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Marco  d’Oggiono  10    Milano,  Italia,  20123   Phone:  +393347362517    Email:    

Professional  Experience   Designing   Better   Futures   (DBF)   Innovation   Lab,   design   and  2009-­‐ vj   2010   innovation  consultancy.     • Co-­‐founded  DBF  along  with  Carlos  Osorio,  PhD  in  November  2009.  

Education   Graduate   Master  in  Industrial   Design  Engineering  and   Innovation,  Politenico  di   Milano   2011-­‐now   Master  in  Business   Engineering.  University   Adolfo  Ibañez,  Santiago,   2010   Chile   Industrial  Engineering,   Information  Technology.   University  Adolfo  Ibañez,   Santiago,  Chile   2010   Undergraduate   Bachelor  Science   Engineering.  University   Adolfo  Ibañez,  Santiago,   Chile   2008  

• Participated   in   the   design   and   implementation   of   the   Innovation   Strategy   for   rd Arauco,   the   largest   timber   and   cellulose   Chilean   company,   ranked   3   in   the   World.   Arauco  is  also  ranked  among  the  5  largest  firms  in  Chile.     • Co-­‐lead   the   development   of   4   projects   of   social   businesses   in   regions   of   Arauco’s   operational  activity     • Managed  an  innovation  and  user-­‐center  design  engagement  with  Transbank,  Chilean   company   responsible   of   managing   above   90%   of   all   credit   cards   operations   in   the   country.  The  focus  of  the  engagement  was  developing  new  consumer  experiences.   • Designing   new   services   for   small   and   medium   firms   for   BCI,   the   most   innovative   rd th Chilean   bank   (currently   ranked   as   the   3   largest   private   bank   in   terms   of   loans   and   4   in  number  of  customers).   • Designing   a   new   life   experience   for   patients   with   diabetes   for   Abbott   Laboratories   (global  leader  in  health  care).   • Participated  as  facilitator  and  team  manager  in  the  “Path  of  Innovation”  an  initiative   managed   by   the   Innovation   Forum,   Chilean   NGO,   for   promoting   innovation   along   different   regions   in   Chile.   The   “Path”   delivered   design   thinking-­‐based   innovation   workshops  for  more  than  3000  people  along  various  cities  of  Chile.      

Paris   S.A.,  

undergraduate   intern   with   Vision,   Consulting   Firm,   working   on   2009  

enhancing  Paris  logistics    

BHP  Billiton  Corporation:  graduate  intern  working  at  the  Help  Desk,  WebCT  


Microsoft  Corp.   Developed   new   prototypes   and   ideas   for   Web   3.0   applications.   2006   Prototypes   were   presented   at   the   Global   Executives   Meeting   in   Orlando,   FL,   in   presence  of  Bill  Gates.  

Saval,  Chile.  Undergraduate  internship  as  operator  on  its  laboratory  facilities.      


Academic  Experience   • Innovation   Workshop   Assistant   MBA   international   program,   con   Prof.   Carlos   2010   vj  Osorio,  University    Adolfo  Ibañez   2009-­‐2010   • Innovation  Workshop  Assistant,  Prof.  Carlos  Osorio,  University      Adolfo  Ibañez   • Innovation  Workshop  Assistant,  Prof.  Yael  Napadensky,  University      Adolfo  Ibañez  


• Workshop  Venture  Assistant,  Prof:  Carlos  Bravo,  University      Adolfo  Ibañez.  


• Technological   Innovation   Workshop   Assistant   Assistant,   Prof:   Carlos   Osorio,   University  Adolfo  Ibañez.  


• Object-­‐Oriented   Programming   Assistant,   Prof:   Jorge   Villalón,   University   Adolfo   Ibañez.  


• Programming   introduction   Assistant,   Prof.   Jorge   Villalón,   University   Adolfo   2005-­‐2006   Ibañez.   • Programming  introduction  Assistant,  Prof.  Jessica  Meza  Jaque,  University  Adolfo   Ibañez    


Conference  Presentations   • Osorio,  C.  and  Winter,  A.  (2011)  “Weakness  to  compete:  The  innovation  processes   vj  


gap   of   Latin-­‐American   firms”,   presented   at   the   2011   Annual   Conference   of   the   th th European  Group  of  Organization  Studies,  Gothemburg,  July  6 -­‐9 .  


Investigation  Experience  


•vj   Master   dissertation,   Innovation   process   in   the   Basque   Country   firms,   as   a   2009   benchmark  for  a  Chilean  firm,  Guid  Prof.:  Carlos  Osorio.  (Grade  7.0/7.0)   Introduction  presentation  video:­‐6I  

Other  Activities    

Spanish   Native   English   Perfect  Knowledge   Italian   Medium  

  •vj   Global  Service  Jam  participation,  Italy  


• Assistance  to  creativity  management  seminary,  Icare,  Chile.    


• Assistance  to  Innovation  congress:  Value  Orchestration,  Chile    


• Assistance  to  Design  Role  seminary  in  100  Showroom,  Chile    



This is my cv and the things I've donde before

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