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Let's imagine Utopia: a world with no copyright, no fair use, no micropayments, no royalties, no profits, no losses,no attribution, no licensing, no property. Let's imagine a world without money; in fact, let's imagine that money doesn't exist: nobody touches it; nobody pays, & nobody gets paid. Let's imagine a world with no grants, no government support, no Kickstarter campaigns, no fundraising drives. Let's imagine a world with no advertising, no mailing lists, no promotional blasts, no coercion, no donation boxes. Let's imagine a world with no bureaucracy, no boards, no patrons, no committees, no lawyers, no agents, no contracts. Let's imagine a world with unlimited hard drive, unlimited server space, unlimited bandwidth, no ISPbills, no download throttles or limits; a world with no captchas, no wait times, no nefarious profitdriven cloud-based lockers. Let's imagine a world with no numbers, no stats, no download counters, no clicks & no clickthroughs. Let's imagine a world where it doesn't matter if there are three visitors daily or three hundred thousand. Let's imagine a world where the content on a site is too arcane, too confusing, & too intellectual for any government to understand it (and by extension, to censor it) yet it contains the most radical ideas, politics, & sexuality imaginable. Let's imagine artworks that function outside of normative capitalist modes, their value being more aesthetic & more historical rather than economic. Let's imagine a world where decisions are not made by committee or popularity, with no regard for accountability & authority; a world where representation is subjective & eccentric, where choices are made on intuition, hunch, feeling & guesswork; let's imagine a world that embracesrisk, uncertainty, instability, unreliability & whim. Let's imagine a world bereft of historical argument, in fact, let's imagine a world without argument at all. This is UbuWeb; this is paradise now.�



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