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Perceptual islands Concept store for Boscolo gift. The Costumer at the centre of his desires.


A 360 degree experience involving all the senses to soak in the atmosphere of the Boscolo Gift desired. The concept for the stores Boscolo Gift is created by a local approach, focused on the store as a physical place, with a global one, which is inspired by imagery of dreams and desires. A shop that becomes an exhibit, a representation of itself in which the customer has to interact. Islands where the product exhibition, intended as a box is exposed, now alternated with islands experiential to live in first person. Worlds suspended to dive into (through screenings, movies, and video) Boscolo corners of paradise in which alienate and foretaste of a trip. The client finds himself enveloped by his own desire. The concept is perfectly declinable for all sales solutions Boscolo, shop in shop, corner shops or flagship store.


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Mobili Espositori Gifts

Isole scenari Boscolo

Function Layout.






Costumer at the centre Recognizable

Live an experience Sensoriality estrangement and curiosity Changing and Replicable Interaction with product Local

Boscolo Gift Concept store

6 The Costumer at the centre. 1

Boscolo Gift Concept store


Boscolo gift concept store