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lead, as I like to say to become “a locomotive” of certain action. Railway PRO: 150 projects have been submitted for the transport segment, more than half of which on railway transport. Is the dimension of railway projects national or regional (cross-border)? Franc Žepič: Indeed over 150 projects from 10 countries of the Danube region have been received to be put on our “open list”. It’s called “open” because new projects could be added at any time and those already on the list updated according to the progress. Projects received are of different stage and most of them are infrastructure projects. They are grouped as follows: project ideas, planned projects, prepared projects without financing, prepared projects that have financing secured and on-going projects. To my understanding all of the projects contribute to the mobility within the Danube region and beyond. However we have to be honest and sincerely admit that many of these projects are primarily national by nature and that we did little contribution to the on-going projects as most of them have been initiated several years before the Strategy started, such as a new cross-border combined (railway and road) Vidin - Calafat bridge over Danube

(Bulgaria-Romania) or cable-stayed Ada Ciganlija bridge over Sava river in Belgrade (Serbia). However one could justly say that many on-going projects and prepared projects got new momentum since the start of Strategy implementation. As for the railway projects most are along main trans-national corridors, yet the support is sought for national sections (bottlenecks or missing links) in order to establish same standards along entire corridor.


countries of the Region for issuing the LoR were not received. The reason might be that not all relevant authorities are aware of the LoR or due to the fact that EU financing institutions are not taking the LoR yet as one of the criteria for funding. We sincerely believe this will change in the programming period 2014 – 2020.

Railway PRO: How many railway projects have been considered eligible and what can you tell us about their financing?

Финансирование, координация и сотрудничество - ключевые элементы внедрения Дунайской стратегии

Franc Žepič: As already mentioned we understand that almost all projects are eligible to enter our list of projects. There is also an instrument to support projects of particular added value for the region and which have not assured financing by “Letter of Recommendation” (LoR) approved by the PA1b Steering group and signed by PACs. So far 34 LoRs have been granted, out of which 17 are for railway projects, the rest are road, aviation and ITS related. Here I like to say that PACs believe many more projects are of utmost importance for the improved railway efficiency in the Danube region, yet proposals from the one or more

Стратегия ЕС для Дунайского региона (EUSDR) была принята четыре года назад, в период, когда для транспортного сегмента было выявлено множество проектов и внедрен ряд мер по ускорению внедрения стратегии. Из общего количества 150 проектов, более половины касались транспортного сектора. Несмотря на это, «список еще продолжается» и может быть дополнен или актуализирован в целях повышения степени мобильности и доступности. В следующем материале мы представляем вам интервью Координатора приоритетной арии 1b- EUSDR, Франка Жепича, из Министерства Инфраструктуры Словении.

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