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Editorial It is completely up to you whether this is a “good-bye” or not. No matter what, here you are:

Alex and David

EUROCONCERT by Marilena Saraidari and Gabriel Pais

It was yesterday, one of the parts of this EYP Session that you were looking for: The Euroconcert. How was it? Just awesome! We had musicians, dancers, actors, videos, everything we had to give, we gave it. We were amazed by the quality of this NSC’s delegations, you surprised us all and we hope you are satisfied with yourselves as much as we are; after all, you have no reasons not to. You had the chance to show us what you’re made of, what you love, what you do, what’s your passion, you got to show us the real YOU. This was a moment for you delegates, we gave you the chance and you took it like the real men and women you are. Everything you did blew our minds off, knocked us out of our socks! Even us, the Officials, had a chance to show some of our skills; in fact, our president had previously participated in a song contest, won 15,000 and bought himself a car. Hey there, Mr. President, looking forward to repeating the success and buying a new car? Moreover, recall the inspirational dramatic monologue

by the Media guy, someone we were only used to see in comic scenarios. Special congrats for our multitalented multimedia official! The show was very long with more than twenty performances. In fact, we have spotted delegates that wished it was shorter. In the end, everyone was exhausted and that was unfair for the last performances. However, the delegates outshined the technical difficulties we had, so it turned out to be a very special Euroconcert. As older members of this community, we just hope we managed to spread the EYP values and ideas. Somewhere in these ideas, you find the quote “trust yourself, be yourself, be proud of yourself’’. How can we tell you to be yourself if we can’t make it ourselves? We hope our performances served to show you that you can do anything you want if you keep your word, if you promise it to yourself. We hope that all of you have got this message. Fur thermore, thanks to the great Organising team of this Session, this Euroconcert was, hopefully, a moment for you,

the delegates, to show your skills, show what you are capable of and, most importantly, to have tons of fun! How do we feel like in the end of this show? All of us are very proud of you and we feel like our mission was accomplished. Our goal during the whole Session and of course during the Euroconcert was to give delegates a moment to remember, a piece of your journey that you will always carry on with you and a great story to tell your parents and friends. All in all, from the rockabilly girl singing a song about Lisbon to a delegate that proved her dancing skills, the Euroconcert was an original and successful event that stigmatised in a very positive way the 27th NSC of EYP Portugal, Lisbon. On behalf of all the officials, the press team congratulates you for this wonderful night. Don’t let that fire burn out and grab life by the horns like you did in this Session. Take what you learnt from here to your everyday life and start to see living the EYPer’s way! Farewell and thank you ALL.

EYPOLLS: Delegate QuestionNAIRE and Statistics by Solonas Karoullas Through the day, forty random delegates were asked questions and you can clearly see what their responses were in the following graphs, tables and texts.

Question 1: Which has been the best day of the Session? Delegates were asked which part of the session they enjoyed the most; team building on Thursday, Committee Work on Friday or the GA on Saturday. As you can see from the graph, the majority of the delegates answered that they preferred the days with more rigorous work, especially Saturday, which was their first day of GA.

Question 4: Do you feel that your committee is united and have you made special friendships with your fellow delegates? The delegates all replied by stating that they had never felt such a tight bond like the one made here, at the 27th NSC of EYP Portugal. Many emphasized how they will surely keep in touch with people they met at the session. Question 2: How do you find the session on an organisational note? To this question all delegates unanimously said that they are very happy, amazed and love the whole session. Some went further and said that Ana and Joao are brilliant at their job and really kind and helpful and highlighted that the same goes for their orga team. Organising Team, you should be proud! Question 3: Do you like your chair? On a scale of one to ten what would be their score? To this question, I am very happy to announce that no delegate ranked his or her chair below seven, seven only being a response twice.

Question 5: Are you looking forward to the end of the Session and your departure for your hometown? For the question above, the delegates were given three options; very excited to leave, not really happy that the session is ending and never want to leave from the Session and from EYP in general. Some delegates talked about how this experience was rewarding but how everything needs to end while one specific delegate said he now had a Mini-Family within the EYP.

