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Aleto Foundation was established in 2010 as a UK registered charity to provide significant lifetime opportunities for young people with high potential for future leadership roles. Our focus is on identifying and developing the next generation of leaders who have historically found it challenging to access jobs due to their backgrounds. We are a social mobility charity seeking to create a positive impact on society by sponsoring and mentoring talented young people. We provide leadership training and mentoring. Members of Aleto achieve places at universities and go through a rigorous recruitment programme, prior to being accepted on our programme

Aleto Foundation delivers immersive leadership programmes that challenge young people to improve their leadership potential The programme enhances their leadership skills and increases their confidence in the work place and society at large The programme focuses on self development, team working, presentation and public speaking skills Each year young people are put through a series of exercises to identify their leadership potential and then they are supported with solutions to solidify their development

Young people are supported by mentors and their peers (buddies), throughout and post the leadership programme 3

Aleto Foundation’s ongoing survey: February 2019 Updated: 17 April 2019


Aleto Foundation’s ongoing survey: February 2019 Updated: 17 April 2019


Due to illness and poor mental health in my third year I achieved a 2:1 as opposed to my predicted 1st class grade. My exact grade was actually 69 (70 and above as a 1st), highlighting how good health would have seen me firmly achieving my predicted grade

Medicine (MBChB) - no Class system for grades. 2:2 grade wasn’t a good indication, as I mainly ended up pursuing tech entrepreneurship at uni, launching 2 startups. Which certainly propelled my career, allowing me to gratefully move to Silicon Valley upon graduation

2.1 - Undergrad and 1st – Postgrad

First degree: BSc in Biological Sciences (Physiology with Pharmacology) - 1st class honours , Second degree: MBChB Medicine (in 4th year currently)

I received a 2:2 overall in Biomedical Science. However, throughout my degree, I have achieved many milestones including being a finalist for the University of Wolverhampton’s Volunteer of the Year Awards in 2017, being the Gold Winner of the Wolverhampton Enterprise and Employability Award and being the President of the Biomedical Society in the 2018 academic year


“Key Skills: Since completing the programme last summer, the three key skills I acquired and developed were presenting, communication and initiative. This is because I had the opportunity to highlight how mentoring can be incorporated into to a workforce and evaluate the strengths/weaknesses to this.

James Harriette Bachelor of Science (BSc) Accounting & Finance University of Leeds

First Achievement: One of my greatest achievements since the programme was passing my resits and completing my BSc in Accounting & Finance as I feel I have come an extremely long way academically. I faced many challenges physically and mentally which required a lot of tenacity to overcome them. Second Achievement: Another of my greatest achievements since the programme is winning the summer football tournament held in South London with the football team I coach. This was a very proud moment for me because it required a lot of patience and leadership to ensure the players had been delegated the correct tactics in order to outperform all the other teams.� 8

Aleto was one of the most influential and life changing three days of my life. The people I became connected with and my new propensity to network were all gained from the leadership programme. So notable moments were meeting Charles Sekwalor who is just as engaged with diaspora relations as am I. I met him in Ghana a year after Aleto to help him with an event where I attended a highly exclusive event by the Harvard business school in Ghana. Rachael Owhin (2011 Aleto member) has also continued to be a supporter of my work and I’m often able to reach out to her for advice and knowledge. The ability to network is something I 100% gained from Aleto and the mentors and speakers we heard. Tom Ilube’s speech on how 200 no's isn’t enough to deter him has carried me forward to this day. And that’s how I ended up running an internship scheme in Ghana for African diaspora students and recent graduates through my business Ekua Haizel, and supported by the Office of Diasporan affairs, office of the President, Ghana.

I now work for the University of Oxford as the communication officer for the Africa Oxford initiative.


Abigael Bamgboye Master of Engineering (MEng) Materials Science & Engineering Imperial College London

“Since completing the programme I have enjoyed drawing on the Leadership lessons of Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE and other Aleto Foundation speakers to set a vision and common values for the 2018-19 Imperial Materials Society (of which I am President). I have been awarded two awards: the 2018 A.G. Charlton Mining and Metallurgy Prize “for all around excellence” and the 2018 City and Guilds Union Student Activity Award - for making an active contribution to the university community.

