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Proud of our Pride!

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Genesis Way programme update


Staff and residents took to the streets of central London on Saturday, complete with whistles, lollipops and a rather large banner, to take part in the London Pride parade for the first time. We caught up with Robert Kerse, Genesis Finance Director and honorary banner holder to find out what he thought of the day “We’re all very proud at Genesis of the support we offer to a range of diverse lifestyles and backgrounds. It’s great to see so many people who fall under the Genesis umbrella here today.”

Taking part in Pride demonstrated our commitment both as an equal opportunities employer and housing provider, following our inclusion in Stonewall’s Top 100 LGBT Employers Index. Everyone got into the spirit on the day, carrying balloons, wearing matching t-shirts, donning wigs and even special Pride-themed earrings and as the photos show a great time was had by all.

Welcome to the July issue... Where will g magazine go this summer? Welcome to the summer Olympic edition of g magazine. It may be raining outside but you’ve not let that stop you this month. From winning awards and hosting resident awards ceremonies to taking part in World Pride, you’ve definitely been busy! With the Games now upon us do let us know if you are holding any Olympic themed events in the Genesis offices and schemes up and down the country, we love to hear your news. And don’t forget to take g magazine with you on your summer travels or, if you were lucky enough to get tickets, why not take it to the Games! The team awaits your photos! 2

g-team 020 7563 0037




good employer

Staff Survey –

your chance to have your say

We’re about to relaunch our staff survey and with everything going on at the moment there’s never been a better time to tell us how you feel about working for Genesis. We use the staff survey to make improvements to help us be a better employer. Some of the recent changes we’ve made include: Training managers on performance management, employee engagement, leadership and motivation, project management and coaching - to make sure that our staff are well managed.

Continued our commitment to Learning and Development through qualification sponsorships and our learning calendar in addition to introducing eLearning which is more accessible to more people.

Made it easier to collaborate with colleagues through Yammer.

Revampedour induction programme so that new starters can hit the ground running and started a HR induction for new managers.

Communicated directly about the Genesis Way Programme through Executive Team roadshows and videos.

Continued to review our benefits and increased promotion of our existing benefits – £27,000 was claimed back in medical costs by Genesis employees in 2011 through our Simply Health Cash Plan.

Rewarding staff with our quarterly and annual awards and genesis badges

But we know there is more we can do so look out for your survey, complete it honestly and openly (it’s confidential) and play your part in helping to make Genesis a good employer. Colleagues in Care and Support without an email address will receive a letter to their home address inviting them to take part – as suggested by participants in our Yammer poll! 4

Save the date 24-28 S

ing partnership work

eptemb er

Get a lif week 20e1 2

Get that contract The Woodberry Down team have been working with the procurement team to introduce a social impact section to the PQQ or in less jargon terms a programme to help social enterprises and small local businesses to bid on contracts. Not only this but they have devised a training programme, called Get That Contract!, which acts as a toolkit for businesses providing them with all they need to know to support them in becoming better at bidding for large corporate or public sector contracts. The first training sessions will be delivered during the summer to the Four Steps participants as a pilot before opening up for wider participation. These initiatives demonstrate how Genesis is leading the way in working with enterprise on a local level.

NO PO NO G customer focus

efficien cy

As of 23 July you will need to raise a purchase order (PO) when you want to purchase something. This is in line with the Genesis Way Programme project to remove inefficiencies in our systems. There are no exceptions (without prior consent) so it really is a case of no PO, no go! For more information contact, 0207 563 0262 or a super user near you.

