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Happy New Year! • January/February 2010 Your team from left to right: Jenn, Dr. Atcha, Saandra and Dawn.

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From Dr. Atcha Dear Friends, Happy New Year! Good bye 2009, welcome 2010! It is a new year and why not start it off right? Many resolve to eat better and get healthy for the New Year, but having teeth go hand-in-hand with these goals! Don’t let another year go by without the teeth and the smile you have been wanting and looking for so you can chew and smile again. Not only will you be better off and happy, but everyone around you will be happy as well. Lately there has been a lot of buzz about corporate owned implant centers emerging in the Chicago land area. Buyers BEWARE! I have done my research on these facilities and personally have gone to each one of them to see how they operate in comparison to my center and the diff e rence is significant! For instance, the employee and the doctor turnover ratio in these centers across the nation is astounding. Here at my center we like to think of our employees as family and our patients as well. Most of my staff has been with me since I opened my practice! Also, these places are not full service dental facilities like my center. They will complete your care without cont. on p. 2

Medical Update For those headed into a physical examination at their medical doctor’s office in the New Year, you can help “fill in the blank” with two items that are very important to your overall health and help alert myself and Lesley the hygienist for changes that may be warranted in our office related to your care with us. When your physician draws blood for the normal “panel” of results, request that he include the following: #1: “High sensitivity C-reactive protein” and #2: “a1c hemoglobin.” The first can provide signs of whether you are more at risk for a sudden heart attack as well as a higher likelihood of stroke. The later is a more accurate way of looking at how our bodies deal with the daily cont. on p. 2


Team Goings-On

“I had dental implants put in to replace my upper denture. I had my upper denture for about a year; it was constantly loose and was never tight on the top of my mouth. I was never able to properly chew my food correctly which led me to not digesting my food and making me sick! With the dental implants I can now eat the foods that I want. “I did not remember much about the procedure except sitting in the chair and going to sleep. When I went home, I did not experience any pain or discomfort. The whole procedure and experience went better than I had ever expected. “Dr. Atcha and his staff are excellent; they have been very kind and courteous. I can tell that Dr. Atcha is genuinely concerned about my care and takes great pride in what he does. Thank you!” R. Johnson

Jenn – Is looking forw a rd to the new year, going to Florida this month for training and also trying to find time to go house hunting — trying to find that perfect place to live. And taking lots of pictures of the majestic-looking snow scenes we have been having.

From Dr. Atcha, cont. from p. 1

Medical Update, cont. from p. 1

regard for you after your care is completed. They have no followup with you and do not have full time hygienists on staff to care for you. My patient’s long term care and hygiene are to be closely monitored to ensure the successful outcome of their care. Since these corporate owned centers have a stand a rdized (or “cookie cutter”) approach to all of their patients, your care can be significantly inflated or c o m p romised. They have the same approach to tre a tment and costs and do not consider the full spectru m of how each patient’s case can be completely diff e rent from the next. Here at the center we make a customized care plan for you and let you know your options to treatment. No two people’s care is the same, it is as diff e rent as an individual’s fingerprint. When thinking about going to any other facility, please be careful. I am inviting you to the Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry to see how we are diff e rent from any dental practice you have ever experienced. Call us today and don’t let another year go by without the chewing and smiling confidence you want and deserv e !

routines of processing carbohydrates (sugars) and the damaging effects higher sugars have on us in general. While a1c is often thought of as something just for diabetic patients, it can help you take action before diabetes has already presented and also serves as an early warning system for cardiac “events.” From a dental standpoint, unhealthy gums can impact and increase both of these numbers which means the focus in our office becomes making sure dental problems aren’t increasing these markers of risk and endangering your whole health. For those with a history of certain types of gum problems, you are likely to have us recommend an anti-inflammatory that helps eliminate dental disease as a factor for general health. [By the way, if your physician doesn’t think these tests are important, please notify us so we can help refer you to someone staying on top of the current science!]