I’ve begun to create content on my YouTube channel to promote well-being and self-care. I’m hoping to do more of these kind of videos, as well as my traditional sewing tutorials (@madebysimstatic on Instagram and YouTube). To Veronica Martin and everyone at the Foundation - thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Aleto Foundation family.”


2 internships and 2 graduate job offers after graduating with a 2:2

Applied for the 2019 programme but I am already hoping to immerse myself in the community. As a result of this programme I have gained a strong network of ambitious likeminded individuals like myself who have become great friends. I have also gained the confidence to plan and start up my own social enterprise which I am planning to launch next year to help the next generation of leaders. Becoming a paid writer - a dream I've had for a long time.Becoming the first Black-male General Secretary (President) of the LSE Students' Union in 2018. Being accepted onto the civil service fast stream Being elected as Sabbatical Officer in my Students’ Union and securing a place on the Deloitte Graduate programme Being elected President of UCL Law for All society 11

Adesoji Sonibare Bachelor of Science (BSc) Mathematics University of York

“My biggest achievement since the Aleto Leadership Programme was to be nominated for a campus black history month campaign as a role model.� 12

Being named as one of the top 100 Black students in the UK (with Powerful Media's Future Leaders)

Being part of a debate on social issues Being ranked in the top 10 candidates for surgical (General and Vascular) in the United Kingdom out of >500 applicants, and therefore being appointed on the Oxford Surgical Training Programme. Being Vice President of the African and Caribbean Society Boost in confidence and building up my confidence Co Founder of Michaela Community School Co-Founder and Chair of Governors of Michaela Community School Co-founding The Armitage Foundation! Connections


Jade Okene Doctor of Medicine (MD) Medicine Medical University of Pleven

“Career Achievement: Gained inspiration from Dr Bernadine IdowuOnibokun's talk about clinical academia during the Aleto Leadership Programme. This pushed me to be more proactive with my research interests within my research team at University and to work on my first academic paper which I aim to have published before graduation.�14

Creating and launching Rubisco, a wellbeing and career development organisation for young people in Bristol, aged 16-25yrs, suffering from a mental health illness. Crowdfunding to raise £10,000 for my master’s degree at the University of Oxford. Deepened relationships with highly ambitious young leaders

Earning a scholarship to study in Shanghai Establishing a network of like-minded, empowered individuals Finding a role more suited for me in the company I work in. I think that my greatest achievement was to stop being afraid to ask for what I want, even when it does not always lead to the outcome I have in mind. Finding community

Finding the tenacity and drive to overcome many physical and mental challenges to complete my degree in BSc Accounting & Finance 15

Olamide Dada Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) Medicine Cardiff University

“I received the Rare Rising Star Award at the House of Commons having been recognised as one of the Top 10 Black students in the UK, I was also recognised as one of the Top 100 Future Leaders 2018 and welcomed to No.10 Downing Street Black History Month reception as a result I was named as a recipient for the Akindolie Medical Scholarship awarded to minority ethnic medical students with strong leadership potential.

I worked with the British Medical Association on multiple occasions; including being a panellist at their Race Equality Summit, speaking at various events, writing an article on their Connecting Doctors platform, running a workshop at the Junior Members Forum conference and lobbying for a change in policy regarding Widening Participation. The charitable organisation that I run, Melanin Medics, has grown and helped a number of African Caribbean students secure places in Medical School. We've held a number of events catered to African Caribbean doctors, medical students and aspiring student.� 16

Finishing university and obtaining a front office role in a top investment bank Gaining a graduate job at IBM and launching my personal blog Gaining a promotion at work a few months after the programme Gaining a summer internship at a Criminal law firm Gaining confidence and presenting skills. This helped me in my interview and presentation for a graduate role assessment centre Gaining mentorship insight which have enabled me to be more successful at job hunting. I have also been able to collaborate with Movemeback on a research project for their members. Getting a job offer for summer Getting a Promotion at work via the help of the amazing David Villa-Clarke 17

Alvin OwusuFordwuo Bachelor of Science (BSc) Economics University of Essex

Holding a 2 day employability camp in partnership with Google for 30 Black students. Receiving a Point of Light award from Theresa May for my remarkable commitment to building a social enterprise that has impacted +500 students in just 6 months.