Contact Centre Awards Congratulations to the Contact Centre on their success at winning the Training Programme of the Year – Public Sector & Utilities Award at the Customer Service Training Awards last week. Our Contact Centre fought off stiff competition from big names such as British Gas to scoop this prestigious award. Well done to everyone in constructing and delivering ‘Making Service Matter’. Winning this award is recognition of Genesis’ commitment to improving our services to customers by providing high quality training to all staff. 5

news customer focus

Resident Awards On 12 July we held our first ever Genesis resident’s awards ceremony. These awards recognised our star residents and volunteers who go that extra mile in their communities. The event was attended by 150 residents and staff representatives from various areas of the business. Thank you to everyone for nominating the worthy residents you work with for recognition in these awards, but there can only be one winner in each category.

news Customer segmentation

Rumour has it some bods have been working on a rather important project called customer segmentation. This project will have big implications for the way we think about our customers and deliver our services to them, so let’s find out what it’s all about. What is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation divides a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways such as demographics, interests, spending habits, and so on. In real life this is a bit like the way your Tesco Clubcard comes with vouchers for the things you use regularly, because they know you. Why customer segmentation at Genesis? Traditionally, we have viewed our customers as generic groups typically determined by the types of properties in which they live (e.g. general needs, supported housing, temporary housing), the type of contractual relationship we have with them (e.g. secure or assured tenancies, leasehold) and their diversity characteristics (e.g. age, ethnicity, gender). That’s great but we want to move beyond these general classifications to a well rounded way of thinking about customers. This means by focusing on attitudes, lifestyle,


customer focus

behaviours and preferences. So we have undertaken the customer segmentation project. What has been achieved? The outcomes of this project have identified eight different groups (or ‘segments’) of Genesis customers. We will use this information to: • better understand our market • identify new markets • target and market our services more effectively • help us tailor the way we deliver services and products

So, what’s next? There are plenty of ways we can use this new insight. Shaping our communications to residents is one way. Another way is to use it to identify groups of customers who are more likely to be affected by welfare reform. We will also be using it when we come to redesigning services as part of the Genesis Way Programme. In the meantime if you would like more information please contact Darren Collings on 02075630033 or email darren.


The Genesis Way Programme the journey so far...

There has been plenty of time for questions too and believe us there were lots of questions such as how can I get involved? Why is there a programme of projects?


It’s fair to say that there is a lot going on! As Neil Hadden said in his recent video ‘get involved, we need you’, so get answering those surveys, attending workshops and meetings. The programme will only create the conditions for the transformation of our organisation; the actual change will be created by you.


The programme team along with members of the Executive team have been spreading the word recently, touring the business with the Genesis Way Programme roadshow. They have presented to over 500 colleagues at locations across our business talking to colleagues about why the programme was started, its objectives and discussing many of the projects that make up the programme. They have also been sharing their experience of how change has affected them personally and how they have been supported through this.


The road shows have been so successful that we are busy scheduling more for September and October this year. This next round of road shows will be further opportunity for colleagues across the business to hear about the progress of the programme and also to meet the new Executive Directors.

Ge ne si sp ro je ct

Our future success relies on providing reliable, consistent and excellent services for our customers, transforming Genesis into a great place to work and operating from a solid financial footing will underpin.

S pa et o o ge ut in f so ar on w th m e b th wo e h e p e of rief e op rk ave rog th su po in b ra e p m si g o ee m ro m te n. n me je ari c t es s

ro Ge ad n sh esi ow s

There’s a lot going on with the programme as it starts to gain momentum and a number of projects kick off. The Genesis Way Programme was commissioned by the Board and Executive team to help to transform our business and create the right conditions to achieve our corporate strategy.


Culture and behaviours project has been one of the latest to launch. This important project will determine how we do things around here, what our values mean in practice. This is driven and created by colleagues from all parts of our business.



P2P project which looks at streamlining the way we purchase goods and services in Genesis, is off the ground. Lots of training has been going on so when the project goes live everyone is ready, trained and raring to go. Remember no PO, no go!


Property service project is well under way, where the important role of maintenance will be redesigned to ensure we can offer reliable, effective and efficient maintenance for our customers.

Customer relationship management (CRM) project was launched which will initially purchase a new CRM system into our business and then will look at redesigning complaints and the current ‘front office’ functionality. This project will ensure that we have the right tools to do the job.

The first stages of our accommodation strategy have been completed and we have signed an agreement to purchase the freehold of John Astor House. At the same time we are making the first steps into flexible working. Colleagues in IT will become the first to pilot this new way of working so watch this space.