ORGAS’ RESPONSES by Marilena Saraidari and Isabel Vermelho

1. Describe this session with a noun and an adjective. 2. We only see one side of your work. Tell us something about the rest of it, the one we don’t get to see.

Simão Silva: 1. Awesome sh*t 2. “Delegates only see us when we have to switch them places and when we need to bring some stuff but we do much more work, like preparing the coffee breaks, going buy something to them, preparing the Euroconcert, etc.” Mafalda Rodrigues: 1. Amazing journos 2. We wait outside of the rooms for a long time to see if chairs need something and most of the times they don’t. We are always everywhere to ensure it’s all going okay, even if most of the delegates and officials don’t see it.

Silvia Bastos: 1. Crazy bananas 2. We are representing our National committee. I am here to collect videos and material that I will present to schools. In this way, I am promoting EYP. Finally, I am helping and supervising the team. Ana Silva: 1. Speechless session 2. We are seven people and we have to behave as one! We need to deal with every single situation at any moment. I believe we, orgas need to cooperate more than the rest of the officials or the delegates. Being an orga, however, is amazing. The session is like a show. And we are responsible to make this show a miracle!

Diogo Santos: 1. Hard-working greatness Margarida Pereira: 2. When the delegates are working, we are 1. Awsome work preparing coffee breaks, and to make sure that the 2. Basically, the part that you don’t get to see is Euroconcert goes okay, we need to prepare it pretty the hardest one. We have to devide the work and well, like getting all the material. Besides, we also cooperate with each other at the same time. I totally play football with a tennis ball!! agree with Ana at this point. Miguel Ferreira: 1. Extraordinary feelings 2. Basically, we are always running around to get all the delegates, chairs and their stuff; answering their requests and also predicting everything that may suddenly happen, so that we can avoid confusion and problems. All of this to make the best session ever!!

Henrique Mendes 1. Rainy emotions 2. The amount of km that we have to walk everyday and how tiring that is physically; and how much fun we have working which is rewarding emotionally and mentally.

thoughts and ideas about by Marilena Saraidari

“One should definitely refer to the huge number of cultural assets that are inextricably linked with the EU; all of the ideas that changed the world for the better and all of the arts were flourished in Europe.” The European Union is the only international union where, at earlier times six- now more than fifteen, countries have bestowed a part of their sovereignty in order to coexist and establish a lot of privileges, mainly financial as well as political and cultural. As mentioned above some of the goals of the EU are the financial ones: the free movement of people, capital, goods, services, the tariff elimination (money that one has to pay in order to buy a non-European product) and the promotion of a Member State’s products to the rest of the Member States. Note that the Member States have agreed on co-settling

their financial problems (such as unemployment and lack of resources) as well. As far as the less financial developed countries are concerned, joining the EU obviously offers economic benefits; the EU resources can effectively contribute to the improving of both the infrastructure (ports, airports) and the companies of these countries. Furthermore, student exchange programmes such as “Erasmus” have proved to be a great opportunity for students coming from countries where the educational system is poor and needs to be modified. Finally, entering the EU can be beneficial for these countries

since the European funds are willing to invest money for the reorganisation of the hospitals across the Member States. At this point, we should note that it is absolutely necessary for a country to have a democratic constitution in order to enter the union. Totalitarian governments cannot become Member States. Moreover, entering the EU ensures that no wars will break out among the Member States and provides superlative security since all Member States have agreed to ally against external enemies. This is very important for countries where issues concerning their borders remain unsolved.


To move on, one should definitely refer to the huge number of cultural assets that are inextricably linked with the EU; all of the ideas that changed the world for the better and all of the arts were flourished in Europe. Among the Member States, accessing information and approaching the different cultures is, nowadays, something simple, common and easy, while fanaticism and intolerance decrease. Between the Member States, respect and tolerance for different cultures has successfully become a


motto, a state of mind. Because of all the benefits mentioned above, one could possibly suppose that entering the EU is an effective solution to all problems a country faces. This is not true. The free movement of employees could have negative consequences for a Member State as a great number of European citizens, with better qualifications than the native citizens of a Member State might enter that country as immigrants and this could possibly lead to the rising of the unemployment

in that Member State. Other negative consequences might include the development of several social phenomena such as violence, racism and the destabilization of the family as an institution. In conclusion, entering the EU might be danger lurking, as shown above. But from my point of view, especially as the social impacts are concerned, both family and school or University play a great role in our education and can effectively contribute to the avoidance of all dangers mentioned above.