Aleto helped me to achieve this because it helped me to understand that in order to be successful and build my social enterprise I would have to step in to my role as a leader and role model unapologetically.� 18

Getting hired to work for the biggest bank in North America Getting into my top choice graduate scheme Giving me the confidence and skills necessary to successfully apply to banking graduate schemes. I am now a graduate analyst at Barclays Bank Graduating from University and securing my graduate role at Goldman Sachs

Having an appreciation for different personality types and learning styles I gained the confidence to do something that I’ve always wanted to do - move abroad for 10 months and improve my language skills

I got a training contract offer from Clifford Chance I have grown in confidence and It shows as I take the lead on projects I moved back to Nigeria and got a great job working with regulators in the power sector almost immediately


Beverley Quansah


Bachelor of Arts (BA) History University of Warwick

“My biggest achievements since Aleto: Co-Facilitated and led a workshop talk at the Black Cultural Archives My short-term goal after leaving the Aleto Leadership Programme in July 2018 was to ask a question in front of a large audience at an event. Less than a month after the programme's end, through a conversation I had with a contact and now a friend I met at Aleto’s Leadership Programme, I was asked to facilitate a talk at the Black Cultural Archives. Aleto taught me to seize opportunities, so I’m glad I accepted despite being apprehensive at first. I addressed numerous academics, activists and professionals on the hidden histories missing in the current curriculum and how we can be complicit in the whitewashing of black history. I was able to practice my public speaking skills further and do so whilst speaking on something I’m 20 passionate about.”

I secured my first graduate job and was profiled as a Future Leader and met the Prime Minister as a result in Downing Street I was featured in Aleto top 100 future leaders magazine and invited to 10 Downing Street by the prime minster and her special advisor I was featured on a black history month campaign as a top student and was also nominated as a role model on that campaign I was inspired by the great leaders I met at that programme. It motivated me to aim high and apply for positions which I previously believed were out of my reach. I went on to intern at Goldman Sachs and I am now currently on the J P Morgan graduate programme I was promoted from the Graduate Program to a position reporting directly to the CEO UK&I at Atos

I was able to deliver a vision workshop for someone in the same cohort I wrote a book titled 'Life Of a Placement Student; journey into the workplace', ebooks copy now available on most ebook stores, which empowers students on navigating challenges they might face as they transition into working environment


Tolu Majekodunmi Bachelor of Medicine (BM) Bachelor of Surgery University of Southampton

“On reflection, a lot has happened since the 2018 Aleto Leadership Programme - some of the positive things include going into my penultimate year of medical school and graduating with a 1st class intercalated BSc from Imperial College London. Participating in the Aleto Leadership Programme has been incredibly beneficial for my personal development and the development of the organisation I run, Black Medical Society (BMS). The programme enabled and encouraged me to think bigger, which resulted in BMS running a successful conference for doctors and medical students, amongst other events. I look forward to putting more of what I learnt on the programme into practice!� 22

Improving my confidence and growing my network to include a lot of talented young people Increased confidence which has led me to succeed in challenging roles at university such as the organisation of the world's second oldest varsity and my ability to network It gave me motivation to continue on at University, from which I graduated in 2018. But more importantly I was motivated to do greater things that would be considered 'outside the box' (by meeting individuals who were not following the norm, but breaking barriers). I am currently a power trader in East Africa, so far from what I thought I'd be doing and I'm super proud of that! Joining the Civil Service Fast Stream

Learning how to pitch on different levels Lived and worked abroad with confidence maintaining a network with the individuals on the program still at university no achievements yet other than securing placement roles Meeting and being able to connect with like-minded people that inspire and motivate you. Finding someone I ended up working closely on a venture with.


Tosin Animashahun Manufacturing Engineering & Management (Meng) Manufacturing Engineering University of Nottingham

“Personal Development: Lean Six Sigma Qualification and CIMA.

