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Alex Cooper NME Front Cover Analysis On a conventional music magazines front cover we expect to see: the main article taking up the most space, bold fonts, eye catching colours, eye catching photographs of a band or solo artist, the more interesting stories or interviews, language that the target audience can relate to and understand easily. The skyline calls out and tells readers of some special attractions in the magazine.

Bold masthead, NME is used instead of New Musical Express because its catchy and looks better on the page. The masthead is placed on the left because when the magazines are out on display in a shop you would only see the left side Main article ‘The New American Invasion!’, then the main band is bolder than the rest suggesting that they are better.

This main sell is all about Liam Gallagher trying to create a Beatles movie, the quote underneath shows that people might not take him seriously because its not saying ‘it will The members of the band are made to look quite scruffy as if they don’t care about anything, but the lead singer has his shirt tucked in which may show that he is trying to look smarter

The colours used on this front cover of NME corresponds to the main article, because the band on the cover are American, so the editor decided to put the red and white stripes of the American flag and replace the stars with the bold, blue masthead. The editor uses a lot of the colour blue on the cover, blue is associated with masculinity, The lead singer is placed at the front of the rest of the band because he is more important to the band than the rest of the members.

nme front cover analysis  

front cover analysis of NME

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