CHAIRS’ RESPONSES by Solonas Karoullas and Gabriel Pais 1. Describe the Session in Two Words 2. Describe your Committee in a few words. 3. Why are you at the session? Dorothea Weber 1. Rain and Obrigado 2. Diverse, Heated Discussions 3. I always wanted to come to Lisbon and I love EYP Miguel Paiva 1. Spiritually brilliant 2. Friendly, smart and extrovert 3. I want to contribute to EYP Portugal. I also want to make the international officials feel welcome in Portugal and to have fun with old friends. Roksolana Pidlasa 1. Epic Win 2. Inspiring and Perfect 3. Can I send you my motivation letter?

Rodrigo Vaz 1. Beyond perfect 2. The. Best. Ever. 3. It is the Portuguese NSC. I would not miss it. Erke Can Tellal 1. Properly historical 2. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité 3. Curiosity about Portuguese EYPers Yves Haverkamp 1. Awesome AGRI 2. The Greatest Debaters 3. Fish meals and Lisbon/Sebastian EYP=Excellent!


Vice President Responses

Mónica Leal Bruno Moreira 1. Life experience 1. Dreamingly wet 2. Amazingly united 2. Dedicated, patient, flexible 3. I knew this would be a fabulous session so I 3. It`s my hometown! I`ve been dreaming about did not want to miss it it for 3 years now Dawid Durejko Flávio Pereira 1. Raining Fantasy 1. Exhausting awesomeness 2. Like it 2. Dream team 69 3. To speak Portuguese 3. I love chairing, EYP, listening to ideas of bright 4. David also replied to: Which committee has youngsters and to challenge myself. the best shout? - DROI 1

THE PRESS TEAM’S RESPONSES by Gabriel Pais 1. Describe this session with a noun and an adjective. 2. Who’s the most unique personality from this Session? Hugo: 1.Mega awesome 2. João Santana

Marilena: 1. Original canteen 2. Sílvia Bastos

Santana: 1.Crazy Sebastians 2.Sebastian

Francisco: 1. Like home 2. Mónica Leal

João Brandão: 1. Epic sh*t 2. Sebastian

David: 1. Long-lasting memory 2. Alex

Isabel Vermelho: 1. Unforgettable emotions 2. João Santana

Alex: 1. Good one 2. Sílvia Bastos

Solonas: 1. Brilliantly awesome 2. Roksolana

Gabriel: 1. Heartfelt experience 2. Isabel Vermelho

PROTEST: by Francisco Santos

With the humanity going on the brink, a Europe in crisis, corruption taking form in authoritarian governments in the east, and indebt-ness in the United States showing no sign of slowing down, something must be done. “But what can I do?” The answer is: Protest! Surely, this might sound just like what everyone else is doing at the moment and it isn`t really working. Every day we see people going out in the streets striking and rioting, but is this really the best way to get your message across? Below are some examples of creativity. Give yourself some inspiration. Bed-in: In the year of love, 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to start a protest right from their bed. Their 6-day honeymoon in Amsterdam was spent inside a hotel room, accompanied, from

9:00 to 21:00 by journalists. To take a stand against the Vietnam war straight from their bed they were interviewed, they sang and even made a movie about the two staged Bed-ins. “Just like angels” would be Lennon`s description. Under the name “BED PEACE starring John Lennon & Yoko Ono” it is all on YouTube for you to judge. Glitter Bombing: Are you a feverous supporter of same sex-marriage? Well, make the ones who do not glitter by glitter bombing them! Traditionally used to make the opposition outstand, it is now more and more common to see this “assault” used in the U.S.A. Politicians such as

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney have been made to glitter. If you approve this position, I say make them shine on! Shoe Trowing: Considered an insult in Arab countries, raising your shoe up n the air is a very big sign of discontent. People in such countries know this and even do it when seeing people they dislike on TV. From India to the UK and passing by Iran, the practice of throwing this miss able missiles have hit world leaders throughout the world. The Chinese Wen Jiabao, French Dominique StraussKhan, British Tony Blair, and most notably the American George W. Bush. If discontent and not afraid of jail, show your appraisal by trying to make them fit!

