is also necessary to have adequate soffit and attic ventilation to remove moist air in the winter to avoid condensation and exhaust hot air in the

summer to lower your cooling bills. We recommend Lomanco turbine vents, which are the original Whirlybird vents; they are backed with a Forever Guarantee.

If you have a newer home you may think that it’s very well insulated and there’s no need to add more insulation…right? Not exactly, even though your home is newer, your builder may have looked at super-insulating your

home as just another additional expense, and decided to install the minimum amount to keep the cost of the home lower and his profits higher. It happens…a lot!

However as a homeowner, you quickly realize air sealing bypasses and adding insulation is just a onetime investment that keeps saving you

money by reducing your energy bills. In the future, as energy prices continue to increase, your investment in insulation will keep paying off with every energy bill, month after month, year after year.

So add some more insulation to your home, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

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Gunner Insulation Company, LLC is one of the most experienced and best known insulation installers that services Minneapolis and St. Paul, p...

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