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Medical Based Dental sedation Sedation Dentistry — The BEST thing to happen to dentistry

Note! It is our duty to let you know what is going on in our dental community that we do not agree with, and make sure that patients are not misled. There are dentists who are taking short weekend classes and are giving a pill for ORAL sedation and are advertising sedation dentistry. We use oral sedation in our office with proper monitoring and for only certain cases; but, the IV sedation method is much safer, the medications are reversible instantaneously, we monitor patients as in a hospital setting, and IV sedation is a true sedation and sleep dentistry instead of a mere anxiolytic(anxiety reduction). Oral sedation is fine, but only for certain patients and procedures! These dentists may advertise “you would not get your tonsils taken out without sedation”, but there is not an anesthesiologist in the United States who would give you a valium or a related pill and have you barely asleep for that procedure. Your procedures will not necessarily be painless with this method. Please, don’t be one of those phobic patients who goes to the “other place” to save a little money and then end up in our office due to a bad and misleading experience. We have so many of these patients, and many others we never see, unfortunately, because they end up not ever going to a dentist again. Always ask the questions, “Who will be performing my sedation, who will be doing the procedures, is it IV or oral sedation, and will I be awake during and remember the procedure?” We have seen where there is a nurse anesthetist for the sedation, AND a general dentist for the fillings and extractions, AND an endodontist for the root canal, as the dentist could not do all of the dental work himself, as ours like Dr. Atcha can. We don’t inconvenience our patients by having so many providers involved with their care. Dr. Atcha is the only licensed and certified advanced trained dentist to perform the IV sedation and the dental care on his patients. The method in other offices costs more money, is inconvenient, and our patients appreciate that Dr. Atcha can do all of the work himself without the help


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after Before and after of a reconstructed smile under Dr. Atcha’s method of sedation. of specialists. Some dentists who are not trained in sedation will use the help of a nurse anesthetist to sedate their patient for special occasions in their own private offices, but understand their offices are not equipped or designed specifically for sedation. Unlike the offices using an outside source for sedation on an occasional basis we have CRNA’s and medical doctor anesthesiologists on a routine basis and have full outpatient sedation suits equipped with the best and newest monitoring and sedation technology and equipment we could find to assure your experience will be safe and 100% comfortable. General dentists typically have little or no knowledge of the sedation process. We are fully capable and equipped, and educated and ready for any special circumstance to present itself. All of our clinical staff members, including assistants, are routinely trained on emergency medical procedures and CPR. Our doctors, CRNAs and Anesthesiologists are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Dr. Atcha’s intense sedation training and his ongoing continuing education, allows him to personally perform his IV sedations every day in the mornings and occasionally all day, and is able to safely monitor his own patients and administer medications as needed without the assistance of CRNAs or anesthesiologists.

Since general anesthesia is used where the patient is unconscious and in a deeper state of sleep, a nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist is necessary to completely focus on the patient and the dentist is free to focus on dental work in this instance. Dr. Atcha has teamed up with a board certified anesthesiologist to deliver general anesthesia in the office for patient’s comfort and safety with keeping the costs down for his patients. Also, Dr. Atcha routinely has referrals from Dentists who perform “MAGIC PILL SEDATION” and is trusted on a daily basis by dentists in IL and IN to treat their more unique cases and dental phobics. Most dentists that only provide oral sedation, advertise sedation with just a single pill. These oral medications are only effective in individuals that are mildly anxious. Very anxious or phobic patients never achieve their desired level of comfort. Oral sedation can actually make an anxious patient more uncooperative. Contrary to advertised claims, patients are NOT ASLEEP with oral sedation. For a patient to be asleep with oral sedation, they must be overdosed! This places them at risk, especially since only minimal patient monitoring is present or utilized in offices that advertise oral sedation. A dentist need only attend a weekend course to be able to provide oral sedation in their practice. A few dentists like Dr. Atcha are trained to provide IV, or

intravenous sedation for their patients. IV sedation can provide a much better patient experience because medications are administered directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous line. The patients will be asleep throughout their appointment for their comfort. Dentists are required to take advanced training in a hospital setting and pass a test, and pass an on-site inspection to receive a sedation/Anesthesia permit. Common Question: Who is a candidate for Sedation Dentistry? People who have… • fear of dentistry • had traumatic dental experiences • difficulty getting numb • a bad gag reflex • very sensitive teeth • limited time to complete their dental care • complex dental problems • hate needles and shots! • hate the noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care • are afraid or embarrassed about their teeth • just want to be comfortable during their dental procedure. Call our office today for a Complimentary Consultation to see if you are good candidate for Sedation and Sleep Dentistry! We offer a complimentary second opinion visit regarding Sedation care or any other dental care you may need. For more information visit our websites to see what other patients are saying about us!

Medical Based Sedation  

Medical Based Sedation

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