Finally, there will be further secondment opportunities posted on Genie shortly. The next phase of projects to go live need project managers and we will be filling these posts via our recruitment partners Resourcing Group. So keep an eye on Genie for these opportunities. 9

Genesis Way badges Julie Glynn, HR Yet another month where the popular Genesis badges are being given out faster than Usain Bolt in the 100m (well not quite but you get the idea). But wvzho are the worthy recipients this month?

Julie Glynn was nominated by her colleagues in the Contact Centre for her teamworking. Freda Owusu, Contact Centre Operations Manager, said “Julie is always available with advise, always professional and endlessly supportive. Over the last year, with a number of changes happening in the contact centre, we’ve had to rely on Julie for an awful lot of support and she has never failed to deliver. I do believe she deserves to be recognised many times over!”

Rob Sproule Rob Sproule is a true Diversity Champion. After attending the diversity and leadership course 2 years ago, Rob really took on board the need for people to show visible leadership on diversity in our organisation. He has championed LGB issues by supporting the LGB network not just by attending events, but providing support and guidance to the group on how they work with Genesis to improve services and workplace culture, and has encouraged other people to be involved. Rob has really been outstanding in his leadership in this area and many people are inspired by his role modelling. Kulbir Shergill said “I know he is one of the people who make me feel that my job is worth doing.”

Lee Glading, Area Manager Supported Housing

Chris Sol, IT Chris Sol has been working for Genesis for 20 years building solutions tailored to users requirements. The largest of these tools is the Temporary Housing Solution supporting the teams in Finance and temporary housing to effectively manage the relationship between Genesis and private landlords to enable them to provide a highly effective service. Chris goes beyond the role of Analyst Programmer and is the trainer, business analyst, information analyst and super user. His hard work is acknowledged across the teams he works in, a well deserved badge winner indeed!


Leslee Gervais, Richard Gardiner and Fernando Tellis – Shenstone

Lee received his well earned Genesis badge for his work in getting new business in Ipswich. Lee took the lead in creating the Emergency Direct Access beds for people sleeping rough on the streets in a “spare” room at Cavendish Lodge hostel. Working in partnership with Ipswich Borough Council, we now offer this provision 7 days a week, 365 days per year. What’s more Lee negotiated with housing benefit additional funding for this facility. During the winter months Lee liaised with Ipswich Borough Council and the housing benefit department to provide Severe Weather Emergency Provision for up to 13 rough sleepers. He and his team obtained camp beds, bedding from local supermarkets and charitable bodies. The residents at Cavendish Lodge willingly gave up their sitting room/support room to this initiative. Lee has put Genesis on the map in Ipswich.

Not wanting to be outdone by their Shenstone colleagues last month Leslee Gervais, Richard Gardiner and Fernando Tellis all received their Genesis Way badges for excellent customer service. Their badges demonstrate they are truly living the customer-focused values of Genesis, well done all!


Meet the Major Works team... 1





6 5

From the coastal regions of Lincolnshire to the Olympic hub of London Town, the Major Works Team deliver a vast array of major works to look after the homes of Genesis customers. 12

The team deliver kitchen and bathroom renewals, refurbish empty and occupied properties and make adaptations working alongside Occupational Therapists. On site, the resident liaison team ensure that there is a

8 7 9

good relationship between our tenants and the contractors completing the work, while back in the office our team control the programme of works, monitoring the contractors’ output and accounting for every penny to make sure the

organisation receives value for money. In addition the team make sure that the properties are able to survive the randomness of the British seasons by planning and delivering the external painting and repair programme. All in all, some major work from the major works team!

1 Elizabeth Milner, Project & Resident Liaison Manager 2 Bryn Blackaby, Asset Manager 3 Enebi Tombofa, Project & Resident Liaison Officer 4 Lauren Clarke, Assistant Adaptations Officer 5 Michele Banwell, Adaptations Officer 6 Joshua Lomotey, Tenant Liaison Officer 7 Ila Vadgama, Development Officer 8 Lillian Asamoah, Asset Management Surveyor 9 Jacqui Stewart, Project & Resident Liaison

Officer 10 Alisha McMillan, Project & Resident Liaison Officer 13

And they’re off! After 84 months of waiting the Olympics are finally here! Depending on where you are based you may have started feeling the effects of the Games already, or maybe you are packing your suitcases to fly off to the sunshine for the duration. One way or another though, we know staff will be affected so here are our top tips to – in the words of Boris – ‘get ahead of the Games’.


