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„Panic Room“ Alessio Biggi IXD 2.Semester

Elevator Pitch „Panic Room“ is a generative sound responding installation, inspired by the history and problematic of Mental sickness. Installed in a square room of about 20 mq , „Panic Room“ is equipped with three microphones and two projector. No instruction will be given, the visitors that come inside will recognize that for every sound played, different video will start on the side wall changing shape and dimension according to the frequency and the volume of the voice. To be more precise the sound is recorded by the microphone and sended to a computer where it will be processed by the software VVVV. Then VVVV after analyzing the sound input, depending on the obtained value will generate different geometrical shapes and subsequently send the signal to a render projected on the wall. Each microphones is analyzed and processed into different shapes. More the viewier louder is, more element in the scene will be showed. The peak of the installation will be founded in the end corner of the room, thinked to rappresent a place of no return like it was and it is in the real life. In this point all the interaction will be active

Alessio biggi panic room  

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