Managing an operation in BT and transforming the performance through working with various stakeholders. Creating plans for a start up in the consumer goods market.� 24

My greatest achievement is leveraging off of the leadership mindset and skills I learned from the programme to organise an 130 person dinner, and two panel discussions with high profile guests My greatest achievement since Aleto personally was developing a mentoring scheme for young girls and filming a documentary on the impact of mentoring in today’s society My greatest achievement since the programme was being featured in the UK's Top 100 Future Leaders magazine My greatest achievement would be being offered to give a talk about networking at my school sixth form. My short-term goal after leaving the Aleto Leadership Programme in July 2018 was to ask a question in front of a large audience at an event. Less than a month after the programme's end, through a conversation I had with a contact and now friend I met at Aleto’s Leadership Programme, I was asked to facilitate a talk at the Black Cultural Archives. Aleto taught me to seize opportunity, so I’m glad I accepted despite being apprehensive at first. I addressed numerous academics, activists and professionals on the hidden histories missing in the current curriculum and how we can be complicit in the whitewashing of black history. I was able to practice my public speaking skills further and do so whilst speaking on something I’m passionate about. 25 u/

Afiya Amesu Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Law University College London

“Following the Aleto Leadership program, my biggest achievement has been accepting a committee position in the UCL Law Society and in organising events, inviting guest speakers and working with my team to give students greater insight into life at the Bar. Aleto highlighted the importance of dedication and teamwork, the importance of working towards one common goal and using individual skills and talents effectively. The program has given me the confidence to present my ideas, express my views and liaise with people in a professional capacity. I am both grateful for the opportunity I had to grow on the program and excited for those who 26 will be embarking on it this year!�

Obtaining employment as an associate at Deloitte Forensics. engaged in international projects Pioneering and creating the Philosophy with Work placement degree at University of Warwick Realised the importance of sharing success, and discovered what I was truly passionate about. This mindset has helped me in my endeavours to address the gender and racial imbalance in Engineering Receiving a Point of Light award from Theresa May for my remarkable commitment to building a social enterprise that has impacted +500 students in just 6 months Registering my company, having a mentor and starting to take steps to having an impact in my community Secured a PhD opportunity in Engineering Securing a full-time job as a Software Engineer Sparking my interest into becoming a mentor, as I moved to the States, getting involved with similar programs such as CODE2040.


Started filming on a documentary, would never have had the confidence to pursue such a venture without participating in the programme Starting my Homeless Project (The Homeless PR)

The programme has directly assisted my own confidence. This has meant I have been additionally recognised for my work on projects etc The programme really opened my eyes to many opportunities that could be available to me. Since the programme I have gone on to build a successful career as an actuary. Greatest achievement so far is when I implemented and designed the structure of new financial software for my current company. The programme taught me to aim high and believe in my abilities. My greatest achievement thus far was landing an internship as an M&A analyst where I was able to pursue my interests by covering the healthcare sector There are many but I would definitely say being able to understand the importance of a network and being confident at networking 28

When considering the 'as a result' part of this question I would say that the advice I received about networking, being myself, and being smart has had a knock on effect in me getting onto the civil service Faststream grad programme on my first application Whilst a participant the most useful thing I learned was about self awareness/evaluation during the personality Myers/Briggs sessions. These insights helped me chart the course to some great achievements - like working at the BBC, interning at the FCO and getting a first in my post grad degree.

Working full time in the profession of my choice, running my own start-up company alongside this.


With diversity and representation being a priority of mine, I began working with my University’s Widening Participation team (WP) in my first year. Using the additional leadership skills, I learned with ALETO last summer, this year I was able to see my work come to fruition. Starting at York, I found University to be a maze with difficulties varying from locating the ACS, your BAME Officers to trivial home comforts and basic necessities such as finding the local Afro-Caribbean hair stylist or international food stockist. To make this transition easier and less isolating for forthcoming generations, I took the initiative to contact the WP and set up meetings to create a ‘Survival guide’ that will be permanently given out alongside the typical ‘Welcome pack’ for all students enrolling from this September. This came about through developing my persuasive skills during the ALETO programme. This year I have been able to receive the York Gold Award, the highest award given by the University for students who have taken the lead in their personal and professional development and I named ALETO as one way I did this.





• Mentors: Dr Beverly Cheserem and Leanne Armitage • Buddy: Eunice Kormi

The Winning Team

The Team

• Delegates: James Harriette, Abigael Bamgboye, Adesoji Sonibare, Jade Okene, Olamide Dada, Alvin Owusu-Fordwuo, Beverley Quansah, Tosin Animashahun, Tolu Majekodunmi, Afiya Amesu, and Issra Wiheba

The Challenge Question: How would you incorporate mentoring into the culture and systems of an organisation that can help proactively advance its diversity vision?


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