Make use of our virtual office?


Make sure you update the HR self service


Check your diaries


Check your travel

5. 6. 14

If you think you may be able to work from home at anytime you can use the virtual office system giving you access to your desktop, the S drive and of course Genie.

We need to make sure we can contact all staff at home during the Games should we need to. Please make sure your details are updated in the HR self service.

Are you on holiday or could you take holiday or TOIL? Have you booked meetings that could be postponed or held using ‘go to meeting’ or video conferencing.

Plan ahead! Look at the schedule of events schedule-and-results and see the stations that might be affected during the Games. If your usual route is disrupted could you work from another office or from home?

Do you know what to do in an emergency? Make sure you know what to do in case of an emergency. Do you have your managers’ contact details and do they have yours? If an incident does happen make sure you call the Genesis emergency line on 0844 800 1793 for information and keep checking the website.

Remember to post your post on time

Hard to believe but the Royal Mail delivery may be disrupted during the Games. Please make sure you post things in good time to make sure they get there.

Keep safe this summer Summer is upon us now. This is a time for fun and enjoyment outside. If you are planning a summer activity here are some important tips from our Health and Safety team: BBQ’s can provide an excellent party atmosphere but need to be used with care, ensuing that they are located in a safe place, ignited safely (not using accelerants which are not appropriate, such as petrol), keeping pets and children away from the equipment. Remember food safety; with chicken it is advisable to precook in the oven; make sure all food is thoroughly cooked before eating and keep raw and cooked food separate, using separate plates and utensils. Sun safety is vital to reduce the risk of sun burn so remember to use a high factor sun cream, even on cloudy days, reapply regularly and stay out of the sun whenever possible, and always in the middle of the day. Remember to drink lots of fluid and avoid alcohol. With a few common sense actions we can all have a fun filled and safe summer (weather permitting!)

Working at heights With the Jubilee just gone and Olympic activities happening, some staff have been displaying decorations and bunting in offices or communal areas. Whilst we all welcome occasional decorating and celebrating public events to brighten our places of work, we want our staff and visitors to be safe. Before embarking on a decorating expedition you should consider the following: • Have you carried out a risk assessment?

• Can you place the ladder or other equipment on a solid surface?

• Do I have the correct equipment, i.e. step ladders, ladders or a step-up? (A desk, office chair or colleagues broad shoulders is not appropriate).

• Is the equipment in good order? Has it been inspected recently?

• Does your manager know what you plan to do? If not ask them.

•W  hilst displaying holiday decorations, celebratory bunting or your very own Olympic rings all staff need to ensure safe systems of work are employed and followed. 15

of the month!

Kevin Underwood SMT58 HANC (C) Julie Flynn Support Worker

tuning into this discussion it was the most popular yam of the month and rightly so as we all found out the history of the building and are very much looking forward to the unveiling of the new centenary garden at the end of the month (weather permitting of course).


Anna Wright SMT69 Support Worker (C) Hilary Scuffham Housing Assistant Night Cover (C)

Emily Gilmour Facilities Manager

Danny Wood Financial Accountant

Stephanie Smith Customer Services Officer

Morenike Ajayi Head of Business Reporting

Marie Buckley Head of Financial Accounting Elizabeth Froude Deputy Director of Finance Kelly Potter Office Manager / Team Administrator Philip Church Project Manager

Tracey Japaul Sales Assistant (C)

Joseph Sheeran Marketing and Web Officer

Gillian Lord Customer Service Officer

Patrick Withington Repairs and Maintenance Operatives

Catherine Poyser Resource Scheduler

Judith Clement SMT33 Support Worker (C)

Derek Stewart Contract Supervisor Gavin Sneddon Landlords Recovery Administrator Dawn Keeble SMT64 Support Worker (C)

