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Denture Sufferers Needed

For a New Clinical Study that Fixes Denture Problems

“For the first time in over 20 years, I can eat with no pain, chew without fear of a loose denture and poor digestion, speak in public and socialize without being concerned about smiling too broadly showing gaps in my smile from missing teeth. Fear had led to many of my problems. The dental procedure was extensive and yet free from pain. The sedation was truly amazing, treatment went flawlessly and the follow-up dental care has been terrific! I have never been as comfortable going to a Dentist as I have been with Dr. Atcha!”

Bob F., 59, of Munster, IN

4 Ruins the taste of food

4 Taste Food Again!

4 Unnatural Plastic

4 No Excess Bulky Plastic!

4 Gooey, Unsanitary Adhesive

4 No More Goo, Ends Bad breath!

4 Weak Bite, Poor Chewing

4 Strong Bite, Chew Everything!

4 Gagging & Choking

4 No More Gagging!

4 Embarrassing Accidents

4 Ends Accidents, Security Returns!

4 Fake Smile

4 Beautiful Natural Smile!

4 Makes You Look Old

4 Instantly Look Younger!

en As SIne The NWI Times

Do you suffer with painful & embarrassing dentures? Tired of dentures ruining eating, speech and appearance? If so, there’s good news, you may qualify to participate in a new research study for replacing teeth using dental implants to end denture problems at a reduced cost. Inability to eat with confidence prevents social outings and keeps you away from your favorite foods and restaurants. Missing teeth can make it difficult to control weight by limiting nutritional choices. Overheard remarks about denture wear are painful, fortunately, self-esteem can improve after regaining your teeth and smile. Implants improve sex life and a nice smile can mean more income for those working. Finally, science now shows that teeth affect long term health. With these benefits, how could you not look into this for yourself, kids, grandkids, or spouse? Dr. Atcha’s unique Method™ of care for complex dental problems is recommended by more fellow dentists in NW Indiana and Illinois. The latest advances and convenience of everything in one office. For those with anxiety, IV sedation guarantees comfort as part of the study. Dental implants are the next best thing to having your original set of natural teeth and can end your denture problems permanently. A one-of-a-kind warranty is even provided for peace of mind. Openings are limited and participants are accepted on a first come basis. Dr. Ivan Atcha featured on Fox , CNN and Yahoo! News

For a Complimentary Visit and to Get A FREE Report on How Dental Implants End Denture Problems Call 219-227-5084 or Toll Free 888-416-4109

Denture suffers needed  
Denture suffers needed  

4 Makes You Look Old 4 Weak Bite, Poor Chewing 4 Gooey, Unsanitary Adhesive 4 No More Goo, Ends Bad Breath! 4 Embarrassing Accidents 4 taste...