To your smile, Dr. Ivan Atcha

Judi – Hello, my name is Judi. I grew up in Central America where I was privileged to learn Spanish fluently. I recently moved from Orange County California to this wonderful winter land with my husband and two daughters (Hayden, 2 years old, and Maddie, 6 months old). I enjoying working here at the Center and I feel blessed to be able to be a part of this wonderful team. I am looking forward to using my Spanish to help patients achieve their dental health. Saandra – I had a great holiday season! I am happy that my older son Justin went back to school, and I have been trying to potty train my son Aiden and have not had much success yet! Looking forward to when the weather is warmer and the snow is gone. I also enjoy coming to work and seeing all of our wonderful patients! Dawn – I am excited for the beginning of a New Year! God has blessed me with so many great things in 2009. I am ready for even bigger and better things in 2010. Time to work on my resolutions of getting organized!

Get the Facts on Sedation It is our duty to let you know what is going on in our community that we do not agree with, and make sure that patients are not being misled. There are dentists that are taking short weekend classes and are giving a pill for ORAL sedation and are advertising sedation dentistry. We use oral sedation in our office with proper monitoring and for only certain cases; but the IV sedation method is much safer. The medications are able to be reversed instantaneously, we monitor patients as in a hospital setting and IV sedation is a true sedation and sleep dentistry instead of a mere anxiolytic (anxiety reduction). Oral sedation is fine but only for certain patients and procedures! Dr. Atcha is the most highly trained dentist in the area to perform IV sedation. We are fully capable, equipped, educated and ready for any special circumstance that may present itself. All of our clinical staff members are routinely trained in advanced cardiac life support. Dr. Atcha’s intense sedation training and his ongoing continuing education allows him to personally perform his IV sedations. For medically compromised patients, Dr. Atcha teams up with a highly trained dental anesthesiologist to ensure the highest quality of care for his patients. If going to the dentist is cause for sleepless nights, your next phone call should be to make your Complimentary Sedation Consultation at our office at 219-227-5084.

Good News!

Because you are important to Dr. Atcha and the whole team!


“Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to.” Bill Vaughn “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.” Benjamin Franklin


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Oprah Winfrey


“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” Mark Twain


Global Good Luck Traditions Austria: The suckling pig is the symbol for good luck for the new year. It’s served on a table decorated with tiny edible pigs. Dessert often consists of green peppermint ice cream in the shape of a four-leaf clover. England: The British place their fortunes for the coming year in the hands of their first guest. They believe the first visitor of each year should be male and bearing gifts. Traditional gifts are coal for the fire, a loaf for the table and a drink for the master. For good luck, the guest should enter through the front door and leave through the back. Guests who are emptyhanded or unwanted are not allowed to enter first. Spain: When the clock strikes midnight, the Spanish eat 12 grapes, one with every toll, to bring good luck for the 12 months ahead. Wales: At the first toll of midnight, the back door is opened and then shut to release the old year and lock out all of its bad luck. Then at the twelfth stroke of the clock, the front door is opened and the New Year is welcomed with all of its luck.

Thank You for Your Referrals! Dr. Ivan Atcha is an expert for those who are losing their teeth or wearing dentures and want to regain chewing comfort and smiling; those that would prefer to “sleep” through their visits because of past dental experiences; and those that want good ’ole fashioned personal service. If you know a neighbor, friend or coworker that can use our skills, please let them know about us! Free reports on Dr. Atcha’s Method are available online at www.BestIndiana and

Referral Rewards! 1st referral: A $25 Starbucks Gift Card 2nd referral: A $50 Borders Book and Music Gift Card 3 rd re f e rral: A $75 Macy’s Gift Card 4th referral: A $150 Gino Restaurant Gift Card

✁ New Referrals: Cut along here and bring to the office to receive $100 off your first visit! My name is ______________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________________ and I was referred by ________________________________________________________________________

The Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry • (219) 227-5084 Not good with any other offer. Certificate must be used by 2/15/10.

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