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Welcome Spring! • March/April 2009

The Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry 890 Richard Rd., Suite A Dyer, IN 46311

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From Dr. Atcha

Key to Success

Staff Spotlight


Name: Leyla Atcha Born: February 20, 2009 Place: Prentice Northwestern Memorial Hospital for Women, Chicago, IL Weight: 8 lb. Height: 21 inches Both Leyla and mom are doing very well. Dr. and Mrs. Atcha are enjoying their little one with the love and warmth of their family and friends.

Never Quit! When the going gets tough the tough get going. Whatever task you are trying to accomplish the only way you cannot accomplish your goal is to quit before you succeed. The most successful people throughout history only succeeded because they would not stop trying. You only fail when you stop trying. Keep going ’til the reward is yours.

Testimonial From One of Our Patients Mary Ann, an All-on-4 patient, has benefited from Dr. Atcha’s special methods of implant dentistry. “Before my mouth was such a wreck — broken, painful, infected. I was in pain, agony and it was constant because of the infections. For the past year I wasn’t motivated. I was surviving day-to-day because of the pain.” She had gone to a local dentist who had told her there was no hope for her situation and she was to have dentures for the rest of her life. That is when she found Dr. Atcha and found out she was a good candidate for the All-on-4 dental implants. MaryAnn is now extremely happy with her results. “It’s astonishing to see people’s reaction, and mine, too. I’m talking more, smiling more, I’m no longer afraid to crack jokes and be myself. It’s unbelievable — my implant teeth are perfect!” before


DNA Testing Dr. Atcha is now the ONLY dental clinician in Northwest Indiana that is enhancing patient care through DNA testing for periodontal disease. These tests will enable better identification and, consequently, earlier treatment of the bacterial infection that causes periodontal disease. In the United States, periodontal disease is present in approximately three-quarters of the adult population, which causes bone loss, tooth loss and implant failure. “This is an important step that will ultimately help patients manage a disease so they can save their teeth and improve their overall health.”


Hints and Ideas

Get Started Today!

How to Change Habits

To improve yourself in any activity you must start now. Not next week, next year, or even tomorrow. The longer you put off your starting time the less likely you’ll even start at all. This is human nature at it’s worst. The body and mind have a built in mechanism to always seek the easy way, the way of least resistance, the way of least effort or least activity. This is your real task; to overcome this lethargy with real, measured discipline that forces action when the body and mind say, “NO, WE WOULD RATHER NOT!”

Decide what habit or behavior you need to change. Write it down on paper, list why, when and how you’re going to do it. S h a re your new habit with someone else. R e w a rd yourself. Use psychological aff i rmations, before, during, and after you practice your new habit or behavior. This can help you stay on track and keep you positively motivated. Practice, practice, practice! You need to repeat the good habit or behavior everyday to c reate the change you are requiring of yourself. This will lead you down the road to successful change that you are seeking.

Ask Dr. Atcha Dear Dr. Atcha, How are you unique compared to other dental implant centers? For starters, they may be owned by investors and not by dental clinicians, we are a full-service dental practice with dental clinicians. Their business model does not build long-term relationships with their patients as they are franchised. We like to form life-long relationships with our patients so that you will want to refer your friends and family to receive the same great care you received here. Also, some of our esteemed professionals have informed us that other centers have a cookie cutter formula for every patient. Our philosophy is to customize the care for every patient. We treat your overall condition especially if you have gum and bone infection. They do not. Other places have high staff turnover and they are not a full service dental practice like our Center. Dr. Atcha provides a Peace-of-Mind warranty on the care he provides which no other office will provide this in writing. Simply, other implant centers are not in the same league as us when it comes to providing longterm quality care that you deserve.

There has never been a better time to get your care done because until May 15th, we are offering 24 months, 0% interest-free payment options!

Take advantage of this limited time offer for your care.

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry What is sedation dentistry? It has become very popular for dental practices to market the terms sedation and sleep dentistry. Sedation or sleep dentistry has different meanings to dentists and patients. Most patients do not know that there are different levels of training that dentists are legally required to obtain in order to provide basic to advanced levels of sedation and anesthesia. Dentists can provide oral sedation (pills), conscious sedation (intravenous medications), or general anesthesia (true sleep) provided they are properly trained and licensed. Only a few select dentists like Dr. Atcha in this country are advanced trained and Dr. Irfan Atcha licensed to provide complete anesthesia. Most dentists that only provide oral sedation advertise sedation with a single pill, which will only help patients that are mildly anxious. Patients’ safety and comfort comes first as Dr. Atcha and his anesthesia assistant are properly trained in administration of anesthesia and monitoring of the patient from start to finish. Oral sedation, IV sedation and general anesthesia can be preformed at the center as they are the only surgical/sedation center in the area that provides all the services under one roof. “No multiple providers are needed for our patients to incur extra cost to our patients,� says Dr. Atcha who performs the anesthesia and also the dental procedures on the patients himself!

Good News! Because you are important to Dr. Atcha and the whole team!


“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple: Know what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing. And believe in what you’re doing.” Will Rogers


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt


“Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this.” Henry Ford


“The best way to predict the future is to c reate it!” Jason Kaufmann

Our Office The facilities and equipment you’ll find in our office are the latest in state-ofthe-art dentistry. We have devoted time and effort to creating an environment where you’ll always feel comfortable and confident.

Role Model Development To be a good professional role model, you have to invest time in yourself. A lot of parents don’t think they have time for self-care or feel it is selfish to spend time on themselves, but the fact is that if you are not healthy, happy and fulfilled there is no way you can honestly model those things to your child. Start out by investing five or ten additional minutes every morning in yourself. Use that time to read, exercise, meditate, take some deep breaths, go for a walk or do anything else that clears your head and feeds your soul.

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MarApr CISCD Newsletter

MarApr CISCD  

MarApr CISCD Newsletter