A choice Sex-tremism: Standing apart from traditional feminists, FEMEN movement has undergone a series of topless protests for the rights of women. W h i l e starting a grassroots movement in Ukraine and not being able to capture the needed attention to change something, the showing of their breasts has gotten them worldwide attention. Offices have been now opened in France and Brazil. These feminists have started a trend which is likely to stay. Naked protests have now taken place in Greece and Portugal among others. If you feel that you can`t make a difference, take off your clothes and show that your fight is worth it. Take the same liberty as Marianne. Protest Art: Protest Art takes several forms and has several objectives. The choices are yours to make. Be creative. Russian street artists got holes covered in 24 hours by painting local politicians on them. Here is the result:

Just writing on walls also manages to do something, but please be creative. Even if you don`t want something so effective, show the people a r o u n d what you really thinke x p r e s s yourself. Bellow you can see depicted the Crisis monster that hit Europe. If that thing doesn`t concern you, it sure concerns me. Guess what? You can find it in Berlin.

If you cannot find yourself to be able to get out of the couch, “Slacktivismâ€? is also an option. Start or sign a petition online, share something on Facebook, just try. If you can find something worth fighting for just‌ just imagine.

Why to carry on EYPing? by Isabel Vermelho and Gabriel Pais

There is a long list of reasons (we could stay here from now until the next session and we wouldn’t get to write them all) to join this big family from all over the Europe! To be in the EYP is a privilege for the ones that got the chance to participate in an EYP session, so you can consider yourself a really lucky person! And do you want to know why? As we said, the reasons are numerous and one of them is the key to progress as Erke, the AFET’s chair, told us. In the EYP we can improve most of our skills, such as communicating in English around Europe, get to know more deeply foreign cultures and be up-todate about the current European situation. EYP also encourages independent thinking and sociopolitical initiative among young people like you. Progress is not the only

reason to be in EYP. Here you Are you interested in can get to know yourself better becoming an active participant in since you can highlight your best the EYP? So, check out how! qualities whether they are as an If you think that your journey in the EYP isn’t over and you have much more to give, so why not to get more associated, like us? A f t e r being a delegate, immediately check your e-mail inbox because you will most likely receive an e-mail with an application form to orga, as a journo, as a multi, as become an active EYPer. You can a chair or as a member of the also visit our website and you will board. The thing is that you can’t find all the information that you be good at everything, so here need to be an EYPer. you can figure out in what you are If you still have any doubts, really good at. please contact our association Last, but not least, in the and we are always available to EYP we meet all sorts of people help you because, as a family, we and, in just a few days, they make sure that your voices are become as close friends as one heard. that you have known for years. And as John Lennon said: It’s kind of strange, but it’s the “We hope someday you’ll join us reality. Here we can really make and the world will be as one”. Imagine! friends for life.


Quotes of the day We will, we will blow you - Rodrigo (Chair)

I love Cocky guys - Yves I have just had sex - Delegate

Do you need a water bottle? - Miguel Ferreira (Orga) “Until the committees are complete, no one has dinner! - Delegate

You can break the golden rule, if nobody finds out... right? - Delegate

Put your placards in the air like you just don’t care – Sebastian Hosu

I moustache you a question – Sebastian Hosu

What is the EYP? - Delegate

The women can sit on the floor, the men can sit on the chairs - Male Delegate

Q: “Why did you come here?” A: “Can I send you my motivation letter?” - Roksolana “Taking into account that you were faster - which is not good in all parts of life… EMPL II has the floor.” – Sebastian Hosu

I’m not a sexual expert. I am a sexual maniac” - member of the Press team Let’s get cracking - Delegate

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