Congratulations to Greg Smith IT Trainer

s and mployee is are e ll a t e g s r Don’t fo ers within Gene k r o l w r ia e it oth an in d to sign ommencing expecte c n e ion wh lly and if declarat t, annua g the n e m y lo p in their em ces change dur n a t circums he year. You can the ft gh course o his online throu t e t comple er vice. HR Self-S


Welcome to Genesis Uzma Hussain L&D Coordinator

This month’s top yam goes to *drum roll please*…Mark Rolfe for his yam about Bonham Carter House’s 100th birthday. With 16 people

t s e r e t n i f o e r u s o l Disc

welcome & farewell

Who has successfully completed his PCE – Professional Certification In Education (Learning and Skills Sector) with a distinction. This two-year course was sponsored by Genesis Learning and Development. Greg joined the IT team two years ago after eight years in the Care and Support team, with very little training experience. Taking this course and gaining this qualification has enabled him to understand the various learning methodologies and develop as a highly motivated and qualified trainer able to help deliver high quality IT training across Genesis.

Michael Hutton Head of Treasury Tom Saxby Administrator Alice Jones Assistant Systems Accountant Michael Hale HANC

Fire awareness training As mentioned last month the new compulsory fire awareness training e-module is now available for staff to complete. Fire awareness training is for all office based staff and must be completed by the end of August. The Learning and Development team know that everyone is very busy with day jobs so we’re developing a range of on-line learning resources so people can access key training at a time to suit them. Over time we will be offering a range of online resources from competencies through to

technical skills. Online learning saves us money meaning we can invest more in other areas of staff development and you have access to a broader range of training to support you in doing your job.


Recipe – Gold Medals With the Olympics kicking off there really was only one recipe we could have this month to keep in the spirit of things. These gold medal biscuits are a great little treat for any Olympic party you have and are definite winners with kids and grown-ups alike, after all who doesn’t like getting awards? Ingredients For the biscuits – 325 g plain flour – 200 g salted butter, chilled and chopped – 125 g soft brown sugar – 1 lemon, zested and juiced – 2 egg yolks For the topping – icing sugar, for dusting – 200g yellow royal icing – 2 tbsp lemon curd

Method For the biscuits – Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan and butter a baking sheet. – Using a food processor, whizz the flour and butter to breadcrumbs then add the sugar, lemon zest and egg yolks and process to make a dough. – Roll the dough out onto a floured work surface until it is 5mm thick and cut out using a round cookie cutter. – Transfer onto the baking sheet and cook for 15-20 minutes, until golden. For the decoration – While still warm, make a small hole at the top of each biscuit using a skewer – insert it through the dough when still soft and make small circular movements until you have opened up a hole measuring 1cm across. Leave to cool. – Sprinkle icing sugar onto a work surface, roll out the icing to 4mm thick and cut into rounds using a slightly smaller round cookie cutter. – One at a time, spread each biscuit with a thin layer of lemon curd and place a circle of icing on top. Using a skewer, pierce the icing through the hole in the biscuit and with the same circular movements, open up the same sized hole in the icing. – Thread a ribbon through each hole and tie a knot to secure it in place.

TIP – for extra bling why not sprinkle with edible gold glitter


Would yo submi u like to ta Conta recipe? ct gmag us at: genes azine@ isha.o

To add notice, your c Alison ontact Kenny at alison.k enny@ genesis or 020 k 7563 0 037

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lebrate anything to ce Are you doing , ow kn If so let us the Olympics? or a. sh si e@ gene email gmagazin Please recycle this publication. Printed on 100% recycled paper.

Smiley, Rhonder Althea Biggs, Mary Ann chele Newell, Anna Browne, Sade Orowu, Mi ine Heagney, Gloc, Jessica Bannis,  Jan Woodhouse, and Patricia Hansbury, Linda e Temp Housing Medrine Njoroge aka Th Race for Life at Management team ran the nth. Wormwood scrubs this mo onsor the m on line There is still time to sp sp htt p://w ww.racefor life the -hot-tott ies

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