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Serbia launches modernisation works on the pan-European Corridor X [ by Pamela Luică ]

The improvement of railway infrastructure conditions, the integration in the European network, the stimulation of traffic capacity and services increase are the main reasons for which Serbia upgrades the panEuropean Corridor X. The Corridor is the backbone of the Serbian railway network (Salzburg - Ljubljana - Zagreb -) Sid - Belgrade - Nis - Presevo (- Skopje - Veles - Thessaloniki), with branch from Subotica to the Hungarian border (Corridor Xb).


t present, there are temporary length of sections is 112 km, for which speed restrictions on the corridor the Russian side has allocated a financing caused by the poor infrastructure of USD 89.9 Million. The six line sections conditions which reduce traffic flows. But (Ruma - Golubinci - 17.9 km, Sopot Kosthis year, Serbia announced the launch of majski – Kovačevac – 18.4 km, Mala Krsna modernisation works on several sections - Velika Plana – 29.5 km, Vinarc-Đorđev of Corridor X. -15 km, Vranje Spa - Ristovac -17.7 km According to the General Manager of Ser- and Bujanovac Bukarevac - 13.8 km) reGeneralni Master plan saobraćaja u Srbiji bian Railways (ZS), Dragoljub Simonovic, quire infrastructure modernisation works 05SER01/04/016 300 kmizveštaj of railway willI: Drumski be reconstructed and new signalling and communications Završni – Aneks saobraćaj on Oktobar 2009 this corridor by 2016. The Government systems. has set aside 15% of the necessary funds Moreover, ZS has submitted all necesrute uhas Centralnoj i Istočnoj koje su(EUR zahtevale sary velikodocuments ulaganje tokom deset in do plan petnaest and transferred RSDEvropi 9 Million forsledećih the works to godina. Dopune su napravljene na trećoj konferenciji u Helsinkiju 1997. godine. 78,000) to the railway company. contract an EBRD credit. EUR 25 Million Tokoridori complete works, Serbiaodand RZD have been allocated for the acquisition of Ovi za razvoj se razlikuju Trans-Evropskih saobraćajnih mreža koje uključuju sve glavne International have signed a contract sleepers, infrastructure equipment uspostavljene rute u EU iako postoje predlozionda serails, napravi kombinacija ova dva sistema pošto su većinafinancing uključenihand zemalja sada članice EU.of six the modernisation and other materials. rail sectionskoridori part ofu Corridor X.kičmu The total The mreže reconstruction and modernisation Pan-evropski regionu čine intraregionalne kao što je prikazano na Slici 3.1-4. Slika 3.1-4: Jugoistočni pan-evropski koridori Pan-European Corridors (South-East Europe)

of these sections on Corridor X are part of the 5 projects for the modernisation of Serbia’s railway infrastructure to be financed from the credit granted by the Russian company worth USD 800 Million. Currently, Serbia is carrying out works to Belgrade - Pancevo railway also financed through the Russian loan. “At the middle of 2014, works on two sections will be initiated (…) and until 2015 works to all sections in plan will be launched. At the same time, we are negotiating a contract for the acquisition of new diesel multiple-units worth USD 100 Million and projects on the modernisation of Novi Sad - Stara Pazova railway and part of Belgrade - Bar railway”, declared Dragoljub Simonović, the head of Zeleznice Srbije. Shortly after signing the financing contract with Russia (March), ZS has selected a consortium (including Serbian companies Gosa FOM and Mostogradnja) to take over the contract (attributed to other company which went bankrupt during the development of works) on works on Novi Zeleznicki Most Bridge on Gilje - Paracin railway, part of Corridor X. The cost of works to be developed and completed by the end of September is under EUR 2.5 Million. Foreign companies, interested in the projects

Source: Generalni Master plan saobraćaja u Srbiji Završni izveštaj – Aneks I (Izvor: JP “Putevi Srbije”) | May 2014

Više od dve hiljade kilometara (2.150 km) glavne putne mreže u Srbiji je deo sistema evropskih

“As the modernisation of railway infrastructure is one of the priorities of the Serbian Government (according to the declarations of Prime Minister Ivica Dacic), Serbia is interested to get credits to modernise the main railways. To that end, the Railway Company is interested to access a loan which could be allocated by China and worth around EUR 400 Million. The sum could be allocated for the construction of railway infrastructure and

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