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holiday 2012

holiday cards

Happy Holidays Bear Card $95

Dresden Star Card $110

I Love Christmas Card $110

Merry Christmas Bi-Plane Card (outer) $125

Merry Christmas Bi-Plane Card (inner) $125

Dancing Reindeer (outer) $125

Dancing Reindeer (outer) $125

Nast Santa (outer) $110

Nast Santa (outer) $110

Under the Mistletoe $105

Retro Seasons Greetings Card $95

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Photo Card $95

small sets

Christmas in New York Small Set $45

Snowflake Small Set $45

gift labels and tags

Snowflake Gift Label $25

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Label $25

Dancing Reindeer Gift Tag $35

Nast Santa Gift Tag $35

occasion box

Tis the Season Occasion Box $98

Mrs. John L. Strong's 2012 Holiday Ready-to-Write Collection